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Slow in a sentence

1. It was a slow night.
2. He had to slow down.
3. I took a slow blink.
4. I begin to slow down.
5. Will need to go slow.
6. Pumping me in a slow.
7. At least slow for him.

8. He kept the pace slow.
9. He was slow to answer.
10. It was there, but slow.
11. It was a slow news day.
12. The train began to slow.
13. Slope of the Slow Line.
14. We are moving too slow.
15. It was slow but beating.
16. It was slow and awkward.
17. He had learned to slow.
18. Its fall seemed so slow.
19. Her nod was slow, shaky.
20. Henrik gave a slow smile.
21. Fusan was slow to answer.
22. They kept the pace slow.
23. Don't move slow and in.
24. He was slow on his feet.
25. That will slow you down.
26. Though it’s a bit slow.
27. It smashed in slow motion.
28. My Monday seemed so slow.
29. He released a slow breath.
30. You wil slow down, your.
31. He that is slow to wrath.
32. Al is slow, but powerful.
33. I did about thirty slow.
34. A slow roast in the fire.
35. The slow walk to church.
36. They fell in slow motion.
37. It was all in slow motion.
38. Time passes in slow motion.
39. The knife started in slow.
40. Position of the Slow Line.
41. But sales were still slow.
42. He drawls, a slow accent.
43. The work was slow; 4:00 p.
44. I was all slow motion now.
45. The blurs didn't slow down.
46. He had to tell me to slow.
47. After a slow climb of the.
48. The air was solemn and slow.
49. It would be painfully slow.
50. I felt time slow around us.
51. The work was slow and the.
52. It broke into a slow smile.
53. Anointed to slow its growth.
54. As if in slow motion, the.
55. His thoughts seemed to slow.
56. The man moved, slow and calm.
57. He took a slow step forward.
58. The reply was slow in coming.
59. On standby for a slow month.
60. The morning was slow moving.
61. Spring was slow in unfolding.
62. We kept time in slow motion.
63. He was going to die a slow.
64. She is singing a slow song.
65. Zoe didn't slow down at all.
66. She finally in slow motion.
67. Slow stir in the lemon juice.
68. It must have been slow today.
69. But one slow mile at a time.
70. Too bloody slow for me, mate.
71. Over she went in slow motion.
72. Bake in a slow oven (325ø).
73. From here, it was slow going.
74. He was fat and slow, and it.
75. Progress is slow and gradual.
76. It made a slow, graceful arc.
77. They are moving real slow.
78. Ted kept pace with John, slow.
79. A slow burn through my chest.
80. The trading activity is slow.
81. It was a slow process though.
82. She turns on some slow music.
83. I have to slow down my heart.
84. This is the slow Signal line.
85. His late departure and slow.
86. Slow and steady wins the race.
87. That will slow it down for a.
88. Time now passed endlessly slow.
89. With activity so slow on the.
90. Though strong, they were slow.
91. She was slow in her movements.
92. He watched in slow motion as.
93. His voice is careful and slow.
94. He planted a long, slow kiss.
95. The day went by in a slow blur.
96. They moved slow, rigid, sloppy.
97. He is too slow and too stupid.
98. There was nothing slow or off.
99. It was a slow process but the.
100. The work was slow and painful.
1. The jakes been slowing up.
2. The music is slowing anyway.
3. The kid was not slowing down.
4. The man, I sense, is slowing.
5. The machine was slowing down.
6. She could feel the car slowing.
7. But Pussy was slowing her down.
8. Jesse slowing walked up to her.
9. Any signs that they are slowing.
10. Why are things slowing down?’.
11. The truck was slowing to a stop now.
12. Energy is not actually slowing down.
13. She nodded, without slowing her pace.
14. His eye’s dulling, heart slowing.
15. The heavy rifle was slowing my stride.
16. Watch for Signs That Growth Is Slowing.
17. The slowing of the physical is at odds.
18. Are the risks of slowing growth greater.
19. Slowing my breath I could sense eyes on me.
20. Slowing down is of course a relative term.
21. Without slowing down, he grabbed a small.
22. Hank obediently imagined his heart slowing.
23. The Roadrunner's slowing heartbeat is heard.
24. Slowing, he pulled off at the next exit ramp.
25. Still smiling and the tears now slowing to a.
26. So we have to actually practice slowing down.
27. I was relentless in my running, not slowing.
28. Quarry is slowing, reported the computer.
29. He tried purposely slowing down his breathing.
30. That he could spend less by slowing the pace.
31. Others faltered, slowing their mounts to a trot.
32. Oloty bucked several times without slowing down.
33. Slowing down, I couldn’t help but realize that.
34. You can survive and even thrive in a slowing market.
35. Slowing her pace, Crystal pointed through the trees.
36. In addition, growth in China appeared to be slowing.
37. The drivers tried to catch his attention by slowing.
38. He’d have to find another way of slowing the horse.
39. When you feel tired start slowing down and then stop.
40. Time was slowing, and my senses were unbearably acute.
41. I don’t want traffic slowing us down,’ he answered.
42. The car with Caitlin inside was apparently slowing down.
43. Specially knowing that I was slowing down his heritage.
44. And the thing was approaching rapidly, but slowing down.
45. Was this like dying? Just fading, slowing, without fear.
46. But then something utterly strange was slowing him down.
47. We know that time is slowing down as the universe expands.
48. Then he saw Nelson's hand on his bridle, slowing him down.
49. She lies still in the bed, her breathing gradually slowing.
50. She started slowing her pace losing her energy and tiring.
51. Slowing her pace, Casey nodded as she nudged Mike and Jack.
52. What are the obstacles that have been blocking or slowing.
53. The conductor had already begun slowing down the train for.
54. Brendan put in some control movements and felt her slowing.
55. They were getting older now and were slowing down somewhat.
56. I was then awoken by the noise of the monorail slowing down.
57. Henry continued staring at her strangely, his steps slowing.
58. Maggie Rose hadn’t noticed that the truck was slowing down.
59. Dave focused, slowing his perception of the passage of time.
60. He moved methodically without slowing down, or going faster.
61. Why was Hiss not slowing down? Locke was directly in his path.
62. Cecil was slowing them down, and Murphy was keeping them down.
63. But it didn’t work, other than slowing the mindless zombie.
64. He could only gamble on them slowing at the last few seconds.
65. She felt her organs slowing down and his oxygen being cut off.
66. And it showed no sign of slowing as it came for the defenders.
67. This is a sneaky and subtle signal of limited or slowing growth.
68. She felt the jolt of slowing down to her physical body and it.
69. He sat for a long time, breathing out and in, his heart slowing.
70. The dancers were now slowing and their navigation was improving.
71. Paschke was slowing down, finally giving in to the emerging pain.
72. A one-off effort because they’re so focused on slowing us down.
73. I can feel the last of my life-force starting to slowing leave me.
74. In order to keep pace with Tuvok, Shelby had to keep slowing down.
75. I can tell by the growing quiet in the car that it is slowing down.
76. There can be many warning signs to a business's growth slowing down.
77. With the double load slowing their pace, they fell steadily behind.
78. Jane and Samantha held on tight, because Oscar was not slowing down.
79. He passed them in the breakdown lane, too, this time barely slowing.
80. Slowing down, Locke peeked over his shoulder but no one trailed him.
81. I should be settled by then and the present current events slowing.
82. Slowing to half a percent and changing approach vector, said Sarah.
83. My attention was pulled away from him by the car slowing and turning.
84. He felt he could help his own people by slowing down the Communists.
85. They’re slowing now, so that the cop car is nearly level with them.
86. Chris stood rooted to the spot, breathing slowing as his eyes glazed.
87. Don’t worry, she’s just slowing ready to dock with the station.
88. They ran from the bus all the way to their house without slowing down.
89. When the vehicle finally arrived at its destination, slowing down and.
90. Placing stone upon stone they were slowing the progress of the stream.
91. Where was the antagonism? The arguments against slowing the process?
92. Hunter grabbed her, barely slowing her fall as Sophie hit the pavement.
93. Look, he’s slowing down, Mai Bell said, easing the car to a stop.
94. Already the stream of blood was slowing as Hans’s body started to heal.
95. Our memories came and went, ebbing and slowing with thoughts of our man.
96. I tried to ease my breathing slowing it enough for her to believe my act.
97. Taper is not cancelling money printing, it is slowing the rate of growth.
98. Probably nothing, I said, slowing as we reached the edge of the woods.
99. They kept zipping around the Japanese bomber formation, never slowing down.
100. The grappling hook certainly had a slowing effect on Ferdy Chicken, however.
1. He had slowed to a.
2. Hal slowed to a stop.
3. He slowed in his climb.
4. My heart slowed down a.
5. Neve had not slowed down.
6. The ship slowed to a halt.
7. The driver slowed the boat.
8. The change may be slowed.
9. Sue slowed down her actions.
10. The bidding war had slowed.
11. He slowed down looking for.
12. Orthon never slowed his pace.
13. He slowed and held her hand.
14. My heart slowed to a canter.
15. Donna slowed and pulled over.
16. Mitch slowed to a standstill.
17. Nicky slowed to a near-stop.
18. He slowed down at the bridge.
19. The limousine slowed to forty.
20. Her footsteps slowed as she.
21. Then the carriage slowed down.
22. Gul Tormin slowed his motions.
23. The double decker train slowed.
24. She slowed her mother’s car.
25. He screamed and the van slowed.
26. The ambulance slowed to a crawl.
27. Time slowed as I waited for a.
28. Immigration slowed to a trickle.
29. I slowed to forty miles per hour.
30. My heartbeat had slowed, finally.
31. She smiled and slowed to a stop.
32. Eilidh slowed to a careful walk.
33. Buster slowed down to a full stop.
34. Possibly his reflexes had slowed.
35. With each mile their pace slowed.
36. Karen slowed her horse to a trot.
37. The flow of blood slowed almost.
38. The horse slowed down and stopped.
39. Brad asked as he slowed to a stop.
40. Danny slowed the diamond some more.
41. He slowed the car down and went on.
42. He ran directly south and slowed.
43. She slowed down as she neared him.
44. His breathing had slowed noticeably.
45. The chopper slowed and then hovered.
46. My driver had slowed to a snail's.
47. His quickened heart slowed at once.
48. The right-hand lane slowed even more.
49. The pace of the city had slowed now.
50. If he did, he would not have slowed.
51. The police officer slowed down and.
52. Laura geared down and slowed the car.
53. Production slowed to the amount of.
54. As they approached they slowed and.
55. Eventually the train slowed to a halt.
56. I still shook but the tremors slowed.
57. Bruce slowed for a semi ahead of them.
58. His heartbeat hammered and then slowed.
59. The car slowed down and came to a halt.
60. Flaherty finally slowed at a rug stall.
61. So therefore all body function slowed.
62. She finally slowed down and let them.
63. Teller slowed but continued following.
64. Her breathing slowed and then deepened.
65. Constance slowed the limo to fifty-five.
66. Even Phyllis's steps slowed as the air.
67. Instantly, I slowed down to a walking.
68. It slid smoothly over mud, but slowed.
69. The lines behind slowed to a stop, timid.
70. I noticed also, lately, His steps slowed.
71. His movements slowed in time to my touch.
72. The magic stuttered, not gone but slowed.
73. The others slowed, enjoying the setting.
74. This did the trick and the ship slowed.
75. It slowed, then turned once more to stop.
76. I slowed the car and stopped at the light.
77. He slowed his breathing and squared his.
78. Things have slowed down a tad these days.
79. Kyrin slowed outside of the small village.
80. Hopefully, that storm slowed him down a.
81. Heat boiled off him and time slowed down.
82. The driver slowed down and then stopped.
83. You sure about that? He slowed the.
84. Shafer slowed down and pulled to the curb.
85. It seemed like time had slowed to a crawl.
86. Instinctively, Moreno slowed the ambulance.
87. The cabby slowed down, then came to a stop.
88. The man slowed as he reached the pear tree.
89. Everything got quieter, stifled and slowed.
90. She slowed as she came to the train station.
91. She looked back at him and slowed her pace.
92. Production slowed to the amount of Sprugs.
93. Then he slowed down and grinned at the sky.
94. This slowed his decent, but didn't stop it.
95. He was slowed down, trying to save the.
96. Gradually he slowed and took a long breath.
97. At once the pace of Simon’s heart slowed.
98. They had been slowed down considerably by.
99. The buncher slowed down, then came to a halt.
100. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing.
1. When it slows down, I stop.
2. My heart slows then speeds up.
3. It slows to in front of the house.
4. Rudy: Tier1 when the momentum slows.
5. Justin’s car slows near the cemetery.
6. Stop the set when the rep speed slows.
7. She slows down and stares at something.
8. A few more slows followed without a 181.
9. Suddenly, her heavy breathing slows down.
10. Eventually, therefore, the collapse slows.
11. Gently, he cries and the descent slows.
12. If it slows down, then resistance builds up.
13. Silence slows time but work brings its revenge.
14. The SR-71 slows down and gets away from the UFO.
15. The conversation slows as she exhausts her memory.
16. Everything slows down around the ship and gets dim.
17. The romantic slows I dreamt of dancing with Djamila.
18. You absorb the thrashing until it slows to twitches.
19. This slows his pace and he is no longer gaining ground.
20. At the end of the tunnel the van slows down and stops.
21. The sound of the Roadrunner's heartbeat slows to a stop.
22. Letting go, he slows down and turns on to a country lane.
23. Time slows down in silence and flies at greater moments.
24. This doesn’t stop love, but it slows things down a bit.
25. Time slows the closer you get towards a source of gravity.
26. It slows down efficiency, motives and the overall balance.
27. It is only as he approaches the woods that his pace slows.
28. When the trout fishing slows in late fall steel head pick.
29. Mike slows down and turns his head around towards the girls.
30. Far up ahead the boxy, trapezoidish automobile slows and stops.
31. I kick the glass as hard as I can, but the water slows down my foot.
32. One of the benefits of Dragon & Rider is that the aging process slows.
33. All this unused software does is wastes disk space and slows you down.
34. This slows down their progress, which eventually leads them to great.
35. As space expands, Relativity suggests that time slows down and it does.
36. Lewis slows his breathing and holds his wrist towards Suzy; Heartbeat.
37. The Cap slows the ship to a crawl, and then commands, Drop anchor!.
38. But, neither the flames nor the three hundred pound load slows Cass a bit.
39. The 18-wheeler makes it across the bridge and slows down at the tollbooth.
40. Soon after Steve slows the engine and pulls to a stop; �Here will be good.
41. Two hours rest slows the throbbing in your back from a THROB, THROB, THROB-.
42. As we approach the danger zone, Greg slows completely, almost to a standstill.
43. Now, the sirens he’s braced for having failed to eventuate, he slows to a walk.
44. Old age slows our body so that the mind is engaged in spiritual-mental athletics.
45. Approaching the lock-up garages Suzy slows down as all the garage doors are shut.
46. Age: In youth, the BMR is higher; age brings less lean body mass and slows the BMR.
47. I said, I hope they keep up the slows because the cha-chas and the mambos are.
48. But he also slows down and in such a way another car comes to drive in-between us.
49. Meditation nicely slows impugning thinking by replacing your old thoughts with new.
50. She slows to a stop and turns, waiting for Hartstongue and the boy to catch up with her.
51. Alex slows down as they reach Horns Cross and the village's flashing neon speed warnings.
52. You hit it and you are playing momentum, and the cover is wherever it slows on the tape.
53. A pilot activates the reverse thrusters and the Ember slows even more than it already has.
54. Jacob was frantic, that feeling when time slows down, even his drowning heart ready to stop.
55. My breathing slows, gradually the pills take the edge off the pain and I drop off to sleep.
56. Counterclockwise – reverse – 3 Layers – First layer slows projectile and absorbs blast.
57. As momentum slows, it becomes increasingly likely that one of two three changes will occur:.
58. He slows, cranes his neck as another SUV zips past in the lane in which he was just traveling.
59. This will not stop your earnings, it will not stop the prosperity, but it slows it down a bit.
60. When the global economy is slow, the demand for copper will fall as the need for it slows down.
61. The guy drops, you hit it, it goes down 30c and slows, and you cover, that’s cover number one.
62. The helicopter slows and hovers, and Christian sets it down on the helipad on top of the building.
63. He slows his thrusts while I recover, thrusting his tongue into my mouth in rhythm with his cock.
64. Her heavy breathing slows down more as she continues to angrily stare down the hallway at Marcus.
65. I put it on my thumb and said with a twinkle in my eye, Remember to stop when the flow slows down.
66. During the next few weeks trading in Terifly slows somewhat, and the upward momentum begins to fade.
67. The only thing that slows him down is to threaten to not allow him to be in the office or around me.
68. Look for gold to continue higher in the downtrend while crude oil slows at resistance in the uptrend.
69. Juz like the puzzles I do in these here newspapers, when Corey's an' my conversating catches the slows.
70. It charges toward us on the polished rails, then squeals as it slows to a stop in front of the platform.
71. I hear the screech of the rails as the train slows, which means we must be nearing the middle of the city.
72. Turning into a quiet country lane, the taxi driver slows down, driving with caution through the stony road.
73. Breathing a sigh of relief Lewis slows down until he reaches a small lay-by about two kilometres further on.
74. Locking the bulkhead causes a vacuum, which slows the leak in the hull and postpones the ship from sinking.
75. Einstein proved mathematically that in the presence of a strong gravity such a strong gravity slows time down.
76. It slows, the brakes a flash of crimson in the dim light, and suddenly the SUV is nearly on top of the fed car.
77. Avoid paying a high multiple for a business, because if expected earnings growth slows, the stock price will drop.
78. Losses can be held a bit longer since delta works in your favor (delta slows down as the option moves further OTM).
79. After the 100th position the decrease of the coefficient slows down and resumes its pace only after the 400th position.
80. Duplicating your brain and putting it on a carbon-sincoid as a backup is possible,’ Bellona says while she slows down.
81. Avoid paying a high multiple for a growing business, because if expected earnings growth slows, the stock price will drop.
82. When the car turns a corner and slows to enter the driveway of a two-story brick house, she knows this is Brian’s home.
83. Jaden slows down and uses the nanoscanners to follow Marco’s semi-invisible ship as it passes through the layers of web.
84. Think deeply and seriously on the scripture; walk the love walk, patience slows you down, make you focus and crushes hurry.
85. Once you have the bubbles, you got it! You can store your starter in the fridge as this slows the bacterias metabolism down.
86. The dark blue car suddenly slows down then quickly pulls off at a ramp! It speeds up the ramp and quickly exits the highway!.
87. As the event horizon is approached, time slows down relative to that of a distant observer, stopping completely on the horizon.
88. There was music, of course, and young people were dancing both slows and the fast, beat-thumping, anything-goes style of dancing.
89. That is why using parachutes slows the falling process of falling objects down because falling is a ratio between solids and liquids.
90. However, this relationship is nonlinear and, therefore, the rate of the overvaluing disappearance slows down after the 100th position.
91. Except that the third car to approach Billy’s hedgerow head butt slows as it passes, flashing brake lights in the late afternoon gloom.
92. The graphite slows down the neutrons as they speed out from the uranium to react with nuclei and cause fission, the creation of new nuclei.
93. This Yoga Pose straightens the spine, slows the metabolism, relaxes your body and still the mind and prepares your body for the different asana.
94. Stef slows the car and turns into the drive of Nicola's sisters, putting on the handbrake he turns the engine off; �It looks like she is in bed.
95. The navigation is impressive as the starship is still travelling at light speed as it circles the planet several times as it eventually slows down.
96. As EBAY's stock price moves against us, and our options go further and further out-of-the-money, the rate of decrease in the premium value slows down.
97. They both watched the screen as the destroyer, while wobbling like a spinning top when it slows down, started to ascend toward the roof of the building.
98. Fibre slows the movement of food and acidic fluid from the stomach to the intestines, which should help those with duodenal, though not stomach, ulcers.
99. Once over that speed, however, the rocket stays in orbit until friction with the very much rarefied air in low orbit slows it down below orbital speed.
100. Light seems to be able to travel unchanged indefinitely in Space; and the instant it encounters anything in its path, it slows down and transforms itself.

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