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Deletion in a sentence

1. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from.
2. Even if we allowed the deletion in the add program, you can see that eventually we would have gaps in the file.
3. It will load the delete confirmation form, validate the input, and pass data to the model for deletion from the database.
4. The $data array is then sent to the Users_model for deletion from the database using the syntax: $this->Users_model->delete_user($id).
5. At this point, the client can send commands to the server requesting file transfers or file system procedures, such as the creation and deletion of directories.
6. Response… A response to a comparative deletion is as easy as asking about the thing that is specifically being compared to such as, She looks better compared.
7. A belief in nothing will propel a negative energy and will cause your ultimate deletion into blackness and nothingness, as you believe you will receive that upon.

8. After entering the update state, the server deletes all of the messages that have been marked for deletion and releases its exclusive hold on the client’s mailbox.
9. Without so much as the deletion of a capitol F from one of his cherished Fucktard comments, he accepted Selene’s friend request, committing himself to allowing the chips to fall where they may.
10. It then invoked a deletion routine, removed all trace of itself from the machine and let its digital DNA drift away on the ether that connects electronic super highways to Acacia Avenues the world over.
11. Just as you wouldn’t register a change in size, you wouldn’t know if you’d become another being, not if the procedure involved the complete deletion of previous memories and the uploading of new ones.
12. It says that the film available today is a copy of the original with the deletion of frames, blurring of frames, use of traveling mattes to offset the foreground (limo party) from the background (with possible artistic overlays), and reconstitution through the use of an optical printer to provide a seamless copy with dubious content.

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