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Excision in a sentence

1. When the sequestrations, the excision of wealth from the enemies of the people took place, Amy turned to modelling to be able to maintain the façade of her former lifestyle and the fact of her good spirits.
2. It would be more prudent to resort unhesitatingly to a more certain remedy, in the ligature, and immediate excision of the part, where such an operation was practicable, or to cauterization, if the part could not be removed by the knife.
3. Nachmanides, the friend of Maimonides, speaks in the same way of the future punishment of the worst sinners as the 'third excision, still more severe, by which the body is cut off in this life, and the soul in the life to come: With him agree R.
4. The penalty of the Law is DEATH—death inflicted in various modes, sometimes with 'greater plagues, and of long continuance,’ preceding it, sometimes with less,—but the characteristic curse of the law is always capital punishment,—loss of life, excision or cutting off, utter destruction, perishing, being blotted out from under heaven.

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