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Demolition in a sentence

1. Challenged by the facts that demolition.
2. Demolition in the dock area was now complete.
3. What happened to the demolition crew is uncertain.
4. Madex turns his gaze towards the demolition spec.
5. A28 Demolition of the wall between the small presses.
6. A35 Demolition of the wall between the old assembly and.
7. A demolition notice had been freshly wheat-pasted above.

8. Earlier, when the demolition crew arrived to start their.
9. Simply cross over the bridge then complete the demolition.
10. Once this room is free, the demolition of the wall (6 –.
11. Otto looked and admired the work done at the demolition site.
12. The asbestos that was disturbed when you did the demolition.
13. The justices went about their demolition job on the Constitu-.
14. I intend to place a few demolition charges in place, just in case.
15. The janitors had already moved their demolition to another hallway.
16. He wanted the Administration to find a way to save it from demolition.
17. The united nation has a daily report on bombing and demolition progress.
18. Years ago at some do of Jeremy’s I launched into a demolition of the.
19. All of the buildings that came down fell like a neat and clean demolition.
20. The faint glow you can see around you is residue heat from the demolition.
21. The building contractor will carry out the demolition of the old paint store.
22. Carl thought the house was beyond repair and had it scheduled for demolition.
23. Other buildings and houses were surrounded by yellow tape, marked for demolition.
24. You could see it from the demolition leftovers which were still lying on the floor.
25. The claw would also move the scrap leaving the aeroplane clear for further demolition.
26. Tough luv is an emotional demolition derby, where tough are the cars and love is a pedestrian.
27. It used to serve as warehouse back in the 80s, but now the building was waiting for demolition.
28. You should look at rebuilds or demolition for the others but this 1 just needs a new interior.
29. So quickly it came and with such destructive power, that no man walked away from the demolition team.
30. Learnt all about explosives in the war, didn't I? In the demolition squad, weren't I? Best there were.
31. Maybe Advani was the victim of an image trap, especially after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992.
32. Couch’s service during the Vietnam War, where he served with Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams.
33. Couch’s service during the Vietnam War, where he served with Navy Underwater Demolition and SEAL Teams.
34. Demolition of the existing external wall may start after the roof cladding of the new production room is complete.
35. Meanwhile, the following activities may commence in the freed old production shops: demolition of wall (2 – Fig.
36. The ringing seemed antique, somehow, prematurely quaint, like the carillon of a village church slated for demolition.
37. Although I was expecting it, it was still something of a shock to see the bare, rutted moonscape of the demolition site.
38. Cave demolition for road construction has added to the problem, and the bat’s populations have suffered severe declines.
39. Today, however, most of the small space was occupied by a large pile of what looked to be reclaimed blue-stone demolition.
40. Several of the passengers were taking part in a strike against the projected demolition of the neighborhood of El Cabanyal.
41. He shows plainly enough, too, that "Don Quixote" and the demolition of the chivalry romances was not the work that lay next his heart.
42. Past projects involved the demolition of a theatre to build a Millennium Clock, which could tell you the time in fifteen capitals of Europe.
43. The leaders there were most impressed with his ability to build things, so he was immediately trained in the art of demolition and explosives.
44. Once inside, we will make our way cautiously to the bridge and the engine room, but keep your eyes peeled for booby traps and demolition charges.
45. Before they sat down to the table he had finished half of the demijohn, and he fell forward onto the tray of glasses and bottles with a slow sound of demolition.
46. Then, reaching its peak, it paused, suspended for a second, before slowly crumpling and falling like a condemned building under the impact of the demolition hammer.
47. Waterloo, by cutting short the demolition of European thrones by the sword, had no other effect than to cause the revolutionary work to be continued in another direction.
48. It would rise outside the existing walls of the church, so no demolition would be needed over and above what Elfric had already done in taking down the upper levels of the old tower.
49. The traveller by sea, along the east coast of Scotland, is liable to be reminded with startling emphasis of the demolition to which the ecclesiastical architecture of the country has been subjected.
50. This could only be the head of a column; and of what column? The attacking column, evidently; the sappers charged with the demolition of the barricade must always precede the soldiers who are to scale it.
51. Despite having forced a stop to the demolition of Arab houses by Jewish forces as soon as she had been able to, much of the district had already been blown up or bulldozed before even the arrival of her interposition force.
52. Can you get that garage over there? The one with the burn-marks? Or he’d direct her attention to a demolition notice on the garage door, or to the razor-wired top of a construction fence, gleaming dully in the dying light.
53. Stretching back to the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992 and the rise of Mulayam Singh and Mayawati, UP had been the cauldron in which the politics of caste and community were playing out in their most ugly form through this period.
54. It was a very steep price to pay, but the Minister had succeeded in convincing the Intergalactic Bank that the demolition of not only Artooro, but the entire Universe, would most likely have an adverse effect on banking business in general.
55. Somewhere nearby a building demolition had been in process all day, but it registered at present only as intervals of rumble in the floorboards and a felt compassion for the rats of this city, surrounded on all sides by predators, made homeless by the rubble.
56. Taped to the top of the map was the Mike Force lineup in which he was listed as the team leader, then the XO (Executive Officer) a lieutenant, and ten NCOs whose specialties ranged from medical and weapons to intelligence, demolition, engineering, and communications.
57. The destruction of machines, the pillage of warehouses, the breaking of rails, the demolition of docks, the false routes of multitudes, the refusal by the people of justice to progress, Ramus assassinated by students, Rousseau driven out of Switzerland and stoned,—that is revolt.
58. The shelter had additional floors that needed work, and we had no budget to do that work, but one day RR&L came to me and said, you know, we’d save a ton of money if we did our own in-house construction demolition and we used the vets who are in the building to tear down the walls.
59. The weeping cherry trees that hadn’t arrived in yesterday’s shipment were easily traded out for Japanese magnolias, so, with the exception of Dewey May, who hadn’t shown, he and his crew were going full-tilt on the demolition of Moriah Keaney’s dated, overgrown front flowerbeds.
60. They would goof around, shoplifting from drugstores, magic-markering song lyrics on the boards surrounding demolition sites, and collecting discreet photos of the ratty kids you saw more and more on the streets of Manhattan, down where the grid went crooked, the ragged and dispofuckingsessed.
61. And yet, the Musalmans think that the Hindus, who pulled down the dilapidated Masjid, are the villains, never mind the mandir demolition creed of Islam, and so religiously observe 6th December as a Black Day! That itself speaks for the twisted sense of the Muslim logic and proves that they think with their Islamic heart but not with the Indian mind.
62. It looked almost as if somebody was buried down there, and who was he to exhume a freshly buried body? That would be just wrong! So he marked the grave site, and when the demolition crew that was set to arrive within the next few days came up here he would be more than happy to help conserve nature and make the land as safe as possible for generations to come.
63. They’d seated him facing the big picture window, as if to say, All this could be yours, just sign already, but what Keith saw out there, beyond buildings arranged like crudités on a platter, were guys like himself, guys he’d gone to high school with, with welding torches in hand, with scalpels, with the black billiard knobs of the gearshifts of cranes, testing the strength of the city against their demolition balls.
64. Seeing (1) that the object pursued by all peace societies is the establishment of judicial order between nations, and (2) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this judicial state and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on, the congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish, (1) that all treaties which at present assure to certain states the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or if necessary be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state or by ordering the demolition of fortresses, which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee for neutrality; (2) that new treaties in harmony with the wishes of the populations concerned be concluded for establishing the neutralization of other states.
65. Seeing (a) that the object pursued by all Peace Societies is the establishment of juridical order between nations; (b) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this juridical state, and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on; the Congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish: (a) that all treaties which at present assure to a certain state the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or, if necessary, be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state, of which a part only may be neutralized, or by ordering the demolition of fortresses which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee of neutrality; (b) that new treaties, provided they are in harmony with the wishes of the population, be concluded for the establishment of the neutralization of other states.
66. If we were to discuss the issue of Islamist terrorism in the context of India (other than Kashmir), Indian Muslims have resorted to terrorism to avenge the killings of their co-religionists first after the 1993 Mumbai riots and then the 2002 Gujarat riots, and these riots have their roots in the controversy surrounding the demolition of the Babri Masjid (the matter, if at all, could be handled in a manner so that it would be a win-win situation for everyone, as Sardar Patel did with the Somnath temple by relocating the mosque which was on the temple site with the consent of the local Muslims since Islam doesn’t prohibit relocating mosques and the Quran encourages even compromises on practice of faith for the cause of peace and goodwill in verse 2:224, and Maulana Wahiduddin Khan, a very progressive Muslim cleric, has suggested the same formula for this issue as well[109] (also, the following article about Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh settled a similar controversy is worth reading - http://timesofindia.

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