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Devastation in a sentence

1. I saw the devastation en-route.
2. And by devastation of property.
3. All bore the marks of devastation.
4. All he would see was the devastation.
5. It was I who created this devastation.
6. To her devastation, the room was empty.
7. The devastation that had been visited.

8. Rex was watching the devastation on his.
9. And if that world devastation does happen.
10. Dad, you have no idea of the devastation.
11. She could see the devastation I was feeling.
12. The mason surveyed the scene of devastation.
13. The devastation in those words paralyzed him.
14. Imagine the devastation if Jesse were your son.
15. Then, suddenly, the devastation of the Tsunami.
16. Ailia, the devastation down south is horrific.
17. What resulted was an incredible devastation of.
18. His Excellency was exasperated at the devastation.
19. Such devastation, wanton massacre, sick genocide.
20. They are predicting the devastation of resources.
21. Crashing: Total devastation and swift destruction.
22. Following the devastation of World War Two another.
23. The devastation of the environment by the bombs 117.
24. I looked around and could not believe the devastation.
25. Cats have seen the utter devastation caused by eating.
26. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause.
27. Millions of Slavs and much horrific devastation had been.
28. The conflict only lasted nine months but the devastation.
29. The horrible death, destruction, and devastation had all.
30. I saw ten dozen things which were a devastation to my soul.
31. Plate, their searchlights illuminating the devastation in a.
32. If the Plate comes down, there’ll be a lot of devastation.
33. What happened? asked Kami, stunned at all the devastation.
34. The devastation in Agrea was of mammoth proportions, Briz.
35. You know despite all of that devastation, I hear that IKEA are.
36. The further into the trees they moved, the greater the devastation.
37. There was devastation in UC, Springfield, and several other places.
38. The battle would also be renowned for its devastation and ferocity.
39. The devastation was caused by an asteroid slamming into the planet.
40. The devastation of what they’d been through opened like a blister.
41. Josef was crest-fal en, he felt total devastation, after everything.
42. Brice took his eyes off the devastation below and drifted toward the man.
43. Going from extreme heat to extreme cold will only add to the devastation.
44. My dad taught me but they didn't help him any when the Devastation came.
45. Everywhere you looked, there were signs of devastation in the background.
46. We see here that the Lord completely turns the nation over to devastation.
47. Everyone he’d loved, his nation, had all been killed by the Devastation.
48. Burning entire forests to recreate the devastation of a re-erupting volcano.
49. I was concerned about mobs who wanted an account for the devastation at UC.
50. It was only a matter of time before the next devastation in the city itself.
51. They are still trying to recreate the complete devastation that created them.
52. The amount of devastation to his clothing should definitely have killed Cass.
53. Do you feel an incapacity for love and are you indifferent to the devastation.
54. People were adjusting to the devastation of the plague with astonishing speed.
55. What is happening Chris? he said looking about himself at the devastation.
56. These are the unfortunate ones throughout whose families runs the devastation.
57. We were told that it was God’s revenge upon us that brought this devastation.
58. Then there was brief report showing the devastation wrought by blacks in London.
59. While Japan’s path to recovery from the devastation of World War II under the.
60. No one spoke for a while as they gazed upon the devastation that was before them.
61. The devastation upon the boy's face was obvious even to Elm from his occluded view.
62. Both covering up the devastation with a mixture of soft, whitewashed snow and ash.
63. Fifty thousand citizens perished in the Hamburg devastation; many simply vaporised.
64. Loric shook his head bitterly at the sight of the devastation of a once proud land.
65. Two of the worlds I mentioned here ended in some sort of biological devastation.
66. Annyeke flung out her arm to indicate the scenes of devastation in which they stood.
67. Downtown—I suppose it would've been called decades earlier, before the devastation.
68. There is not future devastation or collapse that will commence it, just annotate it.
69. Samantha stood motionless, staring in disbelief and trying to absorb the devastation.
70. The extended devastation which ensued, is still in the recollection of every person.
71. Nobody other than Zulimistan itself is at fault this for this devastation and misery.
72. Broken trees were strewn around amongst the other devastation everywhere they looked.
73. She had not anticipated that the English army would leave such devastation in its wake.
74. There will be much loss around you and you will view this as devastation and traumatic.
75. And a more recent devastation had an entire ship sink to the bottom of the Hroon ocean.
76. After the devastation they had wrought in the last six weeks, they could expect no mercy.
77. She couldn’t imagine the devastation Wilson’s secret life would wreak on their lives.
78. And the devastation Zuma has wrought on the country for the past three years will continue.
79. Fifty-two tornadoes struck the Midwest states of the US, causing devastation in their path.
80. He is warning that the time is now and at hand when destruction and devastation is coming.
81. He stood aghast at the devastation, small flames licked up from embers and burning clothes.
82. No physical blows could come close to the absolute devastation Eva felt at that very moment.
83. His body convulsed with the sheer devastation of families being separated and the horror of.
84. Even as he spoke he thought, Is this the devastation that this Moses promised Pharaoh? Will.
85. He said that his god would bring sorrow and devastation to all of Egypt and the House of.
86. I rambled further away from the noise, away from the devastation, and slumped against a tree.
87. It was to bring back all that had been lost, lost many years ago even before the Devastation.
88. Awed by the devastation and chilled by the wind, we returned to the relative warmth of the car.
89. Japan faced more devastation and shock from conventional bombing than the A-bombs ever wrought.
90. The devastation that it caused to buildings in the area was vast as shown on the television news.
91. Since then both camps of the Cold War were rightly fearful of the devastation of nuclear warfare.
92. The devastation of sedative withdrawal had been replaced with five hundred happy, healthy people.
93. Her mind shied away from the potential for widespread devastation, the utter vileness of the idea.
94. To the east, in front of me, it seemed as if most life had been replaced by death and devastation.
95. He said that his god would bring sorrow and devastation to all of Egypt and the House of Pharaoh.
96. How could Denver state that his clan were living no different than they had before the Devastation?
97. It was hard to believe that this much natural devastation could occur in just over one hundred years.
98. But it wasn’t until his rage took him into the kitchen that any truly unnatural devastation occurred.
99. They hiked on, climbing the ridge until the woods opened up and they stopped to take in the devastation.
100. Only the vast devastation in the wake of a powerful hurricane could compare to or top this single event.

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