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Decay in a sentence | decay example sentences

  1. All things are in decay.
  2. The Decay of Building, 98.
  3. The decay of the concrete.
  4. Why? Because all atoms decay.
  5. The decay of the bodies was.

  6. Jesus’ body begins to decay.
  7. They reek of decay and death.
  8. Inner city decay, he reflected.
  9. Now, it laid in decay and ruin.
  10. The Reasons for Corporeal Decay.
  11. Constant thinking makes it decay.
  12. Moral and Ethical Decay in the US.
  13. Feeding off the decay of the real.
  14. What are the symptoms of tooth decay?
  15. Up there were the same signs of decay.

  16. His back teeth were beginning to decay.
  17. The time decay will erode the premium by.
  18. And they are the signs of a nation's decay.
  19. The smell of decay was all around the train.
  20. Or their symbolic link to entropy, to decay.
  21. Theta characterizes the speed of time decay.
  22. The tree had not rotted, falling from decay.
  23. The stench of wet decay was almost a comfort.
  24. And the amount of decay that has already.
  25. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of decay.

  26. The David that fel asleep and underwent decay.
  27. Preventing Tooth Decay And The Need For Filling.
  28. Fearghal in a less than attractive state of decay.
  29. Time as the counter of radioactive decay may stop.
  30. Neither cloth nor metal showed any signs of decay.
  31. It’s been sad watching her decay over the years.
  32. They seemed to smile at the decay, rusted and old.
  33. This measures how options values decay through time.
  34. But with a high gamma comes rapid decay of time value.
  35. Any pickup in implied volatility mitigates time decay.
  36. Most retail traders assume that theta decay is linear.
  37. With two days left the daily time decay is about $100.
  38. The rapid time decay of the close to expiration options.
  39. It is harder to say which mechanisms caused alpha decay.
  40. Milk and cheese can aid in the reduction of tooth decay.
  41. Except decay that smells of earth, and of renewing things.
  42. Libby did not notice the signs of decay and neglect that.
  43. The death that make human decay is only love has no decay.
  44. However, when volatility falls, premium decay even faster.
  45. The decay of a radioactive element, an appointment to the U.
  47. Therefore, the correct decay factor is the square root of 0.
  48. Leaving the decay behind, it felt as though the desolation.
  49. Memory is said to have a natural tendency to decay with time.
  50. At an interest rate of 0, the vega decay is always positive.
  51. He saw only a dim chamber, littered with the debris of decay.
  52. At all times, respect the inevitability of time value decay!.
  53. The mask nature wears to hide her hideous processes of decay.
  54. The wind was chilly and yet heavy with an odour of cold decay.
  55. To a lesser degree, time decay works against option buyers too.
  56. The Greek letter which represents time decay is called theta.
  57. In this strategy you are hoping to take advantage of time decay.
  58. There is technology which can nullify the natural decay process.
  59. Decay is rapid in a swamp so choose wood that is not far decayed.
  60. Your long options stand at a loss and may begin to decay rapidly.
  61. It strengthens the tooth enamel and protects the teeth from decay.
  62. Teeth with significant decay are said to have caries, or cavities.
  63. Beware what precedes the decay of the ruggedness of states and men.
  64. Warning: Time decay can be a wonderful thing for the option seller.
  65. We have shown a direct relationship between stress and tooth decay.
  66. The rancid stench of decay stung his nose and made his eyes water.
  67. The increased frequency of sugar in the diet leads to tooth decay.
  68. The social decay that was slowly taking over was evident all around.
  69. Toss, sparkles of day and dusk--toss on the black stems that decay.
  70. The decay was due to sugar water that was given to me to drink to.
  71. An underlying contract does not decay, so its theta must also be 0.
  72. Isotopes can be stable or unstable, and decay by emitting radiation.
  73. I noticed later that the rate of decay slowed for a time after that.
  74. It did carry a strong suggestion of decay, though, and of great age.
  75. Time decay is a strong and unquestionable head wind to this strategy.
  76. He was thin and frail, a walking corpse in the process of human decay.
  77. Huge fallen trees in various states of decay littered the forest floor.
  78. Step 3: Select Expiration Months in the Sweet Spot of Time Decay.
  79. But Panama had died, had felt the quick decay of fire in one red night.
  80. The time decay for the XYZ Mar 40 Put would have reduced the value to 1.
  81. This time decay accelerates in the last 30 days in the life of an option.
  82. The dark indicate vegetable decay, while the others point to clayey soil.
  83. I could smell the decay, but it faded into the background quickly enough.
  84. She could smell the rot of its breath, worse than the decay of the gully.
  85. If a trader sets up longs properly, when that decay gets down to under $0.
  86. That is essentially premium decay in action on an at-the-money call.
  87. It's a sign of the decay of nations when they begin to have gods in common.
  88. I was concerned about the fatherlessness that is causing decay in families.
  89. Her stomach—once smooth—is distended, pregnant with her child of decay.
  90. She ultimately has the wind at her back in the form of daily options decay.
  91. But he’d somehow imagined that his leaving might affect the rate of decay.
  92. Decay of Memory Traces - This is the oldest explanation regarding forgetting.
  93. They witnessed the decay of Ahab’s control and the increase of Jezebel’s.
  94. Rather than being dropped, past data is rolled off with an exponential decay.
  95. Builds a mausoleum chamber of eternal nothingness that echoes death’s decay.
  96. An impression of crackling fire, more pain, bones, teeth, the stench of decay.
  97. All change and decay in volumes comes out of falling parts in the spirit.
  98. Consumption: A wasting away; a disease causing decay and destruction of the body.
  99. As price moves further away from at-the-money, options decay much more linearly.
  100. He drew near her, but when he was about to clasp her she fell into decay in his.
  1. Of to renovate a decaying one.
  2. Decaying our hearts with such ease.
  3. The only piece of furniture in the decaying.
  4. Clods of decaying soil fell off Torry's paws.
  5. It was the smell of blood and decaying bodies.
  6. In a decaying manufacture, on the contrary, many.
  7. The smell of decaying flesh assaulted my nostrils.
  8. What they saw was a body with deep decaying flesh.
  9. He surveyed the decaying bridge, mulling it over with.
  10. The decaying remains of a number of oak trees lined the.
  11. Toomb's office in on the fourth story of a decaying base.
  12. Ken and Eileen Roach lived on what had once been a decaying.
  13. We even saw some zombies ripping flesh off a decaying corpse.
  14. The smell of charged stone and wood, of decaying flesh and death.
  15. It was as though Fearghal wore a suit of bones and decaying fl esh.
  16. Slumped in a chair beside the bed was the decaying corpse of a man.
  17. The sharp decaying yellow teeth on the coffee bean snap shut around you.
  18. How long do I have to live, separated from You, in this decaying body?
  19. He painted the outside boards with crude oil to keep them from decaying.
  20. Michael recognised the decaying remains of what had once been a thriving.
  21. Stinking of urea, dead moss and decaying animal matter, the air was thick.
  22. MacKenzie’s eyes still flickered with the decaying embers of an old fire.
  23. Still, there was a familiar smell of fruit and flowers decaying in the air.
  24. Decaying buildings line every street, each structure blending with the other.
  25. A grand flushing out of the old, decaying and cluttered entrails of commerce.
  26. And she knew it was more than decaying flesh she smelled—there was gas, too.
  27. Earth that had lain cheek by jowl with unhealthy decaying things six feet under.
  28. It is said that he came across an aging man, a decaying corpse, and a deceased man.
  29. In that indifferent space the image in his mind of himself decaying inside his suit.
  30. The plants were decaying in the field and the smell of blood was carried on the wind.
  31. Her manner was inspiring, but a few livid words could not undo years of decaying hope.
  32. The place had a rundown look to it, the stone laid path cracked and decaying into ash.
  33. The body had deep wounds from the decaying process and blood was hardened all along it.
  34. Christ, but as the years pass he or she will have a body that is decaying, but will be.
  35. The frogs died in thousands and millions, the stink of their decaying bodies filled the.
  36. The acrid smell of smoke suddenly had something putrid to it, dead flesh decaying in the sun.
  37. Dead and decaying leaves covered the martyred earth, swirling around in the stiff sea breeze.
  38. Each whisper soft sound of their decaying limbs brushing the shiny blue exterior of the truck.
  39. The exponentially decaying sinusoidal wave of the interferogram pops up on the computer screen.
  40. Everything seems idyllically peaceful underneath the dilapidation of decaying human ingenuity.
  41. He represents a sexual psychopath and a decaying pervert that feasts on women’s gullibility.
  42. It was a book of moods, of dank rooms with cryptic wallpaper, of pale odors, of decaying dreams.
  43. Broken door frames, worn out roofs, and decaying thatch told the story of this forgotten dwelling.
  44. While dirty and dusty, the wing seem to be structurally sound, except for the decaying wall plaster.
  45. I wanted to hug her again, but contented myself with a chaste kiss to her decaying forehead instead.
  46. The hand touched Viktor’s chest and all that the decaying body was feeling, Viktor started to feel.
  47. Others were so broken and torn or decaying that only their uniform gave any clue as to their identity.
  48. I shall do everything it takes to rehabilitate his name, even if that means seeing his decaying corpse.
  49. Flies buzz around him as he becomes aware of the foul stench emanating from that piece of decaying flesh.
  50. Nodding at me to use my axe, Wyatt pulled the creatures’ head back by the eyes, exposing its decaying neck.
  51. We went to the Cafe "Neant," where I let them put me in the coffin and pretend to be decaying, to amuse her.
  52. Bad bacteria, decaying meat and other undigested food contribute to the build up of toxic matter in the colon.
  53. Tamar’s hooded agent Lewem stood by the shimmering portal radiating from the slowly decaying diamond beneath.
  54. The stench in the air was a constant and unrelenting mixture of rotting flesh, decaying dog, and death itself.
  55. But for the present it was decaying, out of repair, a mass of cheap rooming-houses, tenements, and mixed races.
  56. Approaching the old factory, its mottled red brick facade, hiding nothing of what it truly is: old and decaying.
  57. Passing through the camp, the eagle beings headed for the decaying stone structure at the edge of the clearing.
  58. He noticed that there was a square of decaying wood on the stone floor with the handle set in the middle of it.
  59. Through a tear in his shirt, I noticed an exposed ribcage with decaying flesh hanging off of it in grotesque shreds.
  60. But it would be otherwise in a country where the funds destined for the maintenance of labour were sensibly decaying.
  61. Borganst, Demorn, women, children, they lay all around, decaying, waiting to be consumed by nature and the elements.
  62. To dream that you have rotting or decaying teeth implies that you may have said something that you shouldn’t have.
  63. Creatures scurried into the shadows as she entered, hiding within the crumbling walls and pieces of decaying furniture.
  64. Crumbling buildings lined the once proud streets; run down decaying streets, which were full of ‘interesting’ people.
  65. His feet would hardly move, he had to drag them one at a time through the leathery roots and the sticky decaying detritus.
  66. Alwyn found a somewhat decaying hall with a nice little stage that the council was renting to anyone who could pay the rent.
  67. The chemical smell in the air was gone now, washed away by the torrent, replaced by the musty odor of wet, decaying leaves.
  68. That staircase, so often traversed, which echoed to the slightest noise, now lost its decaying aspect in the eyes of Eugenie.
  69. Jeeter’s toe caught on a root hidden in the layer of decaying leaves and pine needles, and he stumbled forward into Durstan.
  70. Twenty-seven stories of decaying concrete apartment block that made the worst housing project in America look like the Hilton.
  71. Here and there buckling towers reeled drunkenly against the morning sky, and broken pillars jutted up among the decaying walls.
  72. At times they stopped and looked into the huge room of decaying plants in fear that they had woken something that lingered there.
  73. Unlike all these miserable mortal creatures, you have unshackled yourself from the decaying material world and triumphed over death.
  74. A decaying basurel; only its head and neck and feet distinguishable on the rest of its carcass that had been stripped clean of flesh.
  75. He recognized its twisting shape, its decaying image from when he saw it as part of a ground team in the Caucus Mountains, years ago.
  76. Some of the windows were boarded up, and the building in which the foreman lived, the kitchen, the stables—all were grey and decaying.
  77. As they had travelled down the eastern side of the Willowbank they had encountered bloodied crops, decaying fish and a despairing people.
  78. Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day (2 Corinthians 4:16).
  79. Some insects help to improve the soil through aeration, while others help by generating compost from leaves and other decaying organic matter.
  80. You can work to complete an unfinished society, instead of to renovate a decaying one; and you can work with a better heart and a more hopeful spirit.
  81. As the distance between them was reducing, Viktor could recognize that the shape was that of a decaying body and the smell coming from it was putrid.
  82. A cacophony of smells assaulted my senses: the decaying stench of something organic mixed with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and other swamp flowers.
  83. He drew back, nervous of her, although for some reason I knew that it wasn’t her decaying face which scared him but the fact that she was a stranger.
  84. Standing there was the large, ugly and fearsome monster! He wore no shirt and his face, chest, arms and hands had the appearance of dead and decaying flesh.
  85. The old, decaying empires fight for continued hegemony and try their best to patch the growing cracks in their imperial façade, but the center cannot hold.
  86. These would bury animals and plants, rapidly cutting off exposure to decaying agents and allow the remains to fossilise during the subsequent years that followed.
  87. The drilling and inserting took around 8 hours they all expected the sniffer to be rooting around finding cells amongst the decaying 2500 year old teeth for hours.
  88. Lucy’s nostrils filled with the inevitable familiarity of the damp earth musk of the subterranean, of watered down piss pools, and the reek of old, decaying tobacco.
  89. The said Fréjus, sitting facing directly Jules, burst out in laughter, showing twin incomplete rows of yellow, decaying teeth in the middle of a greasy, unkempt beard.
  90. For example, we know that fossils can only form if the object, that is fossilised, is encapsulated in an environment that would prevent decaying agents from reaching it.
  91. Taylor, a couple of nurses, and his mother and brother, Paul unexpectedly sat up and swung his feet over the edge of the steel cart his decaying corpse had been lying on.
  92. Man is used in the sense of person; to be politically correct we would have to say, Our outer he or she is decaying, yet our inner he or she is being renewed day by day.
  93. The original site of early Vancouver was a collection of decaying warehouses, old buildings and alcoholics until the late l960s when it became the renowned haunt of hippies.
  94. Against the peaceful landscape, the pale, decaying tints of the copses, the blue air of the horizon, and the lichened stile-boards, these staring vermilion words shone forth.
  95. Much of the records had been destroyed with the decaying of time, but there was still enough intact that they would be busy for years deciphering and recording their findings.
  96. Once you have found signs of wood damage and you have determined that it’s not just old decaying wood then you have to decide if it’s termites or carpenter ants that you have.
  97. It will make an immense difference with your faith and spirit whether you look upon civilization as a good thing that is becoming better or as a bad and evil thing that is decaying.
  98. Then he heard someone cough, and saw in the office at the end of the room an old, decaying clerk, in a round smoking-cap of black velvet embroidered with red and green, opening letters.
  99. All this old flesh; vacant minds in decaying bodies; the pervasive smell of urine, shit, and vomit; the sad, terminal hopelessness of it all would swamp her unless she held pity at bay.
  100. Encouraged by that illusion, he dared to explore her withered neck with his fingertips, her bosom armored in metal stays, her hips with their decaying bones, her thighs with their aging veins.
  1. It was decayed at the edges.
  2. The orbit has decayed since.
  3. It smelt damp, decayed, charred.
  4. The hollow bones: the decayed and fragmented bones.
  5. It was a decayed place that had fallen into disuse.
  6. The body was still there, and was decayed of course.
  7. The mind was willing, but the decayed flesh was weak.
  8. She saw and smelled his decayed teeth as well as his.
  9. Inland towns decayed, leaving rotting concrete carcasses.
  10. Many of these protons decayed when both anti protons and.
  11. Behind the counter, Velimir, now visibly decayed, presided.
  12. Their bodies decayed once they swallowed the toxic waters.
  13. He says, "Who will revive the bones when they have decayed?".
  14. Decay is rapid in a swamp so choose wood that is not far decayed.
  15. For the next five years he wore a decayed suit, which the lawyer.
  16. The clasp was a simple device, decayed and rusted but still secure.
  17. It was covered with dead leaves and the soil they had decayed into.
  18. The table and benches in the grotto had long ago decayed and fallen.
  19. With each step he took, the plants at his feet blackened and decayed.
  20. The house at the end had partly burned as a result of decayed wiring.
  21. It could be that fences had decayed along here, that was very possible.
  22. Jesse knew that normally, her body would have already started to decayed by.
  23. One skeleton wore what appeared to be a decayed and well-worn baseball glove.
  24. Some of it has stood very well, while some has decayed into shapeless masses.
  25. Even though he had decayed hands with exposed tendons, he still kept pounding.
  26. It was an old weathered box that was badly decayed and had parts of it missing.
  27. The city was all of polished white stone, mostly crumbling, ancient and decayed.
  28. The hobbits crept inside, and sat there upon a floor of old leaves and decayed wood.
  29. At times I had to really remind myself that I was camped in the decayed presence of.
  30. Gradually investor interest in TIPS grew and the illiquidity/novelty premium decayed.
  31. The old stone of Chester Cathedral was a very red Bunter sandstone, which decayed badly.
  32. Let it not be said that this is true only of the decayed civilizations of Western Europe.
  33. The fact is, a solar flare that occurred in the late sixties has decayed back into the sun.
  34. But if the tree has been down too long it may have decayed too much, so test it for strength.
  35. Several corridors, most of them half decayed, led finally to a chamber with a heavy iron door.
  36. Her skin was leathery, her teeth decayed, her hair faded and colorless, and her look frightened.
  37. He laughed out loud in a demented, demonic sort of laugh, showing a set of filthy, decayed teeth.
  38. In most cases, if the option has decayed substantially in value, we recommend doing exactly that.
  39. Here is the short answer: Weekend theta is decayed out of a position by Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.
  40. As the societal life of the Zoarinian Empire has decayed, so has any semblance of morality in its youth.
  41. The money realised from this fire sale of the broken and the decayed was sufficient to invest and to bank.
  42. The house was damp and decayed, indifferently furnished--evidently, recently occupied and temporarily used.
  43. Even the decayed flesh couldn’t mask the fact that she would once have been a most attractive young lady.
  44. How could she have possibly been left alone unattended all this time? All the crystal would have decayed ages ago.
  45. Or maybe it was the pile of decayed corpses I’d rolled around in a couple nights ago that had rubbed me the wrong way.
  46. His courage evaporated under the throbbing sun of corporate power and his bold stride had soon decayed into a feeble mince.
  47. The final casket lid burst open and there, snarling at me with rotted teeth, was the decayed skull of Roho, the witch doctor.
  48. It is treated by the removal of the rotted (decayed) parts of the tooth and the replacement of the missing parts with a 'filling'.
  49. Whatever comprises you is borrowed from the past, rather it be metals from exploded stars or carbon from decayed Jurassic jungles.
  50. Lorna did as she was told but after repeatedly knocking on the old and decayed wooden door of the stone hut, got no response from inside.
  51. You rotted decayed piece of crap! This was my life! It is my life! You took it all, so you could have a smoke? I quit! You bastard!.
  52. In the decades after the war, the abandoned Naoetsu campsite decayed, and the village residents didn’t speak of what had transpired there.
  53. But the temporal power of the clergy, the absolute command which they had once had over the great body of the people was very much decayed.
  54. Would he notice less care in the rendering? Would things stop moving? An Angel civilization had never decayed before, he had no idea what to look for.
  55. Only the garden had not decayed, but had grown, and was in full bloom; from over the fence the cherry, apple, and plum trees looked like white clouds.
  56. The magic faded away slowly, over the millenia, releasing as it decayed myriads of sub-astral particles that severely distorted the reality around it.
  57. In investor portfolios that we manage, buybacks are typically considered when the option premium has decayed down to 10% or below of its original sale price.
  58. The mouldings and tracery are thus wofully obliterated, and the facings are so much decayed as to leave the original surface distinguishable only here and there.
  59. Inside this cumbrous and creaking structure, and behind this decayed conductor, the partie carrée took their seats—the bride and bridegroom and Mr and Mrs Crick.
  60. The poor sufferer grew worse and worse, till the limb became rotten and decayed: his cries could be heard far and near in the still air, yet the physician heeded not.
  61. As arts and industry advanced, however, the authority of the chieftains gradually decayed, and the great body of the people had less time to spare for military exercises.
  62. And the sixth mountain was quite full of clefts some small and others large; and the clefts were grassy but the plants were not very vigorous but rather as it were decayed.
  63. Parents with children suffered without heat in thousands of dilapidated, one-room shacks that decayed on the street adjacent to Melton’s church while he pastored the city.
  64. While the growth stocks, as expected, experienced higher earnings growth, this advantage decayed over time, and their dollar earnings never surpassed those of the value group.
  65. Mohammad Amin put up a signboard to advertise his commodity, on it he wrote: ‘For sale, decayed and mouldy rice, being sold for a tenth of the price of the best quality rice.
  66. While Heyward and his companions hesitated to approach a building so decayed, Hawkeye and the Indians entered within the low walls, not only without fear, but with obvious interest.
  67. But Holland, says the gentleman from Kentucky, affords an example of a nation, whose commerce flourished greatly before it had a navy, and decayed while her navy continued powerful.
  68. The smell of these decayed corpses out here was overwhelming and half the time I had to hold my breath to stop throwing up and knew that I would never rid myself of this hellish smell.
  69. Italy still continues to command some sort of veneration, by the number of monuments of this kind which it possesses, though the wealth which produced them has decayed, and though the.
  70. His little nose then became wrinkled in a most peculiar manner with a multitude of wrinkles, and his open mouth exhibited broken teeth, decayed and black, and red gums moist with saliva.
  71. Nature decayed around me, and the sun became heatless; rain and snow poured around me; mighty rivers were frozen; the surface of the earth was hard and chill, and bare, and I found no shelter.
  72. There is a countless reasons to justify such a false mind, sufficiently decayed You don’t need to dislike the snake, it is displayed in you laid in a stone coffin called the tree of death.
  73. Feltus quickly surveyed the area and discovered a tree stump that was badly decayed though in a position next to several graves, which suggested it had long been used as a resting place while visiting the 348.
  74. After penetrating through the brush, matted as it was with briars, for a few hundred feet, he entered an open space, that surrounded a low, green hillock, which was crowned by the decayed blockhouse in question.
  75. But where the conical explosive bullets of the twentieth century were of no avail, the poisoned arrows of the natives, dipped in the juice of strophanthus and steeped afterwards in decayed carrion, could succeed.
  76. Ranking with that warning he also said, apropos of war: „War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse.
  77. She had the mobile face frequent in those whose sight has decayed by stages, has been laboriously striven after, and reluctantly let go, rather than the stagnant mien apparent in persons long sightless or born blind.
  78. There was an old house to which they were making some alterations and repairs, and there was a lot of old wood taken out of it: old, decayed floorboards and stuff of that kind, wood that was of no use whatever except to burn.
  79. Insects often resemble for the sake of protection various objects, such as green or decayed leaves, dead twigs, bits of lichen, flowers, spines, excrement of birds, and living insects; but to this latter point I shall hereafter recur.
  80. History, would you be surprised to learn, proves up to the hilt Spain decayed when the inquisition hounded the jews out and England prospered when Cromwell, an uncommonly able ruffian who in other respects has much to answer for, imported them.
  81. I divined, from this account, that utter lack of sympathy had rendered young Heathcliff selfish and disagreeable, if he were not so originally; and my interest in him, consequently, decayed: though still I was moved with a sense of grief at his.
  82. And all the while he was walking through the streets with him he talked of his wife, his children; of their future, and of his business; told him in what a decayed condition it had formerly been, and to what a degree of perfection he had raised it.
  83. It was empty and silent, and hardly a trickle of water flowed among the brown and red-stained stones of its bed; but on the near side there was a path, much broken and decayed, that wound its way among the ruined walls and paving-stones of an ancient highroad.
  84. And they thought they might have more luck this time in learning more about the murders as in this instance they had a fresh corpse and to be absolutely brutal about it fresh cadavers offered more than those that had lain undiscovered for some time or had decayed.
  85. And those from the sixth mountain which had clefts large and small and decayed grass in the clefts who believed were the following: they who occupy the small clefts are those who bring charges against one another and by reason of their slanders have decayed in the faith.
  86. From the first growth of the tree, many a limb and branch has decayed and dropped off; and these fallen branches of various sizes may represent those whole orders, families, and genera which have now no living representatives, and which are known to us only in a fossil state.
  87. The entire load of white-powder greed had taken flight, slapped the surface and sunk to the bottom, joining there the decayed ruins of Spanish galleons with similar cargoes, and returned Raul to the realities of Edgar’s unspeakable murder and the awful mess of Truman’s life.
  88. I divined, from this account, that utter lack of sympathy had rendered young Heathcliff selfish and disagreeable, if he were not so originally; and my interest in him, consequently, decayed: though still I was moved with a sense of grief at his lot, and a wish that he had been left with us.
  89. The name was something of a misnomer; the Harchongese fortifications which had once guarded the Kaudzhu Narrows had decayed into ruins long ago, following the minor unpleasantness during which the Empire had wrested the remainder of Hahskyn Bay and the area about it away from the hapless Kingdom of Sodar.
  90. As soon as it was obtained, it was put together, and in a few months we saw it floating in the form of a ship of war—rotten ships, I may say, sir, for I believe without exception in the frigates which were built by the United States, the more important parts decayed and were rotten in two, three, or four years.
  91. From these decayed sons and daughters of Gaul, she had acquired such wonderful arts, that the woman and girl who formed the staff of domestics regarded her as quite a Sorceress, or Cinderella's Godmother: who would send out for a fowl, a rabbit, a vegetable or two from the garden, and change them into anything she pleased.
  92. Whenever the eyes of the wearied travelers rose from the decayed leaves over which they trod, his dark form was to be seen glancing among the stems of the trees in front, his head immovably fastened in a forward position, with the light plume on his crest fluttering in a current of air, made solely by the swiftness of his own motion.
  93. And when he struck them some of them became black as soot and some appeared as if covered with scabs and some cracked and some mutilated and some neither white nor black and some rough and not in keeping with the other stones and some having Every many] stains: such were the varieties of decayed stones that were found in the building.
  94. We have more than once in our paper alluded to the fact that in the Petersburg Side in the house of the merchant Lukyanov the steps of the wooden staircase have decayed, fallen away, and have long been a danger for Afimya Skapidarov, a soldier's wife who works in the house, and is often obliged to go up the stairs with water or armfuls of wood.
  95. Serbia would have been swallowed up into the Russian Empire and that would have become a vassal state and the Serbian Slavs would have discovered to their horror that becoming true Slaves under the Tsarist regime of the Russian Tsar was a thousand times worse than when they had not been independent and given ‘aid’ by the most backward, inept, decayed empire in the world.
  96. Now after all had withdrawn and were resting themselves I said to the Shepherd What is the reason that the building of the tower was not finished? The tower; he answered; cannot be finished just yet until the Lord of it come and examine the building in order that if any of the stones be found to be decayed he may change them: for the tower is built according to his pleasure.
  97. I went a-chestnutting there in the fall, on windy days, when the nuts were dropping into the water and were washed to my feet; and one day, as I crept along its sedgy shore, the fresh spray blowing in my face, I came upon the mouldering wreck of a boat, the sides gone, and hardly more than the impression of its flat bottom left amid the rushes; yet its model was sharply defined, as if it were a large decayed pad, with its veins.
  98. Assuming that an insect originally happened to resemble in some degree a dead twig or a decayed leaf, and that it varied slightly in many ways, then all the variations which rendered the insect at all more like any such object, and thus favoured its escape, would be preserved, while other variations would be neglected and ultimately lost; or, if they rendered the insect at all less like the imitated object, they would be eliminated.
  99. Other examples of salient events influencing asset prices, possibly due to lingering memories, include the bond risk premium that decayed slowly after the Great Inflation of roughly 1969–1982, the crash premium in implied volatilities of equity index options and especially in out-of-the-money put options for 10 to 20 years after the crash of October 19, 1987, and liquidity premia that rose to record highs during the 2007–2008 liquidity drought but came down fast afterwards.
  100. Gentle Father Iosif, the librarian, a great favorite of the dead man's, tried to reply to some of the evil speakers that this is not held everywhere alike, and that the incorruptibility of the bodies of the just was not a dogma of the Orthodox Church, but only an opinion, and that even in the most Orthodox regions, at Athos for instance, they were not greatly confounded by the smell of corruption, and there the chief sign of the glorification of the saved was not bodily incorruptibility, but the color of the bones when the bodies have lain many years in the earth and have decayed in it.
  1. He is such a being who never decays.
  2. Life grows; but death stands still and decays.
  3. One feels connected to the land; one grows, withers, rots and decays.
  4. Over time, theta decays at the rate that your trade software says it does.
  5. And I shall be dumped where the weed decays, And the rest is rust and stardust.
  6. When Time measures life by profit gained, we labor until our face decays away.
  7. A short-term at-the-money option decays more rapidly than a long-term at-the-money option.
  8. Consequently, people will lose business, and such carcass also decays very quickly whilst being stored.
  9. However the April option, with less time remaining to expiration, decays more rapidly than the June option.
  10. The residual is an especially large part of the yield of highly rated bonds and decays between 2004 and 2006.
  11. There is a flawed belief that option time premium decays exponentially across all strikes in the final 30 days of an option’s life.
  12. Also, for the longer sample used here, the reward for extending the duration is highest at short maturities and decays at longer maturities.
  13. As a classic example, the information in value indicators decays slowly while that in short-term momentum or reversal indicators decays fast.
  14. Meat decays in the stomach for a longer time; as well it is the cause for clogging arteries in the penis, responsible for a successful erection.
  15. Besides, meat protein is difficult to digest, it decays in the stomach, could give you additional diseases and generally not a clean protein anyway.
  16. This bleeding has a negative effect on the quality of the meat as it makes it lose its ability to be stored, and consequently it decays in a short time.
  17. One of the ideas of option trading is that opening short positions implies receiving a premium that turns into profit as the time value of options decays.
  18. Not the State's inherently, but by enculturation, and our culture is an endless race for the gold that neither decays nor sates, leaving most in a state of hate.
  19. The theta of an option, the rate at which it decays, will vary depending not only on market conditions but also on whether an option is in the money, at the money, or out of the money.
  20. When profit diminishes, merchants are very apt to complain that trade decays, though the diminution of profit is the natural effect of its prosperity, or of a greater stock being employed in it than before.
  21. By cutting into the stomach cavity they were preventing the build up of gasses as the body decays and preventing the bodies from becoming too buoyant and floating along on the current or even floating to the surface.
  22. And the botanist who finds that the apple falls because the cellular tissue decays and so forth is equally right with the child who stands under the tree and says the apple fell because he wanted to eat it and prayed for it.
  23. This places the mathematical odds strongly in your favor as these covered writes will be profitable if the market moves against you, remains stable, or even continues to move slowly in your favor as option volatility decays.
  24. Here also was more fully recorded the acts that he had done, and the names of many hundreds that he had taken into his service; and how he had placed them in such habitations that could neither by length of days, nor decays of nature, be dissolved.
  25. This conversion will likely be for close to no cost if the price moves up slowly as the July option decays faster than the intrinsic value comes into it and the August option sees relatively little decay compared to the price move related to the intrinsic value.
  26. The same statutes of apprenticeship and other corporation laws, indeed, which, when a manufacture is in prosperity, enable the workman to raise his wages a good deal above their natural rate, sometimes oblige him, when it decays, to let them down a good deal below it.
  27. David’s theory regarding the fourth dimension and his supposition that in that dimension time is inert includes the idea that gravity, which continuously brings matter together, within the universe, is a product of the drag created by time as the universe decays within the fourth dimension.

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