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Dickhead in a sentence

He is just a dickhead.
It had to be the same dickhead.
He said: why? So the dickhead could have an easier stroll to.
Aarav thrashed him again and continued- Does your dickhead have a.
Whatever your fuckin dickhead mind could possibly come up with! Yeah.
He’s a total dickhead, and frankly, I’m ashamed he’s blood-related.
I dont know where she went but I guess to some dickhead with loose pockets.
What, you think I’ll be so enamored that I won’t care that you’re a dickhead.
I didnt mention the money but said aggh just a local dickhead Ive got some issues with.
But I don’t believe he was killed because he was a dickhead, and that’s the worst he was.
I could see no sense in letting Terrys old man know that his dickhead son had failed to nail me.
He laid them on the table but he had kept his hand on top of the letters I though move your fucking hand you dickhead then I can get my letters.
Take a look at what we have here, lads, Sandjit Patel said with a sickly grin on his face, it’s the ginger dickhead from the other day.
He just stood, going inside himself, willing that by the power of suggestion, the dickhead would combust internally while he continued with his tirade.
Another deal like what was coming up and he could buy three more, all brand new from the real Mercedes Benz dealer, not that pock-marked Indian dickhead.
One of the lads calls out to the chicks I with something along the lines of "what the fuck are you doing with that dickhead" and how they should go with them.
I scooted out of the door, none too pleased that I had wasted so long this morning being lectured in the bank by such a crassly moronic dickhead; I had things to do.
He planned to stop by the O� Club each night on his way home in the chance he'd find that dickhead lieutenant, Parker was the name on his tag, and teach him a thing or two.

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