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Asshole in a sentence

He’d be on the asshole.
I am a selfish asshole.
I could kill that asshole.
You really are an asshole.
Your asshole will be fine.
Let me up there, you asshole.
This had to be some asshole.

Is this asshole with you?
President Bush was an asshole.
Beer, please, for this asshole.
Out of the way asshole!.
Asshole hasn’t changed at all.
Look asshole, this is a fairy.
Derrick Harrington was an asshole.
That’s a good thing, asshole.
Screw you, asshole, she said.
No wonder Zac was such an asshole.
You’re an asshole, he said.
Cruz said, I’m sorry, asshole.
And wondered who this asshole was.
He was an asshole, Laura said.
Jill finally booted the asshole out!.
Runner is an asshole, not the same.
Thanks asshole! She spat at him.
Loved the Star Wars video, asshole.
He seemed like a top-drawer asshole.
Fuck you asshole, Shirley stated.
He’s one first class asshole alright.
That asshole giving you trouble?
At this very moment I'm a drunk asshole.
That white-trash asshole on sentry duty.
What does this asshole know about that?
Johnny’s an asshole, always has been.
The reality that Mark is a lying asshole.
Oh no, she still bitched about the asshole.
All because of you, you fucking asshole.
Alright asshole, you better have a vehicle.
That asshole who just cut me off in traffic.
Assholes, or Survival of the Biggest Asshole.

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