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Dictation in a sentence

It helps me to write faster when I’m doing dictation.
last three letters Susan copied down at the dictation of.
He wrote the following letter to Fantine's dictation, and.
Romans at Pails’ dictation, and I believe this to be true!.
their enemy fully accepted as the rightful dictation of fate by the.
Casaubon's wishes, but for her to urge this might seem an undue dictation.
gall, to write Paradise Lost at your dictation? The Sorrows of Satan he calls it.

Nixon also wanted a secretary there in case he had dictation or some other secretarial chore.
Apparently someone at the Thanksgiving table passed the sauce, and he resumed his dictation.
To use dictation, tap the microphone key (the first time tap Enable Dictation) and begin talking.
Traditionally, Christians believe that Luke wrote under the direction, if not at the dictation, of Paul.
If you are not comfortable with this, turn off dictation by reversing the previous steps to set up Siri.
The individual was almost lost before the overshadowing authority, tradition, and dictation of the church.
One, poorly dressed in mourning, sat at the table opposite the chief clerk, writing something at his dictation.
Lydgate's anger rose: he was prepared to be indulgent towards feminine weakness, but not towards feminine dictation.
Not infrequently, he stopped his dictation so that he could explain what he was talking about, and the others chipped in.
I was dictating all of my material, and every time she would put the earphones on to type my dictation, the phone would ring.
The sound of her father’s dictation ceased abruptly and the thud of a chair being knocked back came to her through the door.
It was said that she often wrote State papers from her father's dictation, and was allowed to read all the books in his library.
It is true while he is playing at her dictation she transforms him wholly, and I suppose she does not care what he is like in between.
There has been a great writing to Joey's father, and Papa too has written, at my dictation, a letter rosy with the glow of Vicki's praises.
What I now wish you to understand is, that I accept no revision, still less dictation within that range of affairs which I have deliberated upon as distinctly and properly mine.
Then he began to say, in a dull voice, as if repeating a letter from dictation: Owing to a leakage in the hold of this vessel, the sugar had set, and become converted into rock.
One morning at the end of the two years, as I was writing a letter to his dictation, he came and bent over me, and said—Jane, have you a glittering ornament round your neck?.
His work consisted in writing all the morning to the Professor's dictation, and he usually spent the evening in hunting up references and passages which bore upon the next day's work.
But Duncan, who, in deference to the other's skill and services, had hitherto submitted somewhat implicitly to his dictation, now assumed the superior, with a manner that was not easily resisted.
NOTE The reason that you must be connected to the Internet to use Siri and do dictation is that your voice is sent over the Internet to servers at Apple where it is converted to text and then sent back to you.
One of his managers recalled that once my father’s secretary was typing letters from his tapes, when suddenly a pause interrupted the dictation and there was someone else’s voice: Pass the cranberry sauce, please.

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bid bidding command dictation