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Bid in a sentence

I bid you good day.
Is it a bid by the.
I had to bid my time.
I bid you a good day.
In a bid to keep the.
This was in a bid to.
With that he bid them.

Marco bid for this one.
I bid a Danish shilling.
Moses did as God had bid.
Today, my top bid is $0.
But he did as he was bid.
The Levis did as Moses bid.
So Moses did as he was bid.
So he was bid to stand by.
Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
We bid the island good-bye.
If the put had a bid of 4.
Bid the players make haste.
When the bid and ask are $1.
That should bid thee return.
If your stock has a BID $9.
Connor and his friend bid.
Jabar lays claim on the bid.
And Moses did as God had bid.
He bid me go work on swords.
If the next bid is at, say.
The Hebrews did as Moses bid.
He bid me go to him and see.
Your maximum bid is a secret.
And Samuel did as God had bid.
Should you bid him discourse.
His bid was met with eighteen.
I only told her I won the bid.
The keywords you wish to bid on.
I bid not now enjoy a calm of.
Retracting a bid is a huge no-no.
Your Computer Will Bid For You.
I bid you come out before your.
Our master has bid us live long.
Doing your bidding is my.
The bidding war had slowed.
That is Doing their bidding.
At the bidding of her mother.
Both would do his bidding now.
Madam, I am at your bidding.
I have come at your bidding.
The bidding was off and running.
What had been a formal bidding.
Enslaved by it to do its bidding.
There is no proxy bidding, either.
As is your bidding, your Holiness.
Then, bidding me good-night, I was.
They both raced off to do my bidding.
Needing no third bidding, Simon did so.
Brett didn’t need any second bidding.
The bidding ran on with warming rivalry.
I will not harm you if you do my bidding.
You are simply thanking them for bidding.
Hey, I’m bidding here, Bliss said.
The auction sites have bidding increments.
Register for a bidding account with them at.
Only the desire to do her bidding mattered.
Who wlll start the bidding at five hun-.
And, bidding the man pick up the cradle and.
Another red circle appeared, without bidding.
She will be drugged before the bidding begins.
Then you will need to select the bidding price.
Long have I sought you, at the bidding of my.
Wait until near the end of the bidding period.
Secretly manipulating them to do their bidding.
Register for a bidding account with them at….
At this point, though, the bidding is only $202.
Throne Room and carry out his master’s bidding.
Both families were up early, bidding us farewell.
His gavel pounded when the bidding topped out at.
He began the bidding at $20 and it sold for $186.
He is the one carrying out his master’s bidding.
We realized we were bidding on the same property.
So why does he start the bidding at only $1? Simple.
I do as he bids me.
The inner Guru bids his.
They were whaling the bids.
And bids the tyrant Circumstance.
And bids them lash him to the mast.
Until next time, Expiscor bids you.
What bids me to abandon hope of ease?
I decided to honor my more expensive bids.
Pippen: They were hitting the bids so hard.
In that case, enter the bids only for these.
She sends her love and bids you pray for her.
The approaching dawn bids them one last dance.
The Gospel bids killing by an eye far an eye.
He holds out his finger and bids the guards take Him.
He quickly tips his hat and bids her good evening.
The bids didn’t pile up in response to this listing.
She clicked on the section for bids and donations.
The one who would follow, he bids go, for he is poor; the.
The girl bids her mother to yield to the orders of the doctor.
The top three bids though are often promoted across a network.
Well, of course, Christ suffered, and He bids us suffer too.
Why I accepted your bids for crew members I will never know.
She bids on nothing but the two painting you’re interested in.
Wait until closer to the end to make a determined series of bids.
There were no bids for stocks! This was the time of maximum panic.
And they had their hosts kill each other as if they were bids also.
WIN was a stock where you could (erroneously) hit the bids like SGEN.
I kept trading the ticks in that move, knowing I could hit the bids.
And each time the computer bids for you, it notifies you via e-mail.
In contrast, setting your bids on AdWords isn't quite that intuitive.
I immediately lifted my hand at the auctioneers start off of the bids.
My mistress bids you strike; more, she urges it, pleads for the blow.
Invitations for Bids to make explicit that bidders were to specifically.
Next, 40 cents doesn’t lift the offer, and then the bids start dropping.
But you have no idea what other bids and offers there might be in the market.
These quotes include the bids and offers for several in the money put options.
Each day, I received an update from eBay recapping my sales and my bids.
Some of these sit for seven to ten days with no bids while others are swamped.
The seller offered 250 garnet pendants for one cent, and the # of bids is 283.
Just before the auction is over you can put in bids and hope to get cheap stock.

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