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Bid in a sentence

00 bid and $1.
98 bid, at $2.
25 on the bid.
75% bid, at 10.
The bid was $1.
5 (bid price $1.
Lowest bid wins.

as they were bid.
and placed a bid.
5 sold at bid $0.
Now they bid me.
'Shall I bid men.
They then bid him.
I bid you good day.
and a bid for praise.
Is it a bid by the.
I had to bid my time.
95 bid, offered at 50.
I bid you a good day.
I bid him goodnight.
Bid, Ask, and Spread.
bid - The buying price.
This was in a bid to.
In a bid to keep the.
Marco bid for this one.
5 billion takeover bid.
With that he bid them.
came to bid her farewell.
Doing the bidding.
at the bidding of.
The bidding goes on.
The bidding had begun.
No, the bidding ring.
The Bidding Process.
Thank them for bidding.
included in the bidding.
Instead of bidding $12.
Doing your bidding is my.
Where will the bidding.
The bidding war had slowed.
That is Doing their bidding.
will the bidding begin? .
and open bidding to start out.
At the bidding of her mother.
Both would do his bidding now.
Madam, I am at your bidding.
Mary needed no second bidding.
I have come at your bidding.
The bidding was off and running.
30 minutes I had people bidding.
What had been a formal bidding.
do the bidding of the Higher Self.
Enslaved by it to do its bidding.
There is no proxy bidding, either.
Then, bidding me good-night, I was.
As is your bidding, your Holiness.
They both raced off to do my bidding.
Bids start at $0.
I do as he bids me.
now and join the bids.
60, no one hit the bids.
of what the top bids are.
The inner Guru bids his.
They were whaling the bids.
negative signals on their bids.
ing erupted with bids once more.
are just having the bids come in.
And bids the tyrant Circumstance.
And bids them lash him to the mast.
Until next time, Expiscor bids you.
What bids me to abandon hope of ease?.
I decided to honor my more expensive bids.
Pippen: They were hitting the bids so hard.
In that case, enter the bids only for these.
The approaching dawn bids them one last dance.
The Gospel bids killing by an eye far an eye.
She sends her love and bids you pray for her.
Then torture bids me leave the fires of hell,.
Bends its soft glance and bids the heart obey,.
and sallow skin that bids farewell poor innocence,.
He quickly tips his hat and bids her good evening.
The bids didn’t pile up in response to this listing.
She clicked on the section for bids and donations.
The one who would follow, he bids go, for he is poor; the.
The girl bids her mother to yield to the orders of the doctor.
The top three bids though are often promoted across a network.
Why I accepted your bids for crew members I will never know.

Synonyms for bid

bid bidding command dictation play tender offer wish adjure beseech conjure entreat press call invite