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    1. Let’s face it, that had been dinned into me well and truly

    2. The parties of groom were dinned in the dinning hall with grand reception

    3. I had them dinned into me constantly as a child, and I was constantly trying to obey them, and constantly was astonished at the unexpected results I arrived at; and now I know that it is a proof of artlessness to suppose that other people will think and feel and hope and enjoy what you do and in the same way that you do

    4. been dinned in my ears for the last four or five years

    5. been dinned in my ears for the last four or five years

    6. They will go like sheep to the slaughter, knowing all the while where they are going, knowing that they are leaving their wives, knowing that their children will want for food, full of misgivings, yet intoxicated by the fine-sounding lies that are dinned into their ears

    1. They were very hungry, jumping and snarling and twisting at him, savaging each other to get at him, deafening in their din

    2. Saint Urbain joined the din outside, and the interrogator

    3. loudly that it carried easily above the din of the other

    4. Within the din of inhuman howls he heard a pair of intelligible words ringing out from somewhere high above

    5. ’ - then his voice was drowned out by the din

    6. was lost in the din of the station

    7. Through the din and clamor, Senta smiled

    8. ‘Slow down Danny, wait for me and Ben,’ shouted Carol above the din of passing traffic

    9. The freaks were moaning and growling quite loudly, but I heard a muffled reply over the din

    10. 'Whatever you do, don't let him go off,' he had yelled above the industrious din

    1. of the large dinning table with Victor and

    2. We entered the harbour of Moudros and there we were transferred to the liner Mauritania which had been turned into a hospital ship the public rooms had been turned into wards Officers had the cabins and the dinning rooms had been turned into operating theatres

    3. In the hotel dinning room the next morning

    4. The dinning room table was not a big table, but it looked old maybe centuries old—and heavy, and it was a rich brown color

    5. The dinning room chairs were simple and classic and the same rich brown color as the table, and obviously made by the same maker of the table

    6. She started setting the dinning room table

    7. We ate at the dinning room table in the big front room off the kitchen

    8. and a white coffee table and a white dinning room table with white chairs

    9. I went and sat in the dinning room chair by the window

    10. Dingleberry had insisted I eat breakfast and dinner in my room; it had been days since I had been in the dinning room while food was being served

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    Synonyms for "din"

    commotion din ruckus ruction rumpus tumult blare blaring cacophony clamor boom uproar racket clamour hubbub hullabaloo hue and cry

    "din" definitions

    a loud harsh or strident noise

    the act of making a noisy disturbance

    make a resonant sound, like artillery

    instill (into a person) by constant repetition