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Dirt in a sentence

I grew up dirt poor.
He ate dirt once more.
With the dirt of denial.
It tracks too much dirt.
A second later the dirt.
Is it the dirt in the air.

I rubbed dirt from my eyes.
A worn dirt road emerged.
I said face in the dirt.
So his dirt got scattered.
It was a dirt road to boot.
Dry, rocky dirt as far as.
The arena had a dirt floor.
He was brown with dirt and.
As my head hit the dirt, I.
He fills the hole with dirt.
One pile of unchecked dirt.
I have been treated as dirt.
Here again, a layer of dirt.
Bullets sprayed in the dirt.
The tastes of blood and dirt.
He saw the spades toss up dirt.
The sprinkling sound of dirt.
Huge boxwoods lined the dirt.
This place is as dull as dirt.
The dirt didn’t matter then.
I knew he had struck pay dirt.
The kitty had dirt on his paws.
Part of the physical dirt and.
The cloth left streaks of dirt.
But in the dirt, you see?
He dropped her to the dirt floor.
We push ourselves into the dirt.
You have a lot of dirt on yours.
Justine had been under the dirt.
The dirt bike is my only option.
Her throat was filled with dirt.
She stuck a finger into the dirt.
The tiled floor had no dirt on it.

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