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    1. Every year, they come to this very spot, bury their faces in the ground, and howl into pillows made of dirt

    2. The force unhinged Serpent's jaw and he slithered away, tasting the dirt as he crawled

    3. He tumbles and flips in the dirt before stopping near a fence

    4. The rocks and the dirt of the tunnel exploded around me when I heard that voice for the second time

    5. Four bodies dumped in the dirt at an abandoned and decrepit farm somewhere in the nether reaches of this damnable, awful little island

    6. all loved and dirt and hanging thread mouth

    7. ” They sang hymns until they were under too much dirt to breathe

    8. carry rolls of dirt grimed cloth,

    9. She tried to squeeze any blood and dirt out of the hole and then keep it a little closed

    10. They don't really have any helpful medicinal properties, but they don't make it worse so she used that to keep the dirt out of it on the walk back

    11. A pair of long, slimy tongues came out and probed around in the dirt

    12. The dirt all around him was shaking, and a whirlwind suddenly started above his head

    13. His dirt embedded nails were long and several were broken, as tho they were ripped off

    14. I needed neither but by then he was in full flow, 'Sophia is unspoiled because the village was cut off from the whole world until about thirty years ago when a dirt road was made wider, connecting the north to the south of the island and this explains why time seems to have stopped for Sophia and all its traditions

    15. Having hit pay dirt at the first charity shop I try, I cross that off the list …

    16. I felt the dirt between my toes and the pain from the small sharper stones, but the murmuring of the chant was flowing and I was making the slow dance at last, a fervent conviction, a celebration

    17. Through it all the boy matured into a quiet but strong thirteen year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under his fingernails after grubbing up the last of the late potatoes

    18. Tarak inspected the crops getting down in the dirt with the farmer

    19. rich old woman flipped a shilling into the dirt by the old man’s tray

    20. the Sewer Rats and the King of the Sewer Rats loves rain and dirt

    21. They stopped when they were almost as close as the dirt track went, and the one who marched behind them called to her

    22. I was a temple girl before I saw a floor that wasn't dirt, and I never saw a paved floor as a mortal again after the temple sold me off

    23. The floor was dirt and very uneven with boulders sticking out of it

    24. year old who was never ashamed to scratch the dirt out from under

    25. “You move and it will be your last, dirt bag! Get your hands where I can see them! Now!”

    26. I think you are older than dirt and I’ll bet you your coat that I’m younger than you

    27. Oblivious to the dirt, she went about the task

    28. Standing in the blackness out there on the moor, he had heard scraps of phrases in his head as they shovelled the dirt over Chas’s body

    29. ’ Ozzie said, ‘He was always going off on some scheme or other – they’ll probably think that he hit pay dirt and buggered off

    30. Bits of bush clung to his trousers, dirt grimed his hands and, no doubt, his face

    31. She has black ringed toes where the dirt from the lower barn floor has become ingrained

    32. Maggie rises from the dirt, wincing, her back feeling as though it should have hoof prints all over it, but she ignores the pain and grabs Jock by the shirt collar

    33. There were a few dirt legs that wore their everyday jeans and such, but

    34. handful of damp dirt and covered the wigglers with it

    35. He can see a narrow strip of dirt and gravel, he can see across the courtyard to the opposite barn where Davie is supposed to be getting the van sorted out, and he can, if he swivels his eyes upwards, see sky above the barn roof

    36. I lay in the dirt, which was quickly turning to mud

    37. The floor was dirt, covered with recently

    38. " She went on, moving the dirt around with the toe of her shoe, not realizing he was now standing only a few feet away

    39. The unexpected jump of the truck sent her reeling to the dirt

    40. circumspect, and began making circles in the dirt with his

    41. The arena had a dirt floor

    42. I noticed the reddish-pink dirt on the arena floor

    43. unthink—maybe the dirt wasn’t spray painted at all, maybe people didn’t sit in the

    44. and he landed on the dirt floor of the arena

    45. Seven of the men now lay in the dirt with the

    46. One of the men in the dirt clawed his way up the arena wall and tried to

    47. Most of the men in the dirt began to stir again, stumbling to their feet and

    48. wallow in the pink dirt

    49. man’s shoulder popped in mid-rotation before he slammed to the dirt floor

    50. When one was eliminated, dropping to the dirt, another simply stepped

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