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Docile in a sentence

Ultimately, the docile head won.
They appeared to be very docile.
For the most part it seemed docile.
He was quiet, gentle, and had a docile.
Typical Stockholder Apathetic and Docile.
Her tone had changed from docile to angry.
The docile towns surrendered, and the mob.

It was being pulled by two docile animals.
She was docile and well-behaved, but would.
She found the horse docile, responsive, and.
She was a little old lady, fragile and docile.
Until recently they were docile and subservient.
With him they will be gentle and docile as lambs.
They seemed so much more docile in his youth….
A content Whippet is docile, loving, and affectionate.
Despite their name, they were kind and docile creatures.
Crazed by thirst, normally docile creatures may attack you.
The mothers were docile and willing to share their babies.
If her nature is good, she's sure to be docile and respectful.
Normally they were a docile breed who accepted their lot in life but.
Mamma had a little filial lecture afterwards, and was docile as usual.
The Fairies had defeated the worker Bees, docile and normally cordial.
What is it lovebirds, too early to sing? she said in her docile.
Do you think I should wait out there? she asked in a docile whisper.
Freeman claimed the procedure would produce a more docile, less moody Rosemary.
The Miles were stunned by the speech of their once obedient and docile daughter.
Afterwards she seemed almost docile, snuggling up to him and sleeping for a time.
It’s odd how some are pretty docile while others are so violent, Paige said.
It was soft and fluffy, its fur blew in the wind, and the creature was very docile.
As I've already said, they are all docile and friendly, and can be stroked without worry.
When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile.
Went and Bo played the docile and wimpy councilmen who would agree to anything Hurd wanted.
Temperament / Behavior : For triggers, these could be considered one of the more docile but.
Isn’t that what Dayna had told him so many times? The need for us to be docile? In their.
The problem was that the mares were completely docile and would be no match for Ares’ steeds.
The day would come when these sensual desires will become very docile and obedient before you.
Why do the great majority in every country remain the docile and apparently willing tools of the few?
Once these eagles were blinded this way, they would become docile and be ready for the vet’s activity.
Used to transporting drunks and minor crims they used the same tactics on Mark who appeared to be docile.
If the market perpetually overprices earnings moves, one can reasonably expect more docile future bid-ups.

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