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  1. He's a tame one now.
  2. This is a cuddly and tame.
  3. But how does one tame the.
  5. That one had been quite tame.
  6. A tame dove that has learned.
  7. It is a tool to tame the mind.
  8. Drives within me my rush to tame.
  9. These squirrels are pretty tame.
  10. You are the one that I cannot tame.
  11. With this sword I began to tame it.
  12. Too often when a horse becomes tame.
  13. Nobody had the strength to tame him.
  14. He seems tame and terrified enough.
  15. He’s not as tame as he used to be.
  16. The coin collector became a tame lion.
  17. He had just slain the poor tame lion.
  18. We dragged in a tame ostrich, the bird.
  19. Shiva, struggling to tame his irritation.
  20. Is this how you intend to tame me?
  21. She said I was a tiger she wanted to tame.
  22. You may think them tame, but the chances.
  23. Dear little bird! See, Jo, how tame it is.
  24. But it’s a pretty tame business, Rand.
  25. There is water, maybe we should tame it, we.
  26. But, though the Scythian or the Moor to tame.
  27. The tame feelings of guilt had already passed.
  28. Longfellow instantly grew tame and commonplace.
  29. To toy with ships which me they yearned to tame.
  30. Emily getting hurt trying to tame his wild horse.
  31. That all attempts to tame her surely would miss:.
  32. Julia tells me you have a tame one called Samgrass.
  33. And all the old grannies want to tame her, darn them.
  34. It was a strange moment, to see him so quiet, so tame.
  35. He going to tame our soul in silent submission to His.
  36. The thing was that their sex life had been fairly tame.
  37. Gritting her teeth, she struggled to tame her wild locks.
  38. We have to tame it in order to attain our lost liberation.
  39. These truths were the only tools I had to tame my internal.
  40. I only feel strange why did all these beasts became so tame.
  41. Any complications regarding our tame police that you would.
  42. In addition, you need to tame those other things that happen.
  43. Progress can tame nature and mould her into something benign.
  44. Tame mallards nuzzled the mud in the overflow under the tank.
  45. She ran her fingers through it trying to tame it but gave up.
  46. Still, I wish I’d managed to tame a wolf instead of a mouse.
  47. It sounded a bit tame and vague but the response surprised him.
  48. Apparently they are quite tame, just scary because they only.
  49. Passing Hanor as if he was just someone on the road, in that tame.
  50. The thought she projected was that I was a tiger she wanted to tame.
  51. The only girl who can possible tame that wild stallion Holly is you.
  52. Probably because it was the only way to tame his hair and the easiest.
  53. The Russians are fond of tame birds—jackdaws, pigeons, starlings, etc.
  54. Maybe even camp out nearby before the weather got too tame to be any fun.
  55. Well, once it got used to Richard, it would become more friendly and tame.
  56. This one, however, sounded pretty tame in comparison with past adventures.
  57. Closing his eyes, and doing his best to tame his bucking heart, he listened.
  58. Vasitvam is the power to tame wild beasts and bring them under your control.
  59. I expect if our tame police cannot smother this, your descriptions will be.
  60. Soon the mood refocused on more tame pursuits and a good time was had by all.
  61. I’m not convinced that they’re ever really tame – just prepared to put.
  62. Unless you kill or tame this serpent, you cannot have access to this treasure.
  63. Instead, we guard our tame cows and goats and move them from pasture to pasture.
  64. They merely shrugged them off as if I was city boy trying to tame a horse to ride.
  65. He also enjoyed the famous garden with the tame animals I had so enjoyed as a boy.
  66. That deity instills spiritual fruit into the human spirit to tame carnal aggression.
  67. Having just gotten used to the safety and security of a tame, paved road I entered the.
  68. Amazingly, while the farmer thought it was his tame lion, he was capable of whipping him.
  69. This is the work of nature—a generous nature, that disdains tame submission to wrongs.
  70. Only your selfless action can harness and tame the beasts of thought and emotion in you.
  71. Imila also said that that titan would be able to tame creatures that want our destruction.
  72. He must have been the house owner who had finally given in and decided to tame the garden.
  73. While she considers what he told her, she suspects this story is one of the more tame ones.
  74. Some of the tales were rather mortifying–to Mitch, at least: others were relatively tame.
  75. Who will be the one to tame her? His smirk was wide as he gazed at her and back to Madden.
  76. Another still more melancholy, but with a superb melody, was sung to tame and incorrect words.
  77. I could tame the wildest of horses and feed wild birds, squirrels, and raccoons from my hands.
  78. Men, too, were seen passing into animals, and wild and tame animals changing into one another.
  79. They were not tame, ignorant sheep, led hither and thither at the beck of an autocratic shepherd.
  80. In its natural state it is a wild animal but good thing is that we can tame it, we can change it.
  81. Would she win him away from Caro? Would Alan then have Caro? He didn't want to have to tame Caro.
  82. Thus, the cattle provide you with milk and meat, and these tame birds give you their eggs and meat.
  83. That wouldn't be too many, not if you were running tame bulls in a paddock, to improve the stock.
  84. I got that from a tame hawk, a pet, which the Chief of the Indians keeps for hunting partridges with.
  85. But, do not depress the hopes of the nation by sanctioning this tame, imbecile, and temporizing system.
  86. I saw a land that had overcome human efforts to tame it, that had expunged human history and human mistakes.
  87. Art seeks to escape culture's gravity to transform it; culture seeks to tame art for its own self-promotion.
  88. I should want hundreds of years to bring it all up, if I was fifty times as big, and Smaug as tame as a rabbit.
  89. Since we had learned that the huge iguanodons were kept as tame herds by their owners, and were simply walking.
  90. Her black hair, once vibrant (Peter Pan hair, her friends from school had sometimes called it), now looked tame.
  91. You want to send Elena, our child, to try and tame a gorgon? Do you want to see her turned to stone? This is madness.
  92. Oh! mama, how spiritless, how tame was Edward’s manner in reading to us last night! I felt for my sister most severely.
  93. A staid, steadfast man, whose life for the most part was a telling pantomime of action, and not a tame chapter of sounds.
  94. The adults were a deeper burgundy wine colour, but the whole herd seemed very tame, as if they were used to ships and bipeds.
  95. Instead there was a mildly tolerable bunch of tame mammal creatures, a sort of hybrid cross between a dog, a cat and a Quigg.
  96. Tame the anti-pro cyber warriors and pro-anti geek tech avatars with an all seeing net that catches the villains in their IP.
  97. Maybe it was the same inner voice that had once told him to go into the stable with Bess, long before he had managed to tame her.
  98. The press, always tame and wanting more crackers, parroted it as a major coup, literally crowing it from the rooftops in some cases.
  99. When I promised to tame my monster, he told me I already had, just by acknowledging its existence, and resolving not to succumb to it.
  100. No one had ever been able to tame a Snotig; they were a feral animal, deadly when penned in; they always reverted to their wild nature.
  1. The Taming of Smjagol.
  2. Taming the Need to Tinker.
  3. In taming the Heart, in the.
  4. That is the core in taming.
  5. Heart’s Path 103: Taming the.
  6. Chapter 1 The Taming of Smjagol.
  7. Only a rough sketch of Laurie taming a horse.
  9. So the elimination or taming down the mind is no sane solution.
  10. Either way sister, I am sure I am going to enjoy taming you.
  11. Most unfortunate of which is taming, with the heavy master/slave tone.
  12. Self-discipline does not mean suppression, but taming the brute within.
  13. His means of taming is simple, for already the spiders have diminished.
  14. The first three months will be in trapping and taming the baby cheetahs.
  15. In anticipation of taming that large cavern the company figures they wil.
  16. In this view, human beings are therefore capable of taming our instincts.
  17. Nail files and nail clippers were being vigorously employed in taming talons.
  18. Taming evokes control, mastery, breaking, the creation of unnatural habituations.
  19. My mother told me that taming cheetahs and teaching them to hunt was very difficult.
  20. Spiritual Contemplation is the art of taming this beast, this enemy - that is within.
  21. It is similar to that employed now in the menageries for taming restive horses and wild beasts.
  22. Taming the Technological Beast: What Dangers Should I Be Aware of When It Comes to My Computer?
  23. He tried to rescue ('arracher') the lion from the hands of the strange monks who were taming him.
  24. You can read all about this in Peter Stiff's delightful book "Taming the Landmine" if you can find it.
  25. Taming these endogenous risks is a new but central challenge for systematic investors (see Chapter 20).
  26. Therefore all taming is the lived, the post-ethic of what we did and what that made us and others into.
  27. The framing and taming of any game generates what are its virtues and how to become that noble character.
  28. Man, we feel like we've been having a feast in these last few weeks haven't we? I've been speaking on Taming the Tongue.
  29. Larger baskets are excellent tools for taming the beast that can easily become your supply of knitting tools and notions.
  30. The TORAH is the TORRENTS OF RAIN falling down on the red Lava of Red Hate taming it as the sea tames the fires of the Sun.
  31. By force of the Egyptian having understood control, her influence would create a momentum that had a taming effect on her counterpart in his Now.
  32. Voluble and expansive in more ways than one, Gadkari had tried and failed, like so many Maharashtra politicians before him, in taming north India.
  33. We did a season where we were talking about Taming the Tongue, identifying the ways that we speak which are negative and destructive and change the atmosphere around us.
  34. And here, with one little phrase, Goldstein has handed me what seems like a hugely constructive tool for taming this impulse without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  35. So besides taming the masses, it was also hoped that the picodust would enhance our collective intelligence—which would help us crack the problem of why anything at all exists.
  36. He smiled at her quite as if he had nothing in the world against her, though he was feeling at the moment that the brute creation are not the only things which need a certain amount of taming.
  37. And all of us that know her are waiting to see what her pride will come to, and who is to be the happy man that will succeed in taming a nature so formidable and gaining possession of a beauty so supreme.
  38. Taming seems most appropriately used when one of the subject-object-systems is unable to enter into a mutually beneficial cooperative with the other, even, and especially, when one engages one's self-evolution as a subject-686.
  39. But we will take the four young hunters from this village with us and train them how to sing and hunt with their cheetahs while we train the young hunters in the second village for three moons in trapping and taming the baby cheetahs.
  40. It will be clear enough then that in his ordinary dealings which give him a reputation for honesty he coerces his bad passions by an enforced virtue; not making them see that they are wrong, or taming them by reason, but by necessity and fear constraining them, and because he trembles for his possessions.
  41. After the next great emotional extinction and expansion, will peace, a slower pace of life, a taming of technology to make urban life more sane and pastoral become arcane concerns in the CG-dreams of virtual idealists? The new homo digitus' hyper-stimulation needs might reclassify peace and solitude as types of boredom disorder.
  42. How can one be inside that which has no inside? Can a neurotransmitter be inside a thought and still be the thought? This was not space, nor matter, nor time, but an I, in the maze that is wondering, taming the ricocheting arbitrariness of omenizing non sequiturs randomly offering themselves as conclusions to questions not yet asked.
  43. For once Techine has harnessed the energy of the planet – wind, solar, thermal, hydro – becoming a Type I technelization, won't its imagination be captured by the engineering feats required to become a Type II technelization: consuming all the sun's energy in its Sherman-marching manifest ideal of transforming into a Type III technelization taming the energy fields of the solar system to become truly immortal as it wonders with an epicurean hunger if it could consume the galaxy, then the universe, what glories might its poly-reality produce? Is Techine topographically unbounded, whereas the universe, if not multi-parallel, has only linear expansion? Will techno-growth be the god that domesticates the multiverse's energy potential, converting its forces to power Techine's Ideal Dream into being? Is the teleological end of dark, white, shadow, pale and gray energy to be an everlasting battery for a galaxy-wide Cosmic Mind to fuel its incessant quest to create for its own amusement and edification? Is Game's End for energy a cosmic CAFO to power the pleasure of the final techine gamer?
  1. But Jazan will not be tamed.
  2. I was wild and you tamed me.
  3. The tamed mind yields happiness.
  4. A wild beast tamed, you called her.
  5. Jack had tamed his horse with the whip.
  6. He was the one who tamed his adolescent.
  7. Tamed All Night - The Complete Collection.
  8. Most were wild but many people had tamed.
  9. And then the old, never tamed, anger flared.
  10. He is trained to do things, but never tamed.
  11. Perhaps it was only hunger that had tamed him.
  12. An inner righteousness that could not be tamed.
  13. The rat she has fed and tamed in her loneliness.
  14. A tamed mind becomes an agent of spiritual growth.
  15. Raptors tamed and trained to the hunt were costly.
  16. It is the savage heart in men that must ever be tamed.
  17. Then it goes on to say that the tongue cannot be tamed.
  18. For wicked desire is wild and is with difficulty tamed.
  19. The animals of the Veldt are still too wild to be tamed.
  20. New horses were brought in from the dense forest and tamed.
  21. With nature though ‘tis nature tamed and used by such as me.
  22. She laughed at him and patted him as she would a tamed animal.
  23. Game has tamed us from war to races, from weapons to rackets.
  24. Nerveless, as I have shown you with the 11 feral I tamed and have.
  25. He has managed to get a sparrow, and has already partially tamed it.
  26. Lying dormant and still, like a creature you thought you had tamed.
  27. He said it was out by the desert rim and he ran scared til Desa tamed him.
  28. It was the application of this feminine cynicism which at last tamed Yasala.
  29. Indeed, it was as Hades had said, as Imila had prophesized: Elena tamed gorgons.
  30. At that, Louella put her hand on her forehead and said, You TAMED a cougar?
  31. My mother tamed the heat for our uneducated palates to come up with the following.
  32. However, this attack would not be tamed, and she just had to patiently ride it out.
  33. The dog represents the animal part of us that allows us to be tamed and is our friend.
  34. It is our focus, our acts, which determine if they are tamed, feral, or wild attractors.
  35. Animalistic desires for a safe and secure environment is tamed through the spiritual fruit.
  36. She had been tamed, after a period of recurring insurrections, into respect for its sanctity.
  37. One more of her past worshippers gone to pieces, one more of them tamed into an old, tired man.
  38. I have tamed the wild creatures over the Border Wall and even a Dracule or two before your time.
  39. Then there is the rooster that represents pride, and pride can be bridled but it cannot be tamed.
  40. Bree-hill and the villages was a small country of fields and tamed woodland only a few miles broad.
  41. After a few strokes, her tousled mane was tamed and secured in a high ponytail on top of her head.
  42. To dream that you are being tamed indicates that you need to exercise better control in your life.
  43. Are you indicating that the monsters are only tamed for the moment, having eaten your pizzas?
  44. The ego tamed the heart to serve the loins and hunger, so passion became suffering for, a desire for.
  45. I still have the scars! She had almost as much pride as I did, but she tamed down some once she had Lisa.
  46. Civilised behaviour is learned behaviour that has tamed the savage within us, but has failed to eradicate it.
  47. She has since been taught one thing and another in the way of her duties, but she was tamed from the beginning.
  48. The fact that she had been relatively well treated once she had accepted to submit had then tamed her somewhat.
  49. Phil started off with his usual sniping at Kate, but the new, improved and tamed wild-thing just wouldn’t respond.
  50. Men and women, they were beautiful and wild, all a little violent under their pleasant ways and only a little tamed.
  51. My mother told me the all the hunters spoke of him as the greatest of hunters because he had tamed the cheetah to hunt antelope.
  52. So strong was the blast that even the boiling storm rolled back in reaction to its hot gases, tamed for once by a stronger force.
  53. The story of the brothers continues in Tempted and Tamed, Volumes Two and Three in the complete Resisting the Billionaire Trilogy.
  54. She came only one day, her wild hair tamed, and seated herself in the back, behind all the flashbulbs and rows packed with mothers.
  55. Jas 3:7 For every kind of beasts, and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind:.
  56. She pulled a comb through her black, curly hair that refused to be tamed, then added more lipstick and a touch of powder to her nose.
  57. Cowboy boots tamed the American West and to this day, they are a common sight in Amarillo among ranchers, horsemen, and civilians alike.
  58. The tongue of the flesh man cannot be tamed, and in its’ wildly state, the tongue becomes a poison, especially to the one speaking the words.
  59. But through the ‘goodness’ of My Son Joshua, the tongue can the instrument of blessing, worship and praise, but only when tamed by Our Spirit.
  60. Don Carlos and Dona Emilia had taken up the mad English doctor, when it became apparent that for all his savage independence he could be tamed by kindness.
  61. Animalistic desires in a self-expression are tamed through the spiritual fruit, which returns love, peace, faith, and fruitful perseverance in what we say and do.
  62. Hopefully, certain members of the Home Office would have the issue tamed by the time of his return; otherwise, it would be increasingly difficult for him to continue.
  63. She was a quiet and hard working, yet brooding character with a look to her that I can see now was the kind of thing that gives men the impression is begging to be tamed.
  64. It had undoubtedly happened to Bess whose previous owner had ruined her character, so much so that she had become practically useless as a horse, until Tom had tamed her again.
  65. In vain Powderville waited for business, but by five-thirty it was quite apparent that none of the Slash Bar crowd wanted anything to do with a thoroughly tamed cow town run by.
  66. No matter the standing, no matter the fate, whether possessing of riches, or mired in hate; one takes nothing with him, and cannot escape; for the end can’t be tamed, and it leaves none unchanged.
  67. We sweet treat tamed our homegrown gangster threat of protection tribute or else by chaining the holiday to the slavery of sugar plantations and the kidnapped child labor of cocoa concentration camps.
  68. Magically the scenario followed its curve, because not even fifty miles up there were kids that tamed the panthers – panthers crawled along with agents way up the other shore to this foundation for learning.
  69. He walked home slowly, enjoying the cool evening air, watching the lights go on in the houses one by one as it got dark and stroking a fearful little cat who lived nearby and whom he had gradually tamed over the months of walking by.
  70. Miss Pross had nothing beautiful about her; years had not tamed the wildness, or softened the grimness, of her appearance; but, she too was a determined woman in her different way, and she measured Madame Defarge with her eyes, every inch.
  71. What we need for wisdom is not cloud computing, but ether thinking: a construction of a medium (field), a growing of metaphors, a cultivation of systems; it is the fumbling with creating a way to play in a game not yet named, framed or tamed.
  72. What will happen when the buffalo are all slaughtered? The wild horses tamed? What will happen when the secret corners of the forest are heavy with the scent of many men and the view of the ripe hills is blotted by talking wires? Where will the thicket be? Gone! Where will the.
  73. But she had to tolerate that one loose piece in the family machinery because she was sure that the old colonel was an animal who had been tamed by the years and by disappointment and who, in a burst of senile rebellion, was quite capable of uprooting the founda-tions of the house.
  74. The first and simplest solution a Tech-Lord can use to solve the problem of an encroaching Earth and the annoyance of human needs on its attempt to evolve and pursue its evolutionary telemetry of consciousness will be to eliminate the wildness, like we once tamed the wilderness of nature with science.
  75. Instead of black, glossy bees- tamed by toil, clinging to one another’s legs and drawing out the wax, with a ceaseless hum of labor- that used to hang in long clusters down to the floor of the hive, drowsy shriveled bees crawl about separately in various directions on the floor and walls of the hive.
  76. He tried to explain that magic had indeed once been wild and lawless, but had been tamed back in the mists of time by the Olden Ones, who had bound it to obey among other things the Law of Conservation of Reality; this demanded that the effort needed to achieve a goal should be the same regardless of the means used.
  77. Sometimes, in the course of long summer evenings, the friends would take a stroll together in the Wild Wood, now successfully tamed so far as they were concerned; and it was pleasing to see how respectfully they were greeted by the inhabitants, and how the mother-weasels would bring their young ones to the mouths of their holes, and say, pointing, 'Look, baby! There goes the great Mr.
  78. They’re tamed so just hop on,.
  79. If earth had seen Earth's lordliest wild limbs tamed,.
  1. I tend cows, Jim tames Gila monsters.
  2. This tames our independence, although the.
  3. It is our understanding and love of our nature that tames the.
  4. The TORAH is the TORRENTS OF RAIN falling down on the red Lava of Red Hate taming it as the sea tames the fires of the Sun.
  5. Whenever you sell your speech, the time for you to be heard has passed, for whatever owns your tongue tames your time in service to it.
  6. He had neglected the Farebrothers before his departure, from a proud resistance to the possible accusation of indirectly seeking interviews with Dorothea; but hunger tames us, and Will had become very hungry for the vision of a certain form and the sound of a certain voice.
  7. The bullock's head tosses restless high in the air with raging eyes, Yet see you! how soon his rage subsides--how soon this tamer tames him; See you! on the farms hereabout a hundred oxen young and old,.

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