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    1. knocked a double garage door in the rear wall so we could bring the odd car under

    2. blonde, although she was, nor was it that she held a double first from both Oxford and

    3. It was the sort of voice that aimed a double barrel shotgun at

    4. Look at that, will you? Double

    5. The best thing you can say is that I don’t have a double chin yet

    6. The baggage handler felt such serious concern that he double checked the computer himself, and found it was true

    7. The cell was slightly deeper than the mattress, perhaps by as much as a metre, and the space was double the width of the mattress

    8. ’ Janet said equally straight-faced as she leaves the room, and I double up with laughter rapidly infecting Nick

    9. I explain to her the situation once again, yet Helen makes clear she has no intention of paying for a trip she isn't going on – which means I will have to pay double for my share! Moreover, my good friend coerces me into assuring her I will take the money back no matter what

    10. They led us out of our cell and along a wide corridor and past empty and dilapidated glass-shelled office spaces, through a set of double doors and up one flight of concrete steps

    11. She returned home only to find that her parents had been murdered and, although her brother tried his hardest to provide a home for her, the double loss was too much and she committed suicide two years later

    12. Fred shut and double bolted the door

    13. When we examine such a subject, we need to have the understanding that it has a double aspect: physical and spiritual

    14. With one stroke of one double paw it turned over the whole campsite, scattering the fireplace, the cookware, the clothing and the blanket

    15. Last year, during the regional semi-finals, after a double fault, did he not slam his racket so hard on the ground it broke the frame? You were present at the match?

    16. It was the same old lady but this time she was almost bent double, right in front of me like a bundle of washing, and still struggling with those boxes and bags

    17. There were also more people in the room, a guy almost the double of marVan only darker, and a slender girl with kinky red hair and a tight white jersey suit

    18. He collapsed into the booth, ordered a double strength Americano, put his head in his hands and wept like a baby

    19. ’ He said warmly, ‘They double up as birthing women and herbmasters a lot of the time, especially in remote areas

    20. I double glared at Ish

    21. He double checked all the extra security Ava had put on his equipment lately

    22. She had the most elaborate hairdo, of two dozen double banded pony tails on hair that was still thick and black

    23. The second crew repeated the acrobatics of the first, but with a double somersault without the twist, and a little more slop in the dismount

    24. Bent double with stomach cramp, I blink as the room swims around me and, as soon as it is safe to do so, I sit on the bathroom floor, my head between my knees, panting

    25. The Indians want what everyone else wants, but there are so many laws, rules, broken treaties, and double standards, that for the majority of them, it’s impossible to achieve

    26. double whatever the wizard is paying you

    27. ‘Eye me again, boy, and I’ll double the size of that

    28. Belle reorganized the office in the hardware store to do double duty for the 'Lodge Office,' and with Harry, she set up the necessary account ledgers and booking sheets

    29. There was an equation in big numbers and a double box

    30. impressive double gate, all neatly painted in black and gold

    31. When the ECG fails one of the nurses double checks by feeling for a carotid pulse

    32. He continued on until he reached the double doors of the curtain wall and

    33. Double checks and signatures

    34. She reappeared five minutes later, clutching the familiar double chit

    35. Moving at the double to the pump, Tom was joined by Ifor

    36. With a heave they pulled the double doors open and

    37. with an arched doorway at the front, where large double doors stood

    38. He could turn round and double back at any one of the inner ring of roundabouts, but he doesn't

    39. He unlocked the double

    40. She stood in front of the double doors like a bouncer at a

    41. He holds his hand over his nose and mouth as he makes his way to the back of the barn to open up the double doors that lead down on to concrete hard standing at the entrance to the top field

    42. Francois opened one of the double doors in response

    43. Heather stormed into the house, slamming the double doors behind her

    44. Remember an octave's nature is to double and halve, if we look at its own inner assembly we notice a curious thing, it doubles and halves within the course of its own gamut

    45. double doors to the auditorium

    46. “You will, of course be presented with all accolades attendant upon a Malvern graduate, and special note made of your own achievement of Double First Honors with Distinction for those subjects which you have already completed entirely

    47. well, at Scale 0's MI and SOL when they get to Scale 2 there are double Do's?”

    48. “I used to make that in the bearing factories,” Marcue said, “A strong man can make a copper in a double shift

    49. the double doors hoping Roman would walk in

    50. Flavio double clicked the file named runways

    1. The Brazilian starship had almost doubled this world's supply of some metals

    2. person, wheezing and doubled up with pain

    3. Sensing what he was up to, Jackson and Lady Isabol doubled their efforts to reach them

    4. He doubled his attack, and this particular fight took on a fevered pitch

    5. seats, and then doubled back to interrupt them, having overheard

    6. ” George almost doubled up in hilarity just repeating it

    7. The other janitors were usually doubled up on parts of the school but Roman was

    8. “Well, let me tell it this way, with hSkaiya ensconced in her rocker and me at the helm of the gardens, it has improved as much as it would under my ownership, which is to say, about doubled in value

    9. contracted and he doubled up in pain

    10. He gasped and smiled in acknowledgement, “So every note in an octave that doubles itself is also doubled!” His mentor nodded, grinning

    11. He’d fixed it up with new siding, a roof, and windows, and doubled the value

    12. His breathing nearly doubled and there was a pounding in

    13. When there wasn’t a response Heather only doubled her

    14. doubled over from shortness of breath

    15. couple of feet doubled over in pain

    16. I was doubled over from cramps in my legs and stomach

    17. Emily nearly doubled over from the pounding in her head, then she saw Whimly stroll past her, heading straight for the road

    18. Overcome by tears, Katrina doubled over

    19. I have heard it asserted, that the trade of the city of Glasgow doubled in about fifteen years after the first erection of the banks there; and that the trade of Scotland has more than quadrupled since the first erection of the two public banks at Edinburgh; of which the one, called the Bank of Scotland, was established by act of parliament in 1695, and the other, called the Royal Bank, by royal charter in 1727

    20. He seemed amused and it was confirmed, when he doubled over, holding his stomach from laughing

    21. This expedient succeeded so well, that it more than doubled the price of their goods in the home market, notwithstanding a very considerable increase in the produce

    22. Senta and the Elf were nearly doubled up in giggles at the sight of Dena, alternating hands on her hips then arms crossed, waiting for a better response than their laughter

    23. However, she rather determined to put her Guild-nourished sneaking abilities to use and ever so casually doubled back and waited at the edge of the officers’ tent while the DRAFT

    24. Dawn was shining through the windows when I woke again, and I doubled over with severe stomach cramps

    25. The number of spearmen at the gate was doubled, as were the archers upon the wall

    26. Though it may, perhaps, be more than doubtful whether half a million could by any economy be saved out of the present tolls, it can scarcely be doubted, but that a million might be saved out of them, if they were doubled ; and perhaps two millions, if they were tripled {I have now good reason to believe that all these conjectural sums are by much too large

    27. “Sergeant Wallace” and Ted doubled over to him

    28. doubled as his study

    29. He doubled over in laughter! Pamela joined him

    30. In Holland the money-price of the: bread consumed in towns is supposed to be doubled by means of such taxes

    31. ” I doubled over to the HQ and as I neared the building I saw the CSM sat outside on a chair so I walked up to him and said

    32. The scenes were similar in the Chestnut Quarter though the number of nobility and merchants was almost halved and the soldiers serving as bodyguards more than doubled with the rest of the crowd being made up of servants and common folk, both mortal and immortal

    33. ) This unequal treatment mantra is surprising, in view of her $320,000 salary from a Chicago institution, which salary had been doubled from the original $160,000 with the ascendance of her husband

    34. The air was knocked from his lungs and he doubled over in pain, clutching at his bruised stomach

    35. Alex might have given up on her, but Josh had doubled his efforts

    36. Population had doubled in a hundred years by the late 22nd century; disease virtually eradicated, lifespan – for those who could afford longevity treatment – had potentially quadrupled

    37. I doubled over and fell to the

    38. The water bottles had an aluminium enclosure which doubled as coffee pot and we soon learned not touch it with our lips as it became very hot and burn your lips blisters

    39. Instantly she was hit with a mind numbing pain in her stomach, and she doubled over, clutching at her middle

    40. It doubled up as a remarkably good barbecue grill when needed

    41. Kay felt as if she had been punched in the stomach, and she nearly doubled over with the pain

    42. The oarsmen had already doubled the distance

    43. She looked as though she had doubled in weight overnight

    44. He doubled the aid money for them to waste

    45. “Probably just gravel,” he said, and then Chuck gently placed the fossil into the doubled up plastic shopping bags which he habitually carried on expeditions

    46. Figures came running pell-mell across the field which doubled as a soccer pitch

    47. The owner of the general store, who doubled as real estate agent, offered her an hour of his time and, while driving, explained that the fishing industry, previously the community’s life-blood, was all but dead

    48. ’ This doubled his own effective firepower

    49. The 300 workers who arrived each morning had to climb two long wooden staircases that doubled back and forth up two sides of the building

    50. As I slid out of my bunk, I doubled over with a sharp pain

    1. Keep this tip in mind: fish with two flies since this doubles your chances of catching one

    2. Remember an octave's nature is to double and halve, if we look at its own inner assembly we notice a curious thing, it doubles and halves within the course of its own gamut

    3. He gasped and smiled in acknowledgement, “So every note in an octave that doubles itself is also doubled!” His mentor nodded, grinning

    4. runners trying to stretch singles into doubles, and got his share of hits, but still

    5. I remember telling my doubles partner Bill: "Hey you know we're really getting buried in this third set being down five games to one game

    6. I was interested; I won that match along with my doubles partner and to this day I'm extremely proud of that moment

    7. He wasn't used to doubles

    8. ‘Well, we all have our doubles, pity mine’s a fictional character though

    9. There is another law that says our technology doubles in power every year

    10. You see, the colony doubles as quarantine to protect the Empire from us

    11. The shock wave also doubles or triples the weight of the object causing more damage

    12. There is much evidence that there are at least two etheric doubles – of higher

    13. (as represented by etheric doubles) can influence or ‘merge’ with each other

    14. doubles have been strengthened and enlarged by prolonged meditation and

    15. who have projected their (higher) etheric doubles during their sleep at that

    16. although less common than etheric doubles, astral beings inhabiting the

    17. “Easy on him! He doubles as an ambulance driver

    18. Now Mick only shows up once in a while for free coffee and on Tuesday nights to host the ‘poetry’ reading which about doubles the crowd for a few hours

    19. My wings slapped the sand and I blinked, seeing doubles and triples of everything

    20. Consistently hitting singles and doubles and of course the occasional triple

    21. After a punch in her stomach, she doubles over and smacks down to the ground

    22. What you are wearing now are the etheric doubles,

    23. Marion became our baby sitter and my doubles tennis partner, and I was attracted to her from the first meeting

    24. I would like you to take them on in the combat simulators, kind of like a doubles match

    25. The restaurant's menu doubles as an order form, and Stall-

    26. People will argue that the latter played in a season having more games, but you can counter that argument with the fact – I think it’s true – that many of Ruth’s home runs were actually ground rule doubles

    27. Suppose it also doubles as a snow blower

    28. When the berries grow too close together, the result can be doubles, triples and even more than that

    29. Then, when disaster strikes and rebuilding is necessary – if you still feel that’s a good idea – don’t be surprised if the cost of the insurance doubles or triples

    30. 'A harmless whim of yours - that you have a lover who doubles

    31. Appendix 1 section 12 shows the results that with less income than the rich, the lower 90% group more than doubles the drive on the marketplace as the top 10% group does

    32. ����������� �As a matter of fact, yes: could you pass me the doubles of my car and apartment keys?�

    33. two doubles up holding his head and moaning and meanwhile Gregson brings the brick round in a

    34. I read that his Dragon gave him magic that almost doubles all other Fey,” she said

    35. is the angle of the tool's circumference that is cutting, doubles

    36. Suffice it to say that the Kelvan computer doubles our transporter range, we can beam through shields, and it gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently neutralize our enemies

    37. Doubles up on

    38. So those first 12 years gets you two extra doubles at the end, which makes up from anything earned- it’s not a matter of amount, it’s a matter of time, a long period of it

    39. thing doubles as the room’s telephone, and can be used to access the internet

    40. some are an empty or abandoned house turned into a crackden that doubles

    41. The soaking wet, but still beautiful actress kept her eyes tightly closed and she wondered briefly why she hadn’t agreed with the lawyers on this one, and let the stunt doubles take over

    42. Boudoir Babe keeps careful records and insists that she almost doubles her profits by selling them this way

    43. One of them, popularly called Uncle Ken, was the Dean of our faculty and doubles as our Physiology lecturer; while the other lecturer, Dr

    44. Fortunately, Loki can project his consciousness — even create immaterial doubles of himself if he wishes to

    45. "But if there is any good (done), He doubles it, (only this? No, but there's another grant) and gives from Him a great reward

    46. " He said: "Allah bought it from me by ten doubles, I made it as charity for the poor in Medina

    47. With the help of deep concentration (Meditation), most active UU-VVU-complexes of “a personality” (the so-called “astral doubles”) can simultaneously, albeit partially, manifest (“materialize”) in different places

    48. And maybe your ski poles could the type that doubles as an ava-

    49. When reading the distance that mercury is from the sun this distance doubles from mercury to

    50. Then this distance from the earth doubles to

    1. doubling the blow with deep black pupils

    2. From time to time others joined the ring, strengthening and swelling it, doubling and tripling the number of participants

    3. ” Then he continued, “This inner halving, or doubling, is precisely what gives rise to the fractal phenomenon

    4. Doubling back only a little way he was soon at her house

    5. His host first looked at the range and muttered, “It's not doubling and halving, so I have to calculate an eighth of the length of 1536, which is

    6. “It's a doubling,” said the host concisely

    7. There was more doubling over with laughter,

    8. that's fine, now right over left and top over bottom and a doubling over to your left and a final fold in the middle, tuck that guy rope in neatly, and Grandpa would march down the lines repeating his instructions as the villagers stared in astonishment

    9. Most of them doubling as county councillors and politicians

    10. We do that by doubling our own prep time to take on next week’s opponent

    11. LP placed ten dollars on his same lucky numbers, this time doubling his wager, but without a win again

    12. Einstein’s special and general relativity…quantum mechanics…the origins of the universe…medical knowledge doubling every four years…much has been learned

    13. create a doubling effect with the Word-of-Mouth strategy

    14. It was the largest in their history, doubling their projected annual revenues

    15. Doubling over in pain, he said, “My chest burns

    16. USCG Station Bayfield, located ten miles north of Washburn (Wisconsin), responded to 174 SAR calls in 1995, doubling the previous year’s tally, and surpassing the annual call totals of the larger Lake Superior Coast Guard stations of Marquette (18) and Duluth (89)

    17. With Right90, if a salesperson reports that a customer is doubling an order for 32-inch HDTVs, managers in sales and operations are alerted, and the full implications of the change in the forecast are thoroughly reviewed

    18. Doubling your bonuses is something that you can do

    19. 49 and bring in a quid, doubling the royalty on normal paperback, but right now people in the UK are still new to the kindle and are shopping for bargains

    20. In 1800, it was approaching one billion, and the doubling time was down to 150 years

    21. By 1960, it had reached four billion, with a doubling time of only thirty years

    22. My stomach turned and I started to retch, the surging bile doubling me over

    23. ‖ The challenge in the coach‘s voice wasn‘t lost on Junior Otterfoot as he shuffled to the sand pile doubling as a pitcher‘s mound, his reddening face pulsating as much from the truth of the coach‘s insinuation as the frustration of it

    24. Not knowing where to start, the concerned San Francisco trio realized they had to stop the growth of Berkeley, which had plans for doubling in size

    25. “If your mother only knew,” he told her, doubling up with laughter, as he always said when he told her something in confidence

    26. universe is doubling in size, assuming that the expansion is moving at

    27. If you can find other marketers with similar size lists, you can each share your lists with one another thereby doubling your lists instantly

    28. The two of you can head over to his bank and deposit the check and all he has to do is give you one cent the first day, two the next, then four – in effect doubling the amount with each passing day until the month ends

    29. There was a tiny bathroom and kitchen at the rear of the boathouse, with the main portion doubling as a living and bedroom

    30. Utterly fearless, ferocious when angered and highly intelligent in pursuit; often doubling back to snare the unaware hunter and when wounded fights death longer than any other big-game

    31. effectively doubling or tripling the tax rate on those who refuse to

    32. This intelligence service was in receipt of a doubling of the double daily pay

    33. Note: World population grew from 3 billion in 1960 to 7 billion in 2011, more than doubling in the last 50 years

    34. As a result of that unjustifiable attack, all the tanker traffic across the Pacific has drastically raised its transportation fees, something that has already caused an instant doubling of gas prices at the pumps in the United States

    35. doubling his or her money “somewhere down the road”

    36. ‘’The fucking rat! He was thus nearly doubling his legitimate salary

    37. on building a relationship with your list, and then doubling that up with

    38. researchers conclude that Modified Citrus Pectin appears to slow the PSA doubling time in prostate cancer patients

    39. Most of the Enterprise crew are doubling up to

    40. then the next day, doubling back in for a graveyard shift and then

    41. completing the process with a swing shift before doubling back in

    42. Crow punched him hard to the stomach, doubling Philip over, and followed it up with a right hook to his jaw

    43. Sebastian recovered quickly and sent his knee into his brother's rib cage, but Alex blocked the blow and pounded his brother in the solar plexus instead, doubling him over

    44. Over the same period, the value added by this sector has grown faster, more than doubling in real terms

    45. hamburgers or hot dogs at least once per week were associated with a doubling of the

    46. Or so I hear,’ Nicky said, doubling up with laughter

    47. Her second heart kicked in, doubling her pulse and flooding her mind with a coursing warmth

    48. Glancing up at the dead dinosaurs, and picturing that Trevain considered them more passionate than she was, she suddenly found herself doubling over in laughter

    49. Instead, she found herself doubling over until her forehead and arms rested on the carpet, as she wept

    50. The upper-cut left hook oughta do the trick, he thought, doubling up his fists

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    Synonyms for "double"

    double two-bagger two-base hit two-baser doubling image look-alike stunt man stunt woman duplicate reduplicate repeat replicate double over double up forked bivalent doubled two-fold twofold dual duple three-fold threefold treble doubly twice twice as much duplicated paired second two twin stand in clone counterpart mate match make twice as much increase grow substitute fill in for

    "double" definitions

    a base hit on which the batter stops safely at second base

    a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts

    someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)

    a quantity that is twice as great as another

    raising the stakes in a card game by a factor of 2

    increase twofold

    hit a two-base hit

    bend over or curl up, usually with laughter or pain

    do double duty; serve two purposes or have two functions

    bridge: make a demand for (a card or suit)

    make or do or perform again

    having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities

    consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs

    twice as great or many

    used of flowers having more than the usual number of petals in crowded or overlapping arrangements

    used of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis

    large enough for two

    having two meanings with intent to deceive

    downward and forward

    two together

    to double the degree