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Double in a sentence

1. It was a double dose.
2. The red is a double.
3. He played a double six.
4. I double glared at Ish.
5. It is really a double.
6. The double is the self.
7. This is a double crime.

8. Making it a double layer.
9. We‘ll do a double act.
10. Tammas did a double take.
11. Radney ran on the double.
12. Double Statue at the, 32.
13. There was a double click.
14. Ours is a double purpose.
15. Now I have double sorrows.
16. I presume this is double.
17. The knave, double or quits.
18. For me it is always double.
19. With pulses that beat double.
20. I did a double take at this.
21. It was double Dutch to Simla.
23. The Double J Ranch was 850.
24. Double cultivation of a man.
25. As he approached the double.
26. My age of 44 and the double.
27. Grief threatened to double him.
28. Helen poured a generous double.
29. I need to hide, on the double.
30. Gabe scratched his double chin.
31. As a footnote one can double.
32. Double doors, flung wide open.
33. The double decker train slowed.
34. In the double slit experiment.
35. There seems to be a double.
36. Look at that, will you? Double.
37. Their double voice had made my.
38. Parking their cars on double row.
39. And take some double chin drill.
1. It is a doubling of the chances.
2. If you see stocks doubling in price.
3. It's a doubling, said the host concisely.
4. Most of the Enterprise crew are doubling up to.
5. He seemed to be doubling back on the trail more.
6. Doubling over in pain, he said, My chest burns.
7. Doubling your bonuses is something that you can do.
8. Or so I hear,’ Nicky said, doubling up with laughter.
9. Doubling back only a little way he was soon at her house.
10. Most of them doubling as county councillors and politicians.
11. Could I see the share price doubling anytime soon? Not really.
12. Nonetheless, he stayed off the interstates, doubling his travel time.
13. Using the above example, 72 divided by 6 equals 12 years for doubling.
14. For the long-term investor, however, the doubling strategies were better.
15. We do that by doubling our own prep time to take on next week’s opponent.
16. My stomach turned and I started to retch, the surging bile doubling me over.
17. Most were American, with much of the Pakistani detail doubling as waitstaff.
18. Krebs warns against doubling down and almost always buys into rising stocks.
19. Doubling back to the car, Stacey got in, let Sig in the back, and drove away.
20. It was the largest in their history, doubling their projected annual revenues.
21. This bill provides for the doubling of the duties on all imported merchandise.
22. The upper-cut left hook oughta do the trick, he thought, doubling up his fists.
23. Doubling over, she grasped the edge of the kitchen counter, gasping for breath.
24. This intelligence service was in receipt of a doubling of the double daily pay.
25. By 1960, it had reached four billion, with a doubling time of only thirty years.
26. It is found by doubling the distance between the simplex center and the second point.
27. Or the firm may require enough capital to withstand a doubling of implied volatility.
28. In 1800, it was approaching one billion, and the doubling time was down to 150 years.
29. The stock soared, and KKD ended up doubling from the pocket pivot buy point (Figure 9.
30. It does not mean doubling up to position sizes that are too large for your account.
31. Her second heart kicked in, doubling her pulse and flooding her mind with a coursing warmth.
32. This development resulted in an approximate doubling of the market price between 1926 and 1928.
33. An entry in CNQ near the $50 level could result in a doubling of your money over the next two years.
34. Instead, she found herself doubling over until her forehead and arms rested on the carpet, as she wept.
35. LP placed ten dollars on his same lucky numbers, this time doubling his wager, but without a win again.
36. Over the same period, the value added by this sector has grown faster, more than doubling in real terms.
37. This approach, what I call my Maximum Midcap strategy, has proven to be even better than doubling the Dow.
38. Doubling your money takes 72 years at 1 %, 16 years at 4%, about 10 years at 7%, and about 7 years at 10%.
39. Crow punched him hard to the stomach, doubling Philip over, and followed it up with a right hook to his jaw.
40. By spinning and moving it divide the space the material holds by doubling the space it has in the same area.
1. He doubled up in agony.
2. They had doubled up, the.
3. If one doubled this cape, one.
4. He doubled over, gasping with.
5. Their food doubled our rations.
6. That performance doubled the 20.
7. I doubled over and fell to the.
8. This number had doubled by 1600.
9. He doubled over, clutching himself.
10. So he had doubled the night guards.
11. Then the price of oil doubled again.
12. He doubled up and lay on the ground.
13. His pulse doubled and he felt like.
14. Jason doubled over gasping for breath.
15. The aide was doubled over in laughter.
16. He doubled over, clutching his middle.
17. In fact, the number doubled; this is.
18. He doubled over with a bellows wheeze.
19. He did so, and thus doubled his income.
20. Overcome by tears, Katrina doubled over.
21. He doubled over, clutching his stomach.
22. He doubled over, holding his foot with.
23. She doubled checked her respirator and.
24. The city doubled in the water below her.
25. Earnings per share nearly doubled to $1.
26. The punishment will be doubled for them.
27. Thirty years later the price had doubled.
28. Under his tenure at Buick, sales doubled.
29. The applause and cheering doubled as the.
30. Within the year they had doubled in price.
31. The waves quickly doubled and doubled again.
32. He doubled the aid money for them to waste.
33. It doubled itself up the wrong way over Mrs.
34. I was shocked to find my boss doubled over.
35. Overnight, the bonds nearly doubled in value.
36. The oarsmen had already doubled the distance.
37. He doubled over in laughter! Pamela joined him.
38. He doubled his workouts, and his body answered.
39. After he passed, Bradshaw doubled back on the.
40. This doubled the rate of increasing population.
1. He wasn't used to doubles.
2. Because it doubles as rope.
3. He doubles over on the floor.
4. Mars as it doubles again from the sun to.
5. Suppose it also doubles as a snow blower.
6. He played a fun game and in doubles I was.
7. This bonus will doubles the range of a power.
8. It doubles the work, but I don't mind that.
9. Then this distance from the earth doubles to.
10. Then you can really call it doubles volleyball.
11. If the van breaks down, it doubles as motor oil.
12. Easy on him! He doubles as an ambulance driver.
13. This effectively doubles the bandwidth of the network.
14. The result: 7 doubles plus 21 combinations = 28 tiles.
15. DIG doubles the daily move up, so it will close at 121.
16. Spirits doubles to become the four elements at the next.
17. My doubles partner and I both went for the same shot.
18. The restaurant's menu doubles as an order form, and Stall-.
19. Poor children! Doubles them up black and blue in convulsions.
20. And maybe your ski poles could the type that doubles as an ava-.
21. The probability of being engaged in a boating incident doubles.
22. As it turned out, doubles became kind of the gateway leveraged ETF.
23. Free medical and legal advice, solution of doubles and other problems.
24. As it happens, he actually was a Silver Medal doubles tennis champion.
25. You see, the colony doubles as quarantine to protect the Empire from us.
26. There is another law that says our technology doubles in power every year.
27. Instead, consider asking for a doubles order of vegetables with your entree.
28. After a punch in her stomach, she doubles over and smacks down to the ground.
29. What? Lost two hundred already? Then another two hundred! All doubles!.
30. Consistently hitting singles and doubles and of course the occasional triple.
31. If your account doubles, why are you still risking the same amount per trade?
32. There is much evidence that there are at least two etheric doubles – of higher.
33. My wings slapped the sand and I blinked, seeing doubles and triples of everything.
34. If the company doubles its earnings to $2 per share, you essentially only paid 12.
35. The shock wave also doubles or triples the weight of the object causing more damage.
36. I read that his Dragon gave him magic that almost doubles all other Fey, she said.
37. Then your exponentially decreasing chance for any upward mobility doubles exponentially.
38. I would like you to take them on in the combat simulators, kind of like a doubles match.
39. In this manner, each time a single bit is added, the number of possible addresses doubles.
40. The writer doubles and trebles his style when silence is imposed on a nation by its master.

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