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    1. When we replicate the events of the Last Supper of Gotte’s Son, but that is different … more practical and less spiritual … if you see what I mean

    2. But you know any scientific experiment requires that a result cannot be held as proven unless you can replicate it under the same conditions

    3. ‘We believe that, in his demented state, he was endeavouring to replicate the events which had taken place earlier …’ the Inspector let the sentence tail away to nothing

    4. For the Plague could only steal life, not replicate it

    5. He lacked the agility and speed to replicate any of the elf's moves

    6. Many tried to replicate them, but usually such efforts ended in disaster

    7. Some of the more clever ones were even able to replicate his ability, crafting their own weapons with the dark power

    8. I don’t recommend it, but it was Tequila if you’re determined to replicate my process

    9. Our hearts yearn for love, peace and harmony because our Higher Selves remember what it is like on the Other Side and we are trying our best to replicate the state of utopia here on Earth

    10. He tried to bring his emotions down from a boil - to replicate on the outside the owner of the careless, cold voice he had used

    11. Never to be used on the battlefield; those things had the potential to replicate indefinitely, using whichever surrounding material by breaking it down into its base structure

    12. “You could replicate your work and certain people don’t want that to happen

    13. Whilst the musicians were able to replicate the sounds pretty accurately the vocals were largely unrecognisable

    14. But this is something even the most intelligent Erudite do not know; something that, if everything is destroyed, we cannot replicate

    15. A good bug tester can help test, replicate, and document

    16. Can you replicate the bug? Are there specific circumstances to note? A

    17. It is said to replicate the correction that dogs use between themselves

    18. I’m not sure if she was trying to replicate the momentum Kelly generated last night when she inspired us with her baby dolls, but it had a very different effect on the boys

    19. And, second, life on Earth has arisen from randomness and universal physical laws, which suggests that the process may not be unique or difficult to replicate

    20. While neither socialist nor Communists were able to replicate

    21. The transferred binary patterns have two general purposes: to replicate the binary patterns within another computer or process, and to act as commands that initiate other processes

    22. What does this state of political structure mean for Jews? I believe it provides the sort of state in which lapsed and lapsing Jews feel safest, and which they strive to replicate wherever they live

    23. They have to replicate enough skin cells before they can start

    24. I had not really done anything formally to replicate what the best sellers did differently than the rest of the team selling the same thing

    25. Because of the experience I had in developing operational processes, I knew it was possible to replicate the processes used by the best

    26. committees) to replicate the present Mayo model? The answer I believe is that

    27. After its emergence, the CSCC is able to replicate, by

    28. have created plasma spheres that can grow, replicate and communicate – ful-

    29. Sanduloviciu found that the spheres could replicate by splitting into two

    30. He realized that he should definitely make changes and try to innovate and push the concept in new directions, because "Even Alex Tew himself can't seem to replicate the success of Million Dollar Homepage !" Roland said later

    31. To replicate is to repeat or to make a copy

    32. So ask yourself if you want to replicate is the

    33. song on a CD you can re-play it, and replicate the experience all over again

    34. most obvious immediate option is to get a replicate

    35. Clarify what you can replicate, and what you cannot

    36. The resulting product is an odd spiral-shaped molecule with the bizarre ability to replicate itself

    37. any knowledge of HTML code – but you can never 100% replicate the ability of a

    38. able to replicate the success in the future

    39. The secret is to try and replicate that linking ideology and style in future links

    40. That’s in addition to trying to replicate the style of sites

    41. and locations of links on those sites that point to your web pages – replicate the

    42. Norm Junior, Tu and their two spouses made a list of needs that Tighe could acquire in order to replicate the gel

    43. (Although the gel would not function yet as it would only replicate itself in the right environment, which they could already create)

    44. “Theory gave the oven an instruction to map out the cells and replicate

    45. “We have given it nothing to map and replicate,” said Anne ignoring Jerry

    46. Not that I’m trying to replicate actual life in that rich

    47. More important, his very presence in the role of the therapist would come to replicate the oedipal-antigonal relationship

    48. Additionally, it teaches readers how to become successful and replicate that success dozens of times over through a fool-proof system

    49. Andrew claims that his girlfriend and her mother were able to replicate his success—were able to make sales consistently with these sites—with no prior knowledge of Internet marketing

    50. Watch carefully to determine what methods he’s using to make sales, so you can replicate his successes, rather than chasing after dreams he’s written about

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    Synonyms for "replicate"

    double duplicate reduplicate repeat replicate copy retroflex

    "replicate" definitions

    bend or turn backward

    reproduce or make an exact copy of

    make or do or perform again