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Downfall in a sentence | downfall example sentences

  1. That was his one downfall.
  2. And that was his downfall.
  3. This was the downfall of our.
  4. His pride had been his downfall.
  5. Consequently they get a downfall.
  6. This is the reason for our downfall.
  7. His arrogance was to be his downfall.
  8. The duke’s lady would be his downfall.
  9. These dreams are going to be my downfall.
  10. From that moment, she had been his downfall.
  11. Its only downfall is its massive honoi usage.
  12. That is the downfall of all many communities.
  13. Barrad hoped that this would be their downfall.
  14. They have the hopeless downfall sooner or later.
  15. But that was after the downfall of Rome happened.
  16. A downfall though was that they only had one gate.
  17. She had witnessed the moon’s cataclysmic downfall.
  18. Another downfall was that it was their only line of.
  19. The only downfall was the twins’ bedroom window’s.
  20. The downfall of Elis’s house is what the future brings.
  21. The aim was to bring about the downfall of Duke Humphrey.
  22. I only know that I was the cause of their sin and downfall.
  23. That human will bring the downfall of Saul, he bragged.
  24. Moving on to the downfall of IOS, Bernie was called a lot of.
  25. From that moment the downfall of his house became a certainty.
  26. Rafael’s downfall will be his arrogance, Sage replied.
  27. The Tribe of Dan is pivotal in the downfall of the Vatican, its.
  28. She was destined to play an integral part in the Witches downfall.
  29. Only a clean victory by him could lead to the downfall of the pact.
  30. The downfall with P90X3 is that it does require more equipment than.
  31. There on that battlefield the seeds were sown for Saul’s downfall.
  32. When I saw his downfall and crestfallen mood I felt very sorry for him.
  33. The new king has no powers and it will be easy to cause his downfall.
  34. Now, she was surely going to hatch up a plan to bring Vaidehi’s downfall.
  35. His brother always told him bitches would be his weakness and his downfall.
  36. So the eventual downfall of that secret Shaker Community was already fated.
  37. That was not the main reason for my downfall but one of the principal ones.
  38. I was hooked with curiosity on this Maurice dude, and that was my downfall.
  39. After that, if Zarkog hasn’t fallen, you’ll help us see to his downfall.
  40. She would miss the love of Nick, too, but in a way that had been her downfall.
  41. To which cold douche referring to downfall and so on the keeper concurred but.
  42. He was a capable prince but lust for power was his downfall, Zeus remarked.
  43. In the long run, it would cause the downfall of both - still very young - worlds.
  44. Old Dantes, who was only sustained by hope, lost all hope at Napoleon's downfall.
  45. He is their connection and their downfall, and this parallel is underscored by the.
  46. I went mad for a while, that I did; went round prophesying the downfall of the City.
  47. All that they can do to save themselves is only deferring the hour of their downfall.
  48. He wondered momentarily what would come of this place after Stratavynski’s downfall.
  49. I do not wish ill to Israel but its own arrogance and intolerance will be its downfall.
  50. Should you be something other than what I hope you are, you could be the downfall of me.
  51. Here’s to the downfall of the Dutchmen, uttered Mikhail after raising his glass.
  52. But pride and power; the pride of empire, the pride of nationalism became their downfall.
  53. What I would suggest, if the council agrees, is to use Abram's wife to cause his downfall.
  54. To their downfall replied a rather intoxicated Marie who had trouble raising her glass.
  55. Friedländer, Saul, Prelude to Downfall: Hitler and the United States, 1939-1941 (Londres, 1967).
  56. Carroll was disposed of at last also, but his downfall was due to a grossly covetous disposition.
  57. Short and Malenkov would murder Forbes, because of the drug connection and Malenkov’s downfall.
  58. At this point, Bill has followed the tragic hero pattern of Good, Flaw, Recognition, and Downfall.
  59. The clouds that had been building up for days broke loose into a heavy continuous downfall of rain.
  60. While you’re there, they say the chicken in salt and ginger caused the downfall of the Qin dynasty.
  61. An act of so much precipitancy and presumption would seal the downfall of precocious intellect forever.
  62. But its downfall was its weakness to plasma that ate through the armor like a hot knife through butter.
  63. Goliath chose to dishonor and disrespect what David’s calling was, and ultimately it was his downfall.
  64. Goliath chose to dishonor and disrespect what David’s calling was - and ultimately it was his downfall.
  65. Aristotle once said that: A man doesn’t become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.
  66. With a pop, a bang, a jangle of reins, a lift and downfall, a rise and descent of brass, the carousel moved.
  67. Another benefit would be the possible downfall of President Assad of Syria, if ISIS manages to defeat his army.
  68. He was in the road of desolation; he was away from his own destiny; he was the responsible of his own downfall.
  69. Built at the start of the twentieth century it has inspired the downfall of a countless number of fame seekers.
  70. Nancy knew however that his popularity was unfortunately going to be one of the causes of his incoming downfall.
  71. Her loyalty is her downfall sometimes especially her loyalty to the dumb Australian I’ve already spoken about.
  72. He added that the Franks were one of the German tribes that had invaded the Roman Empire leading to its downfall.
  73. Have you been looking in the mirror too much? I wouldn't want you to think that I've had the same downfall as you.
  74. Cassandra, the fortune teller of Troy, insists that the horse would be the downfall of the city and its royal family.
  75. He’d seen its glory days, and its downfall once the mob syndicates muscled in and infected the city with corruption.
  76. In the downfall of all the realities that made his force, he was affected by the superstition, and shuddered slightly.
  77. Chapter 18 tells the story of the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah, on the shore of the Dead Sea, which were centres of evil.
  78. If he was subject to such a downfall, then why not himself? For the first time in the past few days, real fear gripped him.
  79. With those simple words Israel rejects the Kingship of Yahweh and paved the way for their eventual downfall and destruction.
  80. He recoiled with terror before the incomprehensible fact of her downfall, and he hated her for the agony she was causing him.
  81. This vertigo, this terror, this downfall into ruin of the loftiest bravery which ever astounded history,—is that causeless? No.
  82. Granted, traditional advertising will make money, but the downfall is that you have to do the same thing day after day to make it.
  83. The other thing - and it was this, he averred, that led to his downfall - was that the wizard was covering his eyes with one hand.
  84. Isaiah’s and Ezekiel’s prophecies, noted above, could not then refer to the downfall of the nations to whom they were directed.
  85. The Assyrians complete the downfall of northern Israel and carry them all away into captivity, while Judah persists on for a while.
  86. His stupidity in thinking he could win a war against Austria backed by the might of industrialized Germany was his deserved downfall.
  87. But why does Richard Donnelly want to see the downfall of the Fey? It is more likely he is selling it to someone who wants them gone.
  88. Conflicting legends sought to explain the reason for that race's eventual downfall, and the abandonment of the city by the survivors.
  89. It was only a matter of time before they were caught, which of course would be the end of the club, and the downfall of everyone in it.
  90. And for right now, one of those things is that the runners usually split up and take different paths, which proves to be their downfall.
  91. These acts were cowardly and carried out by people whose sole purpose is to bring about the downfall of our society, a society we cherish.
  92. This change is silently transpiring in our midst and is more important than any which the world has undergone since the downfall of Paganism.
  93. Without realizing it, she was menaced by the same trap of pity that had been the downfall of so many of Florentino Ariza’s defenseless victims.
  94. Reagan may have been an influence in the downfall, but unfortunately Saddam and Osama became stronger because of the actions of the US Government.
  95. That is what this people did to the Prophet Jeremiah when he obeyed the Lord's command to warn his brethren of their impending political downfall.
  96. Increasing exercise (as a supplement to dieting) is wonderful, but often a downfall to those who cannot organize the exercise within their schedule.
  97. Yes, my student friends, anger is part of the physical world but it is also the downfall of any people on the inner planes such as Lucifer or Kallo.
  98. As love of sex/love of mates is substituted for love of self & love of child, the power of real love is lost, a race’s degradation & downfall assured.
  99. At the tournament to determine the best vanguard, Sugeya defeated their best knight with a blow to the groin, saying that this will be the downfall of men.
  100. They had packed everything the needed and had just started off when they were caught in the open by the downfall, which made them more uncomfortable than wet.

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