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Downfall in a sentence

That was his one downfall.
And that was his downfall.
This was the downfall of our.
His pride had been his downfall.
Consequently they get a downfall.
This is the reason for our downfall.
His arrogance was to be his downfall.

The duke’s lady would be his downfall.
These dreams are going to be my downfall.
From that moment, she had been his downfall.
Its only downfall is its massive honoi usage.
That is the downfall of all many communities.
They have the hopeless downfall sooner or later.
Barrad hoped that this would be their downfall.
But that was after the downfall of Rome happened.
A downfall though was that they only had one gate.
She had witnessed the moon’s cataclysmic downfall.
Another downfall was that it was their only line of.
The only downfall was the twins’ bedroom window’s.
The aim was to bring about the downfall of Duke Humphrey.
The downfall of Elis’s house is what the future brings.
I only know that I was the cause of their sin and downfall.
That human will bring the downfall of Saul, he bragged.
Moving on to the downfall of IOS, Bernie was called a lot of.
From that moment the downfall of his house became a certainty.
Rafael’s downfall will be his arrogance, Sage replied.
The Tribe of Dan is pivotal in the downfall of the Vatican, its.
She was destined to play an integral part in the Witches downfall.
Only a clean victory by him could lead to the downfall of the pact.
There on that battlefield the seeds were sown for Saul’s downfall.
The downfall with P90X3 is that it does require more equipment than.
When I saw his downfall and crestfallen mood I felt very sorry for him.
The new king has no powers and it will be easy to cause his downfall.
So the eventual downfall of that secret Shaker Community was already fated.
I was hooked with curiosity on this Maurice dude, and that was my downfall.
His brother always told him bitches would be his weakness and his downfall.
Now, she was surely going to hatch up a plan to bring Vaidehi’s downfall.
That was not the main reason for my downfall but one of the principal ones.
After that, if Zarkog hasn’t fallen, you’ll help us see to his downfall.
She would miss the love of Nick, too, but in a way that had been her downfall.

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