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Collapse in a sentence | collapse example sentences

  1. She collapse on the bed.
  2. I think it could collapse.
  3. The collapse has one purpose.
  4. Not that things would collapse.
  5. Collapse of a Retaining, 113.

  6. George saw Ginny Miles collapse.
  8. Why would the dam collapse?
  9. No wonder I’m ready to collapse.
  10. With the collapse of the mangled.
  11. Bob is on the verge of collapse.
  12. I collapse, exhausted, next to her.
  13. Most were on the verge of collapse.
  14. I got home at noon ready to collapse.
  15. The soil seemed to collapse in a bit.

  16. The realm of Venus began to collapse.
  17. Then the roof itself began to collapse.
  18. The whole place was about to collapse.
  19. You wanna cause a collapse?! I.
  20. Oh God it was all going to collapse!.
  21. His chest felt like it would collapse.
  22. Just as I was about to collapse in a.
  23. Witnessing the collapse of Yugoslavia.
  24. Death toll dips to 4 in bridge collapse.
  25. Hazel was approaching a state of collapse.

  26. The collapse for Fred was severe when he.
  27. Without conventions, society would collapse.
  28. The walls did partially collapse, but not.
  29. That was a great system until the collapse.
  30. It is often a prelude to complete collapse.
  31. Eventually, therefore, the collapse slows.
  32. The entire economic system will collapse.
  33. Your decadence is a sign of inward collapse.
  34. Sizing Up the Collapse of Long-Term Capital.
  35. The whole building’s going to collapse.
  36. I nearly collapse as my knees give under me.
  37. The collapse of Lehman Brothers - http://bit.
  38. It will mean that the economy will collapse.
  39. They feared building would collapse any time.
  40. This then was the situation when a collapse.
  41. By midday the whole Knot was ready to collapse.
  42. The ceiling boards could collapse at any time.
  43. This collapse comes in the form of a.
  44. It was the deadliest structural collapse in U.
  45. The door will collapse, he said stupidly.
  46. Estimate how low you expect a stock to collapse.
  47. Or rather the Smile began to collapse the tent.
  48. Your gravitenetic shield was about to collapse.
  49. Sometimes this will be enough to collapse the.
  50. She told herself not to collapse from the shock.
  51. Their frames collapse to mere skeleton and bone.
  52. Revolution, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union.
  53. Swayed on his feet like he was going to collapse.
  54. Hearing those words, Sophia could almost collapse.
  55. Collapse of the Bubble: The 2000-2002 Bear Market.
  56. Rainforest Collapse and devastated the coal swamps.
  57. Her overwrought brain was almost ready to collapse.
  58. She was going to collapse right there, on the spot.
  59. The afternoon of his last collapse he snuggled in.
  60. However, that was in the pit of financial collapse.
  61. My thigh muscles spasm and I collapse on the grass.
  62. Maybe it did—maybe I’ll collapse any second.
  63. Behind her she felt Emily collapse with exhaustion.
  64. After the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the.
  65. This was followed in June by the collapse at Tobruk.
  66. Then why did my fucking mall collapse? What did he.
  67. Engineers say it will collapse if there is another 6.
  68. She was exhausted to the point of complete collapse.
  69. His stomach feels as though it’s going to collapse.
  70. Scram was pounding out the Yankees collapse when the.
  71. THE COLLAPSE OF the bridge paralysed Gwenda with fear.
  72. It looked like it was going to collapse onto her head.
  73. He was delirious and verging on the point of collapse.
  74. He had to catch his breath and felt close to collapse.
  75. And the whole structure of reality will just collapse.
  76. Her collapse was the only thing that would distract.
  77. Marx believed that society was on the verge of collapse.
  78. I should have let the whole, hopeless edifice collapse.
  79. He flicked pages, stopping at the collapse of communism.
  80. It actually looked like it was on the point of collapse.
  81. PushtheSystem Hasten the collapse of the financial beast.
  82. The collapse in the market for seashells meant he had to.
  83. Environmental Disaster, and the Collapse of Civilization.
  84. The urge to just collapse into the grass was overwhelming.
  85. The major causes of the collapse of this remarkable bird.
  86. Sir Stephen had been killed in the collapse of the bridge.
  87. She felt herself collapse into a furry chair by the table.
  88. During the collapse of Dempala, the monsters were produced.
  89. He’s going to cry, how good was it? Why did I collapse?
  90. She was weaving about and seemed on the point of collapse.
  91. The end of 1953 saw Marilyn Monroe close to total collapse.
  92. The birth and the collapse of the Western idea of the self.
  93. His first attempt had resulted in the collapse of the hives.
  94. Remember, he died of a cardiac, electromechanical collapse.
  95. The collapse of the bridge had taken place only a month ago.
  96. The collapse had affected the two bays nearest the crossing.
  97. The collapse of the Ancient Egyptian Empire virtually ended.
  98. That is why the scan shows the collapse on the right side.
  99. It slid a few inches back but didn’t collapse beneath him.
  100. I can trust that the chair I sit in is not going to collapse.
  1. He gave a cry before collapsing.
  2. It all started collapsing on itself.
  3. But, alas, the Colony is collapsing.
  4. Believe me I came very close to collapsing.
  5. This is called collapsing the wave function.
  6. Collapsing right there in front of everybody.
  7. His legs became weak, collapsing, and nausea.
  8. Bone snapped, and he felt his knees collapsing.
  9. He was falling then, collapsing against his will.
  10. She locked the door before collapsing on her bed.
  11. Grunting in pain and collapsing to his knees, 235.
  12. A collapsing star was completely out of his control.
  13. In a tree near the patio, a treehouse was collapsing.
  14. Zarah’s parents were also on the verge of collapsing.
  15. Those that were hit limped drowsily before collapsing.
  16. He was becoming dizzy, almost collapsing to the floor.
  17. Now, the core consists of a collapsing ball of neutrons.
  18. Collapsing on the floor, her double sobbed, Sebastian.
  19. I GULPED AIR and headed deeper into the collapsing house.
  20. Ah—I—she— My chest felt as if it was collapsing.
  21. Not a chance, she said before collapsing on her towel.
  22. It jumped off her and ran a few feet away before collapsing.
  23. My loss!…My loss! – everything was collapsing around him.
  24. Giants Ring and the collapsing Dolmen near Belfast Ireland 49.
  25. Collapsing satisfied onto his hairy chest she half complained.
  26. The flames retreated, but we could hear the tunnel collapsing.
  27. Simon slid down the wall, collapsing to his knees on the floor.
  28. There was sound and recoil and a shattered window collapsing on.
  29. Beer first, she said, collapsing into a chair on the porch.
  30. Collapsing of economy would have meant collapsing of everything.
  31. When my thighs began to spasm however, I pulled off, collapsing.
  32. Thousands of bodies collapsing make the oddest sound in the world.
  33. Another explosion hit the structure, collapsing the brick chimney.
  34. Lot’s of meat, Beth said collapsing into another round of.
  35. Max grew anxious; he could see his house of cards plans collapsing.
  36. The Qin dynasty did not last long, of course, collapsing in 206 BC.
  37. Ganesh did as he was told, collapsing in a severe bout of coughing.
  38. The collapsing material becomes warmer, and its pressure increases.
  39. Lina then burst into flames collapsing to the ground turned to ash.
  40. John looks back, sees the balcony and house collapsing simultaneously.
  41. If one's tongue is kept from collapsing, it is less likely that the.
  42. There’d be waves of suicide, stocks collapsing, a million tragedies.
  43. He dropped, hitting first with his heels and collapsing onto his back.
  44. She kept it from collapsing on her and Luke just with her own strength.
  45. When the cavern was collapsing, I clawed my way through and got through.
  46. Dawn, you here? he shouted, collapsing into fits of coughing again.
  47. But there was a problem: the once-raging American economy was collapsing.
  48. Mr Power, collapsing in laughter, shaded his face from the window as the.
  49. Jungle animals on attack, ancient icebergs collapsing, volcanoes erupting.
  50. Realising his lung is collapsing, he starts to swear as anger fills his face.
  51. He even let Dalynara unroll his blankets without complaint before collapsing.
  52. She wanted Sicarius to have confidence in her, not worry about her collapsing.
  53. He knew he was on the verge of collapsing so he stepped into the shadows of Mr.
  54. Eleazar didn’t hesitate, sliding down to the ground and collapsing in a heap.
  55. Cass catches her collapsing body as she places her hand over her excited mouth.
  56. The priest bit his teeth, held the sword and pulled it out before collapsing on.
  57. The cave fortress was no more, collapsing just moments after the rocket had left.
  58. I slammed into the weakened one and sent him collapsing back to the ground again.
  59. A vision overpowered my mind, collapsing my body before I reached the stairwell.
  60. I'm not living for tomorrow; Steve steadied her dervishly collapsing finale.
  61. By collapsing the caverns with a lot of small explosions, the island will vanish.
  62. It was hard for her to breathe, a waterfall of images, the world collapsing inward.
  63. The man let go his hold at once while collapsing to his knees and moaning with pain.
  64. A huge willow tree had fallen, collapsing the bank, and partially damming the river.
  65. I stepped inside the house, collapsing onto the couch and sitting in complete silence.
  66. The first box came apart easily, one side collapsing as soon as I pulled off the tape.
  67. Did they elope? she cried silently, and Philippe tried to prevent her from collapsing.
  68. As another day went by with no trace of his son, Jamie was on the verge of collapsing.
  69. Only Shobal struggled to rise to Moshe's greeting, collapsing into the outstretched.
  70. Deanna, his chest collapsing before he took another breath in before unleashing on her.
  71. The State is collapsing into a speck—a pathetic and insignificant grain of nothingness.
  72. As a sun I believe, collapsing interstellar hydrogen until it undergoes nuclear reactions.
  73. I was sleeping soundly by a fountain when I was nearly crushed by a collapsing catapult.
  74. Even the anus started to disintegrate in my head like an old mine collapsing in a B movie.
  75. Jimmy entered the small terraced house, imagined himself collapsing on his comfortable chair.
  76. Point all our major scanners to the collapsing star and everything around it within a click.
  77. Stop! I commanded and they fell, collapsing onto a Clan member that had been hovering nearby.
  78. He managed a few steps before collapsing to the floor to join his companion in writhing agony.
  79. While in the sitting room, my heart started collapsing as I brooded over my wife’s attitude.
  80. This is just wrong, Sandy said, collapsing into a kitchen chair and sobbing into her hands.
  81. He closed his hand over hers, and the sparks of symbols flew away, collapsing back on themselves.
  82. The collapsing farmhouse had taken out most of the Thunderheads and sent the rest scurrying away.
  83. Payne kept up the pressure and the man slowly stopped struggling, collapsing down onto his knees.
  84. Where are we going? Faith asked Hope and Love as they walked towards the collapsing horizon.
  85. Collapsing on his elbows, he leaned his damp brow against her neck, his breath hot on her shoulder.
  86. It certainly looks as though the fault for the current collapsing walls lies firmly in their court.
  87. Which is totally a real thing that exists and is a pretty good sign that civilization is collapsing.
  88. Some structures were held up with reinforcing to stop them collapsing, others you could walk through.
  89. Makis had staggered back about three in the morning, collapsing into the tepee with a grunt, out cold.
  90. Kev was all in, half collapsing onto the chair; he allowed Chrissie to dish a plate of the stew for him.
  91. Once inside his loft, she cried out as her strength waned, nearly collapsing as he laid her on the floor.
  92. Blaine staggered backward, collapsing on the deck, a pool of dark blood staining his white cotton shirt.
  93. Van Halen wanted to make sure no one got killed by a collapsing stage or a short-circuiting light tower.
  94. He turned off the light and sighed with relief as he closed his eyes while collapsing down onto the bed.
  95. Then that part gave way, and both ends of the bridge were dragged into the water by the collapsing middle.
  96. The opening in the ceiling closed once again, collapsing the column of water, requiring Deanna to open it.
  97. He raised himself just enough to push the button for the ground floor before collapsing back into his chair.
  98. Dammit, I need three seconds to figure this out and my Shields are collapsing!!! he frantically called.
  99. Three of the rooms were collapsing and a frightening crack had opened up from the porch to Fernanda’s room.
  100. As the corpse was thus taken away, leaving the females behind, Sandhya held a benumbed Roopa from collapsing.
  1. He collapsed on the sofa.
  2. He collapsed on me, dead.
  3. It collapsed to the floor.
  4. Candy collapsed in my arms.
  5. King collapsed by his grief.
  6. He collapsed to the ground.
  7. She collapsed on the ground.
  8. Holly collapsed on the floor.
  9. Its hind legs had collapsed.
  10. My firm would have collapsed.
  11. He collapsed without a sound.
  12. Mother collapsed on the floor.
  13. Maude collapsed on the floor.
  14. He collapsed, a lump of flesh.
  15. Milo collapsed in to the chair.
  16. I held still and she collapsed.
  17. My skeleton collapsed within me.
  18. He collapsed during the attack.
  19. I collapsed in the bed and wept.
  20. It’s not collapsed any more.
  21. I think he has a collapsed lung.
  22. The marble body collapsed in a.
  23. I collapsed to the ground again.
  24. The system really has collapsed.
  25. Lost in the magic, he collapsed.
  26. He collapsed again on the steps.
  27. Roy collapsed back in his chair.
  28. They collapsed, and closed the.
  29. The woman collapsed onto the sofa.
  30. He collapsed to the boiling sand.
  31. Again, they collapsed in laughter.
  32. Jean collapsed onto a chair and.
  33. Midge collapsed into the armchair.
  34. Some have collapsed before this.
  35. He collapsed against me in relief.
  36. I almost collapsed to the ground.
  37. I collapsed on top of her breasts.
  38. The guy screamed, then collapsed.
  39. I left him collapsed in the chair.
  40. Ben rushed to her as she collapsed.
  41. That’s why the bridge collapsed.
  42. Then she collapsed back into her.
  43. Three had collapsed into the ooze.
  44. She collapsed on the lifeless body.
  45. The Rot Walkers collapsed to the.
  46. Andrew collapsed on a small boulder.
  47. He collapsed to the floor in agony.
  48. Sighing, he collapsed back into bed.
  50. She collapsed forward in the chair.
  51. He collapsed on the bed next to her.
  52. An old beehive burner had collapsed.
  53. Her knees buckled and she collapsed.
  54. I collapsed onto a towel in the sun.
  55. Holly collapsed on her bed and cried.
  56. Then one day, he suddenly collapsed.
  57. Saul collapsed in the pilot’s seat.
  58. The nose was collapsed upon gristle.
  59. Later that year, it collapsed to $5.
  60. Nerissa’s last few hopes collapsed.
  61. The sports page collapsed immediately.
  62. Emily collapsed and so did her shield.
  63. Another Vulcan STC personal collapsed.
  64. They showered and collapsed into bed.
  65. Eventually, Jack collapsed into his.
  66. She collapsed on the chair exhausted.
  67. The Enma collapsed, and slipped off.
  68. The headless kneeling body collapsed.
  69. Aiden collapsed, his breathing ragged.
  70. He collapsed on the ground in a heap.
  71. This is known as a collapsed backbone.
  72. She collapsed into my arms and sobbed.
  73. Without it, the whole thing collapsed.
  74. The Vulcan collapsed into Tam’s arms.
  75. She collapsed onto the floor in a heap.
  76. Then she almost collapsed, like I said.
  77. Two years later my business collapsed.
  78. He collapsed to the floor and started.
  79. Exhausted, she collapsed on the couch.
  80. Tommy collapsed in pain and heartbreak.
  81. His hat brim collapsed around his head.
  82. Kyle picked Emily up when she collapsed.
  83. Parts of the walls collapsed around us.
  84. He collapsed on his front and lay still.
  85. It seemed everything else had collapsed.
  86. He raised the ramp, collapsed onto the.
  87. The archer collapsed into a moaning heap.
  88. Chase collapsed in his leather recliner.
  89. He collapsed into the booth, ordered a.
  90. The third floor collapsed on the second.
  91. Her swollen face looked oddly collapsed.
  92. He collapsed among the bits of the flag.
  93. Now Melody collapsed in fits of laughter.
  94. Perhaps the collapsed lung was draining.
  95. He half-hopped to the line and collapsed.
  96. Meanwhile, the German mark had collapsed.
  97. A single growling grunt and he collapsed.
  98. And then I collapsed, falling to my knees.
  99. I collapsed to the ground, out of breath.
  100. I collapsed on the floor at the same time.
  1. He collapses into it, sulking.
  2. Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
  3. Remove it, and the structure collapses.
  4. With time, the horse collapses and dies.
  5. Century catches him before he collapses.
  6. The poor donkey collapses from exhaustion.
  7. Stephen totters, collapses, falls, stunned.
  8. The sledge falls, and he collapses onto it.
  9. If the bubble collapses, so does your memory.
  10. But not all collapses are so well signposted.
  11. He collapses with a scream, and I am exposed.
  12. He collapses on top of me, his face in my hair.
  13. Occasionally collapses are signalled well ahead.
  14. When the bait is taken the whole trap collapses.
  15. The coyote member collapses as the enemy member.
  16. Willie skids to a halt and collapses on the road in defeat.
  17. The Overlord collapses sideways, still gasping for breath.
  18. He collapses on his face, and this time, he doesn't get up.
  19. Suddenly Brigitte appears and collapses in a battered heap.
  20. She readies herself for battle but then suddenly collapses.
  21. Jayson’s body wavers slightly then collapses in the water.
  22. She proceeds with more blows as the glass collapses inward.
  23. He collapses on top of me both of us with labored breathing.
  24. It follows suit of its companion and collapses to the ground.
  25. Eventually, the negative energy vortex collapses in an.
  26. Don,t lie there do do it again as his body collapses down again.
  27. Method®, applying it more, and doing more of the collapses that he.
  29. Susan collapses to the ground, crying, and Caleb crouches next to her.
  30. His legs give way and he collapses onto it, fists pressed into his eyes.
  31. There is a good possibility they are impassible from collapses, Alan.
  32. As the van disappears down the driveway the headless body finally collapses.
  33. When he collapses again, a half-block south, she is only a few yards behind.
  34. A wall ahead of you collapses into the path, a cloud of dust blocks the way.
  35. If the fuel pool collapses or runs dry, the world will be contaminated with.
  36. Cotton price collapses might be the only thing to lead to abolishing slavery.
  37. Even unity flees this flow and energy collapses beneath a ground unfluctuating.
  38. The Administrator collapses on top of the tomb that is now marked "1798–2212".
  39. Blood spurts in bursts from the wound, and after a few seconds the man collapses.
  40. The big man collapses dead with his eyes still wide open and the spear inside him.
  41. The guy is pulled back and falls with his head on the windowsill where he collapses.
  42. I would bet against the sudden rockets and dramatic collapses caused by malfunctions.
  43. He loses control of his body and collapses on what is now a luminescent scarlet grave.
  44. John collapses on his side, grabs his head where the man hit him, sees that it is bleeding.
  45. The Field, collapses the wave function and converts them into particles to create physical.
  46. The only time I make an exception is if the game collapses immediately after the first shot.
  47. Originally Gnomes hollowed parts of it out secretly, but they would be killed in the collapses.
  48. Canada has never had a banking crash, compared to the US, which had sixteen financial collapses.
  49. The point about small businesses is that the profit can be spectacular but the collapses sudden.
  50. Defeated, at last, by both the elements and her emotions, she collapses in the middle of the road.
  51. You will be stopped out at the price you ask for, even if the share collapses before market opening.
  52. Now, when Ur is at its greatest need, all social, economic, military and religious structure collapses.
  53. She collapses to her knees—then, slowly, curls up into a ball and wishes for the world to drown away.
  54. This collapses the wave-function trapping the locus of awareness of observers in this or that universe.
  55. So, if the economy collapses there will be no money for changing to greener systems and sustainability.
  56. Ghalid is staring surprised at his chest from where an arrow-like object is sticking out and collapses.
  57. How much the more so when an entire government collapses overnight with no mechanism of succession in.
  58. I tumble out of the cave just as it collapses, sealing my family in the tunnels, and me on the wrong side.
  59. On the Great Recession, her husband's deregulation played a major role in the housing and banking collapses.
  60. One of the spectacular corporate collapses early in this century occurred at WorldCom, the once and future MCI.
  61. Can’t there? Everyone you know in the front row, the entire hemispherical sky-movie collapses onto your head.
  62. As the vessel travels through the void the charged energy vortex collapses and the water is released into space.
  63. He collapses, panting hard beside me, and he pulls me on top of him and buries his face in my hair, holding me close.
  64. She fell over like a giant tree collapses in the woods after a storm, slowly at first and then with growing momentum.
  65. Experience tells us that when the leadership of a revolution are removed, the rest of the movement quickly collapses.
  66. The emeralds begin to sing, something Ralph has never heard before, and he collapses to the earth, beaten and exhausted.
  67. As soon as someone depends on the conditioned mind for knowing, not-knowing is lost and emergent enlightenment collapses.
  68. She collapses under him, arms dropped and sprawled over her head, body limp, her chest swelling with every labored breath.
  69. Gear, Snapple, Royal Appliance, American Power Conversion, and Sofamor Danek in advance of dramatic stock price collapses.
  70. When it starts up again she bursts into tears and runs and runs and doesn't stop until she collapses on her bed in her room.
  71. Spreadsheets make everything look linear and controlled, but the real world oscillates, overshoots, collapses, and rebounds.
  72. This is not America when banks and Wall Street cause economic collapses and no one pays any fines or suffers any time in jail.
  73. The market then collapses into that vacuum; sharp countertrend momentum emerges that usually extends into multiple trend legs.
  74. So you do have the Vega risk; if volatility collapses it could cause the value of your Long Strangle to collapse along with it.
  75. The Dauntless man screams and collapses, his hands clutching his leg, which gives Tobias the opportunity to shoot him in the head.
  76. But if the market collapses in the fifth year, you will still get your money back, but you didn’t get to capture any of those gains.
  77. Physicists now believe that it is the generation of useful information by a detector in an experiment which collapses the wave function.
  78. The strategy of Contrarian Rebalancing aims to sidestep the market collapses that attend the disintegration of bullish investment crowds.
  79. When weak measurements are made by our brains, the ‘empty-void’ collapses into an ocean of waves — with a positive and negative crest.
  80. As more and more problems accumulate: they are pushed under the carpet and ignored and not dealt with; until the entire flimsy structure collapses.
  81. If a dog, a donkey, or a person stumbles into a tropical stream, a pack of piranhas can attack with such a mass of bites that the victim collapses.
  82. It shows how government intervention can distort normal market activity by truncating trends and causing price spikes (bonds) and collapses (gold).
  83. Conversely, the unsound financing methods employed must eventually have resulted in individual collapses, even in the ordinary course of the business cycle.
  84. His upper body collapses, bouncing on the roof before it is finally pushed out by the hysterical women inside as the vehicle struggles over the rough ground.
  85. Wherever there is ownership protected by law and enforced by gun, the gravity of GovCorp collapses social evolution into a synchronized orbit with Money World.
  86. Action, both physical and mental, are only the wave forms that once perceived from a perspective of stillness collapses into the quantum singularity of eternity.
  87. It is doubtful whether we ever before had so many new issues offered, of such low quality, and with such extreme price collapses, as we experienced in 1960–1962.
  88. TR was a class three star and, after reviewing the information your sensors picked up about its collapse, it's not unlike other star collapses that happen every so often.
  89. First, there is a dark cloud, and then this cloud condenses and collapses on itself, then, as the result of tremendous pressure, it reaches a temperature of millions of degrees.
  90. Wat collapses onto the remaining divan, though, and asks himself in tears ‘What Have I done to deserve this? Is it my drinking and joking, or does Di need a better man than me.
  91. The story collapses around him as even some of the younger kids are thrown out of the magic and wrinkle their foreheads in confusion over whether anything they just heard was true.
  92. When he whipped his line back, the hooked claw pulled away from the rest of the hand like a head that has been sliced clean off its neck but does not roll free until the body collapses.
  93. When the perfect symmetry of the superposed-void is ‘disturbed,’ it collapses and manifests as this or that, left-handed or right-handed universe — which counter-balance each other.
  94. Workers may have made decent wages to descend into the coalmines, but at what cost? Explosions and collapses in the mines and black lung disease cut short the lives of many of the miners.
  95. The Divine Intelligence, the Highest Intelligence presents and teaches us all by means of opposites, only the essence of that Reality is where all dualities annihilates, all opposites collapses.
  96. The key here is to assess the velocity of the breakdown, so that if it is extremely weak to the downside as it collapses on heavy volume, one can use the 10-day moving average as an upside stop.
  97. This social cascade of selves into a memetically viral movement can lead to catastrophic collapses of divergent companion consciousnesses into collective monopolies of single subject self-interest:.
  98. The segment of the wavefunction that collapses is therefore determined by the content of our memory directly or indirectly through our interactions with an observing system — in our case, our senses.
  99. If there’s a single massive shock to the system before we can get tangible growth in the global economy, by that I mean in productive, real things, not magicked debt, then the entire system collapses.
  100. When I see Rose my resolve not to tell anyone nearly collapses, but the thought of how horrified she would be stops me and I merely feel a traitress as she gives me a quick hug and says she hopes I feel better soon.

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