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Collapse in a sentence

In the collapse.
As the collapse.
It would collapse.
They will collapse.
After the collapse.
A total collapse of.
Union collapse in 2009.

in collapse was their.
– State of collapse.
were close to collapse.
Then came the collapse.
And then they collapse.
She collapse on the bed.
5 litre (2½pt) collapse.
collapse of the former U.
Hazel went into collapse.
or the tank will collapse.
The system would collapse.
another began to collapse.
Collapse in three seconds.
to collapse onto the ground.
collapse the levels of data.
responsible for the collapse.
I think it could collapse.
The collapse has one purpose.
They’ll collapse into dust.
tracks is going to collapse?.
fields of potentiated collapse.
Not that things would collapse.
begun to collapse at this time.
collapse things should be okay.
collapsing in on us.
collapsing on her couch.
His alibi was collapsing.
The house was collapsing.
collapsing beside a lone tree.
As buildings fell, collapsing.
He gave a cry before collapsing.
The tiny frogs began collapsing.
daddy on the brink of collapsing.
apparently collapsing bamboo shack.
Collapsing into the leather sofa,.
but these capacities were collapsing.
sawed-off, collapsing behind the bar.
It all started collapsing on itself.
collapsing back to the concrete slab.
But, alas, the Colony is collapsing.
told us that she felt like collapsing.
onto each other to keep from collapsing.
would be produced from the collapsing core.
Believe me I came very close to collapsing.
collapsing into a pile of misshapen helixes.
This is called collapsing the wave function.
motion, collapsing to join Gary on the floor.
Collapsing right there in front of everybody.
His legs became weak, collapsing, and nausea.
collapsing in pain with this ongoing complaint.
Bone snapped, and he felt his knees collapsing.
collapsing in on itself in an explosion of noise.
My leg collapsed.
It collapsed in.
My life collapsed.
The seat collapsed.
The lung collapsed.
collapsed on the bed.
Ingwe collapsed as.
But my life collapsed.
collapsed onto her bed.
collapsed onto the bed.
Finally, it collapsed.
Forrest has collapsed.
He collapsed into bed.
stone had collapsed in.
Good, it has collapsed.
We collapsed in relief.
' She almost collapsed.
And then I collapsed.
Rose collapsed on her.
collapsed to the ground.
She collapsed in tears.
Their mouths collapsed.
She seized and collapsed.
I collapsed and vomited.
collapsed onto the floor.
and collapsed on the bed.
Louie and Mac collapsed.
Once it collapses.
My world collapses.
Marlene collapses in giggles.
Eventlessness collapses time.
speak and the void collapses.
He collapses into it, sulking.
Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
collapses of, causes of, 157–161.
of itself as it collapses to the floor.
it's too late and everything collapses.
Remove it, and the structure collapses.
With time, the horse collapses and dies.
Century catches him before he collapses.
The poor donkey collapses from exhaustion.
The sledge falls, and he collapses onto it.
Stephen totters, collapses, falls, stunned.
won’t come and the whole venture collapses.
the road or every bridge that collapses.
But not all collapses are so well signposted.
collapses without this one key thing in place.
He collapses with a scream, and I am exposed.
If the bubble collapses, so does your memory.
He collapses on top of me, his face in my hair.
and mathematically, the wave function collapses.
Occasionally collapses are signalled well ahead.
All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,.
When the bait is taken the whole trap collapses.
The coyote member collapses as the enemy member.
The Overlord collapses sideways, still gasping for breath.
Willie skids to a halt and collapses on the road in defeat.

Synonyms for collapse

collapse flop crash prostration crack break founder give burst crumble crumple tumble