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Downhearted in a sentence | downhearted example sentences

  1. Damn them! Don't be downhearted.
  2. Damn them! Don’t be downhearted.
  3. Chelan seemed downhearted by the remark.
  4. Tom was downhearted, but tried hard not to show it.
  5. You, Ron and Alcor, that way, he felt downhearted.

  6. The great thing is that you shouldn't be downhearted.
  7. My honored father-in-law is much distressed and downhearted.
  8. Jack was a little downhearted, but it was only three days to wait.
  9. With wry sorrow he said: And why should I not be downhearted?
  10. They tramped off, anxious and downhearted, under the eyes of the crowd.
  11. In a second Nicky’s expression had changed to sullen and downhearted.
  12. He cheers the downhearted, and his words were comforting even to our souls.
  13. I can understand that she is downhearted as she has received no news from Arno.
  14. Here Jesus had a long talk with a downhearted and discouraged young man named Claudus.
  15. She was so downhearted that she was the only student whose mother was not there to attend it, so she swept her sadness away by agreeing to Jericho’s invitation to the lake house.

  16. This isn't the end of the world and you needn't be downhearted at your temporary loss of Canine-ness: implementing the afore-mentioned Training Class Foul-ups at such events should be enough to set you back on the right path.

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Synonyms for downhearted

blue depressed dispirited down downcast downhearted gloomy grim low

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