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Down in a sentence | down example sentences

  1. I made my way down.
  2. I could not calm down.
  3. He heads down the hall.
  4. Down on the rich again.
  5. Jean sat down on his.

  6. Mama bowed and sat down.
  7. I sat down on the couch.
  8. I sat down on the sand.
  9. He owns them down here.
  10. I crept down the stairs.
  11. He went down into death.
  12. Roman sped up down the.
  13. He sent down His Spirit.
  14. Roman was down in the pit.
  15. They all looked down in.

  16. I told you to sit down.
  17. I walked down the steps.
  18. He would trace them down.
  19. He touched me, down there.
  20. She ties down her breasts.
  21. A hand closes down on hers.
  22. She ran a magnet down my.
  23. They stare each other down.
  24. Put it down to experience.
  25. Write down your goal again.

  26. They have bowed down and.
  27. He struts down the sidewalk.
  28. You were down there awhile.
  29. He headed down to the Hall.
  30. I had to come down anyway.
  31. Roman lowered his book down.
  32. One rolled down his window.
  33. We walked up and down hills.
  34. Smith looked down upon one.
  35. They have settled down and.
  36. The ensuing drive down the.
  37. They all went down there.
  38. It simply would not go down.
  39. She met Michael coming down.
  40. Later, as they sat down to.
  41. Maurs looked down the hill.
  42. Write down what you're told.
  43. Ali kneeled down on the floor.
  44. Tears rolled down her cheeks.
  45. The waitress sets down a beer.
  46. He looked down at the holes.
  47. I scribble down the figures.
  48. He glanced down at himself.
  49. Danny looked down at himself.
  50. He peered with one eye down.
  51. The doctor put his torch down.
  52. Corrente and Tours sat down.
  53. He laid His life down for you.
  54. Heather lay down on the floor.
  55. But I’m going down there.
  56. He sighed again, then sat down.
  57. With horror Monty looked down.
  58. Mama said and brought Ali down.
  59. He was staring down into the.
  60. He laughed and sat down.
  61. He looked down at the booklet.
  62. As she walked down the steps.
  63. I’ve been able to track down.
  64. Kurt glanced down to his watch.
  65. Heather wolfed down her food.
  66. He sat down and looked around.
  67. Sure, I had let him down for.
  68. Laedron ran back down the lane.
  69. He leaned down and kissed her.
  70. He motioned Kallo to sit down.
  71. It ran down her neck and chest.
  72. He was, as he often said down.
  73. All lit up and tiny down below.
  74. She disappeared down the stairs.
  75. Roman and then sat down herself.
  76. Icy fingers ran down her spine.
  77. She did not sit down with them.
  78. I should have brought him down.
  79. Went down in a storm trying to.
  80. She looks down at her bare feet.
  81. Deep down inside me, I did know.
  82. Nidon calmed down and continued.
  83. She couldn’t let down Theoton.
  84. Russell looked down at Sebastian.
  85. Sometimes falling down will hurt.
  86. The stream runs down to the sea.
  87. I'm trying to track it down now.
  88. You can put that down, Mister.
  89. It should settle you down a bit.
  90. Cut down on your television time.
  91. She sat down, put her hands on.
  92. Now looking down there onto the.
  93. If that's the one that came down.
  94. I lay down and thought about them.
  95. We all troop down to see them off.
  96. The Thane started down the stairs.
  97. They kept walking down the street.
  98. Even Ethereead has settled down.
  99. Press down, they’ll run harder.
  100. Set her down and off she’d go.
  1. Downing sank into his chair.
  2. Downing is with a patient and Dr.
  3. Downing his fourth pint he goes:.
  4. A spokesperson for 10 Downing 289.
  5. His wound had nothing to do with Mrs Downing.
  6. Only by a steady hand & the downing of liquor.
  7. It was the Cabinet Secretary from Downing Street.
  8. And I haven’t told Downing Street, yet, either.
  9. Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant.
  10. Downing waved his arms at the bookcase 'See these? These.
  11. Outside the Manangatang General Store Billy was downing his.
  12. Another shot rang out from close by, downing one of the Japanese.
  13. Henry did it again, downing the whole thing in one giant swallow.
  14. We also think he may have had something to do with the downing of.
  15. The feds needed a confession for the downing of the Morales Airlines.
  16. Downing Street is one of the coldest streets in London, even in June.
  17. Clenching his teeth, Xia fired a second time, downing one more guard.
  18. Bill Clayton saw the Prime Minister alone in his Downing Street office.
  19. Downing was sat down opposite me, one foot in a slipper and the other bare.
  20. Politicians joined the chorus of condemnation, with Downing Street saying.
  21. But I bet you wish you could, Mira answers, downing the last of her sushi.
  22. What is it, for heavens sake, he asked after downing the wine in one go.
  23. There is still a controversy over the downing of TWA, Flight 800, in June, 1996.
  24. Unfortunately, the television replayed only the downing of the elder Mohawk, not.
  25. This is so good, she said, downing the second half without even bothering to.
  26. After downing half of the glass’s contents he was able to slow down his breathing.
  27. For downing the wild nosehorn the Emperador would claim the best meat for his kitchen.
  28. Flint raised his and repeated the same words, immediately downing the rest of the beer.
  29. For Christ and the King! The seven replied, downing their cups of wine afterwards.
  30. Make sure you’re in the established area before downing the shields, said Stoneman.
  31. He handed the flask to Cecil, who also held it up in a quick toast before downing his share.
  32. Isaac popped the top on a bottle and took a long drink downing the whole thing in one setting.
  33. The first man now agrees – he had just assumed that Downing Street meant the Prime Minister.
  34. She rang in the 1960s downing an entire pizza in front of a fire she’d built with her own hands.
  35. And there was a message from Downing Street on the new hot line, to say that McFosters has gone.
  36. But then I suppose he wasn’t here for that was he? She’s quite famous; her name’s Clarissa Downing.
  37. The men--boys, really--went wild at the prospect of downing a tall, cool glass of fresh milk made in the USA.
  38. The first man---let’s call him Julius, was downing on beer because of the recent loss of his beloved wife.
  39. And Downing Street thinks it’s a disgrace that they can’t get hold of Ministers when they’re wanted.
  40. The prime minister does not reveal her emotions until she returns to 10 Downing Street, whereupon she breaks down.
  41. Just as I was downing the last of my water in the kitchen, I heard a scuffling sound then a crash in the living room.
  42. Maria then fired her first shot in the still dark night, downing the Taliban fighter at the tail of the enemy column.
  43. Leesa had tried her first Red Bull ever at the beginning of the week, and she was now downing a couple of cans a night.
  44. Several members of the Opposition Party backbench are now suggesting improprieties reaching as high as 10 Downing Street.
  45. Next to him, a white-haired man with a blotchy red, dry-as-parchment face was downing Tom Collinses, glancing up at the TV.
  46. At least, one says that’s who he thought it was, while the other bloke says it was Downing Street, and not the PM himself.
  47. Drake thought back to the meeting at Downing Street just half an hour ago and the look he had received from Richard Elliott.
  48. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are speaking via the transatlantic hotline linking the White House with 10 Downing Street.
  49. I shall have nothing better to do while the boss is in Downing Street, although a bit of West End shopping is always tempting.
  50. Ononkapis fired back with his own musket, downing the nearest Iroquois warrior, who was now less than thirty meters behind Nancy.
  51. The Prime Minister headed straight for Downing Street, while Sir Robin Algar, as they had agreed on the aircraft, set off for home.
  52. Downing the beer in a couple of greedy gulps, he battled his way to the door and, once outside, sucked in the humid Nottingham air.
  53. Her own boy, twenty-two-year-old Mark, and her husband, Denis, comfort Thatcher in the sitting room at 10 Downing Street as she sobs.
  54. He was staring at Detroit downing a large beer, slapping the empty glass upon the table when he’d finished, well pleased with himself.
  55. After downing their cut lunches with a cup of tea they held a whispered conference on the far side of the pool, facing away from the house.
  56. The other man was equally convinced that the PM had never been mentioned, but just as sure the payment had been authorised by Downing Street.
  57. Thin, yellow beams of light then shot out of the flying ship, striking in quick succession the fleeing soldiers and downing them all in seconds.
  58. That missile also connected with its target, downing it, but by then the range had become too short to fire Julia’s third radar-guided missile.
  59. Robin Algar passed on the Prime Minister’s request for James Anchor and Bill Clayton to be in Downing Street for a lunchtime briefing on Sunday.
  60. To the stunned amazement of the rest of the world, the British turfed Winston Churchill out of 10 Downing Street and elected the Labour Party instead.
  61. After a while the conversation came to a natural break so they watched a replay of a Monday night game of basketball, downing a few beers during the game.
  62. We were fortunate in finding that Lord Holdhurst was still in his chambers in Downing Street, and on Holmes sending in his card we were instantly shown up.
  63. In a show of marksmanship that left Kay Parker awed, the unseen sniper shot the Japanese one after the other, downing six soldiers in less than ten seconds.
  64. Liverpool To Downing Street by Cherie Blair relates exactly what leaders in government and their families have to face once they move into the halls of power.
  65. First he revelled in the annihilation of a community that legally doesn't exist, and second, with the downing of the helicopter he lost half of his air power.
  66. But there was still no hint that anything had leaked, and certainly the Downing Street Press office had not received any media questions at all out of the ordinary.
  67. Investigations are being conducted into how and why so many people died in the prison and, despite demands for a response, Downing Street have yet to issue a statement.
  68. Leiber was dropped into the rush of ordering, planning, banqueting, making the rounds, telephoning, arguing in conference, downing coffee in scalding gulps betweentimes.
  69. At the same time, Koniev’s four troopers opened fire with their recoilless rifles, downing the other four terrorists in a hail of automatic fire before they could reply.
  70. I believe that the payment was authorised by someone in Downing Street somewhere, and that the cash must have come from his personal account rather than a Government budget.
  71. His reason for believing this is unclear; the official report of the downing states that the plane wasn’t seen or heard from after takeoff, so it could have been anywhere.
  72. It was a quarter to twelve when Anchor and Clayton arrived in Downing Street, and they were immediately ushered into the waiting room across the corridor from the PM’s office.
  73. My refusal didn’t deter them from opening half a dozen bottles with their teeth and downing them in quick succession, laughing and joking at the expense of wogs, women and queers.
  74. They had temporarily escaped the confines of the building into the brisk fresh air outside and were munching on salad baps and downing mouthfuls of sweet liquid from Dr Pepper bottles.
  75. For one thing, he didn’t want Donna to find out what they were doing behind her back, and another, he knew by talking to Terry Downing, Jared’s partner, eventually, Jared would find out.
  76. Return fire then came from another door opening twelve meters away, downing one of the male HSF operatives and making the female operative cry out in pain before she clutched her left forearm.
  77. So, he turned his back on his victim who was lying there seriously injured and began to stagger back towards the city, for the effort expended in downing his opponent had temporarily weakened him.
  78. Stopping and crouching for no more than two seconds, Dean fired a short aimed burst from his FN 90 bullpup carbine, downing two of the armed men on the yacht, then resumed his running towards Erik’s position.
  79. He stormed into his office on his return from Downing Street, without pausing to say ‘afternoon, chaps’ as he normally did, spun his peaked cap towards the hat-stand as he always did, and missed, which he never did.
  80. After he had found out that his own emancipation must wait another six years the only men he felt any hatred for were all sat up in downing street upon their plump behinds, sipping tea and playing with their toy soldiers.
  81. The Marine and Navy pilots still went after them, downing five more BETTYs, while the lone P-38 put on an air gunnery show and shot down two more bombers before running out of ammunition and turning around to return to Henderson Field.
  82. That same day a U-2 spy plane was shot down over Cuba and it looked as though the conflict was about to come to a head, as Kennedy had previously determined an act such as the downing of the spy plane would lead him to order an attack.
  83. Having just put the remains of the visiting Prime Minister in a sack, and buried it in a nearby cemetery, Evans takes a taxi over to 10 Downing Street, where he e-mails Jason Bennett, asking him to start bombing cities in Scandinavia and Finland.
  84. Whitehall and Downing Street were getting repeated reports of unease from the colony, and it was said the British Prime Minister was rapidly tiring of them and was herself becoming increasingly short tempered with those she felt were rocking the boat.
  85. I was downing a scrumptious bite of something that had the flavor of summer decadence with a hint of spicy warmth when Artaxis almost made me choke on it by saying, For your information, Philanthia’s army is more than three times the size of ours.
  86. Nowadays, such an effect would be achieved with a little back projection, but then it was hard to tell where the floor ended and the wall began or to keep upright amid all those splattered, swirling colors, especially after downing half a pint of gin.
  87. Why didn’t they contact Juanita, who was Donna’s doctor and knew her medical history, or even Terry Downing? Either one of them would have met you, but instead you cart her off to Barksdale where she sees someone that doesn’t know anything about her.
  88. The leader of the boat watched with growing admiration and glee as someone aboard the cargo ship fired anti-aircraft missiles at a fast rate, downing one heavy Israeli helicopter and no less than three of the redoubtable F-15 fighter-bombers in quick succession.
  89. There was brief pressure on the UK government, which was accused of forging the documents in an attempt to discredit the Zimbabwean authorities, until Downing Street pointed out that the Finance Minister and the Governor of the Reserve Bank had both been accused of leaking the documents, which therefore had to be genuine.
  90. I sat in with well-known advertising legends like Dan Seymour, Henry Schachte, Ted Wilson, Don Armstrong, Paul Gerhold, Larry D’Aloise, Ed Robinson, Rud McKee, Allan Sacks, Nancy Stephenson, Bob Colwell, Harry Treleaven, Chip Meads, Ruth Downing, O’Neill Ryan, Jack Devine, Philip Mygatt, John Monsarrat, Stever Aubrey, and of course, Chairman of the Board Norman Strouse.
  91. After slipping the note back into its envelope that he delicately placed in a drawer as if the document were a coveted historical artifact, Feltus unfolded the first paper, making sure that he scanned even the front page, which contained only news about the war and a picture of Prime Minister Churchill outside of 10 Downing Street, for any signs of the clues to which Judge Burns had alluded.
  1. She downed it in one shot.
  2. But I downed four Advil.
  3. He downed it all in one gulp.
  4. Dinner downed with ginger ale.
  5. He downed the rest of his flask.
  6. Omi downed the shutters of the shop.
  7. Harry downed one more rum and coke.
  8. He downed his glass and emerged into.
  9. Garcia ran to the group of downed Voth.
  10. As he downed the last drop, she was there.
  11. Alex took the bottle and downed half of it.
  12. That, plus I downed a cup of instant coffee.
  13. Downed it, as if it were no more than a pint.
  14. I downed the contents and immediately choked.
  15. He filled a mug with cool water and downed it.
  16. Garcia downed his glass and poured another one.
  17. He passed one to Holly and she downed it again.
  18. De Plassan downed his ale in a single gulp and.
  19. A look of revelation then downed on Mona�s face.
  20. She downed her drink and replaced it with another.
  21. He downed the rest of his Old Fashioned and set.
  22. Ellen immediately looked downed at Paul and stared.
  23. And growing more youthful with each sip he downed.
  24. Several of our planes were downed and pilots killed.
  25. Leofric downed the rest of the ale in a single gulp.
  26. Don't be alone at home,' Ish said as he downed the.
  27. They downed plenty of toast covered in Jam, stepping.
  28. Seeing that it was fine, Darek downed the whole thing.
  29. The workmen promptly downed their tools and left the.
  30. Houston caught his and downed the first mug in one gulp.
  31. Josef had instinctively headed for a downed and hollow.
  32. She downed half of the bottle in a few gulps and smiled.
  33. The children had cola, while Steve and Annie downed beer.
  34. David forced a breath and downed the remaining whiskey in.
  35. He looked at his watch, then downed the rest of his coffee.
  36. Jimmy by the hand towards the rear and through the downed.
  37. Over at the highway, the downed power lines began to dance.
  38. Ambrosius nodded, then downed the rest of his wine uncouthly.
  39. Hogan shrugged and downed the rest of it and burped mightily.
  40. They downed their last bit of wine and called it an evening.
  41. As he watched, he quickly downed the water provided by the.
  42. The Burgomeister downed a hearty swig from his mug and smiled.
  43. Coleman crawled forward through the downed leaves and branches.
  44. She had downed it with a punch to the temple, and rolled the.
  45. Ethan laughed despite himself and downed the rest of his scotch.
  46. Alex eyed her as he downed his bloody Mary, then leaned toward.
  47. He downed it in one swallow, chasing its burning path with water.
  48. Looking back, they could see an aircraft approach the downed ship.
  49. But, as Tiffany’s father said as he downed another large brandy.
  50. Gratefully, Gasbag tipped the pitcher into his mouth and downed it.
  51. He’d downed two painkillers earlier and was feeling a lot better.
  52. He downed the rest of his drink then belched before pouring another.
  53. He had staggered nearly two kilometres before concussion downed him.
  54. Janice downed the rum, lay back and, within minutes was asleep again.
  55. Emily nodded and downed her second shot, and then cut into the steak.
  56. No sooner had he downed that ship than another appeared and another.
  57. He downed another shot of Whiskey, unfurled his legs, stretching out.
  58. Of the downed helicopters, two of the crews had survived the crashes.
  59. I dressed fast, then downed a cup of milky coffee and a buttered roll.
  60. He downed the drink in two gulps and slammed the glass down on the bar.
  61. Chepe gave him a dirty look, took the glass, and downed it in two gulps.
  62. Bev then said, You asked about recovering a downed spaceship of theirs.
  63. And it was another hour before they had donned clothes and downed a few.
  64. She grinned as the others toasted and they all downed their shots quickly.
  65. And I had the high score on the ground, as far as enemy drones downed.
  66. For answer all the men downed their drinks and fell to coughing and gasping.
  67. The woman smiled and then downed the rest of the wine she had been drinking.
  68. For answer, all the men downed their drinks and fell to coughing and gasping.
  69. Holly watched as Dominic downed the entire contents of his glass in one gulp.
  70. Tammas pointed a hand held unit at the downed Klingon, warning the others off.
  71. Cheers carried on the wind for every one they downed as our numbers declined.
  72. I had blended well with a downed branch in the middle of the field where we.
  73. And he downed his ale, then sat back in his chair and stared up at the ceiling.
  74. Ray was busy trying to fend off the demons that were attacking the downed lion.
  75. When he tried to recover, he bumped the foot of the man she had downed earlier.
  76. He downed the last of his wine, took the remaining sandwich, and left them to it.
  77. She attempted to cross the widening creek on a narrow, downed tree, but lost her.
  78. The two special weapons they had taken from the downed aircraft seemed unscathed.
  79. If questioned, he intended to say he had purchased it from a downed British flyer.
  80. She twisted the lid off and quick downed the entire contents in less than a minute.
  81. You should be familiar with that, since you have downed more than one of our ships.
  82. You know the Superintendent? gasped the lad after he had downed his lot in one.
  83. George downed the scotch in a single gulp as he pushed the chair back and hurried out.
  84. Severus stared at the flask in Tacitus' hands, then took it and downed a large mouthful.
  85. I keep asking, and for the fifth time they patiently reply: it's OK, it has been downed.
  86. Still, I had to trim the downed trees, cut up and split the wood, which I didn’t mind.
  87. A boy at the punch table handed her a red plastic cup, she downed the contents in one gulp.
  88. After introductions at the bar where several stubbies were downed, we loaded the supplies.
  89. Before leaving the downed elf, Eilidh managed to remove the arrow and shield from her back.
  90. She could feel the pain seeping its way back in so she downed her drink and ordered another.
  91. She downed the remains of her cup, asked Knume for her eggs and handed over a plastic chip.
  92. She took the ale from his hand, downed half of it, then smiled as she handed it back to him.
  93. He sat back down after grabbing a bottle of water, then snapped a pill in half and downed it.
  94. Warlock quickly downed his first draft of the dark beer and a second was put in front of him.
  95. Joshie ripped open the little envelope and downed the little pink pill, then the water chaser.
  96. Carey downed the rest of his whiskey in one gulp, then he reached for mine and slammed that too.
  97. Eisenhower hesitated for a moment, stunned by the number of planes downed she had just given him.
  98. They touched glasses and downed the shot, placing the glasses on the bar when they were finished.
  99. He requested that I ask them to fix the downed ship and had me send a message to the third ship.
  100. In January 1945, only 21 of 167 downed XXI Bomber Command airmen were rescued—just 13 percent.
  1. Has its ups and downs.
  2. The ups and downs and.
  3. Oh, the downs, I groan.
  5. It has its ups and downs.
  6. Downs and Small stepped away.
  7. I survived a few break downs.
  8. Downs put a hand on my shoulder.
  9. It has its ups and downs, true.
  10. Downs here, cried the man.
  11. The Ups and Downs of Retirement.
  12. But with the ups come major downs.
  13. Every journey has its ups and downs.
  14. He told us about his ups and downs.
  15. He still hears it, said Downs.
  16. Rolling downs, hedges, apple trees.
  17. Now, Downs, light its substance.
  18. Be Aware of Processing Ups and Downs.
  19. Cucumbers have had their ups and downs.
  20. The Ups and Downs of Golf Tournaments.
  21. I seen queer things too, ups and downs.
  22. May Create Emotional Ups and Downs, 217.
  23. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my.
  25. Q: Ups and downs in sadhana are inevitable.
  26. Downs said, And so it goes with machines.
  27. Business is cyclical with its ups and downs.
  28. Churchill Downs (Home of the Kentucky Derby).
  29. Yes, but we have had so many ups and downs.
  30. Such are the ups and downs of negotiating life.
  31. These ups and downs remind me of my days as a.
  32. He narrated me every ups and downs of his life.
  33. The first source of put downs really are demons.
  34. Sure, life has its ups and downs, but you’re.
  35. Sue said, Every couple has its ups and downs.
  36. Put downs are words or actions that are intended.
  37. So three sources of put downs, here's number one.
  38. Life has its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows.
  39. You went through all the ups and downs that we did.
  40. This morning we're talking about put downs in life.
  41. I want to share with you three sources of put downs.
  42. Downs looked upward and said, Is it about him?
  43. There will be ups and downs, setbacks and diversions.
  44. Their working relationship had had its ups and downs.
  45. There may be ups and downs before reaching the final.
  46. We all have a different fate, with our ups and downs.
  47. But the windows are narrow, and it is all ups and downs.
  48. This means that their chase downs of prey occur during.
  49. We had our ups and downs, but the ups were incredibly high.
  50. Pull downs, rear machines, bands, on and on and on trying.
  51. Willie motor downs the freeway as many spectators line the.
  52. There will be ups and downs, and this is inevitable, but if.
  53. And put downs from other golfers, he’d have to ‘guzz’!.
  54. It comes down out of the Downs and flows south-west through.
  55. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I can’t put an end to.
  56. Free Fair on the White Downs at the Lithe, that is at Midsummer.
  57. Throughout the day there will be ups and downs, highs and lows.
  58. Alternatively, the tides symbolize your emotional ups and downs.
  59. Downs listened and his eyes trembled and his hands began to move.
  60. In Egypt where I returned to live and work I had my ups and downs.
  61. She was also enshrined there as a great promoter of ups and downs.
  62. Then they turned a shoulder of the Downs and it was hidden from view.
  63. I want to have a chance to minister to people - dealing with put downs.
  64. I don't know, I guess because there have been ups and downs in the past.
  65. At last they rode over the downs and took the East Road, and then Merry.
  66. Yes, she was staying there, but had gone up on to the downs after dinner.
  67. Things at home have not been easy since my boy with Downs Syndrome was.
  68. The Branton High Hockey team had its’ share of ups and downs this year.
  70. Worms are not plentiful on the downs and there had been no rain for days.
  71. I turned and ran, following Downs along the corridor toward the main deck.
  72. Even with the hormonal ups and downs of regular periods eliminated, they.
  73. However, it is important to note that businesses have their ups and downs.
  74. From 8 AM to 2 PM it was parked outside of the Canterbury Downs apartments.
  75. Ted downs the last of his old drink and immediately takes up the new glass.
  76. Put downs that people bring against us, we need to learn how to handle them.
  77. There have been many emotional ups and downs, surprises and disappointments.
  78. On Sunday we drove up on to the Atherton Tableland, high rolling downs farmed.
  79. He sits downs and waits, wondering at the destination at which they will arrive.
  80. Napoleons, for example, with the tragic or triumphant ups and downs they had in.
  81. Every market correction scythes downs thousands from the richest to the poorest.
  82. As Jan would say to me over the years, despite our ups and downs, Aruba had been.
  83. Downs Road and Downs Park Road are separated by the green fields of Hackney Downs.
  84. There were many ups and downs in the lane we managed to resolve and march on again.
  85. Then Quell reached out with an unseen hand and an invisible mind and spoke to Downs.
  86. I've had my ups and downs, especially since Mom passed on, but I'm really not crazy.
  87. Methodology that we use is weak or questionable and so we face ups and downs in life.
  88. A complicated sequence of lefts, rights and even ups and downs that I had attempted.
  89. What about the Corunna Downs station? Won’t they know we are at the airbase?
  90. Put downs are words or actions intended to humiliate or embarrass you, or put you down.
  91. This tactic worked for the first few sets of downs in which San Francisco went nowhere.
  92. GMan, as good a trader as he is, has had both ups and downs and has even tried to quit.
  93. I want to speak on dealing with put downs, and I want to give you some practical advice.
  94. It’s a lot easier to grow capital if you don’t have to deal with draw downs over 10%.
  95. There were two IV lines, cut downs, one for blood and one for fluids and antibiotics.
  96. She was getting tired of listening to his put downs, What is it Kit? she asked directly.
  97. How about some take downs? David, we will pretend that this starter pistol is a real weapon.
  98. Every relationship has its ups and downs, that’s a fact some days will be better than others.
  99. You made it through all the ups and downs of pregnancy, the painful contractions and childbirth.
  100. Other states in Latin America have had their share of economic ups and downs and military coups.

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