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Drawstring in a sentence | drawstring example sentences

  1. Each had two mesh bags with a drawstring on.
  2. He loosened the drawstring of the bag and reached in.
  3. There was a drawstring or elastic or both around the bottom.
  4. Though it met its mark, he'd not tightened the drawstring the full amount.
  5. Wear a hood—it should have a drawstring so that it can partly cover the face.

  6. From within he produced a leather bag with a drawstring and gave it a jingle for effect.
  7. Lifting its strap from his neck and shoulder, he untied the drawstring at the top of the bag and tipped it upside down.
  8. So, with his one good arm, Onidas gathered up a bolt and loaded it, frantically cranking the winch to add tension to the drawstring.
  9. Mukluks, boots of waterproof canvas with a rubber sole which comes up to the caulk and with a drawstring to adjust fitting, are ideal.
  10. I couldn’t wear jeans yet, the pressure on my belly hurt so I shuffled around in scrub bottoms with a drawstring waist and T-shirt tops.
  11. Hanging on his front door there is a long, towelling bathrobe, a bath towel and a drawstring bag containing the basics required for his ablutions.
  12. In an unbuttoned white shirt, slimness accentuated by black drawstring trousers, a gold chain at his throat, he could have stepped out of the Arabian Nights.
  13. Not the sort with the crotch hanging halfway to the knees that makes the wearer look deformed, but the latest style in which the top is severely cut down so there’s only about fifteen centimetres from crotch to drawstring.
  14. In return, Bram received a cloth bag with a drawstring top,.

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