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    1. “Actually, I do,” Ackers said as he finished entering a string of codes

    2. plucked a violin string, marvelled again at the resonance

    3. quiet and, frankly, pretty boring, providing a thin string of tavernas and bars set back

    4. In the ring he had to string them along just to give the punters their money's worth

    5. The tension thruout the Haad was like a balalaika string and no one felt like having a meaningful conversation

    6. At a check-point… just before she pulled the string that would have exploded the belt wrapped around her midriff

    7. He found it hard to string a sentence together, not because he was slow, but because despite being considered an intelligent man, he simply could no longer be bothered

    8. One stick had a strong branch curving out on each side, from which she had run a string to a nub on the main stick

    9. in used brown paper and bits of string,

    10. A DJ, his muscles flexing in a white string vest

    11. I rise along a string that flies towards a taut sun,

    12. The first few plates had been the details of the asteroid string as it had lain in the stasis point for the past thirty five years

    13. By then the string of asteroids with the plasma plume had swung close by Narrulla, then become much more spread out and had moved off almost to the orbit of Onchegeela

    14. In this one Narrulla and the asteroid remaining at the null point had swung around in it's orbit so it was opposite the string of asteroids that were moving away in the direction of Kunae

    15. and the string theory puzzle

    16. watch us as we saunter by a string tied field gate,

    17. I was forced to pay attention, just to keep up, and with careful imagination I began to string together phrases of my own

    18. Another cupboard yields a file of papers tied up with string and topped by a folded piece of paper

    19. ' With great concentration, he plucked a string and listened

    20. A frail string of lights hanging in the darkness - and such dense darkness there would be without the tender sparks

    21. With great care, she wound the piece of string around the nail that was the latch until she was satisfied the door was secured to her liking, and then she turned and looked at them one by one, 'I prayed for my dead husband

    22. Stood there was a little old man, all stooped and grey, with a sour looking fox terrier attached to his wrist by means of a length of packaging string

    23. He marched off but not before he bound the latch securely with the string, trapping me firmly inside

    24. I jumped behind the screen again and kept as still as a statue, watching, as two of the local boys come bursting through the string

    25. to the request handler without requiring a query string

    26. Thereafter, a string of grandaunts

    27. “Yes, all other boulders of that asteroid string were gone before you were born

    28. have been hung around the neck by a cord, although the string

    29. When they were almost done Jorma pulled the string that would ring the bell up in the keymaster’s office

    30. Yassap untied the string holding his long overcoat

    31. “I’m hardly rich, I made a string of lucky real-estate deals and wound up with this home, and yeah, I’m doing better than the iron or two a week I would make off the boards, but my position at the Kassikan has to see us all thru in a bad turn

    32. confident with this new-found knowledge, Tom slipped the string

    33. Around her neck was a thick string of diamonds and her

    34. Ben suggests that if David is going to communicate with us by e-mail, as he has said he intends to, then if he could include some titbits of information about the town where they are at the time, we can print off the e-mails, and then stick his messages around the map with a string linking the message with the appropriate place

    35. sprinting adversaries—the cable was stronger than any rope or string could ever

    36. Johnson unwrapped the brown string holding the envelope closed

    37. He runs a string of flower shops all over

    38. There was a lot of ornamental detail on most houses, porch rails were fanciful twists of thick vine, with clumps of leaves, large maroon flowers and long string beans

    39. From small arching bushes she picked a few large golden fruits, other similar bushes had ruffles for leaves and grew things the shape of string beans but bright red, of which she only took two

    40. He felt strangely terrified and happy at the same time, along with a string of emotions he would never feel again, yet felt so strangely familiar, something he felt when he first stepped onto the ground of Trouble Valley

    41. “Looks like you’re going to have to string up to the branches of that house,” Nobron told him

    42. I let go the string

    43. “I know that it just transmits voices, like with two cups and a string but much farther and without the string

    44. string of curses at the two men

    45. It was capable of individual string patching to as many as three active spectra, and could sort impact and pressure to different voices

    46. However, it still actually required the string as the start of it’s spectral generation, and with plastic strings the ring always missed that edge

    47. Then I took the piece of string with a pencil on it and I attached the string to the nail in the center of the 4 x 8 and the 2 X 8

    48. A small paper tag, held in place with a gold string displayed a name, but she couldn't read it from where she’d knelt

    49. followed by a string of words, which included a lot of

    50. A hairy, skinny, burn-out who's name she forgot, but everyone called 'Hack', often dragged an old acoustic twenty four string up there and did requests for a shot of yaag or sometimes even a roll

    1. and the reedy stringing of badly sung carols

    2. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    3. It would be just our luck for him to get us all bumped off and he would be the only one left alive so bollocks to him”, and with this comment he went back to stringing wire onto the frame

    4. There were all the usual contests and some new ones, from the spear throw to the axe hurling and the bow stringing and arrow making to a new thing called swimming

    5. As soon as everyone was over Andreya and Kellyn approached the gate, and Major Jerran began stringing out the explosives

    6. It is not easy to reach those two forts just by walking even briskly, but strolling was what the Fernández and Lincoln families wanted to do in that cruise for the purpose of stringing together the colorful story of Nassau’s past

    7. Let me put an arrow in him right where he stands and have done with it!” he bellowed his desperate plea, stringing an arrow in his bow even as he saw that Moshe would have none of it

    8. it!” he bellowed his desperate plea, stringing an arrow in his bow even as he saw that Moshe

    9. travel further into the plateau, had thin trails of fog stringing

    10. Jane made her magical seed turn back into a wild vine, stringing up the mermaids one by one

    11. She asked the giant if he would mind stringing the wires back onto her

    12. Ruksar gave me a serious look; she asked if I was ok, I had problems in stringing a sentence together

    13. She sighed, unsure of whether I was stringing her along like I had with the murder room scenario

    14. We created a “room of her own,” stringing Christmas lights as she

    15. I spent the next couple of hours stringing beads, crimping fastenings, experimenting with different colors, half listening to the television for background noise

    16. I sat on the couch with the television on for background noise, stringing beads and when my cell phone buzzed again with another text

    17. “Since life is unequal,” Uness continued without review, as they were all accustomed to stringing out conversations across their terrorist escapades

    18. you do not subject celery to stringing, for instance, then it can be more

    19. I’ve tried to find out a phone number for her husband or at least a friend, but she’s almost beyond stringing a sensible sentence together at the moment

    20. The best I could do was keep stringing him along and

    21. job with the stringing

    22. He remembered wrapping presents and stringing popcorn

    23. “Felix they’re stringing along, promising him the book

    24. So he went on stringing together these and other absurdities, all in the style of those his books had taught him, imitating their language as well as he could; and all the while he rode so slowly and the sun mounted so rapidly and with such fervour that it was enough to melt his brains if he had any

    25. Always these compact lands tied at the hips with the belt stringing

    26. "for when thou takest to stringing proverbs and sayings together, no one can understand thee but Judas himself, and I wish he had thee

    27. "Ha, by my life, master mine," said Sancho, "it's not I that am stringing proverbs now, for they drop in pairs from your worship's mouth faster than from mine; only there is this difference between mine and yours, that yours are well-timed and mine are untimely; but anyhow, they are all proverbs

    28. So a judgmatical rap over the head stiffened the lying impostor for a time, and leaving him a bit of walnut for his supper, to prevent an uproar, and stringing him up atween two saplings, I made free with his finery, and took the part of the bear on myself, in order that the operations might proceed

    29. Stringing the bow and fitting an arrow he turned, peering back over the River into the darkness

    30. If trading is a high-wire act, then safety demands stringing a net underneath that wire

    31. Short and balding, with a large flattened nose, Bengosian had realized early in his residency that he had no flair for urology and found his true calling stringing together failing regional insurers into giant HMOs

    32. A couple of reporters had set up on the lawn, and camera crews were stringing cables out to satellite vans that curved around the road like Conestoga wagons

    33. style, which meant leaning heavily on his arm and stringing

    34. For, although the circular form is less favorable to a strongly marked symmetry than is the plane, at least in compositions of small extent, still the individual figures and groups must bear some relation to a common centre, and there can be no division of interest, or mere stringing together of disconnected figures or groups of figures

    35. Such a stringing together is assumed by Mr

    1. of gently twisting strings

    2. The Church is flabby, and all of our theological strings are quite loose

    3. And all of this would be fixed, the strings tightened, if we had just one perception: a coming Kingdom

    4. Physically she was so desirable that this should be easy, intellectually he had to convince his mind that this was the only way he was going to keep Desa, but emotionally he could only think Desa was trying to find a way to loosen the strings that bound them

    5. ”, allowing me time to take in my surroundings and have a tickle of the kitten, he began weaving and scratching his jingle-belled wand across the strings of this innocent looking triolin

    6. There are tiny strings of flowers falling down the back

    7. 'Or Cutler had to pull serious strings at the immigration department for this,'

    8. sound of romantic strings and a look in his wife’s eyes that meant

    9. porters appeared to be in direct competition with several strings of

    10. He is soaring above the strings

    11. Why couldn’t she become like a native woman? Why couldn’t she take what she got without strings, without regrets, without attachment? Why couldn’t she be just a man with a vagina? After eighty years in this native body, why did she still have to think like an Earth girl? Why did she still have to hurt like an Earth girl? Why couldn’t she be like that casual slut Jorma had simply taken in when she moved down the hall?

    12. There is a pool of blood on the stage and she is a limp marionette, her strings cut

    13. Also, there’s the obvious fact that the amount of energy required to give animalistic intelligence to a tree would require a magnetic monopole super-imposed within a super-massive black hole isolated within a Higgs Field times the density of a weakless universe divided by the sub-particle wave length of the root square of an isosceles triangle subtracting the para-statistical metadata equal to the maximum level of sub-atomic exotic particles, then acting under the assumption that in the event of the self-intersection of cosmic strings triggered by inordinate radiation, there would exist somewhere an object that was both simultaneously larger than the entire universe and smaller than an atom, blatantly violating the Law of Conservation of Energy

    14. He could only tell by coordinating the sound with the motion of the player that this sound was coming from something which looked sort of like a long-stringed autoharp with a keyboard on it, but the keys were just painted on a chunk of wormy driftwood that covered the ends of the strings

    15. “The strings are made of metal,” Desa began, “And some of the highest denominations

    16. It has plastic strings, fixed pickups and roller pitch

    17. “Yes, but I pulled some strings to make it happen

    18. The yandrille was a decent piece of equipment, a large, creamy-white hand-held with twenty four strings, a fingerboard and quite a few pedals

    19. However, it still actually required the string as the start of it’s spectral generation, and with plastic strings the ring always missed that edge

    20. A small movement across the strings and green rivers of molten sound flowed down from the four pillars of the roof, while bass notes began rocking in red and green checkerboards on the floor

    21. The clouds rolled, sometimes filling the room, sometimes drifting in wispy filaments across the higher strings

    22. Or was she really trying to gently get him to loosen the strings? This was the third time she had been with Yarin, they got along well

    23. One could see it had glass strings, thirty six of them, so thin they would have been dangerous without the carbon fiber reinforcements that gave them a smokey appearance

    24. She didn't tell them she had started it, it started with a singing wind which she could do with one hand on the strings and the other on a couple knobs

    25. Desa used a few fingers of her hidden hand on the base strings with a string section patch gently in the background while Wuffs began swirling and twirling and hurling the lween, up into a silence [indoors or during Nightday, this is when the other spotlights come on] til he catches it and then she can use impact notes on the visible side, Leshar starts to play and the intro to HarvestHenge 151-13 is over

    26. She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven

    27. languages of the endless strings of nomads, but

    28. narrow due to the endless strings of parked

    29. shoulder and plucked a few strings

    30. said yes and I began plucking the strings of my guitar softly and

    31. When it snarled, strings of drool looped between teeth as long as knives

    32. He was a real playboy and he enjoyed the uncomplicated relationships he had, no strings attached

    33. But the city life comes with a lot of strings attached

    34. They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings: into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it

    35. A scrawny piebald dog ran across the village street it stopped and barked at us then barred its teeth growling whilst strings of spittle foamed at its mouth we kept it covered as it turned and ran off

    36. “Get me the fuck out of this wire its wrapped round me tighter than a Jock’s purse strings

    37. Some of the number strings represented the shield cut-off duration

    38. "Who's pulling your strings?" prompted Danny

    39. Is this not wonderful? Is there anything that could be easier to do and that would be more desirable to us as humans to obtain? It is not a difficult choice to make and there are no strings attached

    40. We saw the Indian muleteers again with their charges huge strings of mules loaded with supplies moving ever forward as on the opposite side of the road empty mule trains returned to the supply dumps to pick up more loads we could see that their bellies and legs were caked with the white chalky mud of this region

    41. Orion held the Harp of Souls to pluck the three strings again

    42. Adem knew a little about this theory from watching documentaries about tiny strings of energy smaller than protons and electrons that are believed to make up the universe

    43. Page after page featured adorable kittens batting at strings and showing off their fat fuzzy tummies, but nothing resembling my hiding, hissing kitten

    44. Their bodies moved as the wire moved making them look like they were still alive or like puppets with their strings cut

    45. “Do not flaunt your purse strings at me, Son of Odin,” Terese said, in a new state of calm

    46. She cut the strings and pulled a few leaves from a new bale of alfalfa hay

    47. Clearly Ray could still pull strings and fly beneath the radar of ordinary mortals

    48. Once Op14 had entered the strings of code imprinted on his mind, the unit enabled direct access to the monitor system

    49. On the decease of an important personage, slaves have to be sacrificed, guns and spears snapped, bow strings carefully cut, arrows split, and the odd utensils, such as plates, calabashes, &c, cracked; and thus the spirit of the departed native makes its exit in a manner befitting its rank, attended by the spirits of every needful commodity, from slaves to the deceased's ditty pipe

    50. buttons stayed unbuttoned, and the strings stayed untied

    1. I was an addict strung out on violence and Smiler’s dealing in opiate thuggery

    2. "The ship, which is as long as all the streets in Yoonbarla strung end to end, has about as much volume of air inside it as Knume's house, counting the store and still on the bottom floor

    3. Though it is my view that it is all part and parcel of the problem of being highly strung and expecting too much of yourself

    4. and along a strung out headland,

    5. strung out on adrenalin, head for home,

    6. ‘I’d heard that chestnut mares tend to be sprightly and highly strung – it’s clear she likes a challenge

    7. It was strung with bluebeans that were blooming just now

    8. There is a small area called Capo di Sorrento – a collection of hotels, small shops and private houses set amongst the olive and lemon groves strung along narrow roads leading off the main road towards the sea

    9. The homes were of generous size however and from the amount of laundry showing on the multiple floors of ropes strung across this small canal, probably heavily tenanted

    10. -Probably strung out on slap or something of that nature

    11. “That she was strung out?” Jorma asked

    12. Perhaps because they were the most he'd strung together in a personal account, since she'd met him

    13. Hipolyta and mother disentangled themselves from their rain hoods and boots and hung their clothes over a line in the kitchen which they'd strung for drying

    14. napkins and cigarette boxes strung out all over the living room

    15. At least part of it, the others letters were strung across a finely braided rug, in the middle of the floor

    16. Glitter covered the floor, the lockers were strung with green fluffy garland, light

    17. Buttworst had his camera strung around his neck, snapping pictures

    18. castles! Najac – strung out along a wooded ridge with its

    19. town strung out above the sparkling water

    20. towers and rooftops strung out along a ridge above the

    21. Nonik had roped it in and then strung vines around the ropes

    22. "I'm not real familiar with the keda he was using, but he's not so high strung that I couldn't get him pointed in the right direction and slowed down enough

    23. It had a pair of cables strung from bow to stern, providing a taut construction without adding weight

    24. jumble of information strung together

    25. the reality is more like a series of still images strung

    26. series of individual snap shots strung together to

    27. I put a pot of water on the range top and, when the water was warm enough, I washed and rinsed my clothes and hung them on a rope that was strung over the stove

    28. “I know things didn’t go exactly to plan the bloody Turks were ready for us and the bloody wire strung below the waterline and across the beach played havoc

    29. But what we didn’t know until we landed was that they had strung loads of it below the water line and that caught a lot of our lads out

    30. Bert and Frank set up a row of pickets and I put my angle irons on them then Pat and Nobby strung a fence of four strands right along the length

    31. though there was something of great value to him strung around it

    32. As I looked up at the parapet I could see rusty barbed wire strung out across the top and the usual smell of latrines, chloride of lime, sweat and decomposing bodies assaulted our sense of smell

    33. The tension caused by Abigail’s Bat Mitzvah was strung out like a wickedly sharp glinting thin steel wire across the boroughs

    34. If she was not careful, she might find herself strung up next to this fellow for reasons that had nothing to do with her past actions

    35. I could see his hands trembling as he read the banner strung across the front of the house

    36. He put his leg through the string, bent the bow against the back of his calf, and had it strung in a few seconds

    37. I woke her, but she was so strung out that I could hardly understand a word she said

    38. Not some disrespectful, derelict living by Mommy’s donations and strung out on drugs

    39. Tall, rusty lamp standards were strung out around the edge

    40. “You’re going to love this! There was this skinny little woman, all strung out on crack, living on the beach down from the hotel towards town

    41. They had touched each other with thin threads I had strung between them

    42. He returned in a few minutes with a length of rope that he strung across the room and then draped with a sheet to screen the bed from the rest of the room

    43. In front of me is a chain-link fence with barbed wire strung along the top

    44. I know that change is difficult, and comes slowly, and that it is the work of many days strung together in a long line until the origin of them is forgotten

    45. If he got caught, his body would be found in pieces strung across the state

    46. He admitted they did not, but pointed out that it was not yet apparent to them just how many of us there were since we were fairly strung out

    47. With the three of them strung out like that we get a good coverage of telepathic scanning, allowing us to detect the Magi and their troops long before they see us

    48. The bulk of their forces should be bunched together, not strung out for several li, so that any such attack could be repulsed with ease

    49. There were only about a thousand of them strung along this river

    50. thread on which all the states of mind are strung

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    Synonyms for "string"

    bowed stringed instrument string chain strand drawing string drawstring twine train cosmic string string up draw thread string along series succession procession cycle cord yarn line filament tassel

    "string" definitions

    a lightweight cord

    stringed instruments that are played with a bow

    a tightly stretched cord of wire or gut, as a part of an instrument or a tennis racket

    a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding

    a linear sequence (as of characters, words, proteins, etc.)

    a tie consisting of a cord that goes through a seam around an opening

    a tough piece of fiber in vegetables, meat, or other food (especially the tough fibers connecting the two halves of a bean pod)

    (cosmology) a hypothetical one-dimensional subatomic particle having a concentration of energy and the dynamic properties of a flexible loop

    a collection of objects threaded on a single strand

    a necklace made by stringing objects together

    thread on or as if on a string

    add as if on a string

    move or come along

    stretch out or arrange like a string

    string together; tie or fasten with a string

    remove the stringy parts of

    provide with strings