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  1. North end to dwell in.
  2. This is where you dwell.
  3. That is where you dwell.
  4. You are to dwell among the.
  5. So we dwell on what we have.

  6. A city where we’d all dwell.
  7. He decided not to dwell on it.
  8. Ennui can in the country dwell.
  9. Best not to dwell on the past.
  10. He asked to dwell within a town1.
  11. But he that means to dwell therein.
  12. But he had no time to dwell on it.
  13. Who shall dwell in thy holy hill?
  14. There will I dwell my soul to save.
  15. Attracts the animals to dwell in it.

  16. Stir up the gifts that dwell in you.
  17. And all My beloved shall dwell in it.
  18. You dwell in the high and holy place.
  19. He will dwell on high, his place of.
  20. I tried not to dwell on it too much.
  21. That it may dwell with thee at last!.
  22. You shouldn’t dwell on the past.
  23. At the moment, he chose not to dwell.
  24. I don't dwell on the thought for long.
  25. He must not dwell on his lamentations.

  26. That is why we rest and dwell in the.
  27. I do not intend to dwell long on Texas.
  28. I would not dwell upon them if I could.
  29. That such distinctions only dwell below.
  30. You did not dwell on Stalin’s terror.
  31. The owl and the raven shall dwell in it.
  32. She had plenty of time to dwell on Alan.
  33. Those pagan tribes that now there dwell.
  34. Sue seemed to dwell much on the subject.
  35. It is the wicked who cannot dwell in them.
  36. It was not always dry land where we dwell.
  37. And in a place with hugs and praises dwell.
  38. Zebulun will dwell at the haven of the sea.
  39. You live in this, and dwell in lovers' eyes.
  40. Completely I dwell in the House of the Lord.
  41. Therefore, rejoice, you that dwell in heaven.
  42. His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven.
  43. I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
  44. A dwell is a little brother to a dip, which.
  45. And that I may dwell in the house of the Lord.
  46. See also: Dwell, Dwell On, Inhabiters of the.
  47. That in thy face sweet love should ever dwell:.
  48. Therefore, rejoice, you that dwell within heaven.
  49. Whose son is he? And whereabout does he dwell?
  50. Why dwell on horrors that might have occurred?
  51. This place is far from where the humans dwell.
  52. Art guardian of the humblest homes, where dwell.
  53. But these are subjects on which I will not dwell.
  54. But Fred has the good taste not to dwell on that.
  55. How can that be when the Three dwell with in me?
  56. With the results of their deeds they shall dwell.
  57. Enter the gates of Hell, to dwell therein forever.
  58. Therefore, rejoice , you that dwell within heaven.
  59. Let those who dwell about Sion come, and remember.
  60. He shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
  62. Reader, it is not pleasant to dwell on these details.
  63. And I will dwell in the house of YaHuWaH, forever.
  64. Jesus saw his house burning with all that dwell in it.
  65. He wanted to build a great house for God to dwell in.
  66. We will dwell in His house (heaven) for all eternity.
  67. Look deep within, to see whether or not I dwell there.
  68. All of these virtues dwell only in those worshippers.
  69. My presence coming to dwell within you, says The Lord.
  70. Dwell here and rule us, amid the flowers and the palms.
  71. Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire? who.
  72. Let us now dwell on the problem, eh? he suggested.
  73. God tells us not to dwell on the things that are visible.
  74. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.
  75. None of them could dwell in Heaven or in Hell for they.
  76. Revelation 11:10 Tormented them that dwell on the earth.
  77. I will not dwell on Naumann's jokes at the expense of Mr.
  78. Let us dwell on the fact that a whole sleep yet remains.
  79. Heaven is where my love and I’ll dwell by God’s grace.
  80. Dwell on your past memories to take you to another place.
  81. Well, there's no need for me to dwell on that part of it.
  82. It didn't do well to dwell on things they couldn't change.
  83. As on the green, rather than home, he preferred to dwell!.
  84. Revelation 11:10: Tormented them that dwell on the earth.
  85. Except to the path of Hell, where they will dwell forever.
  86. It would be a waste of time to dwell long on such a point.
  87. In my hope that the souls of Lakhan and Saroj dwell forever.
  88. Shall he be king and enter into the City and dwell there?'.
  89. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell in us as believers, from the.
  90. He didn’t want to dwell on the topic, lest it arouse her.
  91. Come and dwell within me so that my baseness will be stifled.
  92. That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my.
  93. When I felt myself begin to dwell on all the misery that had.
  94. I won’t dwell on many of the details that led me to these.
  95. And yes, you can learn to dwell there and direct your destiny.
  96. He did not feel inclined to dwell for long on the attributes.
  97. I made up my mind to ask her that in my heart she should dwell.
  98. Let us not dwell on the fact that our time together is ending.
  99. Likewise you husbands, dwell with them, according to knowledge.
  100. There is one strange thing, do you know it? I dwell in the night.
  1. I was dwelling on my generosity.
  2. I had imagined a modest dwelling.
  3. Not so with our isolated dwelling.
  4. Come, sleep in my dwelling tonight.
  5. I spent little time in his dwelling.
  6. This showed respect for our dwelling.
  7. I would’ve been the dwelling carved.
  8. His body is henceforth a mere dwelling.
  9. You need to avoid dwelling on anything.
  10. This reflection is a dumb dwelling place.
  11. What a terrible dwelling for the arrogant.
  12. The agents cautiously entered the dwelling.
  13. Nor would he spend his time dwelling on it.
  14. Dwelling in union with The Messiah, forever.
  15. I understand his dwelling place is here.
  16. It is the dwelling of a datu and his family.
  17. There was no sense in dwelling on the issue.
  18. Grandpa's back is to the rear of the dwelling.
  19. Kartha climbed up into the roof of the dwelling.
  20. On his return to the humble dwelling, which he.
  21. It was a terraced dwelling entered by an archway.
  22. Heaven is a real place with real dwelling places.
  23. They had the treasure of Christ, dwelling within.
  24. If Christ is dwelling within us, and we have the.
  25. Dwelling on negative thoughts (hatred, anger, etc.
  26. Benthic dwelling organisms can live on or in the.
  27. He is then dwelling in the shadow of the Almighty.
  28. All are reflections form the light dwelling in God.
  29. But constructions that can attest the dwelling of.
  30. What makes you think He is dwelling in you and you.
  31. He does this through the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.
  32. Some built makeshift dwelling places, few surviving.
  33. The farm had a dwelling and a bunch of outbuildings.
  34. It will not leave the dwelling where it has settled.
  35. It is time to stop dwelling on the past and move on.
  36. Then a dwelling place was assigned her in the heavens.
  37. The body is a mere garment, a dwelling for the Soul.
  38. When I approached the dwelling, I heard the same song.
  39. This sort of dwelling is not usually occupied at night.
  40. He tumbled back into the reality of the village dwelling.
  41. When illustrious could have been in large cities dwelling.
  42. Dwelling too long on her father would not bring him back.
  43. In Acts 2: 5-18 we read: — And there were dwelling at.
  44. Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.
  45. Barbegs believe it is the dwelling place of their ancestors.
  46. So his spirit man, dwelling inside him, energises his body.
  47. Dwelling on the negatives often adds to our stress and takes.
  48. That is: you, human, are dwelling and living in this homeland.
  49. Only one thing captivated him and gave him security: dwelling.
  50. M: Where is the dwelling place of truth where you could go in.
  51. He has felt an influence dwelling always upon him like a curse.
  52. God knows what it is dwelling within me now—it is not myself.
  53. That is, and you, man, are dwelling and living in this home-land.
  54. These are the inhabitants of the Fire, dwelling therein forever.
  55. And she does not waste time with regrets or dwelling on the past.
  56. Then he kissed her, long and dwelling without releasing her gaze.
  57. However, she thought it was no time to be dwelling on such things.
  58. It is a grey noise, driving out the hope he has been dwelling in.
  59. But I wasn’t paying attention; I was dwelling on my generosity.
  60. It is a humble dwelling, but it is a comfortable living space.
  61. Casaubon has always avoided dwelling on his own honorable actions.
  62. You are looking toward the future instead of dwelling on the past.
  63. I asked around and was finally directed to my sister’s dwelling.
  64. Heaven is a real place with real dwelling places for a real you.
  65. Yogi know the essence of the Soul dwelling in their heart, but.
  66. It was a corresponding end of terrace dwelling identical to theirs.
  67. The inner richness of Christ, dwelling within us, is what makes us.
  68. Adam in his purist form symbolizes God dwelling in an original man.
  69. These-their dwelling is the Fire-on account of what they used to do.
  70. When they reached their dwelling places, Nangong Ping was glad that.
  71. They learned that the flat was categorised as an unfurnished dwelling.
  72. His dwelling is neither in heaven nor earth, but in the heart of man.
  73. True love will rule his life and he is dwelling in the presence of God.
  74. Many of them accordingly repented and their dwelling was in the tower.
  75. The Lord instructed several devotees that He was dwelling in the form.
  76. Two soldiers crossed the yard with me, to the Commandant’s dwelling.
  77. You were dwelling upon the sadness and horror and useless waste of life.
  78. And his dwelling place will be hell fire where he will abide in forever.
  79. The Soul dwelling in the sphere of the heart is even closer than one’s.
  80. He could see only one expansive suite on the second floor of the dwelling.
  81. There was a dwelling at the end of the pathway, not much more than a hovel.
  82. They don’t know the reality of Christ dwelling in their hearts by faith.
  83. As you know a well-designed dwelling contributes to the quality of living.
  84. And the dwelling of such as bear the names of the virgins is in the tower.
  85. Indeed by the late twentieth century, the dwelling became a white elephant.
  86. The locality was spoken of as though it had been the dwelling of a hangman.
  87. Instead of dwelling on these fears, focus on what you intend to accomplish.
  88. This way they won't have to compete with the top dwelling species for the.
  89. When he opened the door to the small dwelling, he saw the house was sparse.
  90. As the dwelling buildings are concerned, we noticed for the territories of.
  91. Dwelling on the negative can sometimes create just as much negative as the.
  92. They listened to the crashes and raised voices from within the tiny dwelling.
  93. Truly I say to you, dwelling homes have been prepared and they are all ready.
  94. Most High God, dwelling within their midst, yet they spent most of that time.
  95. But I don't think the returns should be a dwelling point, at least not for me.
  96. The faded and peeling floral wallpaper hinted of happier days in the dwelling.
  97. Lovern waited outside the door to our dwelling, his eyes filled with questions.
  98. But still it is the same limited I dwelling in the same limited universe.
  99. The Gardens of Perpetuity, beneath which rivers flow, dwelling therein forever.
  100. I want to change the circumstances of my dwelling by infusing it with more life.
  1. But his thoughts dwelled on the man.
  2. I’ve dwelled on this verse many times.
  3. Gone were those who had dwelled in the land.
  4. The Holy Spirit dwelled within her no more.
  5. Had she dwelled on it too much near Knoxville, she.
  6. Her thoughts dwelled at the room just down the hall.
  8. Edward respected that and dwelled no further on the matter.
  9. And he that keeps his commandments dwelled in him, and he in him.
  10. The belief caused so much hate for him that she sometimes dwelled.
  11. Before time began, our makers dwelled on another planet, far away.
  12. Now, his soul forever dwelled in the eternal dark despair of winter.
  13. Butterfield dwelled for a moment on the man on the street, the average American.
  14. A chill crept up his spine as he dwelled on their squirmy bodies and vicious fangs.
  15. The legends tell us of small animals which once dwelled in herds on the fire plains.
  16. Or maybe it was a single wood: the dark place where the things they feared most dwelled.
  17. The spirit of the Lord then dwelled into the two witnesses in vibrant form to hand back life.
  18. No! How was this possible? I checked her diaper again, and again there dwelled the smelly reason.
  19. For the actress it would cause but a wry smile as she dwelled upon what she dreamt of last night.
  20. His mind betrayed him most; the space in his thoughts where Ralph’s presence dwelled lay empty.
  21. During which the sword shone as bright as the star in response to the strength that dwelled in his body.
  22. The bitterness roiled in my stomach as I dwelled on it, and I found myself growing angry at Jeremy again.
  23. When The Spiritual Son placed His royal blueprint on The Son of Man, The Son dwelled with us in human form.
  24. For the Spirit of Christ dwelled among many, and unless one’s flesh came out, we continued in one accord.
  25. Sighing, Darek regretted it, and the more he dwelled on this regret, the more he came to regret everything he had done.
  26. He never dwelled on missed opportunities because something else—even the same thing later on—would always come along.
  27. It was very weird to think how Nolan dwelled in this reality now; he would be unaware of her pressence this she was sure of.
  28. So following the Path before him he walked over, knowing that he had protection by a higher one than any who dwelled in Aion.
  29. If he dwelled on the possibility that his parents were dead, he would probably end up sinking to the bottom of the sea in despair.
  30. The Lammas Lord pushed his way through a pile of broken stones at the side of the hall where the autumn-cycle tapestry had once dwelled.
  31. And as she dwelled upon their love triangle, she had a sneaking feeling that her lover could be craving her more than his better half even.
  32. Colossians 1:19, John 14:10, 1John 5:1, Luke 22:70 For 30 years, The Messiah dwelled on earth as the royal Jew and as The Royal Son unrecognized.
  33. She shoved her private thoughts and fears to the side and concentrated more on what Salanicus was saying in terms of the galaxy that she now dwelled in.
  34. But the longer he dwelled upon them the more clearly it seemed that they could be realized if he was willing to take chances and to risk his life's savings.
  35. He traveled both geographically and horologically, spreading his research through time in order to get a feel of the history of the beings that dwelled there.
  36. Our Master Adam (cpth) and his wife sank in that spiritual bliss and dwelled in it, and they were then in a state different from the material state we are living in now.
  37. He raised his head slowly and peered at them through cascading blood and water, his face empty and unreadable but in that emptiness dwelled a supreme and sickening evil.
  38. It was a convenient and practical way of insuring that the tower was always occupied, and that all who dwelled or worked within it, were safe, secured, and available when needed.
  39. Too many times, leaders and nations have dwelled in the past, which has handicapped the immense potential of the present, instead of using knowledge of the past advantageously towards the future.
  40. Look at these cities! Who has ruled them? Who has dwelled in them? Where are those who have lived before you? Shall you remain forever? "So that you may": know, if you think, and realize that after this life you will.
  41. He mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes, reflecting that though he’d been preoccupied by thoughts of Maria since they’d first met, those thoughts didn’t compare to the almost obsessive way he dwelled on her now.
  42. You were rewarded for exploring their world, earning grander prizes the more levels you mastered, the longer you dwelled there the more suggestion you exposed yourself to, and everything you saw was branded with the game's ID into yours.
  43. The animal man that dwelled in him not only raised his head, but crushed under foot the spiritual man that he was when he first arrived at the manor, and was even this very morning in church, and that terrible animal man now held sway in his soul.
  44. As he dwelled on the matter, searching the recesses of his mind for who could have been behind the attack, his anger and rage grew stronger though he knew he had to harness those emotions if he were to contribute anything positive and useful to the investigation.
  45. They dwelled upon her matchless beauty, and on her noble resolution, without the taint of envy, and as angels may be thought to delight in a superior excellence; adding, that these endowments should prove more than equivalent for any little imperfection in her education.
  46. There’s hope for me yet! says Etienne, and laughs, and Marie-Laure is reminded that her great-uncle was not always so fearful, that he had a life before this war and before the last one too; that he was once a young man who dwelled in the world and loved it as she does.
  47. He wondered how he was going to react to the loss of Shinvei? Would he soon long for someone as awesome as her again? Would Luray soon grow tired of his poverty and lack of culture? It was a two and a half mile walk home along some upper paths, beautifully scenic in the glowing hour of sunset, but he hardly noticed as he dwelled on these thoughts.
  48. The spirits of our Master Adam and his wife (PH) surrounded their two noble bodies so that their enjoyment of this lower life was spiritual, and the fruit was not to enter into their bellies as such matter requires digestion and doing effort It is not meant by the word 'Paradise' what may come to someone's mind of the concept that our Master Adam (cpth) dwelled at first, at a high place in the heavens, then Al'lah caused him to descend to the earth we are living on now, for the course of the verses disproves such a matter and this conception does not agree with the reality at all.
  49. So, if man sets examples for himself from those who have lived before him of his parents, relatives and his forefathers, and acquaints his spirit with those who have dwelled in their dwellings, then he informs it about death and its awe, the grave and its loneliness, and repeats such lesson to it daily, there, it will fear and stop indulging in loving this world and turning to it, then it will seriously seek to know the Provider Who looks after it, where the spirit's efforts gather with that of the thought which acts dashingly and searches earnestly, and it keeps comparing and contrasting, disuniting and assembling, asking itself by itself and answering until it reaches deciding the existing of the Great Creator who has created everything, then he continues researching till he comes to believe that He, the Almighty, is the Supporter Provider who provides the creatures and supplies them with their needs without forgetting them a twinkling of an eye.
  1. This man now dwells in.
  2. Dwells not within my soul.
  3. But faith dwells on the.
  4. God dwells in the mountains.
  5. In this elvish heath dwells.
  6. The Holy Spirit dwells in man.
  7. God dwells in the heights of.
  8. He dwells on a great mountain.
  9. Krishn now dwells upon this :.
  10. Spirit, who dwells and works all there.
  11. Self, and dwells in the Supreme Spirit.
  12. Says He, who dwells in the midst of you.
  13. Of my inner being that dwells in the heart.
  14. Although he dwells in the Supreme Being he.
  15. Soul that dwells in the incommunicable essence.
  16. Conform the shell to that which dwells within.
  17. The church is the house of God; he dwells there.
  18. And the fullness of The Tree dwells within them.
  19. He is untainted because he dwells in the essence.
  20. And ends with the house in which My servant dwells.
  21. You don't even know what dwells on the other side.
  22. Hereafter, Krishn dwells upon the lot of those who.
  23. He dwells in the identical Supreme Spirit and so he.
  24. The Holy Spirit lives and dwells in our human spirits.
  25. For where the Lord dwells there is much understanding.
  26. Cloud the clear heaven that dwells in thy bright eyes;.
  27. Yet, however, he dwells in his earnest devotee and that.
  28. And Joel observes that God dwells in His Holy Mountain;.
  29. Therefore God of a truth dwells in us as in an habitation.
  30. Now this patience dwells with those who have complete faith.
  31. For the Lord dwells in long-suffering but the devil in anger.
  32. Our God dwells here, and His spirit has come to rest upon us.
  33. Where Heaven meets the earth and The Eternal dwells with men.
  34. Skhanda dwells in the unborn Atman where Shiva himself resides.
  35. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide.
  36. The Eternal Witness to vice and virtue dwells within man's heart.
  37. The conduct- the way of life - of the sage who dwells in the ul-.
  38. His conscience—the God that dwells within him—will decide that.
  39. For what is there on the tenth Heaven since the Lord dwells there?
  40. For what is there on the tenth Heaven, since the Lord dwells there?
  41. When the mind (Brahma) dwells in celestial radiance, the whole being.
  42. God dwells inextricably in the heart of the man who rests in his own.
  43. For if you be patient the Holy Spirit that dwells in you will be pure.
  44. Arjun was exhorted earlier to seek refuge in the God that dwells in the.
  45. She rode with the king and was sorely hurt, and dwells now in my keeping.
  46. This life of the Spirit that dwells within will resurrect our mortal body.
  47. But there is some dark terror that dwells in the passes above Minas Morgul.
  48. You are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you.
  49. And here, in the country, an honest educated official, or noble family dwells.
  50. But the soul of man is distinct from the divine spirit which dwells within the mind.
  51. Make your appeals directly to the divine spirit that dwells within the minds of men.
  52. I have a saying that I love: Everything we seek as humans dwells within.
  53. Psalms 91:1,2: He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of.
  54. As we get in and let the river carry us, it will take us to the place where Jesus dwells.
  55. When the word of God dwells richly in your heart, it places tremendous power in your mouth.
  56. It is you that will be saved, not a deathless soul that dwells in you unto your death.
  57. You see then that patience is sweeter than honey and useful to God and the Lord dwells in it.
  58. Why do I make such a point of this? I do it because in Christ alone "all fulness dwells" (Col.
  59. God is farthest from us and at the same time nearest to us in that he dwells within our souls.
  60. But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you.
  61. A good power dwells its tranquility by its uniform thinking path profiled by the Lord’s spirit.
  62. But when you are weak, then you are as strong as the sky and the earth and all that dwells within it.
  63. He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
  64. The seeker of experiences that dwells inside me has been severely punished for her untamed curiosity.
  65. That was Thog, the Ancient, the god of Xuthal, who dwells in the sunken dome in the center of the city.
  66. To know: to witness and to see, as when God says: Al’lah is well-knowing of that which dwells in chests.
  67. The dead spirit of the wife of one of the elders dwells in Jemelda, or so Annyeke tells me and so I believe.
  68. When one repeatedly dwells on the futility of some disparaging situation, negative emotional energy is wasted.
  69. The Lord is our ruler, shelter, and supreme controller, and his primeval spirit dwells within the mortal soul.
  70. Live in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, and be led by THE HOLY SPIRIT, for THE HOLY SPIRIT dwells in a Christian.
  71. This Love, that now dwells in me, is conquering every fault and defect that it took those almost sixty years to build.
  72. I know his shade dwells in the Isles of the Blessed, hunting stags and wolves and lions alongside our most noble heroes.
  73. In fact, towards the end of The Big House, Colt dwells on five relatives trying to keep the summer cottage in the family.
  74. The ideal that influences mankind is not an ingenious invention; it is something that dwells in the soul of each individual.
  75. If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no longer bondslaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the spirit.
  76. A place beyond space and time where eternity dwells and life has no end, where light takes its form and goodness is revealed.
  77. For when all these spirits dwell in one vessel in which the Holy Spirit also dwells the vessel cannot contain them but overflows.
  78. The Lord dwells in men that love peace because He loved peace; but from the contentious and the utterly wicked He is far distant.
  79. Go, and may the Spirit of the Creator that dwells even now within you, comfort and strengthen you for the tasks I have set for you.
  80. In the pericarp of this Chakra there is a beautiful triangle in which the sleeping Kundalini of the form of a coiled-up serpent dwells.
  81. Attend therefore and refrain from this thought; for where purity dwells there iniquity ought not to enter the heart of a righteous man.
  82. Thus by your faith and the spirit's transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his spirit actually dwells within you.
  83. I have experienced so much death and destruction in the last twenty-four hours that little else but an unsettling emptiness dwells in me.
  84. Wherefore remove grief from you and crush not the Holy Spirit which dwells in you lest he entreat God against you and he withdraw from you.
  85. Forming a union with the spirit of man, He dwells in the body as in a 'temple,’ and recreates the character in the image of the God of Love.
  86. This door reveals the way which leads towards the centre where dwells the one whose name cannot be heard within the confines of our solar sphere.
  87. That’s right: Beth Israel, at present, still relies on a single, ancient, diesel-powered afterthought that dwells in an annex to the boiler room.
  88. A pearly blur settled over them, and a light sifted of all glare, of everything unkindly and searching that dwells in the splendour of unveiled skies.
  89. They always oppose the messenger, Mohammad (cpth), due to the lusts that exist in their spirits, and the love of this world that dwells in their hearts.
  90. Of the civilized races of the Thurian Continent, a remnant of one of the non-Valusian nations dwells among the low mountains of the southeast—the Zhemri.
  91. But the fatal significance of the general conscription, as the manifestation of that contradiction which dwells in the social life-conception, lies not in this.
  92. Even the Spirit of Truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it sees him not, neither knows him: but ye know him; for he dwells with you, and shall be in you.
  93. Only the spirit that dwells within you may move you to the utterance of those petitions which are expressive of your inner relationship with the Father of spirits.
  94. The dragon state of existence dwells in an abyss under the floor of the red sea in dark shapeless environment showing his punishment upon the imperfection of mankind.
  95. How to cut off all connections with the Dark Side, "seal the door which evil dwells" so that they could not attract her into bad ways again and become independant and.
  96. Men say that he has opposed Thoth-Amon, who is the master of all priests of Set, and dwells in Luxur, and that Thutothmes seeks hidden power to overthrow the Great One.
  97. But the spirit which dwells in those little creatures, whom you love so well, shall outlive them all, and whether in happiness or misery (to speak as a man) will depend on you.
  98. While they perched on a treelimb, the coyote walked beneath them, howling that truth dwells within the coyote's trickster medicine, the paradox of wise sage and foolish prankster.
  99. A big key here is to always remember that you are a spiritual child of God who is one with the Spirit/nature of God, that has a soul, dwells in a temporary body, and is dead to sin.
  100. God who dwells in the heavens and made out of nothing the things that exist and multiplied and increased them on account of His holy Church is angry with you for having sinned against me.

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