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House in a sentence | house example sentences

  1. He came to my house.
  2. The House By the Sea.
  3. No food in the house.
  4. The man in the house.
  5. He could see the house.

  6. We walked to the house.
  7. In the house with Mom.
  8. The House On The Hill.
  9. I took her to my house.
  10. We waited in the house.
  11. I won the house, so I.
  12. The house was on fire!.
  13. Our house is your house.
  14. The house was too still.
  15. There was a house there.

  16. Today, her house is gone.
  17. Moving into a New House.
  18. I drive past the house.
  19. I ran to Roman’s house.
  21. It was left at the house.
  22. We returned to the house.
  23. She headed for the house.
  24. So he finished the house.
  25. God, and toward his house.

  26. A very old house dating.
  27. So, we scout the house.
  28. Holed up in a safe house.
  29. Let’s go into the house.
  30. The house is in good nick.
  31. Glares at the house a beat.
  32. Eric had a beautiful house.
  33. The cannot rule the house.
  34. It shall enter the house.
  35. Is she in the house?
  36. Gotten it out of the house.
  37. The house was crowded, too.
  38. Outside the house, that is.
  39. As he neared the house, a.
  40. Invite them to your house.
  41. It was dark inside the house.
  42. Subject: Moths in the House.
  43. We walked out of Ali's house.
  44. He called me from the house.
  45. So, Aunty, about the house.
  46. I chased him out of my house.
  47. He glares at the house a beat.
  48. Buy Irma a house on the beach.
  49. We are in my parents’ house.
  50. There was light in the house.
  51. I am the way to the house nor.
  52. Rex knew the house, and the.
  53. It was the height of a house.
  54. The glory of the last house.
  55. I couldnt believe the house.
  56. Let the house of Jacob adore.
  57. He might yet be in the house.
  58. I have eyes in Sammy's house.
  59. No, her house is too small.
  60. We’ve got the house sealed.
  61. Come by here, or the house.
  62. No Vietnamese in this house.
  63. Then the master of the house.
  64. Calras stood outside the house.
  65. Memoirs of the House of David.
  66. Jayson points toward the house.
  67. Jayson glares toward the house.
  68. I’ll swing by the house on.
  69. After all, it is only a house.
  70. Otherwise the house was quiet.
  71. I have a house full of people.
  72. Needed to get out of the house.
  73. Jayson came by the house after.
  74. I mean, if he buys this house.
  75. None of the house guards have.
  76. Father has a small house there.
  77. The house was a treasure trove.
  78. Jake took her back to the house.
  79. The ship hovered over the house.
  80. I reached Ishaan's house at 7 p.
  81. City purchased the coffee house.
  82. No one lives in that house Mom.
  83. O house of Judah, and house of.
  84. Which house is yours exactly?
  85. It was MONDAY we cleaned house.
  86. McCougall wanted to buy a house.
  87. Kelsey's arrival at Clive House.
  88. Doctor C house called, cutting.
  89. My house was the last to be hit.
  90. I need to get back to the house.
  91. The house was eerily quiet again.
  92. The house was white with black.
  93. A bigger house on a higher hill.
  94. Solomon made also an house for.
  95. Taktor went back up to his house.
  96. If that house could only speak!.
  97. Each of them wants to buy a house.
  98. Then nathan departed to his house.
  99. He set off towards the main house.
  100. Trey was entering Dena’s house.
  1. The top housing is 148mm.
  2. And I mean real public housing.
  3. Section Eight Housing, 169, 369.
  4. One nice thing here is cheap housing.
  5. What about the social housing?
  6. The housing bubble is a case in point.
  7. The crowded, inhumane housing and ill.
  8. You see those congregated housing units.
  9. Smooth each housing with a chisel or rasp.
  10. It was about your mum’s housing problem.
  11. The housing market is in serious disrepair.
  12. Plastic containers used as housing for the.
  13. The next day, the housing authority called.
  14. What is the result today? Expensive housing.
  15. Housing Bubble and the crisis that followed.
  16. However, when the county housing authority.
  17. They were denied food and housing assistance.
  18. This is the only church – housing for all.
  19. Housing Unit Jake The Snake giggled to himself.
  20. New River and across the grass to the housing.
  21. He was the only low-income housing builder in.
  22. The entertainment and housing markets aren’t.
  23. The economy will not change until housing grows.
  24. I saw the rifle extended through the bell housing.
  25. He had researched housing policy in another state.
  26. He may set up separate housing for the added 155.
  27. They were passing the warehouse housing the extras.
  28. See also Housing bubble during the panic of 2008.
  29. There was no person visible of our housing society.
  30. This delay and over-fuelling of the housing market.
  31. Infra-red cameras had been set up above the housing.
  32. But the state provides housing and basic necessities.
  33. Chugs to provide his family basic food, housing, and.
  34. What he read had nothing to do with housing vampires.
  35. His men were cold and needed housing, horses stabling.
  36. Student housing or rooms rented with roommates create.
  37. You have to realize that income growth drives housing.
  38. This cover expresses skepticism about the housing boom.
  39. FHA is a branch of the Department of Housing and Urban.
  40. Anyhow, I’ve already paid for housing over the break.
  41. Tall Housing for a Microwave & Single Oven Installation.
  42. They’re sitting right on the edge of a housing estate.
  43. An example of such a bubble was the housing speculation.
  44. Now, let’s talk about this housing idea, shall we?’.
  45. It then washed into a housing estate, tearing the first.
  46. The screen went blank and retracted back into its housing.
  47. Poultry farms housing egg producing chickens have no need.
  48. Most investors have heard of Housing and Urban Development.
  49. Try to get living family’s better housing? Jobs? Fuck it.
  50. He had been born and brought up on a council housing estate.
  51. They are working with traditional housing, childcare, and.
  52. Inside the housing unit itself is where he was going to be.
  53. He doesn’t understand the grown housing yet or care to.
  54. Our section had a maximum capacity of housing twenty animals.
  55. The desperado whipped his pistol out of its leather housing.
  56. The National Housing Bank (NHB) was established in 1988 to.
  57. Crew and high end housing and catering options are available.
  58. For example, I need to live close to my job and housing is.
  59. If you happen to live in a housing situation that promotes.
  60. The raising, training, feeding, housing, and racing of any.
  61. Basically, I could bet against housing and only pay 3% a year.
  62. It went through some difficult times after the housing crash.
  63. A very large housing commission estate was in the process of.
  64. They got distracted by the necessities of the housing office.
  65. If possible try to live for your first year in campus housing.
  66. Dad, it’s the direction of the forested area housing ‘the.
  67. Mya placed the housing over the hole and welded it to the ship.
  68. Directory of National Homeless & Housing Organizations, A list.
  69. And certainly no one paraded a cow’s head around the housing.
  70. On top of another Katsuya Corporation building which is housing.
  71. It was simply his way of getting food and housing for his family.
  72. The epidemic of poor people unable to afford any kind of housing.
  73. The cable end attached where the saw’s cable housing was, and.
  74. And the stench in the housing area could make a newcomer (human).
  75. Next, he pointed at a large, round housing under the rifle barrel.
  76. By 1957, the Carter family no longer had to live in public housing.
  77. The world does not need food, housing, or healthcare; it needs money.
  78. It took less than a minute to undo the four bolts on the disc housing.
  79. The barracks housing the flight crews were just behind that building.
  80. The skinny boy and his parents stayed in temporary housing in Otsuchi.
  81. What about housing, Brad? In what area of Michigan would my family.
  82. Moreover, housing has traditionally been the engine that pulled the U.
  83. She pressed … pressed … the key slowly rotated within the housing.
  84. But I have other considerations to bear in mind, like suitable housing.
  85. The first thing we wil need is a reception center for temporary housing.
  86. I look back at the oceanfront housing, at the endless stretch of beach.
  87. Above all this sat a little glass bubble housing and inside the bubble.
  88. And in terms of housing, she was working on a more important structure.
  89. The kids from the housing estate had given them a hard time that evening.
  90. In fact, housing prices accelerated their upward trend during that time.
  91. This represents an increase from 31% in 1970 to 89% of the housing stock.
  92. Benefit, which is a Social Security benefit paid by the Housing Executive.
  93. Ever since Tim had arrived the new arrival's had all had housing waiting.
  94. Related anomalies have been observed in equity, bond, and housing markets.
  95. That did not affect their positions for some years as the housing market.
  96. At the start of the road, near the housing areas, is this a school?
  97. Inside the housing unit it’s self is where he was going to be located.
  98. In addition, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) wasted.
  99. This should include some housing projects, and the name of some local gangs.
  100. The government provided housing and saw to every need of the working class.
  1. His barn had housed hun-.
  2. The cabinet housed an old.
  3. There was a room that housed.
  4. Well, more housed than taught.
  5. Homeless people are being housed.
  6. Section C housed 'the living dead'.
  7. The tomb was housed in an ornate.
  8. A massive marble fireplace housed.
  9. The Seven Gates now housed the dead.
  10. The tower housed a deep well of water.
  11. Penta Architects was also housed at.
  12. Stones of Power that is housed in each.
  13. Many cages housed two, even three cats.
  14. Initially the School was housed within.
  15. Housed inside STS, Hands on Achievement.
  16. Rex housed it in a special garage on the.
  17. Nobody was housed in those rooms, however.
  18. The bar housed the only generator in the.
  19. It was housed in an old building that was.
  20. The wal housed a number of stones that, just.
  21. The monastery once housed four thousand monks.
  22. The Plate housed the higher echelons of Shinra.
  23. Housed in the massive head was a small humanoid.
  24. This one building housed a variety of sizes to.
  25. Sergeants were not housed in the building and did.
  26. A livery stable and garage housed in one building.
  27. Stole the city crest that was housed in the castle.
  28. There are roughly 550 Siberian tigers housed in zoos.
  29. The letters are also housed in the Bancroft Library.
  30. The building that housed the students was humongous.
  31. There are only a few dozen individuals housed in zoos.
  32. What is that strange thing you’re housed in?
  33. Housed in the Zijper Museum, Schagerbrug, Netherlands.
  34. Lists that are housed and resold by multiple managers.
  35. It was massive and housed two stories of anti-chambers.
  36. Grafton street gay with housed awnings lured his senses.
  37. Broilers are housed for up to 7 weeks, before slaughter.
  38. There were no windows in the room that housed the cells.
  39. Each gate was pulled by winding gear housed at the dock.
  40. Abercom had replaced the plant and housed it in modern.
  41. The tiny round room at the top of the spire housed many.
  42. The speaker and the circuit can be housed inside a small.
  43. The basement also housed a sophisticated medical facility.
  44. The next island, a puddle jump, housed a big time hospital.
  45. Gary was being housed on the prison building’s top floor.
  46. Pippin found that Shadowfax had been well housed and tended.
  47. At its top was a fl at area that housed its guests, the dead.
  48. We stopped at the four-storey building that housed the Safir.
  49. We did find an empty box that probably housed that Dorje.
  50. He’s housed our visiting dignitaries and all the Committee.
  51. We’ve housed them in Little Hanting alongside the soldiers.
  52. Louie and Phil were taken into the hold and housed separately.
  53. The barrel housed eight arrows that could be fired repeatedly.
  54. Slaves and camel drivers were probably housed in this room.
  55. Some appliances are housed inside a unit whilst others are not.
  56. I think the younger children should be housed in the church.
  57. Hackensack main housed all the drops, counting, and pick up for.
  58. But once he was housed and dry he had taken his time on the boat.
  59. Someone who housed them, or gave them directions, or information.
  60. The soul is the imperishable element that is housed in a bodily.
  61. The main entrance door was closed and the velvet rope that housed.
  62. Is this the building that they are housed in? Ellanara asked.
  63. Venus approached the first circle in front of her, which housed Hans.
  64. They are being housed in the village too, there’s space enough.
  65. Guardians, and indeed housed a small infirmary, although he had not.
  66. To the sides of the slab were circles which housed the missing gods.
  67. She is housed at the Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, USA.
  68. Louie rarely crossed paths with Phil, who was housed far down the hall.
  69. The college was still housed in the same converted junior high school.
  70. I was vaguely aware of an entertainment center which housed multiple.
  71. The soul is the imperishable element that is housed in a bodily prison.
  72. It is now the museum wherein the Royal Jewels are housed and displayed.
  73. It was the Employee City where the crystal processing plant was housed.
  74. The inside of the cavern we had just breached housed about twelve men.
  75. They were then shown to the monks’ quarters and housed for the night.
  76. Housed in temporary camps, at least dry and warm, these poor villagers.
  77. My grandfather said that it was worse to kill the body that housed the.
  78. He bought the First National Bank building, which housed his local bank.
  79. All of the murderers housed here possessed no more than a couple of kills.
  80. The forest was formed of trees like the one which housed the strange web.
  81. Arthur housed his sword and walked into the hall, bringing us in with him.
  82. Who is housed in this cell? Iratus asked the guard, while pointing.
  83. The report on trivial damage is being housed in our underground warehouse.
  84. His new family were already housed in large quarters in the palace grounds.
  85. The twin continents: housed the most spoiled selfish living things on earth.
  86. Canopy hood – a more traditional look where the extractor is housed in an.
  87. Wear purse accessories such as a fanny pack which are housed on a waist belt.
  88. She scurried over to a panel on the wall which housed three, silver buttons.
  89. It housed a lion that had been presented to the king by a visiting potentate.
  90. The cab was at a light near a gas station and a brick building that housed a.
  91. By day, the towering building that housed the Maze loomed silent and lifeless.
  92. Normally, it housed people visiting the shrine of Saint Edward the Confessor.
  93. She turned her attention to the deep crevasse which housed her sister's naval.
  94. In his mind Rob was untouched by time and still housed that rebellious spirit.
  95. Housed in a building of its own, it powered a refrigeration unit and icemaker.
  96. What he was looking for were the sections that housed all the important goods.
  97. Immediately, he reached towards the huge cooler that housed his premium flowers.
  98. When he recovered, he was housed at Omori, sleeping in Bob Martindale’s bunk.
  99. It was housed in a concrete bunker about a hundred yards to the rear of the DB.
  100. Housed in the University at Madison is the La Follette School of Public Affairs.
  1. He went to the houses.
  2. I had seen their houses.
  3. Houses, and to carry it.
  4. The two houses are empty.
  5. Some of the houses were.
  6. Like all the other houses.
  7. It was crowded with houses.
  8. The drabness of the houses.
  9. They lived in finer houses.
  10. They live three houses away.
  11. One houses a lit-up panther.
  12. They went into these houses.
  13. It occurred in other houses.
  14. Have nothing in your houses.
  15. There were new houses, then.
  16. Taxes upon the Rent of Houses.
  17. VIII - The Houses of Healing.
  18. In the houses of almost all.
  19. I am not of the noble houses.
  20. All the houses are bungalows.
  21. He began painting houses as.
  22. Houses more are still to come.
  23. I see some houses up there.
  24. There were no houses in sight.
  25. The twelve houses of exactly.
  26. Houses and barns were burning.
  27. They won’t hit any houses.
  28. Very few houses were on this.
  29. Meade is just two houses away.
  30. There are some houses below.
  31. Not all the houses, just a few.
  32. Mar’ now houses the Maritime.
  33. There were fish houses out on.
  34. Observe the old Spanish houses.
  35. Chapter 8 The Houses of Healing.
  36. He sneaks into houses in secret.
  37. Big houses lined the river bank.
  38. A couple of publishing houses.
  39. Lots of the haunted houses are.
  40. Not all the houses are numbered.
  41. They have burned down our houses.
  42. This mirror houses the negative.
  43. Living a couple houses down the.
  44. Houses steamed like manure sheds.
  45. In 1916 they elected both houses.
  46. What would happen if houses are.
  47. They're burning their own houses.
  48. Nice houses around here though.
  49. The houses inside were mainly of.
  50. There were scattered houses here.
  51. A few houses dotted the landscape.
  52. I saw him at the ministers' houses.
  53. Of Messy Houses and Loving Hearts.
  54. It must be coming from the houses.
  55. Houses along the road looked empty.
  56. None of their houses were safe at.
  57. The wooden houses, quaint and brown.
  58. The bushes in front of the houses.
  59. What are houses? Houses are shells.
  60. I showed up to houses with no keys.
  61. Only dim silhouettes of old houses.
  62. There were beautiful houses lined.
  63. Additionally, the twelve houses or.
  64. Bloody big houses in this street.
  65. They must have houses in Outhenby.
  66. There were plenty of vacant houses.
  67. Not good for anything except houses.
  68. Horan builds foundations for houses.
  69. Myths and Facts of Flipping Houses.
  70. They tended to the meat smoke houses.
  71. Of farms and houses, cattle grazing?
  72. What dismal things are closed houses.
  73. The floor houses only the office of.
  74. It was used for houses of the undead.
  75. We build our straw houses and think.
  76. You don’t build houses on a bridge.
  77. All the peasants' houses were lit up.
  78. Houses would totally be ripped apart.
  79. The money, when rehabbing houses is.
  80. The houses were all completely empty.
  81. Advice from Investment Banking Houses.
  82. The dogs barked at the nearby houses.
  83. Perhaps, the residents of the houses.
  84. Who knew that rehabbing houses would.
  85. Most of the houses and buildings 212.
  86. The treasurer is two more houses down.
  87. You work hard building houses in town.
  88. Malphas: He can build Houses and High.
  89. We'd never have to build houses here.
  90. Torching houses was good for the soul.
  91. He was connected with the best houses.
  92. Lots of nice, old houses in the area.
  93. Helping out with any repairs on houses.
  94. And people leave their houses in haste.
  95. Many houses in this town, producing a.
  96. They are skipping the Christian houses.
  97. But no planes crash, no houses explode.
  98. Dwarf the delver, dark are his houses;.
  99. Rows of grimy houses with gaping doors.
  100. People came pouring out of their houses.

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