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House in a sentence

He came to my house.
No food in the house.
The House By the Sea.
The man in the house.
In the house with Mom.
We walked to the house.
He could see the house.

The house was on fire!.
I took her to my house.
We waited in the house.
The House On The Hill.
I won the house, so I.
Today, her house is gone.
Moving into a New House.
There was a house there.
Our house is your house.
I drive past the house.
The house was too still.
God, and toward his house.
So, we scout the house.
So he finished the house.
A very old house dating.
It was left at the house.
I ran to Roman’s house.
She headed for the house.
Holed up in a safe house.
We returned to the house.
The house is in good nick.
It shall enter the house.
Glares at the house a beat.
Eric had a beautiful house.
The cannot rule the house.
Let’s go into the house.
Outside the house, that is.
Invite them to your house.
The house was crowded, too.
As he neared the house, a.
Is she in the house?
Gotten it out of the house.
The top housing is 148mm.
And I mean real public housing.
Section Eight Housing, 169, 369.
One nice thing here is cheap housing.
What about the social housing?
The housing bubble is a case in point.
The crowded, inhumane housing and ill.
You see those congregated housing units.
Smooth each housing with a chisel or rasp.
It was about your mum’s housing problem.
The next day, the housing authority called.
Plastic containers used as housing for the.
The housing market is in serious disrepair.
Housing Bubble and the crisis that followed.
What is the result today? Expensive housing.
However, when the county housing authority.
They were denied food and housing assistance.
Housing Unit Jake The Snake giggled to himself.
New River and across the grass to the housing.
This is the only church – housing for all.
The entertainment and housing markets aren’t.
He was the only low-income housing builder in.
The economy will not change until housing grows.
He had researched housing policy in another state.
See also Housing bubble during the panic of 2008.
They were passing the warehouse housing the extras.
He may set up separate housing for the added 155.
I saw the rifle extended through the bell housing.
There was no person visible of our housing society.
Infra-red cameras had been set up above the housing.
This delay and over-fuelling of the housing market.
But the state provides housing and basic necessities.
What he read had nothing to do with housing vampires.
Chugs to provide his family basic food, housing, and.
His men were cold and needed housing, horses stabling.
This cover expresses skepticism about the housing boom.
Student housing or rooms rented with roommates create.
You have to realize that income growth drives housing.
FHA is a branch of the Department of Housing and Urban.
Anyhow, I’ve already paid for housing over the break.
His barn had housed hun-.
The cabinet housed an old.
There was a room that housed.
Well, more housed than taught.
Homeless people are being housed.
The tomb was housed in an ornate.
Section C housed 'the living dead'.
A massive marble fireplace housed.
The Seven Gates now housed the dead.
Penta Architects was also housed at.
The tower housed a deep well of water.
Stones of Power that is housed in each.
Initially the School was housed within.
Many cages housed two, even three cats.
Housed inside STS, Hands on Achievement.
Rex housed it in a special garage on the.
Nobody was housed in those rooms, however.
The bar housed the only generator in the.
It was housed in an old building that was.
The monastery once housed four thousand monks.
The wal housed a number of stones that, just.
The Plate housed the higher echelons of Shinra.
Housed in the massive head was a small humanoid.
This one building housed a variety of sizes to.
A livery stable and garage housed in one building.
Sergeants were not housed in the building and did.
Stole the city crest that was housed in the castle.
There are roughly 550 Siberian tigers housed in zoos.
The letters are also housed in the Bancroft Library.
The building that housed the students was humongous.
There are only a few dozen individuals housed in zoos.
What is that strange thing you’re housed in?
Housed in the Zijper Museum, Schagerbrug, Netherlands.
Lists that are housed and resold by multiple managers.
Broilers are housed for up to 7 weeks, before slaughter.
It was massive and housed two stories of anti-chambers.
Grafton street gay with housed awnings lured his senses.
There were no windows in the room that housed the cells.
The tiny round room at the top of the spire housed many.
Each gate was pulled by winding gear housed at the dock.
He went to the houses.
I had seen their houses.
Houses, and to carry it.
The two houses are empty.
Some of the houses were.
Like all the other houses.
The drabness of the houses.
They lived in finer houses.
It was crowded with houses.
It occurred in other houses.
One houses a lit-up panther.
They went into these houses.
They live three houses away.
Have nothing in your houses.
Houses more are still to come.
He began painting houses as.
All the houses are bungalows.
VIII - The Houses of Healing.
I am not of the noble houses.
There were new houses, then.
Taxes upon the Rent of Houses.
I see some houses up there.
In the houses of almost all.
They won’t hit any houses.
The twelve houses of exactly.
Houses and barns were burning.
Meade is just two houses away.
There are some houses below.
There were no houses in sight.
Very few houses were on this.
There were fish houses out on.
Mar’ now houses the Maritime.
Observe the old Spanish houses.
Not all the houses, just a few.
Chapter 8 The Houses of Healing.
Big houses lined the river bank.
Not all the houses are numbered.
Lots of the haunted houses are.
He sneaks into houses in secret.
A couple of publishing houses.

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