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Elegy in a sentence

1. To her an elegy composed.
2. A Satirical Elegy on the Death of a Late Famous General.
3. Elegy, Warner's Library of the World'sBest Literature, Vol.
4. There was a certain mood of elegy, those first few months after.
5. God is a spiritual being and created man according to his elegy.
6. I tried to find some instructive lines in the elegy 'On his Mistris' but.
7. José ZORRILLA (1817-1893) first won fame by the readingof an elegy at the burial of Larra.

8. Elegy: Young lost wine, a ruined kid with hell to pay, for being the child of a comic goat.
9. When I looked at it that way, I saw that Alice had been exactly correct: the myth was an elegy.
10. Then they played more, at the request of the guests,—first an elegy by Ernst, and then various other pieces.
11. This is the ending of the elegy of the 'Jeune Malade' by Andre Chenier, by Andre Chenier whose throat was cut by the ras.
12. It can properly be rendered the 'grave’ only where that word is taken, as in Gray's Elegy, to include the state of departed souls.
13. In some sense then, this myth is not just an elegy for preliterate consciousness, but also an elegy for decline of the Female Spirit.
14. Keith wonders if somewhere back in the Lamplighter family tree are some Slavs, because it calls to him, this elegy, if that’s what it is.
15. This was better than he'd ever imagined it could be, and he celebrated with a silent elegy to the Guardian of Blackness, who had made it all possible.
16. When Alice first suggested I look at the myth as an elegy about the end of a way of knowing fueled by the Female Spirit , it filled the holes in my understanding of the myth like water running into a rice field.
17. After the champagne toast on the day he took over the post, the old lion in retirement excused himself for speaking without getting up from the rocker, and he improvised a brief speech that seemed more like an elegy.
18. A child of Mme Laurent Lecoulteux, who, living at Lucienne, was often visited by André Chénier during his stay at Versailles in 1793, and sung by him under the name of Fanny; only a fragment of the elegy is here given.
19. The sky was heavy and dark; down from it swept incessantly scarcely visible drops of rain, and the melancholy elegy in nature all around me was emphasised by a couple of battered and misshapen willow-trees and a boat, bottom upwards, that was fastened to their roots.
20. Yet five minutes after she had passed the statue of Achilles she had the rapt look of one brushing through crowds on a summer's afternoon, when the trees are rustling, the wheels churning yellow, and the tumult of the present seems like an elegy for past youth and past summers, and there rose in her mind a curious sadness, as if time and eternity showed through skirts and waistcoasts, and she saw people passing tragically to destruction.

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