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    1. She is the richest person either one of us has ever laid eyes on, with the possible exception of the guy she was with

    2. I wouldn't put it past Venna to completely deny that she has ever laid eyes on me before even though she was the most tempestuous four Earth years my bed has ever experienced

    3. He laid His life down for you

    4. Usually the eggs are laid on the hosts that then drop to the ground

    5. Construction Sand (90%) and DE (10%) mixed together and laid down around the house 3 feet deep and 3 feet out from the house will prevent termites from moving into your house

    6. · The rules of Dharma have been laid down for regulating the worldly affairs of men

    7. The practitioner of laid down Dharma experiences peace, joy, strength and tranquility within himself

    8. Now he laid down an iron and spent a good part of the day in one every year or two

    9. ” Growing up in Puerto Rico/Miami, Lopez was heavily influenced by the fact that his mother grew her own fruits and vegetables and always used animal manure as fertilizer This organically based philosophy toward gardening techniques laid the foundation of Lopez beliefs and in 1972 he founded Astra’s Garden, based on something of a religion that subscribes to living in harmony with the environment: not polluting; treating all living plant life with respect; and, basically just listening to what the earth is telling us

    10. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

    11. He was laid off three months ago

    12. The artistry of the machine was good enough that she probably could use it to go to the surface and get laid if the shuttle was still here and the android had working sex organs

    13. And when Paul had laid hands on them, the Holy Spirit came upon

    14. I laid my hands upon her

    15. “And Moses came and called for the elders of the people, and laid before their faces all

    16. “And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his

    17. Someone had laid the body out respectfully, but it had drifted sideways

    18. The flashes from the quick welds it laid down lit up the debris like flares

    19. ‘Very much so, his hedges were always properly laid, even if he had to swear like a trooper at the younger men to achieve a proper result

    20. He nearly tore out two or three of the bundled connections he’d laid just trying to get out of it as fast as he could

    21. "I’m just checking what coordinates Timms laid in here

    22. Timms already laid in coordinates for the Algol-Mizar transit

    23. I tried to unravel time in some vain hope of stopping the days from ticking over into the new shift pattern, but the inevitable morning dawned with the usual sounds of boots on concrete, sliding locks and the dull metallic alarm of my breakfast tray being laid on the floor by my mattress

    24. His lounge is a comfortable room, laid out with a sofa and a couple of easy chairs at one end and a table, set for four, at the other

    25. He takes me into the front bedroom which he’s got laid out as an office with bookshelves and a computer, as well as an easy chair and a music centre in one corner

    26. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry

    27. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it

    28. Beyond the hedge and the ubiquitous, unforgiving, waist-high nettles, chunks of ballast gravel, sharp and stained, emited a slight haze of heat, baking the old timber sleepers laid a hundred years ago, counting off the miles between Blue Anchor and Watchett

    29. ‘James would have come but he’s been laid low by one of his attacks and can’t move, so I thought I’d come and see how you were doing

    30. Kara laid down the pen she had been using and gazed out of the window into the darkness of the night outside her bedroom window

    31. blissfully unaware of the plan, laid

    32. She also laid forth with every twist of invective an old sailor could come up with

    33. laid upon the ghost path of a life remembered

    34. in a bare laid room, heavy with block grey walls and

    35. She had laid out a tablecloth on the luscious green grass

    36. After the picnic Catwhiskers laid back and closed his eyes

    37. Lardyme laid next to him, but not too close

    38. laid on a badly levelled drive, shovelled out of a crack axled

    39. The room revealed was about the size of Joris’s office at Abery, and similarly laid out with shelving around the walls and a table set in the middle

    40. Laid out before me was a hatching chamber

    41. “This is really a nice place; the house design was carefully laid out

    42. She walks on crazily laid paving,

    43. The rows were laid out with loose-leafed notebooks at the beginning and end of each

    44. He heard movement behind him, and as he turned, he reached for the rifle he had laid on a crate

    45. They laid out California and Daniel bent over the map

    46. He reached out and laid his hand on her arm, “Not all men are bastards; some of us believe that there is no greater gift that a woman can give

    47. Poopsie had laid the table with the fruits, toast and the tea

    48. She scooted over and laid her head on his chest, giving him a quick squeeze

    49. when they came and laid bare the bones

    50. She would still be laid up at the first camp, willing to eat the lalleets by now

    1. He lay on his side, up on his elbow, "So you're back with Herndon again

    2. Rom: 8:33: Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justified

    3. She could lay back in it and bask, Tdeshi could never do that

    4. Toby imagined Michael Jordan doing a lay over up to the top shelves

    5. not lead you beside still waters and lay you down in green

    6. He'd reproduced an artifact from his old culture, a culture that had changed beyond his recognition while he lay frozen between the stars

    7. They lay their eggs in the host body, which provides the young with a source of food

    8. John: 15:13: Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

    9. As they lay out their equipment a thought occurs to me

    10. Adult fleas lay eggs outside in the grass or any warm safe place (usually near a warm blooded host)

    11. He let go of the Chip, which now also lay on the ceiling along with everything and everyone else

    12. Females lay several egg cases containing 30-50 eggs ea

    13. As Fox lay there, Haques approached it without fear

    14. She lay down on the animal's back

    15. It was cold enough that she was glad to get her quilt and lay as best she could by the fire

    16. “There are gaps in the historical documents in which he has chosen to lay low rather than kill indiscriminately

    17. Instead they both lay there in the shadows,

    18. Dan still lay, and she sat next to him on the same sun lounger

    19. Receive, please, instruction from His mouth, and lay up His words

    20. Then you will lay your gold in the dust, and the gold of Ophir

    21. There is no disease that He did not lay down at the cross of Calvary

    22. The drive lay broken and twisted, with roots breaking through the once

    23. "We have over half a decade to lay in supplies," doostEr told him

    24. It was changing in shape and sound, it lay down a little more

    25. that she could lay claim to was sold

    26. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    27. direction that lay behind him, in his long distant past, and slumped forward as he was,

    28. A tabloid newspaper lay open as reading material and as a safety net for the droppings of his massive sandwich

    29. end, wherever I choose to lay my head, there will come the end of days for millions

    30. will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they

    31. But when brother Roberts l would lay his hands upon them,

    32. The entire world lay in sin

    33. and yet was open to the breeze that continually blew in from the sea, the old man lay

    34. Smith thought, and in thinking proved Descartes right, and therein lay a

    35. 19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and

    36. rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but lay up for

    37. The darkness was viscous, dripping slowly onto flakes of straw that lay rotting on

    38. of the state lay in foetal balls on freezing flagstones

    39. His shirt lay limp upon his hunched, bony

    40. children of Israel understood what lay ahead of them

    41. I lay on the mattress in my underground cell and let the drifting memories of London and Usman fade to black

    42. My still damp jeans and shorts lay at the foot of the bed and I put them in the bucket in a vain attempt to confine their ill-humours

    43. ‘Yes, it’s a pity they don’t lay the hedges properly any more

    44. I lay on the floor by the door for fully thirty minutes before I dragged myself over to the mattress

    45. I lay down and tried to focus on reasons for starving myself

    46. She ordered him to lay out his plan in detail

    47. Looking at them from my place in the crowd, I am overcome with pride for them as they stand near the stone cross in the churchyard watching as representatives of the local organisations lay wreaths around its steps

    48. After I finished the cigarette I lay back on the mattress and tried to convince myself that it was all a symptom of loneliness, a freaking-out under duress

    49. The magical moments of childhood infatuation lay shattered around my knees like broken shards of glass waiting for the blind man to stumble his bloody way to perdition

    50. "They already left to lay their trap ahead of Hardway and the battlegroup

    1. Lysiphlebus Testaceipes: These bugs destroys millions of aphids per year by laying eggs within the bodies of the aphids

    2. field, roaming at will, laying their tendrils to earth and sprouting back up in a cat’s

    3. Laying her hands on the sick body of her husband, the woman addressed

    4. ’ She said, laying a buzzer on the bed where I can reach it

    5. Five pale-skinned men in worn fatigues, grubby looking men with wild shocks of hair, were shown laying face down on the tarmac at Tunis airport, surrounded by black-clad soldiers in masks holding automatic weapons

    6. ‘Yes, I learned quite a lot about laying hedges from one of the gardeners at the school I used to work at

    7. Paul dealt with the matter by laying down the

    8. miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of an apostle's hands (See Acts

    9. ’ He explained, presenting the floral offering and laying it on the bed

    10. Angie chattered inconsequentially as she assisted the older woman to undress, laying aside each garment as it came off and producing a long, soft nightgown from somewhere, casting it over Kara’s head and helping her find the sleeves

    11. While laying on the ground he heard them thundering off into the distance for a long time

    12. ’ Kara said, laying the necklace back in its box again and reaching for the next box

    13. laying the trail that runs

    14. Today, laying flat and ridged in the box under the bed

    15. of walls and the laying on of messages,

    16. ‘Whereabouts on the island is the touching place, Lintze?’ Berndt asked, producing a map of the island and laying it out on the table, pushing odd bits of tableware out of the way as he does so

    17. laying down in the arms of strangers

    18. laying down the law, a fulcrum,

    19. The Aegean offering a breathtaking chance of an irresistible morning swim, laying calm down between an old brown tailor's shop with its bizarre array of postcards, newspapers and magazines, and a similarly modest one-story taverna - the perfect local

    20. As it should be My Lady! He rose to his full height spread his massive wings and reared back his head and came forward laying it at her feet

    21. She had no idea why they were suddenly starting to be useful, but with a fresh packet of fags laying open on the kitchen table, with the kitchen cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the cooker and with a head that was hosting a motorway maintenance crew, she didn't feel inclined to argue

    22. ’ I said, laying a hand on his arm and squeezing it slightly

    23. For my part, I’ve had to re-think how I organise the bathroom as he has a set way of laying out his shaving gear and, as I am given to understand it, the world will end if it is not laid out just so

    24. By tea time he had laid all of the remaining hardcore, covered it with gravel and soft sand, and raked it level and smooth so that he could begin laying the slabs the following weekend

    25. ‘We’re going to need help laying the table and all that

    26. laying into every police officer with the greatest of fury

    27. I can feel the tears starting in my eyes, and he hurriedly takes the picture from me, laying it carefully on the table, before turning to me and taking my hands

    28. She had the choice of pacing, laying in the hay, or sitting on the rim of the pallet

    29. An elderly Chinese man blinked into existence, laying flat on his back on Thom’s worktable, arms folded across his chest

    30. sand, and raked it level and smooth so that he could begin laying

    31. He sidestepped the rifle and left it laying on the ground

    32. Unusually, she lies awake for some time after laying her head on the pillow … thoughts whirling around in her mind

    33. Bex crawls over to where Leona is laying and cradles her head

    34. She was just laying the table when the others came back

    35. He slipped into bed, but found himself laying

    36. He had fussed about laying them out properly, much to her irritation – and now he was raising even more delays

    37. ’ The Sergeant said, laying a hand over Andy’s

    38. That accomplished, he climbed the ladder and crept up on the roof where he had stacked corrugated metal panels, which so matched the existing roof as to have been perfectly camouflaged laying as they were

    39. He squatted next to Harry and began laying the rest of the floor with him side by side

    40. He fetched more pieces of pipe with other odd bits and then pulled away some boards laying on the ground, heretofore unnoticed by anyone, which revealed a trench leading over to the side of the outhouse

    41. “There’s somebody else laying over by that

    42. Dave is laying on his side facing Carol

    43. The lions on top of the pillars are laying down with the lamb, and Sillick Farm breathes softly in the quiet drift of the morning, but Alex is intent on one thing only, on the hauling-in of the long line of revenge

    44. But I used to be a dab hand at laying a fire, I wonder if I can still do it

    45. duct taped as well as wrists and mouth, and his hands laying in his lap

    46. still laying in the mud

    47. Bessamer was just laying out more swatches, when tinkling through the door came a tall grinning man followed by a timid lad, almost to the point of shyness

    48. If that was so, what could he believe? Maybe Ava is Tdeshi all along, playing an elaborate hoax on him, pretending not to remember anything, laying a guilt trip on him for not investigating what happened to her? Maybe all she did when she said she O

    49. Kemberra realized he’d been totally had and this ‘day work’ was nothing more than laying on him about the shonggot sale

    50. As soon as my father began laying into me,

    1. ’ My solicitor said as she lays it on the table

    2. Each religion lays greater stress on certain aspects of Dharma

    3. Comatose John gives John a big wink, lays his head back down and closes his eyes

    4. John lays with Clarisse in the bed, obviously after making love

    5. John lays back in his bed again

    6. indolently, lays his head back down and falls to sleep

    7. John lays on his back

    8. that lays waste at noonday

    9. Suddenly, Majeed lays on the horn as a motorcycle cuts him off

    10. He shudders, takes a cushion from his seat, hugs it close and lays his head on the table

    11. the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays

    12. One of the drivers jumps out with his hands in the air, lays down on the ground

    13. He fishes in his pocket, finds his card, lays it on the table

    14. lays with me upon my chest

    15. lays abandoned in the middle of the floor

    16. when the body lays at low ebb,

    17. lays down by the still fuelled Rayburn to dry,

    18. coughs, twists in beside her and lays the line

    19. that lays the plot of one George Stephens, out of sorts,

    20. 7He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk

    21. leave your place; for gentleness lays great offenses to rest

    22. A hand reaches out and lays itself flat against the wooden door

    23. Billy is with Bex as she lays on her hospital bed with heart monitors and breathing tubes plugged into her body

    24. brother that stands beside him, and because of it Brunno lays broken in bed at

    25. but the true shepherd lays his life down for the sheep (see John

    26. the leader who lays his life down for the sheep, and I will show

    27. The cause of the contrasts lays in the recent

    28. who said me that Romanian embassy lays on a

    29. His mistake lays in assuming that Romania could

    30. that democracy lays in the mentality of the

    31. any nation lays in culture of the middle class

    32. She lays in bed

    33. So the little boy lays in bed

    34. musicians for a round of lays

    35. The act of navigation, it is true, lays no burden upon foreign ships that come to export the produce of British industry

    36. The Family Affair ~ The family that lays together, stays together

    37. The ground expenses, as they are called, or what the landlord lays out upon the improvement of his land, are, in this system, too, honoured with the appellation of productive expenses

    38. Unless its price repays to him the maintenance which he advances to himself, as well as the materials, tools, and wages, which he advances to his workmen, it evidently does not repay to him the whole expense which he lays out upon it

    39. The one cannot venture to make the most important, which are generally the most expensive improvements; nor the other to raise the most valuable, which are generally, too, the most expensive crops; when the church, which lays out no part of the expense, is to share so very largely in the profit

    40. The window tax, as it stands at present (January 1775), over and above the duty of three shillings upon every house in England, and of one shilling upon every house in Scotland, lays a duty upon every window, which in England augments gradually from twopence, the lowest rate upon houses with not more than seven windows, to two shillings, the highest rate upon houses with twenty-five windows and upwards

    41. And then, to go on and amass a fortune (several millions) as a director of Fannie May, while that organization and Freddie Mack were on their last legs, thanks to the egregious Community Reinvestment Act, fostered by Carter, and strengthened by Clinton, lays her bare as one of the most devastating females in power in all of American history

    42. Hill lays out a program for tapping into the powerful forces of suggestion, psychic affinity, imagination and visualization to make money in

    43. Polite conversations, in whatever manner subject to opposing viewpoints, should never soften its principle assumptions that otherwise provide sustenance and meaning to one‘s convictions; that is to say, that lays the moral and intellectual foundation(s) that (otherwise) strengthen an opinion

    44. Everything, however, is not equal and therein lays the rub

    45. Atheism/Agnosticism: Wherein lays the difference? The former is perhaps the more intellectually honest of the two in the manner an Atheist categorically denies the existence of God, unlike Agnostics, who, unwilling to incur the (potential) wrath of an ―improbable‖

    46. That proud traditions die-hard; therein lays the hope!

    47. Herein lays the rub, however

    48. “The one means that it lays eggs, and the other means it brings forth live young,” explained Brubaker

    49. Therein lays, in part, the warm thought of her story,

    50. the goose that lays the golden eggs for them

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    ballad lay place pose position put set put down repose laic secular amateur beginner novice neophyte temporal angle lie site lyric poem ode song ditty deposit locate establish fix settle appease allay calm quiet still suppress bet gamble wager stake risk attribute ascribe blame impute charge point impose burden penalise penalize assess

    "lay" definitions

    a narrative song with a recurrent refrain

    a narrative poem of popular origin

    put into a certain place or abstract location

    put in a horizontal position

    prepare or position for action or operation

    lay eggs

    impose as a duty, burden, or punishment

    characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy

    not of or from a profession