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Emasculated in a sentence

1. Emasculated means to be feeble, ineffectual and helpless.
2. The present peace is only nominal, for by it we have become emasculated and cowardly.
3. Ideal justice demands that the vanquished should be exploited, emasculated, and scorned.
4. Not a single frond remained on them, leaving the emasculated trunks looking like natural obelisks marching down each side of the river.
5. She then went on to help retake Papua New-Guinea by a series of masterful air assaults and emasculated the Japanese fleet at Rabaul Harbor.
6. When you looked round the ward you could see men both arms missing men with one or two legs missing men who had been eviscerated and emasculated.
7. President Truman emasculated the American forces in order to pay for his social programs, while hoping to save money by concentrating our defense on nuclear forces.

8. The insipidity of what was said needs no illustration--Bonamy kept on gently returning quiet answers and accumulating amazement at an existence squeezed and emasculated within a white satin shoe (Mrs.
9. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the young Democrat Representative for Massachusetts, shook his head in discouragement as the Republican majority leader, Charles Halleck, launched the fifth verbal attack of the day against President Truman, accusing him of having emasculated the American forces with repeated budget cuts and unrealistic defense policies.
10. These emasculated Roman communities became sitting ducks for invaders to ravish and loot, simply because they had lived under a military dictatorship called a ‘Republic’ for so long; that they had no idea of how to defend themselves at all… They were so used to being law-abiding imbecile-citizens, who were not allowed to bear arms; that they still believed they were living inside an actual democratic Republic.
1. It is emasculating.
2. That was even more emasculating.
3. It is a an emasculating, destructive dogma.
4. Apart from emasculating men, women are the driving force behind more, bigger, better, faster—the attitudes that are destroying the planet.

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His face had grown wrinkled, yellow, and strangely emasculate.
His thin emasculate face seemed to have become so tiny; his hair was ruffled, and his crest of curls in front stood up in a thin tuft.

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