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Gelded in a sentence

He’s not gelded either and would be too much of a hassle in the lines, even if he were sound, she added softly.
While she was glad I wasn’t losing my cool, she was bewildered by the fact that her husband seemed so suddenly gelded.
At the corral the stock horses snorted at us and rubbed their heads against the bars, and Specklebottom took a kick at a gelded friend just to keep in practice.
What for that, says Mr Dixon, but before he came over farmer Nicholas that was a eunuch had him properly gelded by a college of doctors who were no better off than himself.

The gelding knew that.
Then she glanced at the gelding.
His big gelding was a point in the matter.
Are you still thinking of gelding him?
The big gelding willingly followed the mule.
He was the biggest of the horses, a huge gray gelding.
One was an older looking gelding and the other was a mare.
Corrigan’s big plow gelding looked at us curiously as it.
He was familiar with the gelding for it was one of his favorites.
Bo? I called and was astonished when the gelding whickered.
Calling, I waited on a dancing horse for the gelding to reach us.
He kicked his gelding and trotted off leaving me to follow on foot.
Together they saddled the gray gelding as he stood patiently for them.
The old man’s grey gelding was in one of the stalls, next to Maester.
D’ata stepped in to check that the chestnut gelding made its way home safely.
The next evening when I got home she had the silver gelding in one of the stables.
He gave Tonka his head and let the gelding set his own pace towards the approaching visitor.
The older gelding groaned before lowering his head to her and accepting the bit in his mouth.
He appeared so fragile, his bent body resting up against the magnificent fitness of the gelding.
The clothes were Addam’s, said Ser Eustace, as he led his own grey gelding from his stall.
He wandered back to Anthony where he would take up his life with Bess and the fat gelding once again.
And, as things stood, he owned a really big horse, a good-natured gelding that he used as a pack-horse.
They managed to keep their feet and I looked up with tearing eyes at the retreating rear end of my gelding.
Sar’ran approached leading a big mottled gelding that impressed instantly in terms of size and composition.
Several dismounted and held the horses’ reins as the Emperor’s son slid neatly off his big black gelding.
As the gelding stepped away, the mercenary glanced back in all his horrid compassion, deep, sad eyes upon them.
The moment he pulled his gelding to a halt and leaped off, the horse collapsed, dead with blood running from its nose.
Then a quick, decided kick of his heels would have done the trick – the gelding would have started trotting automatically.
What is he still doing here? Her voice shook as she spotted the gray gelding grazing in the paddock across from the barn.
Rode out of town towards the dock where The Dolphin was birthed, showed my ticket and saw the gelding loaded into the cargo hold.
The huge gelding gave Jess an annoyed huff as he pulled his head up and led him back into the barn and out of the warming sunlight.
They came riding back up the Lakeside Road, White Feathers a little ahead, Hipolyta upon Jameson's horse, and Jameson leading our old gelding.
As it is we've come this close to the walls and found only this nag'—he glanced at a fine gelding led by one of the nomads—'and this dying dog.
When he was saddled and his feet clean Jess gave Megan a leg up into the hunter saddle and held the gelding while she strapped the helmet on her head.
He led her to the loose-box at the end of the row and she gasped in amazement when she saw the magnificent liver-chestnut gelding, quietly munching his hay.
Looking past her she saw a pretty white mare and a strapping bay gelding with a homely bent-nosed face and its back piled high with baggage tethered nearby.
The horse really was an exceptionally fine one, a broad and long gelding, with glossy coat, thick silky tail, and the soft fine mane and crest of a thoroughbred.
The old count’s horse, a sorrel gelding called Viflyanka, was led by the groom in attendance on him, while the count himself was to drive in a small trap straight to a spot reserved for him.
The old count’s horse, a sorrel gelding called Viflyánka, was led by the groom in attendance on him, while the count himself was to drive in a small trap straight to a spot reserved for him.
They heard the boy’s horse bolt forward and Beebe Junior twisted, thinking that his horse had taken off but the boy was leaning forward digging in his heels and kicking the gelding into a gallop.

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They received them very gladly, but exclaimed, "Geld! Geld!".

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