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Embarrassed in a sentence

He is embarrassed.
It embarrassed me.
He felt embarrassed.
Maks was embarrassed.
I was so embarrassed.
Was she embarrassed?.
He became embarrassed.

He seemed embarrassed.
I'd be so embarrassed.
The man was embarrassed.
Willie was embarrassed.
He would be embarrassed.
He was very embarrassed.
I should be embarrassed.
Embarrassed, he stopped.
I'm embarrassed, Calvin.
She’d embarrassed him.
was embarrassed about it.
Everyone was embarrassed.
Humphrey was embarrassed.
I feel so embarrassed.
embarrassed her even more.
Rango was embarrassed.
He looked embarrassed.
He was always embarrassed.
The boy looked embarrassed.
He was embarrassed by her.
Because she was embarrassed.
A bit embarrassing.
Oh, so embarrassing.
It was embarrassing.
This was embarrassing.
This is embarrassing.
It was an embarrassing.
She was embarrassing him.
It was very embarrassing.
It's just embarrassing.
It was really embarrassing.
`This is a bit embarrassing.
‘It’s too embarrassing.
very embarrassing it was too.
(Too embarrassing to name)!.
‘That would be embarrassing.
Then came this embarrassing.
It was embarrassing to have.
This was really embarrassing.
That was so embarrassing!.
It was an embarrassing load.
before and it’s embarrassing.
It so embarrassing for two.
‘No, it’s too embarrassing.
Ah well, How embarrassing.
That was a little embarrassing.
There was an embarrassing pause.
This wasn't embarrassing at all.
It was really quite embarrassing.
That was a bit embarrassing !!!!.
Does that surprise you? It surprises and embarrasses me.
When you get drunk, it embarrasses me, so I'm drawing a boundary.
One of the better tabloids, it embarrasses this < Tease magazine,.
If the ritual embarrasses it's owner, or is not carefully planned and.
If he ruled for the youth it embarrasses a learned prosecutor and member of the judicial system.
I own that your question embarrasses me, Valentine, for I cannot say that the count has rendered me any ostensible service.
It is a clog which, for the supposed benefit of some particular countries, embarrasses the pleasures and encumbers the industry of all other countries, but of the colonies more than of any other.
He also told us that only f communists and weak longhaired liberals f pass out while standing at attention, and he, personally, would deal with any such cadet who embarrasses himself in front of his f parents, and we could thank him later for his fatherly concern.
‘Don’t embarrass me.
act which would embarrass.
To embarrass us, and Groc.
But I knew I'd embarrass him.
Just don’t embarrass me.
I hope I didnt embarrass you.
embarrass to open his mouth to ask.
She didn’t want to embarrass him.
I am not trying to embarrass you.
But that would embarrass both of us.
Just don't embarrass me, that's all I ask.
His question seemed to embarrass her a bit.
It would only embarrass her and create an.
Would it embarrass you if we watched it?‘.
Why embarrass the genuine with these explanations.
He had only said that it might embarrass the king.
The question seemed to embarrass him still further.
up in their conversations because I embarrass them.
How could you embarrass me in this fashion?.
got to his feet just now he would embarrass himself.
other things that would only embarrass me to say now.
was allowed to stand in an attempt to embarrass and.
" mum, don't embarrass her" Peter said embarrassingly.
‘Just try not to embarrass me in front of my mother.
He said, These are my guests, so do not embarrass me.
This he would do intentionally to embarrass his rivals.
Had Elon had to embarrass her in front of Lisa like that?.
It’ll be good to embarrass him in front of everyone!.
are technically called, which embarrass his further progress.
"No," said she, "it would embarrass me, I have the two chairs.

Synonyms for embarrassed

embarrassed humiliated mortified abashed chagrined