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    1. Still, for the next level he’d switch his device to emit a strong EM pulse to disable the monitors

    2. I was halfway to my room when I accidentally stepped on Mudsy’s tail, causing her to emit a loud screech

    3. emit a sustained bleating that gets louder as they become more hungry

    4. Monstrously huge shiny claws and arms seemed to move and lift improbable loads with surprising ease, other smaller machines flitted like metal birds while overhead a lattice of glass tubes that could fit a foaming river inside them seemed to emit pulses of intense light

    5. rules would apply to those sources that emit more than 25,000 tons a year like coal fired plants and

    6. developed the so-called "tailoring rule," which phases in the largest sources first, those that emit 75,000

    7. They will also flare out their iconic hoods and emit a bone-chilling hiss that sounds almost like a growling dog

    8. Bank that will emit in exchange a document with the guarantee

    9. The cap-and-trade scheme said for an industry or a person to “legally” emit CO2 (aside from exhaling), they would need to pay for that activity with government rationed

    10. The crown of both irons went scolding red and began to emit sparks

    11. Asahi Shimbun: A liter of the water was also found to contain 750 million becquerels of radioactive substances that emit beta rays, such as strontium

    12. Other findings indicate that the oceans emit most of the greenhouse gases

    13. The wings begin to emit blue beams in front of them, while yellow thrust continues to come from the rear of them

    14. connected with my premier love--Matthew Joshua Emit Williamson Jr

    15. Jackson has previously announced a ―tailoring rule‖ to the Clean Air Act that any new rules would apply to those sources that emit more than 25,000 tons a year like coal fired plants and heavy manufacturing

    16. "tailoring rule," which phases in the largest sources first, those that emit 75,000 tons and 100,000 tons

    17. You must always emit it within me, or within another elven female, or a human female whom you trust can drink your nectar

    18. Then I was given a special implant which creates an energy bubble around me and prevents the radiation I emit from harming the grays and any other species I work with in my dimension

    19. Do you remember seeing those metallic Tesla balls that emit bolts of static electricity like lightning?”

    20. Moving among all orbits would enable electrons to emit all energies of light

    21. plasmoids emit intense beams of accelerated ions and

    22. division, and to emit and receive information

    23. These life forms would be expected to emit dark radiation [3] as a result of metabolic activities

    24. These life forms would be expected to emit dark

    25. The Sun and stars are balls of plasma all these objects emit light The sep-

    26. because of reflected light, objects in the astral and causal universes emit light

    27. objects emit light; even the nights would be filled with lights in the astral

    28. emit all of them

    29. into the black hole, it will emit X rays

    30. Before Edwin could emit a startled cluck, he was pulled backwards

    31. The jewels and precious metals within the cavern and the body of the female stone giant continued to sparkle and emit eerie rays of multicolored light

    32. Once there, it will emit pulses that will destroy the electronics on any ship within its range

    33. True, he did emit this feeling that he was at

    34. There are also smaller creatures which appear to emit their own kind of light, ranging from an eerie glow to crisp, electric-blue pulses

    35. I can only speculate on the metabolism of the creatures that depend on this funnel for life – it is my learned opinion, owing to the sulphurous smell, that these creatures conserve the gasses that we would otherwise emit when we break wind, and, these being flammable, slowly combust them for their energy

    36. Switched on or off they would emit infra-red light carrying the signal

    37. They clear a spot, emit the eggs and then hide them under a warm layer of sand

    38. We will also put in place a radio warning beacon that will emit continuously on multiple frequencies a short message warning the World Council that Mount Olympus is now out of bounds for them

    39. The inverse-square law says that if stars A and B emit light of equal intensity but

    40. emit light of equal intensity but star B is twice as

    41. emit electromagnetic radiation and this loss of

    42. The inverse-square law says that if stars A and B emit light of equal intensity but star B is

    43. In that brief state of bewilderment, he could see slight bubbles emit from the man's mouth

    44. It was as if he wanted to feed off the discomfort and puzzlement Travis could emit

    45. The once nemesis who now sided with him, could now suddenly see the reflection of pain emit like a beam of trapped light

    46. In turn these reflect in your neurological make up, which in turn pulse and emit a change in your overall Hertz frequency

    47. Should the pontoons become so full they float, then a large volume of gas would be discharged, and the warmed seabed will emit gas for up to a month

    48. ‘’Sir, that KJ-2000 has started to emit strong radar jamming signals targeted at the air search radars of our two F-15s and at our own air navigation radar

    49. Lemurians emit a higher energy field

    50. He steadies his hand as it begins to emit a

    1. If we were able to move around at will through the Universe, and perform additional observations, this would then have allowed us to go to the opposite side of an observed galaxy, at the same distance as it is viewed from the Earth, measure and record the properties of the light which this galaxy emits, and compare the new results with the results as measured from Earth

    2. The charmer's flute entices the cobra by its shape and movement, not by the music it emits

    3. After the guarantee, the sponsor emits this term and it determines the approved conditions for the Project

    4. It emits a signal that you can’t hear, but that will cause glass to shatter

    5. Nowadays, Gastown constitutes a pleasant mixture of the old and the new, with cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, restaurants and boutiques, and a landmark clock, unique in its kind, that functions with vapor, which it emits into the air and greets the people with music every fifteen minutes

    6. She enters her building and Torin drives off as the concierge emits a huge smile towards her

    7. He emits a very high-pitched swal-

    8. The amount of radiation it emits is so enormous we have to shield vessels that are anywhere near it

    9. In yet another physical challenge, Sarah confided in me, saying, “You know he emits radiation, but lately, every time 8 comes to Earth he loses some of his energy

    10. And it neither emits nor absorbs

    11. both a dark plasma component (which emits the primary dark radiation) and an

    12. the amount of light energy the star emits (sends out) -- and (2) the

    13. actually emits a broad spectrum (band) of colors

    14. tains and emits more energy than the moon

    15. earth reacts and emits the same frequencies of radiation as the sun

    16. We know about wind and solar, but on the February 23, 2012 episode of The Nature of Things with Canadian scientist David Suzuki, he made mention of utilizing geothermal energy, an exciting development that emits no harm to the earth

    17. Besides wind and solar, an exciting new development that emits no harm to the earth was illustrated using magnesium to produce clean energy

    18. The most common place element in the environment that emits

    19. After the experience has been perceived as either good, or not good, a physical neuron is created that emits a specific frequency to that particular event

    20. It starts a vibration that emits a note that harmonizes with like-minded others growing into a powerful chord that starts others to vibrate and they, in turn, take up the same tune

    21. Ace emits a small super strength radial burst

    22. Shakespeare emits a radial burst, throwing up a force

    23. “Somewhere on the ship is a rivet that emits a noise when in the influence of a

    24. A negative ionizer is a device that emits negatively charged particles into the air

    25. This "auric egg" emits

    26. The body emits odd noises, and an unpleasant smell fills the air

    27. She emits a merciless sounding call, beckoning the other sickened in the area

    28. constantly emitting dynamisms (they resemble “quasars”, but each one emits its own spectrum of the wave dynamics of one Quality): a) in the direction from low-frequency to high-frequency waves — kyo-o; b) in the direction from high-frequency to low-frequency waves — yooyk-kho;

    29. The speaker on Toomb's desk emits the sounds of Terra City

    30. This makes the nitrogen’s nucleus unstable and a positron emits to stabilize the atom

    31. “That means it is a material that is radioactive, that emits radiation

    32. Staying in the particle after destruction an excess of creating Ether emits by particle surface without

    33. If the speed of creation is more than the speed of destruction, in the particle an "excess" of Ether arises, and it emits into the environment

    34. Each particle with the Field of Repulsion emits Ether into the surrounding ethereal field with a certain speed

    35. In each particle there are processes of creation and destruction of Ether, but not every particle absorbs the Ether, and not each emits it

    36. While the particles Yin not only emits the Energy-Information, but also have to absorb another emitted by the particles Yang

    37. We perceive: 1) a particle absorbs the Spirit (Ether), or emits, and at what speed - so we appreciate the quality of the particles; 2) directly the history of the particles transmitted as part of this same Spirit, that is, all contacts with other particles from the moment of emergence of the particle

    38. The laser device emits a smooth laser beam that focuses on the affected areas ? one of the best methods for acne blemish laser treatment

    39. It emits pulsating heat below the skin's surface and diminishes the size of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for acne

    40. Inhaling smoke from a cigar is more dangerous, as you might expect, since it emits more smoke than a normal cigarette will

    41. It emits a dying wail—coo-crrrrww—that every time brings Bleecker trotting in from some hideaway, eyes wild, all business, his tail a bottle-brush as he tilts his head toward the feathers and mewls

    42. I get the second, and then we’re at the center of a wet, hot mosh pit of pressed bodies; then the whole hot circle hops up and down and emits a chant

    43. Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis): This noisy carnivore emits a terrifying screech to ward off rival hawks during hunting and aggressively defends its territory

    44. Loki, an active volcano on Jupiter’s moon Io, emits more heat than all of Earth’s active volcanoes put together

    45. On the day when a woman as she passes before you emits light as she walks, you are lost, you love

    46. This is a moment when the instinct of self-preservation emits howls, when the beast re-appears in men

    47. If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal—that is your success

    48. He no longer emits rays, but only converses with his soul

    49. It burns for a long time, and emits a great body of heat

    1. The going to infinity is analogous to being emitted from an event horizon

    2. which emitted a clearly-audible clink when he concealed it inside his

    3. its globular shape, the projector at the apex of the tower emitted a

    4. things being emitted by Earth's defense shield

    5. She emitted a small laugh

    6. At first Jack thought it was but a figment of his imagination, but it grew larger, and emitted a loud buzzing sound as he approached

    7. sitting in the lunchroom and how the color of life is often emitted from the inside,

    8. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle

    9. "Master Brice, was it absolutely necessary to bring this man along?" The voice was masculine, gruff, and emitted from the taller of the two hooded figures who had finally arrived with their cumbersome load

    10. A wave of photons emitted by a star may travel for many many years at the speed of light before reaching our eyes

    11. Notwithstanding any regulation of this kind, it appeared, by the course of exchange with Great Britain, that £100 sterling was occasionally considered as equivalent, in some of the colonies, to £130, and in others to so great a sum as £1100 currency ; this difference in the value arising from the difference in the quantity of paper emitted in the different colonies, and in the distance and probability of the term of its final discharge and redemption

    12. No law, therefore, could be more equitable than the act of parliament, so unjustly complained of in the colonies, which declared, that no paper currency to be emitted there in time coming, should be a legal tender of payment

    13. As for the exterior, there were unending sounds of honking, revving, screeching, crashing, yelling, talking, laughing, arguing, crying, singing, and so on that were emitted primarily from the millions of cars, people, televisions, radios, cell phones, and stereos that had spread about in every nook and cranny

    14. Had he not emitted the Nemesis code for long enough? Now he would never know

    15. The smoke emitted from the burning attaches itself to the negative energy and moves it to another space

    16. emitted by the sun takes almost nine minutes to reach

    17. When activated the device emitted a gentle maroon glow and heat he felt as it swished over his face

    18. A sharp and rapidly fading hiss noise emitted from the door and then came a muffled clunk sound

    19. He tried the remote interface port – a simple gold node; his suit emitted an EM signal in an attempt to communicate with the ship’s control systems and pump in enough power to activate the lock mechanism

    20. 3 For objects further than 100 light years apart, this method becomes obsolete and cosmologists then revert to measuring the properties of light emitted by stars and galaxies to determine the distances to these objects

    21. This being the only way in which one could explain how light, that was emitted by celestial objects, millions of light years away, could reach us

    22. Trees emitted odors which mingled with drifting honeysuckle scents

    23. A module strapped to his waist flashed with hieroglyphics and emitted peculiar static pulses

    24. It might easily have been a rocky outcrop of the mountain; there was no thermal or bio-signatures emitted

    25. He had steered the craft using a topographic scanner alone; the moon base emitted no signals

    26. She descended the steps to a short tunnel, following the source of the EM disturbance to a door at the end, which must have been the correct entrance: the emitted field now becoming disorientating

    27. Approaching near, it emitted a purple light

    28. The globe emitted an eerie light that made the rest of the world seem inadequate

    29. This shadow, though insubstantial, emitted an aura of great evil and Brock could not help but flinch away from it

    30. She looked at me with penetrating eyes and suddenly emitted a low sob and fell unconscious

    31. “What strikes me about air pollution in the Lennox area, is the immense quantity of toxic chemicals emitted,” said Elynn MacBugall, author of the report entitled, ‘Exposing Canada’s Chemical Alley

    32. She emitted a short whistle, looking from one to the other

    33. The Shu-Roo emitted a high frequency sound that only some animals responded to

    34. When the Major approached him at a respectful distance as if the General emitted some kind of aura he did not wish to step on, he saluted crisply and asked him in a most professional, clipped tone of voice:

    35. Then, the other door pane turned transparent and the same greenish hue was emitted from within

    36. For complete reference you should check the standard data array emitted

    37. 4 percent of the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere annually, mostly from the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas, and the

    38. One audible bleep emitted from against the wall

    39. Amelia emitted a single growl and she was on him

    40. emitted a faint moan

    41. BSR 9 is that state where sperms are emitted out of the testicles

    42. yet been ejaculated, they have only been emitted from the testicles;

    43. it, sperms will be emitted from the testicles (BSR 9) but is still not an

    44. This is safer and there is less than one percent pollution a year emitted by us

    45. and sixteen million tons of soot were emitted into the atmosphere over

    46. Yania hurried to the foot of the monster and, extending her hands again, emitted a dense beam of light directly into his eyes, trying to annihilate him

    47. The girls then embraced Ijyu even tighter, and the intense vibrations of Love that they emitted toward each other warmed their hearts with light

    48. The girl’s mother, Mark’s youngest aunt Nilla, drew breath for a shriek, then barely held it in check when the beautiful six hundred and forty kilogram animal merely rolled over to expose his belly for scratching, and emitted a thunderous purr

    49. Much of its surface was made up of large round windows that emitted a cheery yellow glow

    50. She emitted a small

    1. He approached the alarm keypad that was emitting the noise and inspected it from a distance

    2. She helped him by emitting a low, guttural growl from

    3. He pulled at the tailgate, screwing up his scrawny, twitching features, and slowly but surely, emitting mineral groans and metallic shrieks, the metal and glass door began to inch upwards until, with the tailgate at seventy-five degrees, the little man was able to clamber onto the space made by the flattened seats, cross his legs, and utter a loud harrumph

    4. into the yard, one of which was spluttering loudly and emitting a

    5. “The asteroid interacts with the magnetic field in such a way that it gives off a vibration resembling a pulse, emitting a neutralising signal across the entire area so that

    6. A tablet stood on the table, next to an empty bottle of scotch stood and an ashtray filled with cigarette butts, its latest one still emitting a faint smoke trail

    7. The black pistol he had been given was emitting a smoke trail, and the man of Lady Dread now had a bullet hole in his head, and a river of blood pouring from it all over his body

    8. This rock is emitting radio waves, using the exact same packet structure that we use

    9. on her back, emitting a stinking fart at the same time

    10. The Globe glowed brighter and brighter, emitting an eerie blue light that seemed to melt the Hermit’s features, showing a gaunt, thin face of a woman below as it pulsated stronger and stronger

    11. ‘I would love to be a fly on the wall watching you in all those games and on the river-rafting,’ she laughed a little, emitting a slight chuckle, actually sounding interested in what I was saying

    12. “Boom boom boom boom,” was faintly emitting through the gym doors

    13. He took a step back and the Enma surged ahead of him, emitting growls and

    14. emitting a brilliant green glow

    15. and collapsed, emitting a terrible howl as it sped helplessly down

    16. “We caught one of the Russians involved in the shooting a couple of hours ago,” I said, hoping this progress would get her off of the negative vibe she was emitting

    17. metres along they could see the unmistakable cone like pipe of the volcano that was hissing and bubbling, every so often emitting

    18. The wings slowly rotate clockwise around the body while emitting a blue light

    19. They are emitting a green light around their body simultaneously as if they are trying to communicate

    20. As he gets deeper, everything around him is emitting some kind of dim green light in the dark

    21. A UFO with a blue molecule around its hull quickly comes out of the mountain emitting the matrix plasma beams

    22. The cubes quickly spin in circles around each other, emitting an infrared beam towards the shield

    23. 1 On the tenth Heaven, which is called Aravoth, I saw the appearance of the Lord's face, like iron made to glow in fire, and brought out, emitting sparks, and it burns

    24. This is the itchiest part of his body, and he sways ecstatically while emitting his little chirping noises

    25. It is stuffed with scientific equipment, and every surface is emitting the same soothing light as the corridor

    26. Focus your attention at a spot on the base of your spine, almost as though there is energy emitting from this point

    27. 1 On the tenth Heaven which is called Aravoth I saw the appearance of the Lord's face like iron made to glow in fire and brought out emitting sparks and it burns

    28. emitting that one single word that I have heard so many

    29. ” He set the fork spinning on it’s axis at a quickly increasing rate until it was just a blur in the air emitting an angry buzz, then stopped it suddenly and set it down

    30. That the hotline for the CJCS (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) buzzed only once, instead of emitting a strident continuous ring until answered, as was once used by an imperious predecessor Admiral Radford, was a tribute to the gentleman�liness of the current CJCS, U

    31. The mysterious light which has been seen by your astronomers and is emitting pulses of energy unlike anything they have seen before is Danas

    32. Within a few minutes, the huffing bear, snuffing and still emitting whining growls, came lumbering back

    33. "The Harbinger is emitting some kind of communications scrambler

    34. ers finally, they could communicate information by emitting electromag-

    35. ” The loudest noises were the ponies munching their dried grass, a sound more inviting than the laughing voices I heard emitting from the dwelling nearby

    36. It was easier lying when not wearing Dragonclaw on his back, emitting unpleasant jolts when falsehoods were said

    37. Each bolt emitting from its source… The Book! It seemed hungry

    38. They parted again and their swords clashed, emitting a shower of sparks

    39. The muddy heap was shuddering and emitting faint whimpers as if in pain

    40. You’d like to eavesdrop but the thing isn’t emitting any sort of signal for you to eavesdrop on

    41. Even with their transponder‘s emitting fake ID signatures, it was easy to see that all those

    42. The machine was emitting a low hum, even with both

    43. each different from the others, yet each emitting sounds in harmony with all

    44. Gingerly, she lowered herself again and was soon pounding away emitting deep growls of gratification each time an orgasm electrified her sense-starved frame

    45. The cat had been sick for a week and was emitting a putrid smell across the house

    46. At that event, Tony connected deeply to the happiness and joy that Uncle Tony was himself emitting

    47. The lady opened her handbag and brought forth a rather elaborate–looking lorgnette with which she commenced to examine the ring selection, emitting every now and then… soft sighs of approval and delight

    48. The cool breeze emitting from the sides of the screen have the scent of tropical fruit mixed in with the smell of the sea

    49. ‘Firstly, the immediate isolation and defence of the remaining zero net carbon emitting self supporting indigenous peoples and their territories

    50. All of the Disruptor missiles were still emitting their electronics destroying signals

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    Synonyms for "emit"

    breathe emit pass off let loose let out utter give off give out circulate spread issue publish give forth beam discharge stream radiate eject voice pronounce express

    "emit" definitions

    expel (gases or odors)

    give off, send forth, or discharge; as of light, heat, or radiation, vapor, etc.

    express audibly; utter sounds (not necessarily words)