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    1. forgiveness of your sins, and settle that issue with Him

    2. Then there’s the issue of job security; if anyone else could do what I could then I would be replaced

    3. Most of what he found was a magazine, and all of every issue could be brought to this eye

    4. He was neither here nor there on the boundary issue, so long as he didn't have to move

    5. Reluctantly, no longer able to avoid the issue, my thoughts turn back to the events of the evening … it had been kind of Stephen to offer me accommodation like that … why, oh, why did I have to lose my temper? I shouldn’t have bitten his head off like that

    6. You would think that security was an issue, that I would be kept behind

    7. His missing friend was a real issue

    8. It was already an issue that they didn't have enough water

    9. At least she wouldn't have to face that issue now

    10. was split upon the issue

    11. Calling him a bloody bastard every time he pops into my head goes some way to resolving the issue of my feelings for him, but it’s much harder coming to terms with my utter stupidity

    12. So, I corrected and sent them an old story of mine titled “Escape from the Tower of Eons”, and it was included in the issue of March! Certainly, this isn't a terrific success, but it is an unprecedented victory for me! I am on cloud nine!

    13. As for the rest: The latest issue of the magazine “Greek Fantasy” came out today and it contains my horror story “Contact with the Netherworld”

    14. Still the prime governor wasted his time with the nationality issue, siding with the Colonel and Waldeis more often than not and urged Herndon in joining them within a boundary and constitution

    15. " Maybe he was hoping she would object and give him a reason to not face the issue

    16. ' She said he couldn't avoid an issue that could mean the death of himself and his children as well as what might be the only remnant of the human species remaining

    17. Whether we leave the mortal on the surface is a separate issue that can be discussed after the separation

    18. Thus, when Jesus asks the question, “How did you treat the least of these my brethren,” He is getting to the core of the issue

    19. That being the case, and assuming it was nothing to do with the JJ issue – after all, why would anyone bother with such a personal thing? – it had to be something to do with her job …

    20. A woman with an issue of blood says, “If I could just touch the hem of his garment…” She touches it and “immediately the fountain of her blood was dried up

    21. Yet how many evangelists’ stomachs look as though they have eaten plenty – whether clean or not? This is an issue that we need to note and understand

    22. What is at stake is not the issue of convenience or even success

    23. What is at stake is the issue of life and death and eternity, which is in the last analysis the issue of the glory of God

    24. They are to be the Kingdom in that God’s government will only issue forth from Jerusalem

    25. The issue of Israel is the issue of nations

    26. The issue of nations is the issue of God being known among those nations

    27. The issue of God being known is the issue of His choosing

    28. time an issue when the engine runs without rest

    29. The other side of the issue bothered him also

    30. The issue is not lovemaking, the issue is rape

    31. But the issue wasn't whether she was fooling other people, the issue was whether she was fooling herself

    32. Entry criteria were argued about and the cost of his treatment at the expense of the public purse became an issue for some of the more garrulous members of the establishment

    33. Nonetheless, she found herself positively enjoying the concentration of interest that surrounded her whenever the conversation turned to the state of the nation and to the whole immigration issue

    34. are interested in someone with kids, you need to display sensitivity towards the issue of

    35. “A technical issue that will undoubtedly be solved

    36. you nor the person you are fighting with will have a clear understanding of what the issue is or

    37. all this, they forget the real issue - why didn't the manager provide-two plates of

    38. The plan should identify who will address each issue, when, and how, and how the work will be coordinated

    39. After they presented their explanation to the crew, the Captain looked to his papers again and announced, “Our next issue is the relevance of some scientific discoveries that have recently been made by our signals department

    40. ’ I replied, ducking the issue

    41. substance, they met in secret conclave to discuss the issue and to

    42. "I can't believe this comes down to an issue of wiping Alan's ass," Heymon groaned

    43. issue for some of the more garrulous members of the establishment

    44. a trapped emotion that has to do with a specific issue

    45. today, another emotion about that same issue may not

    46. different issue having to do with her health

    47. on the issue, you have manifested vibrational change within

    48. In the last few weeks they’d been around the old friends issue a few times already

    49. She is quite matter of fact about the whole issue

    50. But I never heard any mention of either name in connection with the farthest fringes of shonggot, it wasn’t an issue they’d mentioned

    1. One map was simply directions to the warehouse where that cargo receipt was issued

    2. Inspector Ditton, who is in charge of the enquiry, has issued a statement that the police are now exploring other avenues in their search for the murderer

    3. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come

    4. Nuran also issued a pleading whine but it was ignored also as the cabin door banged shut

    5. As the eulogy issued forth, my eyes met with those of the bishop and he looked at me with such an expression of sympathy I found myself swallowing and gulping and fighting to gain control

    6. They agreed with his plan and issued orders to the fleet to proceed to the planet for re-fitting

    7. Grant announcements are issued throughout the year

    8. He politely issued some command

    9. That card, issued from the initiator, must have

    10. Those grants to that veron store were undoubtedly being issued, if it was even still in use

    11. She was able to get a list of all the scholarship numbers issued by that program, found that all that were issued were used

    12. She was not able to get the names of the people they were issued to, that would give her the number of the certificate given to Tdeshi

    13. that issued from the rotting carcase

    14. If she had the list of names of those who the scholarships had been issued to, she could match up all but one, the one who was not Tdeshi

    15. (Specific tax codes, exemptions, and collections to be issued in accordance with California policy and Tahoe City Charter, and set forth in a separate statute, forthcoming

    16. first told my brain to get up and then three hours later my bladder issued a red

    17. He issued a request to her in a low voice and she left promptly

    18. If you are married to an American citizen, are coming to the United States to marry an American citizen, you are not subject to any quotas and would be issued a visa to come to this country

    19. “Malaysia Airlines (MAS) issued a media statement at 07:24 Malaysian time zone (MYT), one hour after the scheduled arrival of the flight at Beijing, that contact with the flight had been lost by Malaysian ATC at 02:40 MYT

    20. Alec issued a dry chuckle before saying, "You’re either a poor student of history or suicidal

    21. He wasn't proud to be part of an expedition that issued such an order

    22. Eventually an edict was issued

    23. Let us suppose, for example, that the whole circulating money of some particular country amounted, at a particular time, to one million sterling, that sum being then sufficient for circulating the whole annual produce of their land and labour; let us suppose, too, that some time thereafter, different banks and bankers issued promissory notes payable to the bearer, to the extent of one million, reserving in their different coffers two hundred thousand pounds for answering occasional demands ; there would remain, therefore, in circulation, eight hundred thousand pounds in gold and silver, and a million of bank notes, or eighteen hundred thousand pounds of paper and money together

    24. Should this bank attempt to circulate forty-four thousand pounds, the four thousand pounds which are over and above what the circulation can easily absorb and employ, will return upon it almost as fast as they are issued

    25. For this great coinage, the bank (inconsequence of the worn and degraded state into which the gold coin had fallen a few years ago) was frequently obliged to purchase gold bullion at the high price of four pounds an ounce, which it soon after issued in coin at £3:17:10 1/2 an ounce, losing in this manner between two and a half and three per cent

    26. The Bank of England, notwithstanding their great annual coinage, found, to their astonishment, that there was every year the same scarcity of coin as there had been the year before ; and that, notwithstanding the great quantity of good and new coin which was every year issued from the bank, the state of the coin, instead of growing better and better, became every year worse and worse

    27. It is now more than five and twenty years since the paper money issued by the different banking companies of Scotland was fully equal, or rather was somewhat more than fully equal, to what the circulation of the country could easily absorb and employ

    28. The paper which was issued upon those circulating bills of exchange amounted, upon many occasions, to the whole fund destined for carrying on some vast and extensive project of agriculture, commerce, or manufactures ; and not merely to that part of it which, had there been no paper money, the projector would have been obliged to keep by him unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    29. By its liberality in granting cash-accounts, and in discounting bills of exchange, it, no doubt, issued great quantities of its bank notes

    30. But those bank notes being, the greater part of them, over and above what the circulation of the country could easily absorb and employ, returned upon it, in order to be exchanged for gold and silver, as fast as they were issued

    31. In order to support the circulation of those notes, which were continually returning upon it as fast as they were issued, it had been constantly in the practice of drawing bills of exchange upon London, of which the number and value were continually increasing, and

    32. They could still have made nothing by the interest of the paper, which, being over and above what the circulation of the country could absorb and employ, returned upon them in order to be exchanged for gold and silver, as fast as they issued it ; and for the payment of which they were themselves continually obliged to borrow money

    33. Where bank notes are issued for so small sums as 20s

    34. In the currencies of North America, paper was commonly issued for so small a sum as a shilling, and filled almost the whole of that circulation

    35. In some paper currencies of Yorkshire, it was issued even for so small a sum as a sixpence

    36. Though no paper money, therefore, was allowed to be issued, but for such sums as would confine it pretty much to the circulation between dealers and dealers; yet partly by discounting real bills of exchange, and partly by lending upon cash-accounts, banks and bankers might still be able to relieve the greater part of those dealers from the necessity of keeping any considerable part of their stock by them unemployed, and in ready money, for answering occasional demands

    37. It would be otherwise, indeed, with a paper money, consisting in promissory notes, of which the immediate payment depended, in any respect, either upon the good will of those who issued them, or upon a condition which the holder of the notes might not always have it in his power to fulfil, or of which the payment was not exigible till after a certain number of years, and which, in the mean time, bore no interest

    38. sometimes depended upon the condition, that the holder of the note should bring the change of a guinea to the person who issued it; a condition which the holders of such notes might frequently find it very difficult to fulfil, and which must have degraded this currency below the value of gold and silver money

    39. The paper currencies of North America consisted, not in bank notes payable to the bearer on demand, but in a government paper, of which the payment was not exigible till several years after it was issued ; and though the colony governments paid no interest to the holders of this paper, they declared it to be, and in fact rendered it, a legal tender of payment for the full value for which it was issued

    40. The paper of each colony being received in the payment of the provincial taxes, for the full value for which it had been issued, it necessarily derived from this use some additional value, over and above what it would have had, from the real or supposed distance of the term of its final discharge and redemption

    41. This additional value was greater or less, according as the quantity of paper issued was more or less above what could be employed in the payment of the taxes of the particular colony which issued it

    42. If the bank which issued this paper was careful to keep the quantity of it always somewhat below what could easily be employed in this manner, the demand for it might be such as to make it even bear a premium, or sell for somewhat more in the market than the quantity of gold or silver currency for which it was issued

    43. An extraordinary quantity of paper money of some sort or other, too, such as exchequer notes, navy bills, and bank bills, in England, is generally issued upon such occasions, and, by supplying the place of circulating gold and silver, gives an opportunity of sending a greater quantity of it abroad

    44. And with the telltale glow and tricky haze of an issued spell, the bears’ behavior altogether shifted

    45. " And the command being issued, he continued to climb

    46. A shaky voice issued from within the grave

    47. When he received the message, Herod issued a new edict that said all Jewish babies under two years old were to be killed

    48. "Your bank has issued instructions for

    49. Later on when everyone had returned they all disappeared on fatigues and working parties so I went off to the stores with my chit and was issued with my full kit in replacement for what I had lost

    50. I packed it into my kitbag and then took it back to the hut where I put it away then I made my way to the armoury to be issued with a new weapon because I was a designated marksman I was once again issued with an orthoptic sight attached to it

    1. the potential Health and Safety issues; he was not sure whether he

    2. you realize the depth of that person’s issues

    3. Women face unique health issues beginning at age 50 and throughout the rest of their lives

    4. lives of those they have direct or in direct issues with

    5. word, you have issues

    6. Is it very wet? Fog? Winds? Where are you located? Your state will have its own special environmental issues that you will have to deal with

    7. Health related issues for over the age of 50, scientific discoveries, satellite and telescope pictures of recent discoveries are some of its highlights

    8. "He's got some personal issues he doesn't want public

    9. There are a number of issues, damp and the like, which will have a material

    10. By the time they were done most of that hour had gone by and little serious issues had been discussed

    11. An eldership will be wise to have meetings with the men of the congregation and sometimes the ladies to get some input on certain issues but even then care must be taken to keep the meeting above

    12. Diam responded, "We can disagree on the specifics of a few issues, but still move forward

    13. needs to be given to these issues where no eldership is present to oversee the practice of these principles

    14. ‘… I looked at the issues I’d have to face if I were to …

    15. You have to remember, those issues are more important to them than learning, but they have some physical problems with it also

    16. Naturally, I have hit a complication – which of Joris’s projects can you recall that did not have such issues! JJ’s adopted mother died some years ago and his father is now on his own

    17. If there is a problem with volume, if something isn't in tune with the audio or if there are other issues with your video, you can use editing tools to correct these errors

    18. Have any issues cropped up that I’m ignoring subconsciously?

    19. He’s got some issues to sort out, it seems

    20. “Physically, all souls are cloned every time they take a backup, it is only legal issues that keep those clones from running

    21. dating and finding they have to face up to so many related issues they could never have had to

    22. In a fair fight it is also important to not bring up old issues

    23. A fair fight will remain focused and bringing up the past distracts from the current issues and also sends the message that the past

    24. create the solutions to the everyday issues, such as where to go over the weekend, how to

    25. It’s no fun struggling with bereavement, children and financial issues

    26. I think we should take some action to teach him to pay attention to security issues, especially if what he's doing might have some importance to the war effort

    27. Some people start with a half-hearted round or two of tapping and conclude that it doesn‘t work, but some issues can be

    28. Reminder: Be as specific as possible about the issues you are tapping on

    29. I tell him about Katie and her boyfriend issues (he agrees that it makes him feel old too!) and how we’re going to North Wales at the weekend to sort out the contents of David’s house

    30. socially responsible manner, picking issues on which they could

    31. We will debate these issues

    32. people to work on very private issues that are potentially

    33. determined the meaning of the first two health issues

    34. solve their own issues we would live in a better place

    35. unless it has issues to “cure

    36. issues that children have can be greatly improved or

    37. issues over the loss of another horse that had to be

    38. management skills that conquer the issues before them they know that very

    39. Therefore, if you are currently holding onto issues, it is in your interest to

    40. Repressing issues and energies stops this from

    41. When we hold onto issues and emotions or have attachment

    42. Don’t hold onto emotions and issues

    43. “If she wants,” Venna said, “But I think she has issues we wouldn’t be able to understand, as endocrine-driven as we are,” Venna told Jorma

    44. He has a couple of debts to pay, a couple of issues to resolve from the old days, but once everything is sorted he wants nothing more than a season ticket to Ibrox, and, anyway, things have a habit of turning down at the corners when Ken gets involved

    45. Next to those issues, the fate of Tdeshi didn’t seem worthy of taking up his time

    46. They’ve got bigger issues to deal with anyway

    47. These suggestions are for all types of child abuse issues

    48. Health issues come to play, as the abuser

    49. They never paid any attention to their system issues either

    50. So I'm expecting to get an A on this exam because I had the leading constitutional law experts and I wrote down what they said about various constitutional law issues, exactly what he wanted

    1. With a quick apology about neglecting her duties, Mistress Sera returned to the kitchen issuing orders for lunch, and admonishing the cooks for not having the sense to begin on their own

    2. Without issuing a further farewell, he promptly departed, leaving the trio alone at the doorstep to the king of the underworld

    3. They invented, therefore, another method of issuing their promissory notes; by granting what they call cash accounts, that is, by giving credit, to the extent of a certain sum (two or three thousand pounds for example), to any individual who could procure two persons of undoubted credit and good landed estate to become surety for him, that whatever money should be advanced to him, within the sum for which the credit had been given, should be repaid upon demand, together with the legal interest

    4. By issuing too great a quantity of paper, of which the excess was continually returning, in order to be exchanged for gold and silver, the Bank of England was for many years together obliged to coin gold to the extent of between eight hundred thousand pounds and a million a-year; or, at an average, about eight hundred and fifty thousand pounds

    5. Secondly, by this attention they secured themselves from the possibility of issuing more paper money than what the circulation of the country could easily absorb and employ

    6. To restrain private people, it may be said, from receiving in payment the promissory notes of a banker for any sum, whether great or small, when they themselves are willing to receive them; or, to restrain a banker from issuing such notes, when all his neighbours are willing to accept of them, is a manifest violation of that natural liberty, which it is the proper business of law not to infringe, but to support

    7. If bankers are restrained from issuing any circulating bank notes, or notes payable to the bearer, for less than a certain sum; and if they are subjected to the obligation of an immediate and unconditional payment of such bank notes as soon as presented, their trade may, with safety to the public, be rendered in all other respects perfectly free

    8. “Because of the lack of communication and the roughness of the terrain there doesn’t seem to be anyone in overall command issuing the right orders and so Brigade has ordered us back”, there was a sick look on the Major’s face now as he continued

    9. Originally he imagined something reaching this level of completion to not require any input from its occupier beyond issuing a command, to tell it to take him to whatever time

    10. He heard Millicent scoff beside him, but the audience seemed pleased with his modest answer, smiling warmly at him, some even issuing scattered applause

    11. The European currency was currently in a state of free-fall, its plummeting value owing to the nascent economic infrastructure; a misalignment with their new credit issuing system

    12. Fysto began waving his arms madly and issuing orders they couldn’t hear from so far away

    13. The warrant-officer issuing the tyres was the most obnoxious man in the world and hated everyone with a passion

    14. "Oy, watch out yer bleedin' stupid bugger!" There was no mistaking the voice issuing from the dark shadowy opening

    15. The river went winding along from east to west, issuing from The Pines and draining into ‘The Cut,’ which was a by-pass; a flood-prevention canal intersecting the river

    16. Staggering to his feet, Conal followed Piers towards the gate, trying to ignore the crackles, pops and hisses issuing from the burning bodies behind him

    17. Another male suddenly appeared from higher up and he left them in charge on the low branches, after issuing a muted growl of caution

    18. A small part though was still focused on matters that had to be dealt there and then, such as receiving reports and issuing the right orders

    19. That has not stopped the EPA from issuing regulations concerning dioxin omissions

    20. “NERC notes that the “pace and aggressiveness” of issuing so many rules at once is unprecedented

    21. As I slowly approached the large gym I could hear muffled music issuing through the doors

    22. The Congress needs to pass a law defining the authority of the President in issuing executive orders and

    23. the number of illegitimate children by issuing five condoms per week to each peacekeeper (reported in

    24. they issuing rules and regulations? Carol Browder announced that she was going to declare carbon

    25. running amok issuing rules and regulations that are not needed and in fact are detrimental to our country

    26. Soon after, Bank3Sector of Japan sends this security in the donation way to Bank3Sector that is at the issuing country of the coin in which the security was negotiated

    27. Central Bank of the issuing countries of that money

    28. Santa Anna rode around issuing orders, but was not effective

    29. And when he had built up Cedrou, he set horsemen there, and an host of footmen, to the end that issuing out they might make

    30. king, after issuing these orders, went to his feasting, and gathered together all those of his friends and of the army who hated the Jews

    31. a prey to thoughtlessness, made no account of the changes which his own mind had undergone, issuing in the deliverance of the Jews

    32. He paused for a moment to let it all sink in, “We don’t know the circumstances surrounding the incident as yet but we will be issuing a further statement at some point later today

    33. power; By issuing and causing to be executed a commission under the great seal for erecting a court called the Court of

    34. The radicals had to resign themselves to issuing a minority report

    35. The toxic waste clean up was handled in a manner that generated many law suits but there have been many others due to the EPA‘s practices of issuing rules that are overly stringent and that have little scientific base

    36. That has not stopped the EPA from issuing rules and in some cases they have admitted that rules have been issued on ―policy judgments‖ rather than facts

    37. from coal mining, about issuing new standards on arsenic, about attempting to institute a new tax, about being sued by the state of Texas, and about implementing CAP and TRADE

    38. Giving her two aspirin, her grandmother said she looked peaked before issuing orders Jesse was more than willing to comply with

    39. her benefit only, as the one who was issuing the orders did not

    40. “I would feel more comfortable issuing instructions to our four companions at arms, since they are equally sworn to us both

    41. He latched onto the Link, simultaneously issuing a frantic command to cease the Translocation and seizing the knowledge of what had happened

    42. During 1996, the new owner of Park Communications sold off the twenty-two radio stations to pay down the debt to the Alabama retirement fund and then refinanced the whole transaction by issuing company bonds through Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs enabling them to pay off the entire remaining Alabama Retirement System debt

    43. ” Moshe heard loud voices issuing explosively from inside

    44. 41 And when he had built up Cedrou he set horsemen there and an host of footmen to the end that issuing out they might make outroads on the ways of Judea as the king had commanded him

    45. 3 The king after issuing these orders went to his feasting and gathered together all those of his friends and of the army who hated the Jews the most

    46. 42 The king just like another Phalaris a prey to thoughtlessness made no account of the changes which his own mind had undergone issuing in the deliverance of the Jews

    47. : Whereas the late King James the Second by the assistance of various evil counsellors judges and ministers employed by him did endeavour to subvert and extirpate the Protestant religion and the laws and liberties of this kingdom; By assuming and exercising a power of dispensing with and suspending of laws and the execution of laws without consent of Parliament; By committing and prosecuting divers worthy prelates for humbly petitioning to be excused from concurring to the said assumed power; By issuing and causing to be executed a commission under the great seal for erecting a court called the Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiastical Causes; Continued (As per U

    48. Moshe heard loud voices issuing explosively from inside

    49. Slowly he became aware that moaning was still issuing forth

    50. shying from it as they picked up their pace accompanied by the sounds of concern issuing

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    Synonyms for "issue"

    issuance issue issuing publication exit outlet way out matter subject topic number egress emergence offspring progeny consequence effect event outcome result upshot payoff proceeds return take takings yield government issue military issue come forth come out emerge go forth bring out publish put out release cut make out write out supply edition printing copy emission delivery sending promulgation point problem question crux product conclusion end consummation vent brood fruit children descendants circulate distribute dispatch transcribe deliver emit discharge flow out

    "issue" definitions

    an important question that is in dispute and must be settled

    one of a series published periodically

    some situation or event that is thought about

    the act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)

    supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government

    the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property

    a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon

    the immediate descendants of a person

    the becoming visible

    an opening that permits escape or release

    the act of issuing printed materials

    prepare and issue for public distribution or sale

    circulate or distribute or equip with

    bring out an official document (such as a warrant)

    come out of

    make out and issue