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Enchantment in a sentence | enchantment example sentences

  1. It was only an enchantment, it would wear off.
  2. The torches were the source of the enchantment.
  3. Finally I spoke to go out of the enchantment:.
  4. She provided me with a rare kind of enchantment.
  5. Both radiated dangerous amounts of raw enchantment.
  6. The countryside lay as under some dread enchantment.
  7. Some called it the island of enchantment because it.
  8. The land of enchantment was the land of swift justice.
  9. And you’l need the same enchantment to capture the.
  10. Henry saw it with eyes that looked out on enchantment.
  11. A strong enchantment indeed, but the woman kept on coming.
  12. Suddenly Bilbo's arm went towards it drawn by it enchantment.
  13. Marius' enchantment, great as it was, could not efface from.
  14. A sign ahead said Welcome to New Mexico the Land of Enchantment.
  15. They’ll wonder all their lives where the lost enchantment has vanished.
  16. Some enchantment kept the water from freezing, the tiny rune barely visible.
  17. It was part of the enchantment of this valley to make anything seem possible.
  18. The other rune…it was not a life rune exactly, yet it held deep enchantment.
  19. To his surprise and enchantment, he found the source to be a humpbacked flute.
  20. Suddenly another voice spoke, low and melodious, its very sound an enchantment.
  21. The enchantment of my mood was interrupted by Captain Rory as he approached with.
  22. They were literally intoxicated with the ecstasy of their bewildered enchantment.
  23. We stood together, bound by the sorrow of it, as if we were in a deep enchantment.
  24. He fancied that all was a dream, that the whole business was a piece of enchantment.
  25. And is not this involuntary deprivation caused either by theft, or force, or enchantment?
  26. May your beer be laid under an enchantment of surpassing excellence for seven years! said I.
  27. Suddenly, on one side-of the station, a cry of death tore open the enchantment: Aaaagh, Mother.
  28. Obviously advanced in enchantment, he had not chosen to follow magic to the depth of a black cloak.
  29. Similarly, sightseers can imbue themselves with enchantment in the one thousand acres Stanley Park.
  30. He had proven himself, had he not? But now he seemed to have fallen under some powerful enchantment.
  31. She has made an enchantment over the whole country so that it is always winter here and never Christmas.
  32. But now there was only curiosity for his luggage, their enchantment with trains and trips and far places.
  33. Words would have broken the spell of the enchantment cast over them by the infinite spaces of sea and sky.
  34. It was the same enchantment in two souls, tinged with voluptuousness in Marius, and with modesty in Cosette.
  35. She observed my stare and enchantment, and gave me a smile that radiated calmness, gentleness, and goodness.
  36. In August of 1974, I again transferred in my job, this time moving to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the land of enchantment.
  37. The enchantment gave any female user the power of ten men and the speed and alertness of the most skilled warriors.
  38. Chief among those was the realization that they could stare into her eyes and not be under even a glimmer of enchantment!.
  39. The greater caches of energy of the two-dozen Lore Masters, although used by the Sentinels earlier, enhanced the enchantment.
  40. It repelled some of the attacking humanoids but many more braved the scorching heat of the enchantment to leap into the melee.
  41. In the gathering twilight of the church her face seemed very white, and she was watching his lips with a species of enchantment.
  42. I'd better make a protection enchantment around your house so no wizard will know there was magic around here, Maggie said.
  43. Jonas hangs back and casts some enchantment over us, Jesse and me, to keep us from getting hurt, and we ride on ahead with rifles.
  44. This poignant singing, however, was force-feeding his senses and overloading them with bucketfuls of emotional nutrients and enchantment.
  45. But starting from his enchantment, Gardiner silently hurried to the side; more fell than stepped into his boat, and returned to his ship.
  46. Clearing my mind, and allowing the caffeine to work its wonders, I shook off the enchantment of the snowfall and resolved to get some work done.
  47. She realized the spell that had been upon her in the depths of that far-off jungle, but there was no spell of enchantment now in prosaic Wisconsin.
  48. Lovers' Lane was a veritable path in a fairyland that night—a shimmering, mysterious place, full of wizardry in the white-woven enchantment of moonlight.
  49. Franz now looked upon another scene of enchantment; the table was splendidly covered, and once convinced of this important point he cast his eyes around him.
  50. Suddenly the bell that gives the signal for the end of the carnival sounded, and at the same instant all the moccoletti were extinguished as if by enchantment.
  51. And they were able to strike them with a powerful hand, and with a powerful hand they did strike them; and, instantly, as if by enchantment, the scene changed.
  52. The facts are these: Her brothers are under enchantment, and she has agreed to undo it––a task involving the mending of spirits over a period of five years.
  53. And in the castle was set a board that was of the birchwood of Finlandy and it was upheld by four dwarfmen of that country but they durst not move more for enchantment.
  54. The enchantment upon the spear itself was also a source of power that fed the Great Angel, something Carl had begun to study in the hope of making more powerful weapons.
  55. Familiarity and habit tend to eliminate the enchantment of love and yet the good sex we had and the sudden void I visualized without her pushed me to a rational decision.
  56. Along Serangoon Street, I came to understand that, in reality, Little India had become a true Eden of enchantment for tourists who wish to overburden themselves with souvenirs.
  57. He considers traveling as an escape of enchantment while relaxing in an undisturbed and sunny beach of Labadee in the Caribbean and gazing at the awe inspiring Sounds of New Zealand.
  58. His heart was filled and pierced with enchantment and with the desire of dwarves; and he gazed motionless, almost forgetting the frightful guardian, at the gold beyond price and count.
  59. Naturally, during that special stay in those islands of enchantment which make up the Philippines, we reduced the number of excursions so as to spend more time with members of the family.
  60. Later, as the last charred oak slat of the main door fell into the room, Tress whispered the magical enchantment and wrapped the cloak tightly about her, vanishing into the surroundings.
  61. Once more the evening lifted and it wasn't long before enchantment came again, pushing away the sourness of the afternoon and for a moment I felt there was only me and Alessandra in the room.
  62. What? What? Why? Don’t ask me, said Pierre, and looked round at Natásha whose radiant, happy expression—of which he was conscious without looking at her—filled him with enchantment.
  63. She’d been so happily comfortable with him and his friends, and so caught up in the enchantment of their undivided attention, she’d completely forgotten their fame and stardom in the world.
  64. But, in the funereal room, with that figure of the grave fallen back in the chair fixing its eyes upon her, Estella looked more bright and beautiful than before, and I was under stronger enchantment.
  65. It is putting on a trade and succumbing to the enchantment of the whole process including the market, yourself, the prices, the plusses and minuses and the pretty colors on the monitor screen (www.
  66. After spending two months in Moscow in a state of enchantment, seeing Kitty almost every day in society, into which he went so as to meet her, he abruptly decided that it could not be, and went back to the country.
  67. It really offers visitors a unique blend of special contemporary comfort and enchantment of the old world, for in those islands there is much more than the sun, the sand and the sea with its clear and temperate waters.
  68. In Juneau’s protected and tranquil waters, it is easy to examine the whole landscape, imbue oneself of its splendor and greatly humble oneself before the seductive enchantment that unfolds before one’s bewildered eyes.
  69. And they will have to be watched at every age, in order that we may see whether they preserve their resolution, and never, under the influence either of force or enchantment, forget or cast off their sense of duty to the State.
  70. In this short interval Don Quixote told him of his unfortunate defeat, and of Dulcinea's enchantment and the remedy, all which threw Don Alvaro into fresh amazement, and embracing Don Quixote and Sancho he went his way, and Don Quixote went his.
  71. We may therefore believe, without any hesitation, that since, as you say, sir knight, everything in this castle goes and is brought about by means of enchantment, Sancho, I say, may possibly have seen, through this diabolical medium, what he says he saw so much to the detriment of my modesty.
  72. The more he strove against this unhallowed passion the more his senses yielded to its thrall, and at length, weary of a struggle that taxed his very soul, he gave way and sank back breathless and exhausted beneath the kisses of these marble goddesses, and the enchantment of his marvellous dream.
  73. There was a faint concussion of the ground under our feet, a groaning of piles, a snapping of great iron bolts, and with a sound of ripping and splintering, as when a tree is blown down by the wind, a great strong piece of wood, a baulk of squared timber, was displaced several feet as if by enchantment.
  74. Rincewind felt the familiar sticky prickling in the scalp that indicated the build-up of a heavy charge of raw enchantment in the vicinity, and so he was not utterly amazed when, a few seconds later, a shaft of vivid octarine light speared down from the invisible ceiling and focused, crackling, in the centre of the circle.
  75. And how could he not have loved everybody and everything in this moment, in the glorious hour after his wonderful sleep, filled with Om! The enchantment, which had happened inside of him in his sleep and by means of the Om, was this very thing that he loved everything, that he was full of joyful love for everything he saw.
  76. Clinging to the sides of the dreamlike waterways was the litter of our times, the motels, the hot-dog stands, the merchants of the cheap and mediocre and tawdry so loved by summer tourists, but these incrustations were closed and boarded against the winter and, even open, I doubt that they could dispel the enchantment of the Wisconsin Dells.
  77. Certainly her thoughts were much occupied with Lydgate himself; he seemed to her almost perfect: if he had known his notes so that his enchantment under her music had been less like an emotional elephant's, and if he had been able to discriminate better the refinements of her taste in dress, she could hardly have mentioned a deficiency in him.
  78. How could it be otherwise? If a princess in the days of enchantment had seen a four-footed creature from among those which live in herds come to her once and again with a human gaze which rested upon her with choice and beseeching, what would she think of in her journeying, what would she look for when the herds passed her? Surely for the gaze which had found her, and which she would know again.
  79. Don Quixote said he was ready to pardon him, and the curate went for Sancho, who came in very humbly, and falling on his knees begged for the hand of his master, who having presented it to him and allowed him to kiss it, gave him his blessing and said, Now, Sancho my son, thou wilt be convinced of the truth of what I have many a time told thee, that everything in this castle is done by means of enchantment.
  80. To which the courier replied in a harsh, discordant voice, I am the devil; I am in search of Don Quixote of La Mancha; those who are coming this way are six troops of enchanters, who are bringing on a triumphal car the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso; she comes under enchantment, together with the gallant Frenchman Montesinos, to give instructions to Don Quixote as to how, she the said lady, may be disenchanted.
  81. I would infer from what I have mentioned that perhaps I may have some gift of this kind, not that of being invulnerable, because experience has many times proved to me that I am of tender flesh and not at all impenetrable; nor that of being proof against enchantment, for I have already seen myself thrust into a cage, in which all the world would not have been able to confine me except by force of enchantments.
  82. But to return to the subject we were discussing just now, the enchantment of the lady Dulcinea, I look upon it as certain, and something more than evident, that Sancho's idea of practising a deception upon his master, making him believe that the peasant girl was Dulcinea and that if he did not recognise her it must be because she was enchanted, was all a device of one of the enchanters that persecute Don Quixote.
  83. Don Quixote went off satisfied, elated, and vain-glorious in the highest degree at having won a victory over such a valiant knight as he fancied him of the Mirrors to be, and one from whose knightly word he expected to learn whether the enchantment of his lady still continued; inasmuch as the said vanquished knight was bound, under the penalty of ceasing to be one, to return and render him an account of what took place between him and her.
  84. He explained to them the property it possessed and entrusted the secret to them, telling them that now for the first time he was going to try the virtue of the enchanted head; but except Don Antonio's two friends no one else was privy to the mystery of the enchantment, and if Don Antonio had not first revealed it to them they would have been inevitably reduced to the same state of amazement as the rest, so artfully and skilfully was it contrived.
  85. As for Sancho, he went searching all over the floor for the head of the giant, and not finding it he said, I see now that it's all enchantment in this house; for the last time, on this very spot where I am now, I got ever so many thumps without knowing who gave them to me, or being able to see anybody; and now this head is not to be seen anywhere about, though I saw it cut off with my own eyes and the blood running from the body as if from a fountain.
  86. When Sancho Panza heard his master say this he was ready to take leave of his senses, or die with laughter; for, as he knew the real truth about the pretended enchantment of Dulcinea, in which he himself had been the enchanter and concocter of all the evidence, he made up his mind at last that, beyond all doubt, his master was out of his wits and stark mad, so he said to him, It was an evil hour, a worse season, and a sorrowful day, when your worship, dear master mine, went down to the other world, and an unlucky moment when you met with Senor Montesinos, who has sent you back to us like this.
  87. While this was going on, Sancho, perceiving that he could speak to his master without having the curate and the barber, of whom he had his suspicions, present all the time, approached the cage in which Don Quixote was placed, and said, Senor, to ease my conscience I want to tell you the state of the case as to your enchantment, and that is that these two here, with their faces covered, are the curate of our village and the barber; and I suspect they have hit upon this plan of carrying you off in this fashion, out of pure envy because your worship surpasses them in doing famous deeds; and if this be the truth it follows that you are not enchanted, but hoodwinked and made a fool of.
  88. Now it is an established fact that all or most famous knights-errant have some special gift, one that of being proof against enchantment, another that of being made of such invulnerable flesh that he cannot be wounded, as was the famous Roland, one of the twelve peers of France, of whom it is related that he could not be wounded except in the sole of his left foot, and that it must be with the point of a stout pin and not with any other sort of weapon whatever; and so, when Bernardo del Carpio slew him at Roncesvalles, finding that he could not wound him with steel, he lifted him up from the ground in his arms and strangled him, calling to mind seasonably the death which Hercules inflicted on Antaeus, the fierce giant that they say was the son of Terra.
  89. The duchess begged him to tell her about the enchantment or deception, so Sancho told the whole story exactly as it had happened, and his hearers were not a little amused by it; and then resuming, the duchess said, "In consequence of what worthy Sancho has told me, a doubt starts up in my mind, and there comes a kind of whisper to my ear that says, 'If Don Quixote be mad, crazy, and cracked, and Sancho Panza his squire knows it, and, notwithstanding, serves and follows him, and goes trusting to his empty promises, there can be no doubt he must be still madder and sillier than his master; and that being so, it will be cast in your teeth, senora duchess, if you give the said Sancho an island to govern; for how will he who does not know how to govern himself know how to govern others?'".
  90. Most high and mighty senor, my name is Trifaldin of the White Beard; I am squire to the Countess Trifaldi, otherwise called the Distressed Duenna, on whose behalf I bear a message to your highness, which is that your magnificence will be pleased to grant her leave and permission to come and tell you her trouble, which is one of the strangest and most wonderful that the mind most familiar with trouble in the world could have imagined; but first she desires to know if the valiant and never vanquished knight, Don Quixote of La Mancha, is in this your castle, for she has come in quest of him on foot and without breaking her fast from the kingdom of Kandy to your realms here; a thing which may and ought to be regarded as a miracle or set down to enchantment; she is even now at the gate of this fortress or plaisance, and only waits for your.
  91. Montesinos told me that all those forming the procession were the attendants of Durandarte and Belerma, who were enchanted there with their master and mistress, and that the last, she who carried the heart in the cloth, was the lady Belerma, who, with her damsels, four days in the week went in procession singing, or rather weeping, dirges over the body and miserable heart of his cousin; and that if she appeared to me somewhat ill-favoured or not so beautiful as fame reported her, it was because of the bad nights and worse days that she passed in that enchantment, as I could see by the great dark circles round her eyes, and her sickly complexion; 'her sallowness, and the rings round her eyes,' said he, 'are not caused by the periodical ailment usual with women, for it is many months and even years since she has had any, but by the grief her own heart suffers because of that which she holds in her hand perpetually, and which recalls and brings back to her memory the sad fate of her lost lover; were it not for this, hardly would the great Dulcinea del Toboso, so celebrated in all these parts, and even in the world, come up to her for beauty, grace, and gaiety.
  92. Then it was he wished for the sword of Amadis, against which no enchantment whatever had any power; then he cursed his ill fortune; then he magnified the loss the world would sustain by his absence while he remained there enchanted, for that he believed he was beyond all doubt; then he once more took to thinking of his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso; then he called to his worthy squire Sancho Panza, who, buried in sleep and stretched upon the pack-saddle of his ass, was oblivious, at that moment, of the mother that bore him; then he called upon the sages Lirgandeo and Alquife to come to his aid; then he invoked his good friend Urganda to succour him; and then, at last, morning found him in such a state of desperation and perplexity that he was bellowing like a bull, for he had no hope that day would bring any relief to his suffering, which he believed would last for ever, inasmuch as he was enchanted; and of this he was convinced by seeing that Rocinante never stirred, much or little, and he felt persuaded that he and his horse were to remain in this state, without eating or drinking or sleeping, until the malign influence of the stars was overpast, or until some other more sage enchanter should disenchant him.

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