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Trance in a sentence | trance example sentences

  1. I was in a trance.
  2. I fell into a trance.
  3. The trance is done with.
  4. My memory became a trance.
  5. I had her in a trance, like.

  6. She stood as if in a trance.
  7. Nuke emerged from the trance.
  8. He was utterly in her trance.
  9. She listened as if in a trance.
  10. She looked almost in a trance.
  11. It was like he was in a trance.
  12. It was as if he was in a trance.
  13. In the still, hot trance of noon.
  14. Then the Oracle lost his trance.
  15. Dianne broke the momentary trance.

  16. It was as if she was in a trance.
  17. I’ll always live in the trance.
  18. Of now the TRANCE STATE majority.
  19. Nothing’s as good as my trance.
  20. He appears in a trance, elsewhere.
  21. It’s merely a healing trance.
  22. Batistuta snapped out of his trance.
  23. Drake seemed to be stuck in a trance.
  24. The Gadget Man was in a trance and.
  25. We live in a prison that is a trance.

  26. His words snapped her from her trance.
  27. They must be in some kind of a trance.
  28. John thrashes about as if in a trance.
  29. She was immediately taken on a trance.
  30. She moved in a kind of listless trance.
  31. He‘s going into a trance, she thought.
  32. You seemed to be in some kind of trance.
  33. Duncan somehow snapped out of his trance.
  34. To bring about a deeper level of trance.
  35. I went out to the carriage man in a trance.
  36. The thing that broke that trance was Frank.
  37. It was as though everyone was in a trance.
  38. Not when I saw her in a state of trance.
  39. He lies in a trance on the basement floor.
  40. Andrew nodded slowly as though in a trance.
  41. In some kind of trance, he felt her hand.
  42. Something unproved! something in a trance!.
  43. Louella and I stood staring, as in a trance.
  44. The Buddha guy was now in a very deep trance.
  45. As if in a trance, I rushed over, opened it.
  46. The question broke her trance, startling her.
  47. Yes, sir? He snapped out of his trance.
  48. The services induced a kind of trance in him.
  49. Nord shook Lov bringing him out of his trance.
  50. Still in a trance, he looked at her vacuously.
  51. Rosie walked in the room and broke the trance.
  52. Tony, lost in a trance, stood staring at his.
  53. No way, he murmured, almost in a trance.
  54. Kendra's head shot up like she was in a trance.
  55. Yeah, when she’s in a state of trance!.
  56. He seemed sober and a little out of the trance.
  57. In Acts 11 we see the story of Peters odd trance.
  58. Bob noticed that Monica seemed to be in a trance.
  59. Let's get busy and move into basic trance state.
  60. He snapped from his trance when the lock clicked.
  61. In their room they just stand there in a trance.
  62. Andrew stared at the large dog as if in a trance.
  63. Drew’s eyes glazed over like he was in a trance.
  64. Fine, Melvin replied in a trance like state.
  65. He likes to dress up and put shorties in a trance.
  66. A guard rounded the corner, seemingly in a trance.
  67. Clive shook his head as if coming out of a trance.
  68. Haven broke from her trance and sprung into action.
  69. Frenchman had said in his real or pretended trance.
  70. I stared as if in a trance at the woman before me.
  71. In Wadi again, even as he remained in the trance.
  72. Nuke signaled to me to end the trance, which I did.
  73. Was he in some kind of trance? What was this guy?
  74. But suddenly, as if he had awoken from a trance, Mr.
  75. I was slowly reeling him in and escaping his trance.
  76. He sat down and stared into space as if in a trance.
  77. He held the trance for one second … two seconds….
  78. The deep trance that overcame her was broken by the.
  79. In trance now, Teresa rose from the floor of the cave.
  80. She then opens her eyes and awakens out of her trance.
  81. Edgar Cayce did his readings in a sleep state or trance.
  82. In this trance, I was seated at a table in a familiar.
  84. Whenever he is ready, wake him up from the trance.
  85. I waited in a trance; seconds could mean the difference.
  86. This is magical trance, Gabrielle, She said softly.
  87. Mini(coming out of trance): No Rudra, they’ll kill him.
  88. At this, all four rabbits felt the trance of utter panic.
  89. She gasped again, eyes closed and in a trance of ecstasy.
  90. Tina felt like she was in a trance while she stared at.
  91. As if in a trance, I feel almost pushed outside his head.
  92. He walked away from the temple, as it were, in a trance.
  93. And out of the semi-intoxicated trance came the answer:.
  94. Kifter! The Fife did not respond as if in a trance.
  95. I think she IS in a state of trance! Shane whispers.
  96. A hand on Joey’s shoulder snapped him out of his trance.
  97. I haven‘t felt it when I saw Diane in a state of trance.
  98. He blinked and the trance was broken, but its affect held.
  99. Soon I was breathing slowly and deeply almost in a trance.
  100. He appeared to have slipped fairly easily into the trance.
  1. For an instant, the tranced boat's crew stood still; then turned.
  2. The tranced ship indolently rolls; the drowsy trade winds blow; everything resolves you into languor.
  3. She paused for so long, her eyes fixed on a distant point, that Clayton thought she had tranced out again.
  4. Old World Zombies feared being drugged, tranced, buried and then rising from the dead without sense of self-recognition or emotion.
  5. Zombie tranced by monergy, owners and controllers try to divide workers into separate unions, fields, and occupations to propel us into a class competition between skilled and unskilled labor, the higher, the lower, and the non-paid, so we fight each other, rather than resisting and refusing that which enslaves worker and owner alike – money; that which you are laboring for, rather than the health of each other and Eartheart.
  1. Ann had a way of breaking me out of my little trances.
  2. Such trances were frequent occurrences with Shri Maharaj.
  3. They were brought out of their individual trances by the.
  4. M: Some are addicted to trances, with their consciousness in.
  5. Q: I am mortally afraid of samadhi s and other trances, whatever.
  6. She was a neurological specialist and had coaxed many patients out of deep trances.
  7. These kinds of experiences have also often led me into visionary trances from God (Acts 10:10, 22:17).
  8. Ah, God! what trances of torments does that man endure who is consumed with one unachieved revengeful desire.
  9. Jessie went into one of his trances *Cimex Lectularius is the scientific name, for a bed bug, not to be mistaken for dust mites.
  10. I of course did not get him to admit it because he's a wizard and most times wizards are usually very stubborn (speaking from experience) It will probably take you a long time to have him admit that he loves you but I tried to quicken the process when I had him kiss you when you were in your trances.

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