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Energy in a sentence

It is the life energy.
A wave of energy hit.
He can use the energy.
In the field of energy.
When energy is in the.
Much of the energy of.
It is an energy which.

That is, energy is of.
The final thing is energy.
Always so full of energy.
Shivers sap me of energy.
To give them more energy.
You can send energy to it.
It hums with alien energy.
Evoke His energy and ask.
Woke up with blue energy.
Energy theory is able to.
When we die, what energy.
It is a flat energy field.
I found six energy drinks.
I expended a lot of energy.
The energy poured into my.
Health and energy are good.
But this energy is in the.
If you have no energy and.
He put forth effort, energy.
The energy it can give you.
A is for the original energy.
His energy powers were weak.
The energy in this place is.
Thought is a state of energy.
Drained of energy for action.
His energy was draining; we.
He used up all of his energy.
Even energy drinks that have.
Remember energy is not static.
My energy had been literally.
Feel that blissful energy as.
He needed to ration his energy.
Remember that energy knows no.

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