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    1. Add a dash of Tabasco sauce to increase effectiveness

    2. Add 10 drops Superseaweed or 1/4 cup seaweed powder per gallon and 1 drop natural soap and a dash of Tabasco sauce or any other of the hot sauces mentioned in this book

    3. Add a dash of Tabasco (or other hot sauces) soap

    4. Radish: An infusion of the leaves when added to a dash of Tabasco and a dash of soap will repel most chewing insects, whiteflies, ants and some animals

    5. Tansy: An infusion of this herb with a dash of natural soap will deter most insects

    6. You can spray the solution directly on the spiders or you can bathe (place) the entire plant, pot and all into warm water with a dash of Dr

    7. Add a dash soap to this and increase its effectiveness

    8. Use a few drops with a dash of soap and water

    9. As I’m filling the kettle, I hear the phone ringing and, seeing that Liz is still halfway to the house her hands full of boxes, I dash off to pick it up

    10. Ernesto himself even tried to look distinguished with a dash of white in the black at his temples

    11. It comes from an old Dromeedian recipe that we've adapted using the latest psionic technology, with just a dash of tpsii added to bring out the patterns a little more

    12. I have to dash away but I'll be in touch again very soon

    13. This doesn't mean of course that you dash out there and plunge into something you know

    14. ’ I said warmly, relieved that I am not expected to dash off somewhere else immediately

    15. After closing prayers, the excited congregation burst into the sunlight and made a dignified dash for the village hall

    16. Jane served up a meal of chicken casserole for us and we ate it at the kitchen table – Peter had to dash off after the meal to carry out some parish visiting, and mentioned that he’s off to see Sally about the memorial service

    17. ‘Sorry Ben, I have to dash off – I’m going to see my sister this afternoon

    18. all hot flush and chronic stomach cramps after which I had to dash to a loo pretty smartish

    19. She used her antique phone to dash off a quick note of thanks to the guys at the DOCA, and a longer and more detailed note to Yellelle

    20. He made a last ditch dash for freedom, trying to hoist himself onto the thicker part of the branch

    21. ‘What – making them?’ I asked, as we dash between the temporarily stationary cars

    22. With the basics done, both girls spend the next hour studiously making themselves up to look like they don't care; hair professionally unkempt, foundation, a hint of lip gloss, a dash of sparkle, nails scrubbed, and in Leona's case painted purple

    23. of the Guardians with a military dash

    24. A dash of milk

    25. ‘We’ll have to make a dash for it

    26. This meets with their approval; they dash off upstairs to tell Katie

    27. package of Kit-Kats snuggled between the dash and the windshield

    28. "Why didn't you tell me, before?" She shot back with a dash of hurt in her voice

    29. Now it was time to dash along the winding upper residential footpaths just outside the Institute's public gate

    30. That same evening Grants wife popped into the laundry to give her violets a dash of water and she looked at the tall interloper, it was quite dead

    31. With a heavy wallow, a bound and a dash she was over the dock, the porch, and into the front room of the house on the far side of the stream before she looked back

    32. “Yes, you should have seen him make a dash for it?”

    33. This isn’t just any old fight, you old fool! And then she steeled herself for their dash to the as-yet-unseen cave

    34. “I found his ring on his middle finger,” he said, knowing it was the final blow that would dash any hopes she may have had that he might still be alive

    35. As everyone headed to stations in a dash, Ravena scowled, “So much for showing off

    36. As we moved forward we could see the outposts in front of us and we prepared to make a dash for them but before we got anywhere the artillery behind them opened up with shrapnel shells and we had to go to ground to find cover from the murderous hail that met us

    37. I lay there and thought the best thing to do was to wait and then when things quietened down make a dash back for our lines before the Germans sent a patrol out to investigate

    38. I shouted at him and he managed to make his way to my hole and cover and this time he listened to what I had to say and we waited till the front settled down before making the dash back to our lines

    39. But, heaving or not, pounding or not, reverberating or not, he had to make a dash for the bathroom, where he spewed up the contents of the night before

    40. And saith unto him, If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone

    41. We went to ground in the first shell hole and we kept our heads down until we could make a dash to the crater with the Lewis gun in it

    42. I crawled to the top and looked out and I decided that I would have to make a dash for the shell hole to the right of the one I was in

    43. “I will wait for the artillery strafe to pass by and then I will make a dash for it because whatever happens I must try to get back to the shell hole

    44. Mum will then have to dash to the local supermarket for a replacement bird

    45. His words were like a dash of cold water

    46. mystery of what had happened to the Niagara was secondary in her mind to this bold dash through

    47. awaited the moment when the Confederation could activate its engines once more and make a dash

    48. Dorothy and I had bought this 1941 Ford Club Coupe and had fixed it up really nice with new paint, new upholstery, chrome dash, and a new engine

    49. Therefore, I shall dash the rebellious in pieces upon these rocks, and send the jackals to carry away their carcasses! For they have trusted in false glory and wear shame as a garment, cursing My name without ceasing

    50. It was a dash to the car from the hospital as the rain pelted down with more force than when we had arrived

    1. James dashed out the front door and ran straight to his dragon

    2. They were trying hard to be respectful in the chapel but all at once got to their feet and dashed outside, unable to contain their laughter any longer, groaning and rolling on the ground as though they were going to die whilst I patiently waited for their game to end

    3. Ken and Eileen, both being able to work in full time jobs, saved and scrimped and carried each other all the way to the fertility clinic, where they found sympathy, helping hands, many months of pain and many dashed expectations

    4. Quickly grabbing her toiletries and a towel, she dashed into the bathroom

    5. Ozzie dashed drunkenly over to where Chas was lying and tried to revive him

    6. He dashed up the stairs to his office, it was an open floor above the tool crib

    7. Higher and higher still they flew, nearer and nearer to the stars, when suddenly the mirror shook so terribly with grinning, that it flew out of their hands and fell to the earth, where it was dashed in a hundred million and more pieces

    8. Eventually, even we gave it up and dashed for the relative

    9. In a foolish attempt to impress Solo Ki, Theodorous dashed forward, his axe blowing the undead back like a battle ram

    10. McReady, good to see you back with us," the captain said as Victoria dashed into his space

    11. Adros dashed through the tunnels

    12. The pair of young elves dashed past him, moving to obey

    13. Only a miracle would prevent her from being dashed against sharp rocks at its base

    14. ” Reluctantly, the crowd parted and Savannah dashed through

    15. stopped and we both jumped out, and dashed for the tea stall

    16. looked at the clock and dashed off to meet the children as

    17. “That reminds me!” Isin dashed off to her quarters

    18. “Yes Ma'am!” came their unanimous reply, and they dashed off on a different path than the Elf and Dena continued along with their vanguard of Nephlii

    19. As she was about to leave the reception area, Jannson dashed out from his office, his face etched with worry

    20. The nurse yelled for back up while Hans dashed into the room, sporting his magically charged Sword of Light, the chosen weapon of all Temple Guardians

    21. She dashed to them, but was pulled back by Psyche

    22. I found Beth and told her about the strange behaviour at first I think she thought I was joking but when she saw the look on my face she dashed upstairs

    23. dashed for the taxi

    24. “Our friends,” he said, feeling the bottom fall out of his world, hope dashed beyond hope of

    25. At that, the young pair thanked him and dashed back into the village

    26. Officers and correspondents dashed off to their quarters to pack, dress, and catch the 11 o’clock train for war

    27. Some frightened volunteers dashed into headquarters, shouting that the enemy had broken our line

    28. “That’s good, but any chance you and Sespian had of forging a relationship was dashed

    29. It dashed through the wet grass but tumbled over its own legs and fell on its nose

    30. I looked at Glenna and knew she was right, of course she was right, and I dashed off to the head security officer

    31. But that hope was quickly dashed when an enormous group of badgers spewed from the entrance of the sett ahead of them, and at the same moment, a yelling mob charged from the labyrinth behind

    32. His hopes of a quick entry were dashed when he saw that it was well defended by three guards

    33. Hastily wrapping herself in a towel, Beth dashed to the outer room in the hope that Truman might be calling, but it was only Herminia, wailing and sobbing hysterically

    34. For the next few days the moth did its best to reach the sun and ask for new wings, flying as high as it could, over and over again, only to be dashed back to earth by the wind

    35. He dashed to the booking room for the other, but it had also ceased to exist

    36. Could it be that, when their man was arrested in Boston that Caroline had decided they should switch their delivery method from mules to horses, and that was why when he made the arrest at the airport nothing had been found? How he craved a look around those stables, but it was out of the question: almost the entire length of the switchback entrance was clearly visible from the hotel, and any nighttime attempt without lights was an invitation to be dashed to bits at the base of a cliff; besides, if he was so much as seen on the property, he would likely lose his badge

    37. Caroline dashed from the room, screaming obscenities, only to return moments later with carving knives clutched in either fist

    38. Edgar’s high hopes to have been the principal figure in breaking a cocaine ring all the way to its source were, with one act of violence, dashed to bits

    39. Before I left the mall, I dashed into the convenience store and bought a package of medium sized zip lock plastic bags

    40. He dashed with all the speed he dared over the naked beams then, on flooring again, bolted through the darkened skeleton of the building

    41. Two bandits dashed the joint with cord and

    42. The other one just dashed towards a low-walled flower fence and jumped over, creeping away back into a semblance of adequate cover

    43. and dashed head long at the boat

    44. In the same instant, Trevor dashed back to the airlock and screamed, ‘Get out of there, Russell, the aliens are coming

    45. “Terah!” one of the guests had begun the dialogue, “Is there no way that we can convince you to stay? You are our ‘rock’ against which they have dashed all of their efforts to coerce our families

    46. They had somehow managed to come this far without meeting any other Russian patrols, and Colling did not want such good fortune to be dashed by their tearing the bottom of the Syrena out on the carcass of some submerged ship

    47. The instant Wynne had pushed the button, he turned back and dashed for the

    48. from the floor to Eynochia’s hand of its own accord, Orphenn dashed back to his

    49. Dacian turned and ran, crossed the main hold, and dashed down the hallway

    50. He dashed to the tier and blew from his palm the

    1. When she’s running late, Violet sometimes sees Evan and looks at him strangely before she dashes across the street to the studio

    2. He dashes out into the hall and explains quickly what has happened

    3. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    4. Jim dashes out into the reception area and comes back with a glass of water

    5. See you in church!’ she said as she dashes off

    6. The boy looks at him, then grinning with what I am now realising is the family expression, dashes over to his uncle, who squats down to his level

    7. Spotting this she quickly dashes over and moves it further onto the table

    8. Blowing me a kiss, he dashes off to open the door while I try to concentrate on the job in hand

    9. In the end an announcement is made that there will be another train at the other platform in ten minutes and everyone dashes off over the footbridge

    10. ’ She dashes over and kisses me on the cheek then rushes out again, carefully closing the door behind her

    11. ran at least a mile and sprinted ten sixty-yard dashes in the fieldhouse

    12. It dashes ahead, recedes, and resumes the same pattern tirelessly

    13. I am referring to his allusion to dunking basketballs and running one hundred yard dashes that seemed rather transparent if not racist

    14. In haste, he dashes out of the car, mumbling something that sounds like curses

    15. Leaving the engine running, he slams the door as he gets down and dashes toward us at vampire speed, depriving me of the expression on his face

    16. the Morse code C dashes

    17. Low scud drew gray dashes along the coast line that lay beneath their left wing

    18. As he turned back to the couple however, and peered more closely, he could see that their maturity was just on the turn towards old age: lines on their faces had been included and dashes and spots of grey in their hair

    19. a red M, whilst Meo's appeared skull-like, with dashes of white

    20. In the midst of the mayhem, Avery dashes his hand upward and places a single bullet into Bobby’s brain stem from behind, then fades into the madding crowd

    21. He made little dashes forward, she backed off – unsure

    22. Its front wall had white sparkly coating with dashes of green gems that sparkled in the dark

    23. A man dashes into the clearing- he’s older, probably in his early fifties

    24. Three days a week the lad did dashes at top speed through and over the varying terrains of the omnipresent Pay-hay-okee

    25. Squeaky, pocket,’ he commands and the rat immediately dashes in the breast pocket

    26. • 7 dashes of any red Anand Bhatt

    27. mug, and add 7 dashes of hot sauce

    28. ‘You wouldn’t believe it, he did two more mercy dashes for me, pure coincidences, same scenarios, but guess what …’

    29. With machinegun fire now chasing her, she ran in a zigzag pattern, performing short dashes followed by jumps to the ground and then by a few rolls down in the tall grass to put off the enemy’s aim

    30. True written representation of speech would require a system more difficult to read and write than all the dots, dips, dashes, letters, marks, strokes and slashes of dictionary entries

    31. Notice that hard and soft consonants made in the same tongue location are paired together, with hard consonants represented by dots and their softer sounding partners represented by dashes in the first illustration

    32. the sound of the bell he dashes off without waiting for an answer

    33. He then sent information back to the armada during the daylight hours by the use of a reflective surface and Galactic code - a series of dots and dashes

    34. The four Rangers, emerging from their hiding places in the small wood, sprinted to the West entrance of the rail bridge, then split in pairs and started crossing the bridge at a fast walk, using the steel beams of the bridge’s structure to make tactical dashes from cover to cover

    35. “Thanks for your concern,” Azalea comments, looking at her brightly patterned purple dress, swirling with black dashes and white flowers, handmade by her mother

    36. He dashes to the SUV directly in

    37. 2 dashes of salt (flick of the wrist while holding a salt shaker)

    38. As far as the reader is concerned, Graves’ disorganized style dashes any hope that A will lead logically to B and then C

    39. Rico dashes to the right, counting all the isles of clothing along his way

    40. The frantic mothers hurry to their babies as Cass dashes back towards Hell

    41. She beams at them, then dashes forward, skidding to a stop next to Eugene to kiss his cheek before she bounces over to her father

    42. him, it dashes him to the ground and he foams at the

    43. small dashes in the otherwise nearly transparent

    44. This happens approximately in the same way like in our everyday Life, when we use some universal system to designate some small differences in a large group of similar Forms (for example, numbers, alphabet letters, dots and dashes)

    45. (Whoa, that's a lot of dashes there!)

    46. But before Landa and Londa have the chance to open their mouths again, Rick quickly says, "Good-bye Ladies," as he dashes off with his shopping cart!

    47. Lying back on the sofa, she read the manuscript carefully through, making dashes here and there, and putting in many exclamation points, which looked like little balloons

    48. * Two and a half lines of dashes follow here in the original [Publisher's note]

    49. The neighborhood, however, highly approved of these arrangements, and we were much admired as we went through the village; the more youthful and vigorous part of the community making dashes now and then to cut us off, and lying in wait to intercept us at points of vantage

    50. Nimrod himself, from the effects of numerous drinks of ginger beer with secret dashes of gin in it, had become at length crying drunk, and sat weeping in gloomy silence beside the driver, a picture of

    1. She felt Tdeshi's hormones prompting her to blow off comfortable old Kulai and run off on an adventure with a dashing manly man, but Ava's sense of duty was going to force Herndon to pay for this junket with his fast boat

    2. Jorma went dashing off after him, no doubt more afraid of the ghoul-woman from YingolNeerie than interested in helping them find Venna

    3. ’ He promised, kissing me on the cheek and dashing off

    4. I relate all I know of what has happened … it is all I can do to stop her dashing over to see Liz but I eventually get through to her that there is nothing she can do and that her mother is sleeping

    5. Herndon in contrast was a dashing figure of no more than thirty, though it was three hundred and eighteen Earth years from his birth

    6. It was quite a romance novel wasn't it, - shy, bookish Angel re-incarnated in a body seething with uncontrollable lust, and a dashing latin Lothario rebuild the technology industry in a new world-

    7. ’ Kara said, dashing her hand across her eyes quickly

    8. ’ Berndt said, dashing off downstairs

    9. ’ Gilla said, whirling round and dashing back to the villa

    10. " he cried, dashing for the shut off valve

    11. was a dashing figure of a young man – probably twenty

    12. before spying the intruders and dashing back into the

    13. Even the remembrances of coronations and grand festivities in the Imperial Palace remained vivid, her father’s dashing smile and her mother lovingly admiring him in all his Legionnaire regalia

    14. recruit only stammered and cleared his throat awkwardly, eyes huge and dashing to and fro in nervousness

    15. In his dashing clothes she almost expected to find a white horse outside – the proverbial handsome warrior on a white steed ready to rescue the damsel in distress

    16. I don't think Pierre and his wife will want all of us dashing inside in a thunderstorm

    17. He was not at all the dashing, carefree playboy he appeared to be after hours

    18. He then pictured to them a brilliant and dashing cruise, and asked them to join the service of the Confederate

    19. Carmen turned toward the house, dashing a tear from her cheek with the back of her hand

    20. The American lines advanced slowly, the attacking force dashing across open spaces and seizing every bit of available cover

    21. soul came dashing over the roof about one o'clock, and after filling

    22. Dashing to the next intersection, Thesa scouted about and quickly discovered that another footprint had been scratched there as well

    23. Seconds fly away with the rays of the sun, dashing across our faces

    24. " Acron was gone, dashing to the source of the sound

    25. On the way out, Juliet said she thought Bruce looked very dashing up there at the president’s table

    26. She kicked the weapon away, dashing forward,

    27. dashing towards the steps, the sound of thunder continued to

    28. There were six of us: myself, Lord Robert, Eva Brown, your guardian, Mary Grant and John Davies, who fell in love in those days, Daniel Seaton, and a dashing young fellow called Lucas Barrington

    29. might not look the dashing prince but he cares for me and the kids

    30. “Nonsense, you must have talked, he is a dashing man

    31. She had total conviction in everything he said; he seemed like a King in waiting, her dashing prince, the CFO in line to replace Harry, none other than Jack Mayes

    32. He had developed a serious expression with pursed lips which looked more bee stung at times and wrinkles that stayed in place as he portrayed the dashing fencer to all

    33. I stared at Jesse; he looked dashing in his black tuxedo

    34. glanced up just in time to see her boss dashing toward the altar, but

    35. As another of my fortune cookies read in 2006, “Life to you is a dashing and bold adventure,” as it was for my father before me

    36. A young soldier, who had come dashing back into camp, suddenly interrupted his awe-filled reverie

    37. A young soldier, who had come dashing back into camp, suddenly interrupted his awe-filled

    38. She could only stare wordlessly at Rick who looked so dashing in his tweed jacket, cream jodhpurs and knee-length riding boots

    39. youngest of his troops were the first to recover, dashing toward the large group of relatives

    40. The sight of the dashing and handsome Rick kept her tongue-tied for once although she was dying to interrogate Lorna about him, and why he had come back with her

    41. managed to get there, we would only have succeeded in dashing

    42. imagine a guy screaming at the top of his lungs, dashing in a zig

    43. Dashing away a tear, Charly looked them over

    44. cover, dashing through the dark house, and Thompson methodically hunted them, one by

    45. Marvin “The Spatula” Salvatore looked dashing, sporting a black tux, black bow tie and with a brand new stain free chef’s hat fixed sideways atop his head

    46. The dashing of the wind was stirring their garbs and disturbing their hairs

    47. Kaite overtakes you in a blue streak dashing over the pavement

    48. Leon winked and said, ‘See ya,’ before dashing off

    49. sandcastle with a few pointed flags, dashing around the castle tops

    50. “Shit! My hand is burning and I can’t move it,” he cried, dashing into the kitchen

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    Synonyms for "dash"

    dash sprint bolt elan flair panache style dah hyphen smash crash daunt frighten away frighten off pall scare scare away scare off dart flash scoot scud shoot flourish show splendour spirit vigour drop bit little hint scattering pinch grain smack spurt plunge sortie rush race line score deject dampen dismay dispirit chill cloud hit break splash bludgeon splatter shatter strike thrust mix adulterate deteriorate mingle speed fly hurry throw hurl fling cast

    "dash" definitions

    distinctive and stylish elegance

    a quick run

    a footrace run at top speed

    a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text

    the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code

    the act of moving with great haste

    run or move very quickly or hastily

    break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over

    hurl or thrust violently

    destroy or break

    cause to lose courage

    add an enlivening or altering element to