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Ethereal in a sentence | ethereal example sentences

  1. It had an ethereal look.
  2. It's not some ethereal theory.
  3. He never affected to be ethereal.
  4. She had become an ethereal figure.
  5. Free! an ethereal voice cried.

  6. About the ethereal meaning of it all.
  7. He looked ethereal, my angel brother.
  8. Something ethereal whisper to my heart.
  9. Dex put an ethereal hand on her shoulder.
  10. Beans o’ radiation, sent to ethereal beds.
  11. He was an ethereal spirit, and as such he.
  13. The lab was illuminated only by the ethereal.
  14. Rufus, the voice was almost ethereal, feminine.
  15. Mama was powerful and noble and almost ethereal.

  16. What they found was more concrete than ethereal.
  17. There are women who have that ethereal something.
  18. Memories of his birth mother were few and ethereal.
  19. But man boasts a purer and more ethereal temperature.
  20. It was the most ethereal flight I had ever witnessed.
  21. Again she was struck by his humility and ethereal beauty.
  22. There is nothing urgent in the ethereal plane.
  23. The ethereal waterways of Mako energy that run beneath the.
  24. But that darkness began to shimmer with an ethereal indigo.
  25. The very one, ethereal, the quiver rare of Nature’s own.

  26. His voice sounded ethereal, but it was obvious he was close.
  27. They had an almost ethereal, yet predictable quality to them.
  28. The "spirit" could then only be a shadowy, ghostly, ethereal.
  29. It gives a strange Vivachrome glow to the already ethereal land.
  30. She was ethereal, impossibly beautiful, and sensual in the moonlight.
  31. Was her mind in tune with the ghost of Frank’s ethereal wavelength?
  32. Beyond her appearance, there had been such an ethereal quality about her.
  33. Mike Willis said a spiritual body is not an ethereal body any more than.
  34. An ethereal double is your energy body when you are not in physical form.
  35. It opened to soft, warm light that gave an ethereal glow to her soft face.
  36. Before he had piped up they’d been praying for an ethereal reaction for.
  37. Meaning I spend about 80% of my life in the ethereal realms of.
  38. A portal opened and within the ethereal perimeter, he saw five people.
  39. Thereby he gained the chance to hurt the essence of ethereal beings as well.
  40. Hence, the first principle - "In the ethereal field the voids do not occur".
  41. This is done by generating a layer of Ethereal Armor that functions as gills.
  42. Ether is always moving where next to it there is a "gap" in the ethereal field.
  43. My ex-partner is an ornithologist, she explained in a less ethereal tone.
  44. Gilead and the Sentinels gestured with their hands and the Ethereal Cords dissolved.
  45. Yet Clare's love was doubtless ethereal to a fault, imaginative to impracticability.
  46. When Lucy pitched, it seemed to Eric like moving stillness; translucent and ethereal.
  47. Mike Willis said a spiritual body is not an ethereal body any more than Christ's was a.
  48. Mike Willis says a spiritual body is not an ethereal body any more than Christ's was a.
  49. The "spirit" could then only be a shadowy, ghostly, ethereal body, which he said Christ.
  50. Velvet saw shadows marring Rosebud’s ethereal beauty but she could do nothing to help.
  51. Where Brent once stood was now an ethereal being of such beauty that most could not gaze.
  52. As a result to the place of arising lack from the environment an ethereal flow is moving.
  53. Its concentration anywhere, in any point of the ethereal field of the Universe is the same.
  54. She hadn’t become an ethereal collection of molecules hovering in the corner of the room.
  55. The entirety of the feline anthromorphs was covered in Ethereal Armor of an aquamarine color.
  56. Like ethereal fingers pulling a zip closed, the smoke formed tendrils that snaked into the.
  57. Yet there was nothing ethereal about it; all was real vitality, real warmth, real incarnation.
  58. Besides, her ethereal beauty should’ve bewitched him, blinding his eyes to my charms forever.
  59. Learn to absorb the vibrations of great sages of yore which are floating in the ethereal space.
  60. Standing before him was Kiri, illuminated by an ethereal glow, long red hair shining like embers.
  61. She had an ethereal sense of observing herself, this poor, unfamiliar woman crying in the hallway.
  62. Out of the Light, from everywhere, there came what seemed a maiden’s voice so gentle and ethereal.
  63. Exactly the principles of conduct of Ether serve the cause of arising in the universe Ethereal flows.
  64. As he furiously tried to reload it, Jacob closed the distance between him and the man with ethereal.
  65. On the walls were paintings if forests, lakes, mountains and vast pastures with an ethereal; quality.
  66. The "spirit" could then only be a shadowy, ghostly, ethereal body, which he said Christ did not have.
  67. She was aware only of her ethereal lover and her desire to be with him, take care of him—touch him.
  68. As a result, the body has often been seen as an ethereal vessel animated by some ghostly human spirit.
  69. Lily was ethereal in her wedding dress, a confection of floating satin, tiny seed pearls, and fragile lace.
  70. Instead his isolation seemed reassuring, as if having departed from the world below into some ethereal realm.
  71. Each particle with the Field of Repulsion emits Ether into the surrounding ethereal field with a certain speed.
  72. If there were only ethereal where would you all be, postulants and novices? Shy but willing like an ass pissing.
  73. The magic-users, Gilead, Leif, Reoren and Sigrid combined their Ethereal Resources to issue a counterattack spell.
  74. Each particle with the Field of Attraction absorbs Ether from the ambient, ethereal field with a certain velocity.
  75. The words of the stranger in the tavern, the ethereal Imperial Silanus, would echo in his head the entire way there.
  76. Even in battle she was ethereal, as he remembered, her muscles about her face showing the intensity of her thrusts.
  77. First the elder child -- her body transparent and ethereal, the beams of light from above slicing right through her.
  78. There isn’t a pull back to yourself, your sleepy eyes a bit more awake now, you track your ethereal self, floating.
  79. What is it? Whispered nearly everyone until it became a bird, ethereal, and beautiful as it hovered above the map.
  80. No sun, no sky, no colors of the earth, just quiet and the ethereal beauty of the darkness and the riches all around us.
  81. It was medieval, something left over from an age long past, solid as the rock it sprang from, yet ethereal as any dream.
  82. This means that the cause of origin of the ethereal flows is either admission to the particles of Ether or its repulsion.
  83. Except this ethereal form has no defects and displays itself in perfection and suffers no ill effects of the aging process.
  84. But our thoughts and feelings – that's a real indicator as to what ethereal (information) waves we perceive at the moment.
  85. The ethereal landscape was nothing short of magnificent, with both men barely able to keep their eyes on Travis's car ahead.
  86. Adorno stopped in his tracks, instantly taken aback as he always was by the strange and ethereal creature standing before him.
  87. The Fields of Attraction and Repulsion of the particles – are the only possible types of the ethereal flows, moving in space.
  88. The particles of the element "Fire" and "Air" has the Fields of Repulsion – Ether, coming into the surrounding ethereal field.
  89. Bathed in sweat though it was cool under the shadowed shade, his implacability gone with the coming of the ethereal intonement.
  90. Pocock was ghosting over the water as if effortlessly, his boat ethereal looking in a light mist that had settled on the water.
  91. He went up to where they had found it, and memories of his night came back to him, carrying the ethereal quality of a nightmare.
  92. These thoughts bullied their way into his mind as if some ethereal healer was prescribing them as an unguent for fraying nerves.
  93. Edgar, ethereal in silvery tights flitted athletically around his master, triggering excited murmurs from the expectant audience.
  94. Yet he wasn’t as afraid as he thought he should be; the world was disconnected, an ethereal quality through its pink-orange hue.
  95. It lacked the intensely blue atmosphere of the rival vale, and its heavy soils and scents; the new air was clear, bracing, ethereal.
  96. Her alien boyfriend swallows her up with a view to reshaping her; a little later, when he vomits her, she becomes an ethereal fairy.
  97. An elementary particle – is a Soul, a Force Center, and Spirit - is an ethereal "cloth" created by this center and disappearing into it.
  98. The particles of the element Earth and the Water have the Fields of Attraction – Ether, moving to them from the ambient ethereal field.
  99. Beauty is such an ethereal, intangible quality; one often wondered why such a face while not in the least repellent was not in the least congenial.
  100. I liked Leonardo's closeness: his strong and vigorous musculature, his aura of ethereal personage and his indigo eyes such as the seas of Eisenbaum.

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