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Subtle in a sentence | subtle example sentences

  1. Stacey gave a subtle nod.
  2. The subtle shade of the.
  3. We have to be more subtle.
  4. Be subtle in your approach.
  5. The subtle art of effec-.

  6. None too subtle, is he.
  7. Our very subtle mind that.
  8. He was quiet; he was subtle.
  9. Taj was too subtle for that.
  10. It was a subtle distinction.
  11. But they hadn't been subtle.
  12. He was more subtle than that.
  13. He is the Subtle, the Expert.
  14. Image was a very subtle thing.
  15. This very subtle mind is the.

  16. A subtle change came over him.
  17. They grow a little more subtle.
  18. Could she be any less subtle?
  19. But the evil is even more subtle.
  20. Perhaps it was her subtle humor.
  21. As subtle as the welcoming roar.
  22. At this point he had to be subtle.
  23. The subtle tilt of a deer's head.
  24. She was altered in some subtle way.
  25. And yet literature is a subtle art.

  26. Nice tactics Cameron, very subtle.
  27. There is a subtle difference here!.
  28. It’s a subtle mistake but is part.
  29. Her make-up was subtle but effective.
  30. Something much more subtle, like that.
  31. But now there was a subtle difference.
  32. He noticed a subtle movement from the.
  33. Ego is subtle and so it cannot be seen.
  34. The Usual Thing, With Subtle Variations.
  35. Wasn’t it? A whole subtle performance.
  36. Neville's ideas were a little more subtle.
  37. The same is with subtle food in form of.
  38. Please recognize the subtle difference:.
  39. A subtle perfume pervaded the atmosphere.
  40. She’s more subtle than that, damn it.
  41. It was subtle at first, but became more.
  42. Writing such stuff has subtle advantages.
  43. Now the serpent was more subtle than any.
  44. At other times, they are extremely subtle.
  45. Notice also that this is a subtle pattern.
  46. The essential observation is: the subtle.
  47. Nadis are energy points of the subtle body.
  48. The woodworker had done a fine, subtle job.
  49. He is quiet; he is subtle; he is an artist.
  50. The subtle transformation from darkness to.
  51. All she got was a snarl and a subtle threat.
  52. Then only the gross mind will become subtle.
  53. These subtle bodies also consist of particles.
  54. In fact this is the very subtle trick of God.
  55. The Palladium must have provoked some subtle.
  56. It had been so subtle, but it had been there.
  57. God works in strange, subtle and perfect ways.
  58. The rise in the 30-day MA is much more subtle.
  59. It will find subtle ways to catch hold of you.
  60. That beauty is by far too subtle to replicate.
  61. My mother couldn’t be subtle about anything.
  62. Mudras have a very subtle influence on the body.
  63. The subtle thing was that Carl seemed to know.
  64. There was a subtle shifting in the air around.
  65. It was some subtle difference in his breathing.
  66. He maketh Men very subtle therein; and in all.
  67. The very subtle wind and the very subtle mind.
  68. Meditation can be a lonely and subtle business.
  69. I have, Raymond confirmed with a subtle nod.
  70. As serious and subtle and complicated as bridge.
  71. It was a not too subtle message from the Veiled.
  72. You will have a one-pointed, sharp, subtle mind.
  73. Constant and subtle adjustments have to be made.
  74. Plasma Flows in the Sun and in the Subtle Bodies.
  75. The subtle flavour of apple impregnates the meat.
  76. The differences were small and subtle but, they.
  77. I whiffed it before wasting its subtle fragrance.
  78. Some really subtle person tricked me so cleverly.
  79. That's the subtle beauty of trading with options.
  80. They may have, though if so it was a subtle one.
  81. Something subtle about her being transfigured her.
  82. When the subtle wind mounted by the mind of white.
  83. It was subtle, but it was, without a doubt, there.
  84. A little subtle makeup would complete the picture.
  85. Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of.
  86. For a spook, he isn’t real subtle, Greg said.
  87. It seemed that I had been too subtle, too tactful.
  88. He noticed subtle changes in Haven and he wanted.
  89. Suddenly his face assumed a subtle expression, he.
  90. She would thus have to be subtle in her next moves.
  91. When the gross and subtle minds and their mounted.
  92. Now the serpent was more subtle than any animal of.
  93. The reiki energy comes from the sun and the subtle.
  94. Beauty is some subtle essence of the soul, as I said.
  95. Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of.
  96. No, that won’t do – seduction needs to be subtle.
  97. Jose then mustered a subtle smile through his anxiety.
  98. That evening, I lay in the grass, watching the subtle.
  99. The coach is highly attuned to subtle communications.
  100. It touches the three bodies: gross, subtle and causal.

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