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    1. Note any subtle ways in which you might already feel somewhat better as you deal with difficult situations

    2. It wasn’t much of a graphical enhancer because Ackers looked almost exactly the same as he did on the screen except for a few subtle shifts here and there on his face there wasn’t much that was different

    3. subtle gibes and always rowdy insults where the sun rarely ever shined (you could

    4. She would sit back, smoke a jay, enjoy the sunshine and the wide open space, but now there was a subtle difference

    5. force and vitality known to the universal mind, but the inevitably subtle tonal

    6. Over the first few days, as my body healed after the beating and I grew more confident, I noticed some subtle changes in the sound of the place

    7. After two weeks of endless chatter and subtle revelation, after the constant highs produced by this new and wonderful friendship, I drifted down into the maw of the beast

    8. The rugby boys could stuff their less than subtle gibes and always rowdy insults where the sun rarely ever shined (you could never quite tell with one or two of them)

    9. Silence was bliss, was the summation of every force and vitality known to the universal mind, but the inevitably subtle tonal difference within the quietude, as with the spectral shades of the void, caused Smith to vacillate

    10. As subtle as the welcoming roar

    11. the wall, aware of the subtle knife

    12. once it was subtle,

    13. Why not try one of the dark honeys, brown as a nut, with the strong and heady sweetness of sunshine? Why not try one of the mild, creamy white honeys, thick and subtle flavoured? There is such a bewildering variety of honeys from all over the world that I could not possibly name them all, but perhaps the most delectable of all, though it is a matter of personal preference, are the clover honeys, smooth and mellow as butterscotch, and with an unforgettable bouquet, and the dark-toned, exotic honeys of the Caribbean

    14. Once the images were scanned the older woman copied down the details of Danny’s email and web addresses from Annie’s diary and set about the task of adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it would work specifically with Danny in mind

    15. insidious and subtle forces that trapped emotions are

    16. of the time the effects are more subtle, yet they always

    17. as subtle thoughts that float up from the subconscious

    18. you give to these subtle promptings, the better you will

    19. As they moved along Rayne began to notice a subtle change in the forest

    20. Subtle Insults Think of a clever way to insult someone

    21. noticeable, but most of the time the results are subtle,

    22. Reveal the faults of another in a tactful and subtle way

    23. “Do you think I will sit still while this animal attacks those I love?” Rayne sat down and looked at Kai, “I have something subtle in mind

    24. was, nonetheless, strong of stem and full of the subtle aromas of

    25. adapting one of her more subtle Trojan Horse viruses so that it

    26. She was the subtle leader of the conversation, just as Tdeshi would be, and like Tdeshi, she was interested in the starship

    27. The tone of his voice, the subtle foreignness of it fascinates Helen

    28. “No, no,” he replied, “It’s more subtle than that

    29. Bram made a subtle movement in the air with his hand, a motion

    30. repeatedly pointed out subtle factors in the surrounding fields that

    31. In the first ambulance the paramedic is working as quickly as he can given the constant subtle shifts of weight and force induced by the vehicle's furious pace as it crosses the narrow stretch of land between the Taw and Torridge estuaries

    32. ‘Feel the subtle changes in the air all around you

    33. Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of

    34. “No?” Kulai said, even though he knew she was probably right, but he thought anyone working for Internal Investigations would be much more subtle about it

    35. The subtle thing was that Carl seemed to know

    36. still glowing with the subtle green of the sprite within

    37. As he approaches the end of the barn he becomes aware of a subtle shift in the outline of the building

    38. shake his prey, and a subtle but distinct change in manner

    39. Alan was most impressed with her eyes, they were large, round and the warmest brown, full of expression and subtle laughter

    40. As subtle as it was, Roman had a way of slamming his point across

    41. Visions- Visions can be as subtle as a brief image running through the mind and are often overlooked

    42. because it comes from the subtle influence of the ideas of the

    43. The movements of the palace guards were so subtle that the trio almost failed to realize that they were being surrounded

    44. Whereas in other matters, those requiring finesse and subtle adaptations of the energy, Tetloan seemed lacking in the slightest hint of power

    45. He had fasted for three days and, after intense meditation, had now entered the objectless stage of existence having passed through gross, subtle, bliss and I-ness stages

    46. The English sun was low and feeble, the rays washing the foliage of the surrounding forest with subtle yellows and oranges

    47. It's a feeling, so subtle it's only a feeling, but when I see how much of this avatar is jumpered out, I don't think it grew this way

    48. ‘What was this subtle plan?’ asked Jean, eagerly

    49. So real and subtle!

    50. Remained the premonition that although her most Subtle and brilliant artistic “moment” was yet to Be discovered and recognized—her critics would

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    Synonyms for "subtle"

    insidious pernicious subtle elusive faint rare fine delicate filmy refined slender discriminating keen skilful astute indirect apt perspicacious shrewd abstruse deceptive suggestive inferred insinuated crafty cunning wily sly artful guileful

    "subtle" definitions

    difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze

    able to make fine distinctions

    working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way