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Evaporate in a sentence

1. The mist started to evaporate.
2. Eventually the tax revenues will evaporate.
3. He embraces me tightly and all my fears evaporate.
4. Our profits can evaporate in days or even seconds.
5. Cash flows evaporate faster than you ever dreamed.
6. Were I to reveal my true self, it would likely evaporate.
7. I—my consciousness, my self-awareness—will evaporate.

8. Over time the reaction and faulting of the earth will evaporate.
9. You are expecting all energy to evaporate to its smallest portion.
10. Each day the sun causes about one trillion tons of water to evaporate.
11. But the mist did not entirely evaporate, and his senses were slow to return.
12. A mind synthesized by the physical element of money makes idealism evaporate.
13. With his eyes fading again as he felt life slowly start to evaporate from him.
14. Water in the morning or evening when it is cool so the water doesnt evaporate.
15. In order to shape clay you warm it with your hands, evaporate the moisture with heat.
16. Collect and place in a solar still to evaporate and recondense during the cold night.
17. She sighed with relief, already feeling her accumulated stress from the war evaporate.
18. We suffer because we get attached to people and possessions that ultimately evaporate.
19. Admit that you were just whacking it, his wife said as her smile began to evaporate.
20. I just only wished that when that time came, I wouldn’t evaporate along with my dream.
21. They sipped and watched the rings of overspill evaporate from the faux-maple coffeetable.
22. They were so delicate that they could not touch the ground or they would evaporate into thin air.
23. We nearly doubled over with hilarity as we hung up his pants in the tree to let the gasoline evaporate.
24. When love comes then the dark mind states of pain and pleasure or dullness just vanish, just evaporate.
25. Was he about to say something that would evaporate all the high hopes that were building within them?
26. They launch a missile containing high-evaporatives which will cause most types of non-organic matter to evaporate.
27. Global warming would not suddenly cease; pollution would not evaporate; extinct species would not suddenly return.
28. Hollowcrest would have to deal with the repercussions of millions of citizens terrified their savings would evaporate.
29. For a moment he was tempted to lash out, let the flame loose and burn away the whole lake and evaporate all the water in it.
30. How about hang on to winners too long only to see your unrealized gains evaporate as the position reverses? You are not alone.
31. Like the water that is already in the paint, it too will evaporate out as air is added by the dipping of the brush and roller.
32. But these professions and dispositions evaporate in invitations to the country and the city—in promises and procrastinations.
33. Without the biggest bubble in nearly 60 years, most of the advantage to the worst stocks by EBITDA/EV from Large Stocks would evaporate.
34. But in one of the strangest wrinkles of human development, these traits magically evaporate in most people by their twenty-first birthday.
35. It may end up in a lake, an ocean, evaporate and come right back to this very spot or end up on a completely different end of the planet.
36. However, some of the water will evaporate or mix with snow and cannot effectively be gathered by gutters and other water collecting containers.
37. Eventually that pressure brings about a moment in time when the Spirit itself opens the floodgates and the other person’s defenses evaporate.
38. We must all recognize that the many rights and freedoms we enjoy could evaporate rapidly if we do not jealously guard every aspect of this document.
39. Coatl’s calm infected all of us, and all stress and apprehension when in his presence seemed to evaporate like mist that is caressed by the morning sun.
40. Thru the next couple hours the mist would evaporate ever closer to the river and the storm would subside to a distant rumble and fluffy twinkle far up the valley.
1. His evaporating sweat cooled him off.
2. He incinerates the entire supply of water; evaporating.
3. Evaporating sea water will leave you with salt crystals.
4. She felt a gentle squeeze, her temper evaporating with his touch.
5. I could see in the evaporating glow of his eyes how much this hurt.
6. A fine sweat was evaporating off his forehead and he felt drained but happy.
7. That is until I saw the last drops of the substance evaporating from his skin.
8. In fact, it only obscures my view for a few seconds before evaporating completely.
9. Psssst! The sound jolted her; her thoughts instantly evaporating into thin air.
10. The fireball collapsed in on itself and a wave of energy expanded, evaporating the decahedron.
11. All ideas of sleep evaporating, Tina swung her legs out of the bed while still looking at the intercom.
12. It didn't mean just my dreams evaporating, but those of my team, my wife and the capital of my investors.
13. His face immediately fell, the passion in his eyes dying instantly and his eagerness evaporating painfully.
14. So much beauty and feeling disappeared like wisps of fog evaporating underneath the heat of the morning sun.
15. Skin toners are pleasantly refreshing, and their evaporating and cooling action causes the pores to become temporarily smaller.
16. Under the sustained plasma exhausts of the KOSTROMA, everything at the surface of the base melted first, then started evaporating as well.
17. He found it so uncomfortable that he was about to return to his old clothing, when he felt the chill in his body evaporating and replaced by a comfortable warmth.
18. But, with time and the pool of potential brides quickly evaporating, the day came when the last of the country’s suitable young women was due to arrive on his doorstep.
19. As I exhaled I watched with fascination the small circles of smoke rings I blew, each one growing larger, spiraling upwards and eventually evaporating into the darkening sky.
20. Quietly sitting up so not to waken Elise, Can felt the cold sweat evaporating from his stern visage as a breeze wafted through the hammock fueled by the cloud cover building overhead.
21. The burning water stains my face with the manure and urine that flows into the streams, into rivers, oceans, evaporating into the clouds that bathe the Earth with our thoughtless sewage.
22. Water molecules that are separated from the liquid oceans of the world, evaporating into the air and turn into rain and snow that falls on Antarctica… and eventually re-connected back into water molecules in the ocean.
23. Maybe there’s a simple explanation? Maybe Will and Cate decided just to walk home? Seeing Dad was two hours late? Or went over to their granddad’s, like last time? The even temper Keith prides himself on is evaporating.
24. The older woman contemplated Stephanie’s maternal state, then–any lingering apprehension evaporating into the cosmos–she dropped her handbag on the floor and rushed over to an embrace she’d been without far too long.
25. In the heat of Spiritual Aspiration (Spiritual aspiration is the yearning for communion and connection with the Divine) you start evaporating on the fringe of your being and by and by the whole being of you disappears in the unknown.
26. Most creams and lotions have key ingredients that create a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture, but because skin cools itself by evaporating water, you only have a few minutes before that hydration is gone forever.
27. And sitting there in the electric chair, trapped by the leather straps, with a wind from the tent flaps playing over her face, evaporating the wetness, staring at him and seeing the dark in his eyes, she gave the only answer it was possible to give.
28. It was true the Imperial Charisian Navy insisted on first-quality dried milk, without any of the browning which resulted if it was left on the evaporating drums too long before being scraped off, which improved its taste considerably, but not enough that he would ever dream of contaminating perfectly good cherrybean with it!.
1. And all my thoughts evaporated.
2. The color of his face evaporated.
3. Even the ancient ones evaporated.
4. Seconds later, they had evaporated.
5. As I've evaporated it, detecting lies.
6. Sam glanced at his watch and evaporated.
7. Calvin knew his options had evaporated.
8. The shield crackled until it evaporated.
9. Then the scene evaporated, changing again.
10. The smiles evaporated; the faces hardened.
11. His look of disgust and loathing evaporated.
12. He looked down, but his anger had evaporated.
13. Pour the evaporated milk over the flour and.
14. Really? I said as my depression evaporated.
15. The oxygen in the room seemed to have evaporated.
16. I had a moment of free fall as my anger evaporated.
17. The water in her glass had all but evaporated by now.
18. In every raw fiber and evaporated organ they knew it.
19. In every raw fibre and evaporated organ they knew it.
20. Perspiration evaporated and the two visitors shivered.
21. Suddenly all interest in food evaporated from her mind.
22. Last night’s unpleasantness had not quite evaporated.
23. His large holding in Solifon had as good as evaporated.
24. When liquid has evaporated, add salt, pepper and sugar.
25. Her look evaporated, and she gave me a sympathetic look.
26. One by one, Lucy's water-chains snapped, and evaporated.
27. As Charlotte turned away, all thoughts of Dafyd evaporated.
28. The relief of finding their destination quickly evaporated.
29. She practically evaporated in front of me and left the room.
30. Simmer until excess liquid is evaporated and allow to cool.
31. Try not to think of the evaporated profits as money we lost.
32. It’s as if all that money simply evaporated into thin air.
33. In the meantime, Thomas’ beliefs had completely evaporated.
34. The market for the likes of Distinction software evaporated.
35. Mister, that water’s been evaporated for forty centuries.
36. Mr Black was next to him when his gamble of $30,000 evaporated.
37. By the time I’m back in my room, my amusement has evaporated.
38. The incident evaporated any trace of Jamaican rum from her brain.
39. Katrin was gone and the compulsion had evaporated along with her.
40. Suddenly, his bad temper and foul mood seemed to have evaporated.
1. All new wine evaporates in the fire!.
2. If this happens, his profit evaporates.
3. When the unconditional finds expression, competition evaporates.
4. Whatever leftover fear I had evaporates; the technique is rather soothing.
5. Some morbid delusion that’s secretly evaporates before the eyes in silent.
6. Spirit evaporates in early childhood, like the baptismal water from the forehead of the.
7. So why do it? If you are wrong, and I mean really wrong, your loss evaporates with the Butterfly.
8. Then the political power the grievance chieftains have cultivated for the political far left evaporates.
9. By a tunnel inserted at the rear, this reservoir is kept replenished with water as fast as it evaporates.
10. The reason for this is the blazing heat which contracts the muscles when gasses, water and fat evaporates.
11. Ghee is a form of clarified butter that cooks until all the liquid evaporates and the solids begin to brown.
12. Simmer slowly for twenty-four hours, remove the dregs that float to the surface, and replace the water that evaporates.
13. Now the hotter water gets the more easily it evaporates into the atmosphere from the action of the sun’s heat upon it.
14. The water content in the body, approximately 64%, evaporates quickly together with all the gasses trapped inside the body.
15. Man expires, and where is he? As water evaporates from the sea, and a river becomes parched and dried up, so man lies down and does not rise.
16. It was very yellow and very shiny, and when he breathed on it his breath evaporated off it in that very peculiar and special way that breath evaporates off solid gold.
17. Water condenses, falls in rain, melts in snow, flows down the rivers, into the lakes, into the oceans, evaporates in heat, flows up in clouds, and continues in a beautiful cycle.
18. Inevitably, in a short period of time, the pool of goods and services evaporates, and the masses of the people have much less than before, but the elite still gets its cut from the top.
19. When 1 heats the liquid in 4 it evaporates and once a certain pressure is reached the air flows out of the valve 5 along the pipes 6 and 10 towards the reactive nozzles 9 expanding and flowing out of them.
20. Instead, if the rain cycle can be maintained, there will be an increase in the concentration of salt and mineral deposits and pollutants in the oceans as water evaporates and is held in the atmosphere to create rain and to feed rivers.
21. Investors should not blindly demand better liquidity terms: funds that promise more liquidity (favorable redemption terms) to investors than their asset base truly supports are especially prone to forced selling at fire sale prices, and thus poor performance, if liquidity evaporates and investors redeem capital.
22. The argument that a cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial evaporates like fog in sunshine when they have to bury the remains anyway! How many people are there who knows about the largest portion of the remains which needs to be buried anyway, when they receive the so-called ashes? We’ve read already that the relatives are totally unaware of this and are definitely not notified by the crematorium related industry.
23. Since the ethanol simply evaporates,.

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