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Concentrate in a sentence | concentrate example sentences

  1. I had to concentrate again.
  2. I just have to concentrate.
  3. If you concentrate on what.
  4. Concentrate on the real thing.
  5. You just have to concentrate.

  6. All I could do was concentrate.
  7. Concentrate on the beating of.
  8. Try to concentrate on your needs.
  9. Concentrate on you and him and.
  10. Concentrate on the things that.
  11. She found it hard to concentrate.
  12. He would have to concentrate hard.
  13. He says it helps him concentrate.
  14. Jean forced herself to concentrate.
  15. Only I couldn't concentrate on it.

  16. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate.
  17. I’m trying to concentrate here.
  18. I’ll concentrate on the positives.
  19. He could hardly concentrate on the.
  20. Inacio closed his eyes to concentrate.
  21. Just close your eyes and concentrate.
  22. Concentrate on the one in his office.
  23. Concentrate on the positive ones and.
  24. Enough of that … concentrate on Emma.
  25. Concentrate on the ten states of mind.

  26. I struggled to answer, to concentrate.
  27. Whenever he needed to concentrate he.
  28. I will argue that concentrate is the.
  29. I forced myself to concentrate on the.
  30. That is what we need to concentrate on.
  31. Concentrate on what you need to happen.
  32. That’s what he had to concentrate on.
  33. I tried to concentrate on other things.
  34. He must concentrate on the battle plans.
  35. Concentrate on the tik-tik sound slowly.
  36. You concentrate on getting Piers out.
  37. Wait! Let me concentrate for a moment.
  38. Yes, she should concentrate on her past.
  39. She was finding it hard to concentrate.
  40. There are companies which concentrate on.
  41. It gives you a chance to concentrate on.
  42. Ailia couldn’t concentrate on the story.
  43. They’re things I want to concentrate on.
  44. He waited, closing his eyes to concentrate.
  45. I will concentrate on yeast breads for now.
  46. Concentrate on positive uplifting thoughts.
  47. It’s always hard to start to concentrate.
  48. I tried to read but could not concentrate.
  49. He needed to concentrate on helping Teresa.
  50. In the meantime, concentrate on defining.
  51. He or she can concentrate on the capital.
  52. Don't get winded, concentrate on breathing.
  53. The mahu continued to concentrate on Bonnie.
  54. For now, we'll just concentrate on the text.
  55. But you shouldn’t concentrate on an organ.
  56. I needed to concentrate on winning the war.
  57. Rather concentrate on the task before them.
  58. Concentrate on the Malones and the Meachams.
  59. Tell him he needs to concentrate on healing.
  60. But the trouble was, I couldn't concentrate.
  61. Please be quiet so that I can concentrate.
  62. Once in the damn thing he has to concentrate.
  63. Concentrate just on what you’re doing and.
  64. Concentrate on things that need to be taken.
  65. Now, can we concentrate on the kidnapping?
  66. I could concentrate on stopping his heart.
  67. He turns off the radio in order to concentrate.
  68. She tried again to concentrate on her message.
  69. We need to concentrate on Schiaparelli crater.
  70. We can then concentrate on emptiness single-.
  71. VI In a lying posture, concentrate on the moon.
  72. Concentrate on that sound as long as you like.
  73. She forces herself to concentrate on his words.
  74. Everybody possesses some ability to concentrate.
  75. Concentrate on the addiction being tossed away.
  76. They can concentrate on getting home—.
  77. We will have to concentrate on Zulimistan alone.
  78. You will concentrate only on military officers.
  79. The trouble was, I couldn't concentrate too hot.
  80. Apple Concentrate (if the apples are too tart).
  81. He was trying hard to concentrate on sensation.
  82. She flicked the radio off to concentrate better.
  83. Stand up, raise your arms, and concentrate on.
  84. Max was now free to concentrate on preparations.
  85. You dont have to concentrate on things to say.
  86. Let us concentrate on the northern part first.
  87. Aquarius swallowed hard and tried to concentrate.
  88. Now concentrate, and let’s see who comes out.
  89. Investigate, Concentrate, and-Watch That Basket.
  90. Concentrate on the nose tip… Breathe in….
  91. We need to concentrate on getting him some rest.
  92. We should concentrate on our own tradition and.
  93. It is the force that makes the will concentrate.
  94. Concentrate on your job, and beating out parole.
  95. You need to concentrate on the position you hold.
  96. One reason that we concentrate more on the cost.
  97. Concentrate on doing something really worth while.
  98. Ralph found it strangely difficult to concentrate.
  99. Concentrate on One Thing - You Have a Great Time.
  100. She has to concentrate to stay cool and focussed.
  1. I was concentrating on my dot.
  2. I was concentrating on the dot.
  3. Concentrating, he said it again.
  4. The Eastern Way of Concentrating.
  5. So I tried concentrating on mine.
  6. Keep concentrating on your speed.
  7. He knelt down, concentrating as.
  8. Concentrating on her words, she.
  9. He was concentrating so hard on.
  10. He was concentrating on the ship.
  11. Instead of concentrating on their.
  12. I’m concentrating but on what I.
  13. She took his pulse, concentrating.
  14. She smiled, concentrating on her work.
  15. He became serious now, concentrating.
  16. Kami and Yania then began concentrating.
  17. Just be sure you are concentrating on the.
  18. Concentrating on finding Hanor ahead, the.
  19. He practices concentrating only on blinking.
  20. He was frowning, concentrating on the stone.
  21. She was concentrating on a text book as she.
  22. Stirling was concentrating on me too steadily.
  23. On the one hand, concentrating on an object.
  24. His victims simply hadn't been concentrating.
  25. Banda was busy concentrating on staying alive.
  26. Began concentrating on where she wanted to be.
  27. I wasn’t concentrating too much that evening.
  28. What is the effect of concentrating upon gain?
  29. Richard pressed his lips together, concentrating.
  30. The new vocalist was concentrating on her voice.
  31. I have a tough time concentrating on my next pitch.
  32. I know, he said, concentrating on the object.
  33. Everyone there was concentrating on a noisy news.
  34. Ten years ago, wasn't it?' He stood, concentrating.
  35. It seems his mind was concentrating on other things.
  36. Oh? Rivan asked, concentrating on Tam’s eyes.
  37. He was used to concentrating on one thing at a time.
  38. She kept her eyes forward, concentrating on the road.
  39. By concentrating on the junctions and lines of col-.
  40. Concentrating it in one area makes it more effective.
  41. The personal value and hobby that I’m concentrating.
  42. Deeply concentrating, I attempted to channel the writer.
  43. He was concentrating on Emily, and could feel how she.
  44. Ten years ago, wasn’t it?’ He stood, concentrating.
  45. Churchill began to have trouble concentrating and his.
  46. Berndt travels in silence, concentrating on his thoughts.
  47. Concentrating like this also took his mind off his fear.
  48. Swami said to tell him to stop concentrating so hard as.
  49. Because penetrating and concentrating on the indestruct-.
  50. Andrew was silent - apparently concentrating on watering.
  51. Her eyes closed, concentrating on the rhythm of the music.
  52. What is the effect of concentrating upon sorrow and loss?
  53. She was having problems concentrating, and the panic was.
  54. We danced for a while silently, concentrating on sensations.
  55. Look what you could become instead of concentrating on BTC.
  56. It measured us with concentrating eyes, but couldn't have.
  57. Meditation does not involve just concentrating on an object.
  58. Results showed that concentrating on solutions, and only on.
  59. He took one thing at a time, she said, concentrating quietly.
  60. We recite the following, while concentrating on the meaning:.
  61. He lay thinking instead of concentrating on the ‘Spooks’.
  62. He is fully concentrating and has a serious look on his face.
  63. She closed her eyes, concentrating, and then actually laughed.
  64. When she stopped concentrating, her eyes lost all focus again.
  65. If she was concentrating on something she was not very social.
  66. He is busy concentrating on the future: what will happen when.
  67. In my head, I tried to mellow things out, concentrating on an.
  68. Ava spent most of her time concentrating on the Heavenly Mother.
  69. You know I didn’t notice that, I was concentrating on the.
  70. You should be concentrating on your soul, now that your body is.
  71. He should then sit on it and practise yog, concentrating his.
  72. Without concentrating, he pulled a small golden coin reflexively.
  73. Yes, She said, concentrating on steering through the clouds.
  74. Concentrating on a moving image stimulates more internal movement.
  75. If you find that you have problems concentrating on what you need.
  76. That is the whole secret of concentrating on getting what you want.
  77. The companions were silent for a while, concentrating on the task.
  78. Concentrating on the effect instead of the cause is wasted effort.
  79. While concentrating, you is overlooked in considering it.
  80. Finally, concentrating intently, she touched her foot to the pedal.
  81. I can’t help near enough people if I am concentrating on holding.
  82. Artie had trouble concentrating on this innovation of Churchill’s.
  83. The President was concentrating on his fishing, trying to keep his.
  84. I checked to see if Harry was still concentrating on the road ahead.
  85. He looked at her but the dark eyes where concentrating on the print.
  86. You could hear them too, which made concentrating even harder for me.
  87. Concentrating on the Higher Self: - Father Time keeps going on and on.
  88. Obey me, he said, sterner, concentrating hard on her green eyes.
  89. Maybe we are concentrating on the wrong thing, Zeus said loudly.
  90. Only his eyes peeked over the edge of the boat, concentrating on—.
  91. She stared at the attack craft, concentrating on one craft at a time.
  92. Arnie was concentrating on two other men and could not see him coming.
  93. Concentrating on the task at hand while cooling down from his loving.
  94. No, not really, I've been concentrating on school and the Talent Show.
  95. He took on a solemn expression, as if praying or concentrating deeply.
  96. Difficulty concentrating on things not related to the source of danger.
  97. Martin at times had difficulty concentrating on her face as she talked.
  98. Concentrating on that took her mind off the scenery for the time being.
  99. LESSON XIV: - The Art of Concentrating by Means of Practical Exercises.
  100. I was concentrating on that—when a shadow flew at me out of the brush.
  1. Be so concentrated on it.
  2. Tim concentrated for a moment.
  3. He concentrated for a moment.
  4. I was excited and concentrated.
  5. Smith concentrated on June 28.
  6. He was concentrated on the act.
  7. Kev concentrated on his dinner.
  8. He concentrated hard on trying.
  9. He was concentrated on one thing.
  10. I concentrated on my goal with.
  11. She concentrated on keeping up.
  12. Vasant concentrated on his driving.
  13. No matter how hard I concentrated.
  14. He locked her gaze and concentrated.
  15. Instead of answering, I concentrated.
  16. The big man concentrated on his work.
  17. She closed her eyes and concentrated.
  18. Starret concentrated on the question.
  19. John looked forward and concentrated.
  20. Closing his eyes, Locke concentrated.
  21. I concentrated on keeping my chest.
  22. Instead he concentrated on the road.
  23. He concentrated on the monstrous ship.
  24. She watched as Chevalier concentrated.
  25. I found that the more I concentrated.
  26. I concentrated on making my legs move.
  27. Do what? he concentrated harder.
  28. Instead, she concentrated on her food.
  29. Orakne held the weapon and concentrated.
  30. All strong emotions concentrated there.
  31. Danny closed his eyes and concentrated.
  32. Can Evil be too big to be concentrated.
  33. I concentrated on the air above his palm.
  34. Gravity had been concentrated like soup.
  35. Their combined efforts concentrated on.
  36. She closed her eyes, concentrated, and.
  37. She concentrated on all of them but Ares.
  38. Meanwhile Harry concentrated on the woman.
  39. These were the things he concentrated on.
  40. But it’s just in a concentrated form:.
  41. Then I concentrated on dropping my glamour.
  42. His energy is concentrated upon securing.
  43. I concentrated hard and snapped my fingers.
  44. Of concentrated feelings; indited emotions.
  45. Emily concentrated hard and let her fear go.
  46. Ruth knelt beside the body and concentrated.
  47. I tried to breathe and concentrated on my.
  48. Kami also closed her eyes and concentrated.
  49. Danny had concentrated on helping Frank to.
  50. I nodded yes as I concentrated on the floor.
  51. The disciples concentrated on the language.
  52. Everj-thing was concentrated into one object.
  53. He concentrated on the most important facts.
  54. You concentrated on the organ, on the heart.
  55. Towhee now concentrated on the conversation.
  56. Menhin concentrated on the immediate problem.
  57. I therefore concentrated on the Defence team.
  58. Its wealth is concentrated into 150 families.
  59. He paused and again concentrated on his hands.
  60. Nothing escapes their concentrated vigilance.
  61. The whole interest was concentrated on Rostov.
  62. Smith concentrated on the spring and bolt rod.
  63. May Ling concentrated her mind onto the puzzle.
  64. He concentrated on his leg, urging it to move.
  65. The whole interest was concentrated on Rostóv.
  66. The volley was concentrated on Wendy’s ship.
  67. She concentrated, trying to remember the song.
  68. I – I just – I concentrated really hard.
  69. Laplante put her hands on me and concentrated.
  70. Thulsa concentrated hard, forcing out his words.
  71. Chris/Roberto sat and concentrated for a moment.
  72. Whatever my task, my will is concentrated on it.
  73. Throughout that day her mind had concentrated.
  74. She closed her eyes for a bit and concentrated.
  75. The Successful Lives Are the Concentrated Lives.
  76. He concentrated on whether he should trust them.
  77. Heat the concentrated mushroom soup, mixed with.
  78. His brow furrowed deeply in concentrated thought.
  79. Her eyes squeezed closed as she concentrated on.
  80. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing.
  81. His whole life was concentrated in that one hour.
  82. Amanda concentrated and forced herself to her feet.
  83. Pranayama as I focused and concentrated the energy.
  84. Donna closed her eyes and concentrated on the baby.
  85. He concentrated harder until his forehead wrinkled.
  86. Is the customer base concentrated or diversified?
  87. Putting both hands on the rock, Yania concentrated.
  88. His whole being was concentrated in this last word.
  89. First I concentrated on the Elders and went there.
  90. Instead, she concentrated on getting dressed and.
  91. Then a rush of adrenalin concentrated his thoughts.
  92. Donna closed her eyes and concentrated on the music.
  93. Andy concentrated on sipping the water in the glass.
  94. Odin concentrated, his whole body started to shake.
  95. Retreating, Mitchell concentrated on his breathing.
  96. While staying in the cemetery, he concentrated day.
  97. Having concentrated his attention upon refl ection.
  98. She then closed her eyes and seemingly concentrated.
  99. At Carolina, I had concentrated on marketing courses.
  100. Joe Elegant had concentrated his revenge in one area.
  1. He concentrates on different angles.
  2. FONEMED concentrates hiring in the 24 Nurse.
  3. He who concentrates on this most excellent.
  4. Those in science concentrates on the material.
  5. His Focus fund concentrates in only 20 stocks.
  6. As the space concentrates through the movement.
  7. Jaden concentrates on trying to get away faster.
  8. He (this condemned man) concentrates upon himself.
  9. Concentrates on reconciliation and reconstruction.
  10. Iverson concentrates on the monitors surrounding him.
  11. Concentrates the mind a bit, events like Sunday’s.
  12. If man concentrates on his inner he will escape time.
  13. Courage concentrates the mental forces on the task at.
  14. He concentrates on those words, but they stay the same.
  15. PETA concentrates most of its attention and activism on.
  16. Christian crouches low and concentrates keeping the seal.
  17. While most analysis concentrates on earnings, correctly.
  18. Davie ignores the bark and concentrates on doing his job.
  19. A scientist concentrates his mind and invents many things.
  20. Martin concentrates his focus and efforts to maximize results.
  21. He concentrates on them and they slowly come towards his body.
  22. In effect, most analysis concentrates on earnings because it.
  23. Jaden concentrates on the army of aircraft coming towards him.
  24. Jaden concentrates on the fire and the molecules it is made of.
  25. Meditation a mind that concentrates on a virtuous object, and.
  26. She concentrates on feeling the sun touch the backs of her hands.
  27. He stares at his artificial body in front of him and concentrates.
  28. Jaden concentrates on the part of the screen that says Jaden Main.
  29. In other words heat translate to space and space concentrates back.
  30. Jaden concentrates on his head and he sees what the pilot is thinking.
  31. This book concentrates on Castilian Spanish (ie the Spanish spoken in.
  32. It concentrates more on your local area where eBay operates worldwide.
  33. Jaden concentrates on the Initiate Anti-Gravity Engines to the left of him.
  34. He concentrates while attempting to grab a treat from the trembling platter.
  35. In other words heat translate to space and space concentrates back to heat.
  36. Jaden concentrates on a small piece of the cloud and a small piece comes off.
  37. He concentrates his eyesight deep into it as possible, hoping to find something.
  38. One concentrates on a focus, while the other tries to distract him telepathically.
  39. Silence concentrates the mind, gives rest to the spirit, and keeps it in constant.
  40. He concentrates on the projectile and he is looking from the pink torpedo’s view.
  41. Jaden turns around and concentrates on his bubble dots around him, now sitting still.
  42. DQ, IQ and OQ, but concentrates on the particular PQ approach that should be used for WPU.
  43. He concentrates on the dog’s landmines and sends a small torpedo towards it, vaporizing it.
  44. Avery concentrates his stare into Recchia’s eyes with false humility and speaks, I understand.
  45. Primitive home interior decorating is interesting because it concentrates on old and handmade items.
  46. Our will find that the man that concentrates is well poised, whereas the man that allows his mind to.
  47. Sharon makes no reply as she turns onto the main road and concentrates on the busy traffic around her.
  48. In concentration there is a performer who concentrates and there is an object being concentrated upon.
  49. Jaden experiences the forceful movement with his new friends, but concentrates more on trying to breathe.
  50. Brandy hides his embarrassment as her face concentrates on the shoe continuing to draw curves in the sand.
  51. Component/Unit Testing: This is the lowest level of testing and it concentrates on lowest unit verification.
  52. The driver chats about the weather for a few minutes then concentrates on the driving, leaving me to my thoughts.
  53. Instead, she concentrates on the world around her and the agony that seems to have been inflicted upon the earth.
  54. PXR has less than 2 percent in utilities and concentrates on industrials (56 percent) and materials (41 percent).
  55. Unfortunately, there is no ETF available when this chapter was written that concentrates solely on the Dow Jones U.
  56. Each company needs to be analyzed from a micro view that concentrates on the fundamentals as well as the technicals.
  57. Aside from that, you can also purchase electrolyte concentrates, which you can mix with your water, from pharmacies.
  58. There were elevated toxic levels of heavy metal concentrates, but they weren’t extremely high, as to be necessarily harmful.
  59. Your mind concentrates on something and through this constant concentration, the mind is made controlled which leads to peace.
  60. Our next study concentrates on deviations of k from kmax and on the relationships between these deviations and absolute k values.
  61. He shuts his eyes and concentrates, trying to ignore the rain, and always the sense of time and power slipping through his grasp.
  62. It concentrates on victory issues without the matters of wondering about the individual worries situations, from a temper inside.
  63. He concentrates all his energies into one focus and throws them upon the materials he is analysing and so finds out their secrets.
  64. The Yogi who concentrates on the Muladhara Chakra gets full knowledge of the Kundalini and the various means to rouse it to action.
  65. Jaden concentrates on the red words, just those words that change, and Unknown Nano particle removed from rear brain–safely stored.
  66. The Professor ignores Dirk and concentrates on his plate but Ward gives Dirk a long hard look forcing Dirk to bow his head in defeat.
  67. So long as he can hold a pen and has a moment of solitude, he concentrates himself before this echo of himself and holds converse with God.
  68. Hypnosis is also achieved by a reduction of the influx of signals into the brain; the subject concentrates on one sensor stimulus before it.
  69. Johan cannot even begin to mull over the question of whether or not Simon will succeed, so he concentrates instead on their physical realities.
  70. I catch Simon’s eye and we both repress a smile as Sally goes bright red and Gary suddenly concentrates very hard on spooning up the last of his soup.
  71. Chinese concentrates on eating wall nuts because the seed has resemblance to the human brain in geometry, therefore it conceal hidden power of thinking.
  72. Using options for an outer month concentrates any move in the stock to the price movement and less to changes in volatility and to changes in time to expiry.
  73. The reason is that at this time of the day, places are calmed and the human spirit concentrates in the recitation of the noble verses and linked to Allah (God).
  74. He concentrates, pushing aside the Scribe’s feeble attempts at questioning him, bears down in his mind on the cane, steps forward once more, and then he has it.
  75. Her eyes drawn lazily to her forearms, she spots some specks of apricot paint and concentrates on picking them off, checking her hands and giving them the same treatment.
  76. Where is the noise, and Rita’s voice, coming from? She concentrates harder, then it comes to her—below—come down, she hears another, softer voice inside her say.
  77. However, having studied this a bit, what happens is the portfolio concentrates into a few big winners, so over time the portfolio becomes undiversified and therefore fragile.
  78. It is an automatic vicious cycle that so far: has never changed, that always filters out the best, and concentrates the worst of humanity into positions of power and wealth.
  79. Even at the highest level of competition, the best results are only achieved when the athlete completely puts aside the need to win and concentrates only upon their performance.
  80. Gilead (NASDAQ: GILD) concentrates on developing medications that help patients who are suffering from life threatening diseases in what they consider areas of unmet medical need.
  81. The Washington division is also involved in engineering and technical services; it concentrates, however, on infrastructure, mining and power, industrial, and environmental projects.
  82. They hurt and burn, as if she has just cut her hand open and allowed the blood to run free, and make walking terribly agonizing if she truly concentrates on the wounds that placate her body.
  83. PowerShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure ETF (PXR) is one of two infrastructure ETFs that concentrates on the emerging markets (the other is the iShares S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure ETF (EMIF)).
  84. We’ve discovered that the best combination is for the support corps to take care of their battle wizard’s defenses with remotely cast spells, while the battle wizard concentrates on offensive efforts with draw spells.
  85. Furthermore, knowing that this crater reflects and concentrates your energizing power, and knowing the frequency of the energy you draw from, we can use this location to further study that energy, and its emission from the sun.
  86. In that case; the Capitalistic system is the greatest thing ever invented by modern humans… Even though it concentrates more wealth into less hands than all the combined Empires and Kingdoms of 12,000 years of Civilized History.
  87. The minority of shareholders or manager of financial organizations concentrates and administers this amazing money supply with total power to make decisions on the society, without running the risks because who answers for the loss is the investor or the Central Bank when a Bank breakage.
  88. Rather am I speaking of that love for a human being which, according to the spiritual strength of its possessor, concentrates itself either upon a single individual, upon a few, or upon many—of love for a mother, a father, a brother, little children, a friend, a compatriot—of love, in short, for one’s neighbour.
  89. The soul is a field of energy, both material and non-material at the same time, of freedom, love, truth and beauty, that is created day by day; it condenses and concentrates around a central nucleus, which is the I of an individual or the I of a populace, because this is the goal that an individual or a populace have set for themselves.
  90. When the body of Christ concentrates on building His kingdom,.

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