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Excel in a sentence

Ways, Excel In Them Then You.
EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
They excel in the Art of the Lie, a.
Overal , an excel ent mob to farm!.
Where they presently really excel is.
Lazar returned with Excel immediately.
In most ways, she had excel ent taste.

This turned out to be an excel ent.
We have the power to excel in everything.
But we propose this year to excel the past.
Engage Solver in the tools section of Excel.
Focus Your Efforts In Areas Where You Excel.
Put them into Excel, and fill it in every day.
Using excel sheet we have created a table for.
Did it work? You bet! The results were excel ent.
They were the two subjects in which he would excel.
Chablis that had been re rated from good to excel ent.
Excel in bass fishing by closely studying your species.
In excel sheet, Column A is used for Account_Head and.
To excel in the game, you should learn more about it.
Excel displays or hides the toolbar in the Excel window.
I didn’t excel on that but surely was better than her.
We know gamers have the competence and drive to excel in.
We merely go to the tools section in Excel and click on.
It is possible to excel in mechanics and fail in dynamic.
It is very difficult to excel at something unless you love it.
Or you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the pressure to excel.
I’m sure that, as in all matters, you also excel at medicine.
But even so, having suffered so much, I will excel at the games.
Every time you start MS Excel, a blank workbook opens by itself.
There are also some mutual funds that excel in foreign securities.
Excel offers several toolbars to save you time in choosing commands.
XL could be excel, I said, reading farther down the open page.
Goals are set and the will to understand and to excel is encouraged.
After you record a macro, you will usually run it in Microsoft Excel.
Most witches excel at one affinity, but are proficient in all of them.
In Excel, what-if analysis is performed through the use of data tables.
Converts an Excel date / time serial number to the day of a month EDATE.
Have an Excel spreadsheet of all the product owners and other potential.
Returns the Excel date / time serial number of the current date and time.
A true man signals an excelling naure.
Molly spent two years at MIT, excelling there, too.
But, Vidya, besides excelling at her studies became adept at kuchipudi.
He was a smart, clean shaven nice guy excelling in geology who was supposed to enter into the mining industry.
For example, in the 1990s, major consulting firms were touting reengineering as a means of excelling in business.
Geminis might be very good at gathering information, but Aquarians take this a step further, excelling at interpreting the information gathered.
Inside her deep in thoughts, she felt Mitchell to be the emotional anchor for the family, envisioning him excelling at whatever he did later in life.
Ken looked at this cunning’st pattern of excelling nature as an artist might look at a fine painting and was glad that this privilege cost him nothing.
I've always desired to be an overachiever throughout my entire existence; from being a star on the baseball field to excelling with my studies in the classroom.
Astonishingly, there is even a newsletter which ranks the performance of other newsletters; its publisher believes that he can identify persistently excelling advisors.
The certain thing was that she, far from standing out for her skills like administrator, was excelling for her skills like compulsive spender as Leticia, therefore the financial health of the family, was turning out to be seriously affected at regular intervals, coming to the point of not having money to pay the wages of the scarce domestic personnel that still existed in the house.
I excelled at work, which.
He excelled, however, on the.
It was a practice he excelled in.
To Myra’s delight, she excelled in it.
The members of the Apache Nation who excelled at.
I always excelled in all of the intellectual arts.
He excelled them even in lithe economy of motion.
He excelled at art, and graduated with a B average.
He loved math and excelled in it and mastered chess.
Where he excelled, however, was with the opposite sex.
Where his speech really excelled was in its sincerity.
During those formative years of school, I excelled in all.
This is the leader of the priesthood that has excelled at.
Never before had a runner excelled as these four had today.
Civilizations that excelled depended on proactive thinking.
He excelled in math and in transportation cost calculations.
My new research assistant, Pueng, has excelled herself again.
Her one great love at school was swimming at which she excelled.
He attended the local high school and excelled at physical sports.
A gift all politicians had but that this one excelled at in particular.
If these great animals looked cumbersome on land, they excelled in water.
If you have excelled in theory, chances are that you have also practiced.
The things Beth excelled in, Emma fell flat, right down to the bust line.
He has few kind words for the stock brokerage business he once excelled in.
Soon afterward we moved to the one thing she really excelled at, drama classes.
Some recruits had excelled, while others just weren’t cut out to be soldiers.
Temujin never outgrew the cruel ways he learned as a youth, he only excelled at.
I told her how I had a sister who I excelled in gymnastics with, and somehow she.
Proving that Hitler was not racist against athletes who excelled in their chosen field.
Jonah and Kaz who excelled in long distance walking, also held definite views on the subject.
It is generally conceded that the literary production ofColombia has excelled that of any other.
The American poets have excelled their English brethren in painting the outward aspects of Winter.
Jeez, he was such a brilliant student who excelled at the academics through hard work and tenacity.
It will basically be the jet equivalent of the old P-47 THUNDERBOLT, which excelled at ground attack.
From what he understood, most of the scientists were female, (it seemed females excelled in the sciences).
Thus, answer it with something that would tell them how you excelled in both types of working environments.
True, I might have plumed myself on my position as a man of the world, but Woloda excelled me even in that.
And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.
Her grades were As and Bs in her writing classes and she excelled as a speaker in addition to her fine writing.
They had also in common the sense that they both excelled their enemies in culture, in brains, as well as in morals.
As far as hardware goes, the part of the machine you can actually touch, Apple excels.
These are all reasons why Taurus excels in estate agency and agricultural industries.
It is an interesting fact that the Indian under education uniformly excels in penmanship.
It is true that where intellect is concerned, the white greatly excels, but it is not so with regard to memory.
In spite of the odds against him, he excels at all school subjects and graduates at the young age of fifteen from South High.
My model keeps me on the right side of the markets as it excels at catching intermediate term trends near their starting points.
The tall poppy syndrome is the tendency in our culture to cut down anyone who excels or rises up, or stands out in any kind of way.
Ernst Eckstein excels in heroines, of whom there are several in the book—all clearly defined—contending for the sympathy of the reader.
The intelligent investor excels by making decisions that are not dependent on the accuracy of anybody’s forecasts, including his or her own.
That is because each man has preferable inclinations and favorite interests in which he minds more than anything else, therefore, he appreciates none but he who advances him in these trends and excels over him in these respects.
I will quote a few words from his letter of June 6th, correcting his English a little, for, while he, like Wong Sam, excels most of his countrymen here in knowledge of Chinese, he is also like Wong Sam in his trouble with English idioms:.
I have not begotten nor given birth to my lady, though I behold her as she needs must be, a lady who contains in herself all the qualities to make her famous throughout the world, beautiful without blemish, dignified without haughtiness, tender and yet modest, gracious from courtesy and courteous from good breeding, and lastly, of exalted lineage, because beauty shines forth and excels with a higher degree of perfection upon good blood than in the fair of lowly birth.
At this moment he of the Mirrors came to himself, and Don Quixote perceiving it, held the naked point of his sword over his face, and said to him, You are a dead man, knight, unless you confess that the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso excels your Casildea de Vandalia in beauty; and in addition to this you must promise, if you should survive this encounter and fall, to go to the city of El Toboso and present yourself before her on my behalf, that she deal with you according to her good pleasure; and if she leaves you free to do yours, you are in like manner to return and seek me out (for the trail of my mighty deeds will serve you as a guide to lead you to where I may be), and tell me what may have passed between you and her-conditions which, in accordance with what we stipulated before our combat, do not transgress the just limits of knight-errantry.

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