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Excel in a sentence

1. Ways, Excel In Them Then You.
2. EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
3. They excel in the Art of the Lie, a.
4. Overal , an excel ent mob to farm!.
5. Lazar returned with Excel immediately.
6. Where they presently really excel is.
7. In most ways, she had excel ent taste.

8. This turned out to be an excel ent.
9. We have the power to excel in everything.
10. But we propose this year to excel the past.
11. Focus Your Efforts In Areas Where You Excel.
12. Engage Solver in the tools section of Excel.
13. Put them into Excel, and fill it in every day.
14. Using excel sheet we have created a table for.
15. Did it work? You bet! The results were excel ent.
16. They were the two subjects in which he would excel.
17. Chablis that had been re rated from good to excel ent.
18. In excel sheet, Column A is used for Account_Head and.
19. Excel in bass fishing by closely studying your species.
20. To excel in the game, you should learn more about it.
21. I didn’t excel on that but surely was better than her.
22. Excel displays or hides the toolbar in the Excel window.
23. It is possible to excel in mechanics and fail in dynamic.
24. We merely go to the tools section in Excel and click on.
25. We know gamers have the competence and drive to excel in.
26. It is very difficult to excel at something unless you love it.
27. Or you are overwhelmed with anxiety and the pressure to excel.
28. Every time you start MS Excel, a blank workbook opens by itself.
29. But even so, having suffered so much, I will excel at the games.
30. I’m sure that, as in all matters, you also excel at medicine.
31. There are also some mutual funds that excel in foreign securities.
32. Excel offers several toolbars to save you time in choosing commands.
33. XL could be excel, I said, reading farther down the open page.
34. Goals are set and the will to understand and to excel is encouraged.
35. After you record a macro, you will usually run it in Microsoft Excel.
36. Most witches excel at one affinity, but are proficient in all of them.
37. In Excel, what-if analysis is performed through the use of data tables.
38. Converts an Excel date / time serial number to the day of a month EDATE.
39. Have an Excel spreadsheet of all the product owners and other potential.
40. Returns the Excel date / time serial number of the current date and time.
41. Bed-time is an excel ent time to fil your mind with constructive pictures.
42. Times are stored in Excel as fractions of days, so noon of a given day is.
43. Paul McCartney will excel for a much longer time than what his partners did.
44. When you complain about things you don’t excel at them & when you excel.
45. The most common choice is to however create a pivot table from an Excel list.
46. Wait on the sidelines, and wait for the environments in which you can excel.
47. Download it into Excel and use the Excel built in functions for extrapolation.
48. Henry John was a strong man of excel ent health, but one who had never been a.
49. Returning the smile, he began to chant Saraswathi Mantra to excel in his exams.
50. Sometimes they will excel in one thing or subject, but that is another category.
51. Microsoft Excel offers three levels of security to reduce macro virus infections.
52. Certainly, no one will excel without proper tuition and a lifetime’s devotion.
53. Team members with MS project, Excel and PowerPoint open did not last long on the.
54. We'll use in-stream comma-separated data instead of an Excel file for the example.
55. You will run into the same problem exporting historical dates into Excel from SAS.
56. Readers can easily make their own chirped frequency sine wave data source in Excel.
57. Some average income earners force kids to excel beyond their abilities so they can.
58. Today Advisors Excel has grown to become the nation’s largest annuity wholesaler.
59. In an industry of firms that have been around for decades, Advisors Excel dominates.
60. This is excel ent news for those companies who use self-propel ing word-of-mouse.
61. Maybe it is because the ones who do not excel at math must go into the soft subjects.
62. Yet - this is what it says - you will not excel, and there's a reason you won't excel.
63. They provide an excel ent visualization of the price movements and can give us a good.
64. Samyama on friendship, mercy, and love enables you to excel others in those qualities.
65. It is useful to set up an Excel spreadsheet to monitor the positions you have in TOMIC.
66. Mind you, that�s not to say that they don�t have specialty jobs that they excel in.
67. This Great One imparts himself to men and thereby enables them to excel and to survive.
68. Each of us knew the basics of all the powers, but could only excel in one or two areas.
69. Bowling requires proper balance, timing, speed, and strength, in order to excel in it.
70. He thought of the new, exciting world in which he lived and in which he wanted to excel.
71. You will work by the clock, performing whatever task it may be that you excel at the most.
72. If you perform a task repeatedly in Microsoft Excel, you can automate the task with a macro.
73. Most of the files I had – Excel or Word – I could open and edit, but a few I couldn’t.
74. You might never have heard of Advisors Excel, because it doesn’t service the end consumer.
75. The Excel spreadsheet should include a real-time data link so you can monitor your positions.
76. Children do this naturally and excel at adaptability and creativity and love and forgiveness.
77. To excel in any profession, in which but few arrive at mediocrity, it is the most decisive mark.
78. And yet, even at his age and even without an advanced degree, he was able to excel in his field.
79. Datetime values are stored in Excel as the day relative to 01/01/1900 plus the fraction of the day.
80. In your case, you can include all twelve months since EXCEL files are unlimited in both directions.
81. Excel is capable of doing some fairly in-depth analyses, but it is not the right tool for this job.
82. You see this often when reading Excel files, where the month, day, and year are in separate columns.
83. At MI5, she began to excel in investigative and analytical techniques and covert operational training.
84. She continued to sabotage my work, especially Excel workbooks, and bad mouthed me to field personnel.
85. Microsoft Excel: This deserves its own bullet point since nearly every trader will use it in some way.
86. When they married, John fixed his mind on strong, tall sons who would excel in sports, as he had done.
87. Bless the Lord, you angels who excel in strength, who do His word, harkening to the voice of His word.
88. Delegate responsibilities in areas that you are weak in to the members of your team that excel in them.
89. Choco joined her in this trade in which he came to excel quite independently of his mother’s contacts.
90. Heaven knows I mean nothing to do with book-learning, in which, I am aware, you most beautifully excel.
91. Excel also has a major limitation on its date algorithm: It cannot store its dates as negative numbers.
92. One can create a custom toolbar that provides all the options needed to perform tasks in Excel with ease.
93. You may have to have previously reduced the Excel security protocol: Tools => Macro => Security => Low).
94. Now what will happen is that every time you start Excel, Excel will look for the workbook template book.
95. I’ve put this in the paid member’s area and you can access the excel template for tracking your own.
96. They had pooled their life savings, and with $135,000 in the bank, they decided to launch Advisors Excel.
97. Finally, the President ordered that the ship be boarded and searched: just the sort of job SEALs excel at.
98. We are driven to excel in these activities simply to achieve the state of flow—flow becomes its own reward.
99. Advisors Excel is now the largest annuity wholesaler in the country, with nearly $5 billion in annual deposits.
100. When you record a macro, Excel stores information about each step you take as you perform a series of commands.
1. A true man signals an excelling naure.
2. Molly spent two years at MIT, excelling there, too.
3. But, Vidya, besides excelling at her studies became adept at kuchipudi.
4. He was a smart, clean shaven nice guy excelling in geology who was supposed to enter into the mining industry.
5. For example, in the 1990s, major consulting firms were touting reengineering as a means of excelling in business.
6. Geminis might be very good at gathering information, but Aquarians take this a step further, excelling at interpreting the information gathered.
7. Inside her deep in thoughts, she felt Mitchell to be the emotional anchor for the family, envisioning him excelling at whatever he did later in life.
8. Ken looked at this cunning’st pattern of excelling nature as an artist might look at a fine painting and was glad that this privilege cost him nothing.
9. I've always desired to be an overachiever throughout my entire existence; from being a star on the baseball field to excelling with my studies in the classroom.
10. Astonishingly, there is even a newsletter which ranks the performance of other newsletters; its publisher believes that he can identify persistently excelling advisors.
11. The certain thing was that she, far from standing out for her skills like administrator, was excelling for her skills like compulsive spender as Leticia, therefore the financial health of the family, was turning out to be seriously affected at regular intervals, coming to the point of not having money to pay the wages of the scarce domestic personnel that still existed in the house.
1. I excelled at work, which.
2. He excelled, however, on the.
3. It was a practice he excelled in.
4. To Myra’s delight, she excelled in it.
5. The members of the Apache Nation who excelled at.
6. I always excelled in all of the intellectual arts.
7. He excelled them even in lithe economy of motion.
8. He excelled at art, and graduated with a B average.
9. He loved math and excelled in it and mastered chess.
10. Where his speech really excelled was in its sincerity.
11. Where he excelled, however, was with the opposite sex.
12. During those formative years of school, I excelled in all.
13. This is the leader of the priesthood that has excelled at.
14. Never before had a runner excelled as these four had today.
15. Civilizations that excelled depended on proactive thinking.
16. He excelled in math and in transportation cost calculations.
17. My new research assistant, Pueng, has excelled herself again.
18. Her one great love at school was swimming at which she excelled.
19. He attended the local high school and excelled at physical sports.
20. A gift all politicians had but that this one excelled at in particular.
21. The things Beth excelled in, Emma fell flat, right down to the bust line.
22. If these great animals looked cumbersome on land, they excelled in water.
23. If you have excelled in theory, chances are that you have also practiced.
24. He has few kind words for the stock brokerage business he once excelled in.
25. Soon afterward we moved to the one thing she really excelled at, drama classes.
26. Some recruits had excelled, while others just weren’t cut out to be soldiers.
27. Temujin never outgrew the cruel ways he learned as a youth, he only excelled at.
28. I told her how I had a sister who I excelled in gymnastics with, and somehow she.
29. Proving that Hitler was not racist against athletes who excelled in their chosen field.
30. Jonah and Kaz who excelled in long distance walking, also held definite views on the subject.
31. It is generally conceded that the literary production ofColombia has excelled that of any other.
32. The American poets have excelled their English brethren in painting the outward aspects of Winter.
33. Jeez, he was such a brilliant student who excelled at the academics through hard work and tenacity.
34. It will basically be the jet equivalent of the old P-47 THUNDERBOLT, which excelled at ground attack.
35. From what he understood, most of the scientists were female, (it seemed females excelled in the sciences).
36. True, I might have plumed myself on my position as a man of the world, but Woloda excelled me even in that.
37. Thus, answer it with something that would tell them how you excelled in both types of working environments.
38. And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.
39. Her grades were As and Bs in her writing classes and she excelled as a speaker in addition to her fine writing.
40. They had also in common the sense that they both excelled their enemies in culture, in brains, as well as in morals.
41. The evil of men has excelled in its implements of torture as they punished those they deemed the worst criminals of mankind.
42. He’d learnt not to challenge her at chess, at which she excelled, but she’d not mastered the game of Go quite so readily.
43. Rudolph was humbled when asked to be best man and on accepting had excelled with his best man’s speech at the bridal supper.
44. The ancients excelled in———he was apparently about to indicate the setting of the stones, when Captain Wilson interrupted him.
45. Among the good books of the year, two belong to a special walk of letters in which we have not hitherto excelled the English Translation.
46. He excelled in every subject and had finished his first college degree before his tenth birthday, and had two masters before he was twelve.
47. Dancing was one thing that Louis both excelled in and liked and he managed to make Anne Marie Louise D’Orléans enjoy her dance with him.
48. Offer support for activities that your child has done in the past that he or she has excelled in, and offer some part of an activity as a treat.
49. Those republics encouraged the acquisition of those exercises, by bestowing little premiums and badges of distinction upon those who excelled in them.
50. I would have given the tambourine a try—I really think I might have excelled at the hip-bump—but sadly the instrument wasn’t offered at my school.
51. Injuries during the war ended his prestigious military career, so Scaliger took up the study of medicine at the University of Bologna, where he excelled.
52. Of these, four gave a better overall four-year performance than the S & P index, if the 1967 gains are included; and two excelled the index in 1968–1970.
53. The only thing I really excelled at was canoeing, and that wasn’t the kind of heroic skill people expected to see from the kid who had beaten the Minotaur.
54. Jonathon was excellent at sport and excelled at Rugby and cricket and although Michael was no mean athlete this was the one area where he could truly say he.
55. He had been taught by the Omnipotent God, therefore his high knowledge was topped by the greatest sacred manifestations so that it excelled all the worldly ones.
56. This would always be where William excelled, the discussion of ideas and movements and things, the matrix of the very abstract and the very concrete that made up the culture.
57. Moderately proficient at all games as a boy and an undergraduate, he had found that swimming was the only sport in which he excelled, and he had cultivated and maintained the art.
58. One of the warlocks in the bodyguard contingent was Lester Phillips, partly because he excelled at defensive spells, and partly because he had a big van that all of us could pile into.
59. The ancient Egyptians had a superstitious antipathy to the sea ; a superstition nearly of the same kind prevails among the Indians; and the Chinese have never excelled in foreign commerce.
60. Moreover, Homais, with his head fuller of recipes than his shop of jars, excelled in making all kinds of preserves, vinegars, and sweet liqueurs; he knew also all the latest inventions in economic.
61. You’d think that would not be too much to ask, but since the good students had mostly been moved to a higher tier or special schools, those who were left excelled mostly at malevolence or being the class clowns.
62. From the time when I was in the-Iowest class in the grammar-school, as soon as any of my comrades excelled me in school work, or witty answers or physical strength, I immediately gave up talking or having anything to do with them.
63. Finally, Jean had decided to bring his apprentice to this inn, to drink some wine with him while trying to make him understand the importance of his studies in medicine, astronomy and mathematics, all things in which Jean excelled.
64. Hank had referred the legal eagle of questionable business practices to me because as he put it, he was a guy who knew a lot of people and could make things happen, which of course meant he excelled in bribery or to put it gently, he was a power broker.
65. And though his father’s favorite form of combat was archery, and though he encouraged Samsung to follow in that direction, it turned out that Samsung’s favorite was the ancient form of hand to hand combat known as ‘karate,’ and he excelled at it.
66. You were puffed up with your courage at abandoning a field in which you’d excelled, and you expected me to cheer at your shoulder, but all I could think of was that lonely computer, sitting on her desk in your office, gathering dust since the day you denounced her.
67. Moreover, Homais, with his head fuller of recipes than his shop of jars, excelled in making all kinds of preserves, vinegars, and sweet liqueurs; he knew also all the latest inventions in economic stoves, together with the art of preserving cheese and of curing sick wines.
68. English literature in which I am sure I would have excelled but such is the inflexibility of the system that my nearly perfect marks in the English-related subjects were offset by poor marks elsewhere and I was left out in the cold with a pair of sorely disappointed parents.
69. He was deeply in love with a peasant girl, a vassal of his father's, the daughter of wealthy parents, and herself so beautiful, modest, discreet, and virtuous, that no one who knew her was able to decide in which of these respects she was most highly gifted or most excelled.
70. New Trader believed his new system would capture up trends in the hottest stocks in the market, and his watch list would be based on stocks of great growing companies – not his opinions, but businesses which already excelled in earnings increases and future expectations of more of the same.
71. They excelled at sitting back but staying close, rowing hard but slow, pressuring their opponents into raising their stroke rates too high too soon, and then, when the other crews were good and fagged out, suddenly sprinting past them, catching them unawares, unnerving them, mowing them down.
72. Though ringweight lifting had been beyond his strength and the full circle gyration beyond his courage yet as a High school scholar he had excelled in his stable and protracted execution of the half lever movement on the parallel bars in consequence of his abnormally developed abdominal muscles.
73. Only by a special cultivation of vice, such as was perpetrated in these establishments, could a Russian be brought to the state of this tramp, who excelled Nietzsche’s newest teaching, and held that everything was possible and nothing forbidden, and who spread this teaching first among the convicts and then among the people in general.
74. Young men learnt archey and excelled in it Delhi was known as Indraprasad was the kingdom of the mighty Padavs [5brothers] and the neighbouring kingdom was ruled by their cousins Kauravs As it is written in the Sanskrit epic ‘Mahabharat’ King Draupad arranged a swayambar [selection of royal consort ] and set an archery test for the suitors.
75. In Chesford’s case they excelled, and formed a Special Finance Committee to oversee all major projects; it was an important group, their brief was to highlight the prestige of city and promote it throughout the country-They attempted to achieve this by developing grandiose schemes, usually at great public expense, thus earning- the committee a nickname amongst council employees.
76. At the moment of his arrival a small yacht was under trial in the bay; this yacht had been built by order of an Englishman, who, having heard that the Genoese excelled all other builders along the shores of the Mediterranean in the construction of fast-sailing vessels, was desirous of possessing a specimen of their skill; the price agreed upon between the Englishman and the Genoese builder was forty thousand francs.
77. And I went beyond it and saw seven magnificent mountains all differing each from the other and the stones of it were magnificent and beautiful magnificent as a whole of glorious appearance and fair exterior: three towards the east one founded on the other and three towards the south one on the other and deep rough ravines none of which joined with any other; And the seventh mountain was in the midst of these and it excelled them in height resembling the seat of a throne and fragrant trees encircled the throne; And among them was a tree such as I had never yet smelt neither was any among them nor were others like it; It had a fragrance beyond all fragrance and its leaves and blooms and wood wither not forever and its fruit is beautiful and its fruit n resembles the dates of a palm; Then I said: 'How beautiful is this tree and fragrant and its leaves are fair and its blooms very delightful in appearance.
78. And I went beyond it and saw seven magnificent mountains all differing each from the other, and the stones of it were magnificent and beautiful, magnificent as a whole, of glorious appearance and fair exterior: three towards the east, one founded on the other, and three towards the south, one on the other, and deep rough ravines, none of which joined with any other; And the seventh mountain was in the midst of these, and it excelled them in height, resembling the seat of a throne, and fragrant trees encircled the throne; And among them was a tree such as I had never yet smelt, neither was any among them nor were others like it; It had a fragrance beyond all fragrance, and its leaves and blooms and wood wither not forever, and its fruit is beautiful, and its fruit n resembles the dates of a palm; Then I said: 'How beautiful is this tree, and fragrant, and its leaves are fair, and its blooms very delightful in appearance.
79. A flaming fire surrounded the walls and its portals blazed with fire; And I entered into that house and it was hot as fire and cold as ice; There were no delights of life in it: fear covered me and trembling gat hold on me; And as I quaked and trembled I fell on my face; And I beheld a vision And note! there was a second house greater than the former and the entire portal stood open before me and it was built of flames of fire; And in every respect it so excelled in splendour and magnificence and extent that I cannot describe to you its splendour and its extent; And its floor was of fire and above it were lightnings and the path of the stars and its ceiling also was flaming fire; And I looked and saw in it a lofty throne; Its appearance was as crystal and the wheels of it as the shining sun and there was the vision of cherubim; And from underneath the throne came streams of flaming fire so that I could not look thereon; And the Great Glory sat thereon and His raiment shone more brightly than the sun and was whiter than any snow.
80. A flaming fire surrounded the walls, and its portals blazed with fire; And I entered into that house, and it was hot as fire and cold as ice; There were no delights of life in it: fear covered me, and trembling gat hold on me; And as I quaked and trembled, I fell on my face; And I beheld a vision, And note! there was a second house, greater than the former, and the entire portal stood open before me, and it was built of flames of fire; And in every respect it so excelled in splendour and magnificence and extent that I cannot describe to you its splendour and its extent; And its floor was of fire, and above it were lightnings and the path of the stars, and its ceiling also was flaming fire; And I looked and saw in it a lofty throne; Its appearance was as crystal, and the wheels of it as the shining sun, and there was the vision of cherubim; And from underneath the throne came streams of flaming fire so that I could not look thereon; And the Great Glory sat thereon, and His raiment shone more brightly than the sun and was whiter than any snow.
81. Excelled the wilding daughters of the wood,.
1. As far as hardware goes, the part of the machine you can actually touch, Apple excels.
2. These are all reasons why Taurus excels in estate agency and agricultural industries.
3. It is an interesting fact that the Indian under education uniformly excels in penmanship.
4. It is true that where intellect is concerned, the white greatly excels, but it is not so with regard to memory.
5. In spite of the odds against him, he excels at all school subjects and graduates at the young age of fifteen from South High.
6. My model keeps me on the right side of the markets as it excels at catching intermediate term trends near their starting points.
7. The tall poppy syndrome is the tendency in our culture to cut down anyone who excels or rises up, or stands out in any kind of way.
8. Ernst Eckstein excels in heroines, of whom there are several in the book—all clearly defined—contending for the sympathy of the reader.
9. The intelligent investor excels by making decisions that are not dependent on the accuracy of anybody’s forecasts, including his or her own.
10. That is because each man has preferable inclinations and favorite interests in which he minds more than anything else, therefore, he appreciates none but he who advances him in these trends and excels over him in these respects.
11. I will quote a few words from his letter of June 6th, correcting his English a little, for, while he, like Wong Sam, excels most of his countrymen here in knowledge of Chinese, he is also like Wong Sam in his trouble with English idioms:.
12. I have not begotten nor given birth to my lady, though I behold her as she needs must be, a lady who contains in herself all the qualities to make her famous throughout the world, beautiful without blemish, dignified without haughtiness, tender and yet modest, gracious from courtesy and courteous from good breeding, and lastly, of exalted lineage, because beauty shines forth and excels with a higher degree of perfection upon good blood than in the fair of lowly birth.
13. At this moment he of the Mirrors came to himself, and Don Quixote perceiving it, held the naked point of his sword over his face, and said to him, You are a dead man, knight, unless you confess that the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso excels your Casildea de Vandalia in beauty; and in addition to this you must promise, if you should survive this encounter and fall, to go to the city of El Toboso and present yourself before her on my behalf, that she deal with you according to her good pleasure; and if she leaves you free to do yours, you are in like manner to return and seek me out (for the trail of my mighty deeds will serve you as a guide to lead you to where I may be), and tell me what may have passed between you and her-conditions which, in accordance with what we stipulated before our combat, do not transgress the just limits of knight-errantry.

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