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Exceed in a sentence

1. So why not exceed it? The.
2. These results clearly exceed the 9.
3. The initial tax rate not to exceed.
4. Enemy casualties far exceed five hundred.
5. The limit per individual should not exceed Rs.
6. Nothing could exceed their devotion to each other.
7. No single stake must exceed four thousand florins.

8. Gout: Niacin dosage should not exceed 50 mg, per day.
9. There were certain moral limits you could not exceed.
10. Your love of god cannot exceed your love of humanity.
11. Text entered should not exceed the rectangular field.
12. The freshwater stingrays rarely exceed 30cm (1ft) long.
13. Its clarity is believed to exceed that of spring water.
14. Should the number of chakra members exceed 15-20.
15. Prices need to exceed the parallel line and the high of a.
16. Education can never exceed the level of economic gravity, e.
17. Women did not seek to exceed, however, what nature intended.
18. The height of coal stock shall not exceed five mtrs in height.
19. An army of hunters can seldom exceed two or three hundred men.
20. His spiritual prominence, however, seemed to exceed that of.
21. The amount of the Child Tax Credit is not permitted to exceed.
22. What can exceed the misery of such a mind in such a situation?
23. Net current assets exceed twice the face value of the bond issue.
24. And we are not only on track, we will probably exceed this goal.
25. If you exceed the CBIR, there is a chance that data will be lost.
26. The return will always vastly exceed the ‘cost of the money’.
27. Hevelian technology is highly advanced but does not exceed our own.
28. She is a Huldra like yourself, but her powers far exceed yours, Sonia.
29. These assets are being amortized over a period not to exceed 40 years.
30. Once the trend is established, historical volatility may exceed implied.
31. Despite this new high for the move, price did not exceed the upper band.
32. No crystals have yet been found whose sides exceed a quarter of an inch.
33. While for the delta-neutral strategy this characteristic did not exceed 0.
34. He loves to make friends and his hospitality greatly exceed that of mine.
35. If I exceed this level by the end of the day, I cannot trade the next day.
36. The fact is, that it did not exceed an average height of six or seven feet.
37. For as all know, when lies be required none exceed the skill of Frogfooters.
38. The international shame and humiliation would greatly exceed the death toll.
39. You may often incur a variety of nuisance fees that can exceed $25 per year.
40. In Holland, where the market rate of interest does not exceed three per cent.
41. This means that if your profits in any month exceed $2500, you could pay the.
42. For the dark matter mass within this volume not to exceed 4 × 10−9 of the.
43. It simply means that it should not exceed a certain percentage of your income.
44. Whether he was guilty or not, he paid a price no court of justice could exceed.
45. To them the value will never exceed the effort needed to understand and use it.
46. In bad times, dividends are often maintained even if they exceed free cash flow.
47. Absolute maximum loss is a number that you should never allow a trade to exceed.
48. For use of tea tree oil as a mouthwash, one should not exceed a 5% dilution and.
49. If we missed the breakout, then we must not chase and exceed our risk parameters.
50. Show that the Type I error would exceed 5% even if we only took two observations.
51. The quality may exceed that which you can achieve with your own camera or scanner.
52. Their attitude and standard of preparation far exceed those of the average hunter.
53. If I exceed 2 percent again that week, I will stop trading for the rest of the week.
54. Grab a pen and spend 20 minutes to jot down anything that could exceed your wildest.
55. If insurers exceed this threshold, they have to rebate any excess to their customers.
56. In fact, the operating margins for the advertising industry used to exceed 20 percent.
57. It is possible to exceed the CIR, however, during periods of heavy use, called bursts.
58. The downside, of course, is that the market potentially can exceed your risk parameter.
59. For example, if crude were to exceed $42 at any time, we would close out this position.
60. That such arguments exceed the scope of my knowledge, I must leave such questions for.
61. The speed of things in a simulation cannot exceed the speed of the computer running it.
62. Note that the total risk exposure of the position should not exceed 2% of the account;.
63. So I was obliged not to exceed this weight while building it to the aforesaid dimensions.
64. But without a doubt, good education and wise leadership will far exceed prohibitive law.
65. If this value is set to 50, then the body cannot exceed 50% of the size of the lower shadow.
66. The circulating gold and silver of the country had not been supposed to exceed £18,000,000.
67. The dark halo, with a total mass much lower than the visible Earth (it does not exceed 4 ×.
68. Place the books in sturdy boxes by observing the rule that each box should not exceed 50 lbs.
69. He knew that President Nixon had many other obligations which exceed the interests of Vietnam.
70. In many cases the drop in home prices made their mortgage debt exceed the value of their homes.
71. Over time, the indirect costs, including tracking and archiving, can easily exceed direct costs.
72. There is a consensus that the profit/loss factor should exceed 2 for a strategy to be effective.
73. The meaning of the constraint is that the total value of the option portfolio does not exceed K.
74. At the same time, its maximum possible loss cannot exceed the premium paid at the position opening.
75. That lack of rigid control and limits allowed Hinduism to exceed other current religions in variety.
76. If their values turn out to exceed a certain threshold level, the strategy might have to be rejected.
77. At its utmost expansion in the full grown whale, the tail will considerably exceed twenty feet across.
78. They are comparatively delicate, indeed; I dare say, not to exceed half a dozen yards round the waist.
79. On every level, his father not only passed, but far exceed X’ander’s best efforts to end his life.
80. This is very bullish and something to look out for when the C to D leg starts to exceed the X to A leg.
81. But we will be disappointed if our rate does not exceed that of the average large American corporation.
82. And they will take care that their families do not exceed their means; having an eye to poverty or war.
83. ADAM CLARKE: There are three kinds of offences here, which exceed each other in their degrees of guilt.
84. The amplifying factor was selected to make the indicator rarely exceed the two sigma points in the output.
85. The dark halo, with a total mass much lower than the visible Earth (it does not exceed 4 × 10−9 of the.
86. Since consequent capital gains augment any rolling yield advantage that long bonds have, the PFs exceed 1.
87. In addition, the bandwidth requirements of a storage I/O network far exceed those of a typical data network.
88. I won’t touch anything that can’t go in space or has a range that doesn’t exceed 200 miles, General.
89. She was cleared for Bombay, India, or any other port in the East Indies, on a voyage not to exceed two years.
90. Clearly an object could not attain infinitely large momentum therefore it could not exceed the speed of light.
91. His ordinary expense becomes equal to his ordinary revenue, and it is well if it does not frequently exceed it.
92. From a therapeutic standpoint, MSM supplementation, at levels that exceed those at ainable from food alone, is.
93. There should be a little chewing resistance in the asparagus, and the oven should never exceed 212°F (100°C).
94. But in practice, the three cables can be of any length as long as their total length does not exceed 205 meters.
95. Now then, since these ice mountains don't exceed a height of 100 meters, they sink only to a depth of 300 meters.
96. There’s a set amount these exercises are not allowed to exceed, so each CESRE is tailored to a specific budget.
97. Provided, That the fine shall not exceed —— dollars, nor the imprisonment be for a longer time than ---- years.
98. I presume, however, the number of naturalized British seamen now in our employ does not exceed two or three hundred.
99. Conversely, “value” stocks tend to rise more in price than “growth” stocks when earnings exceed expectations.
100. Almost by definition, I have the opinion that realized volatility will exceed the implied volatility I just paid for.
1. It is what it is and exceeding the.
2. He is exceeding my wildest expectations.
3. So Jonah was exceeding glad of the gourd.
4. You are exceeding your authority, officers.
5. The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds:.
6. Owing to the exceeding fineness of the vibrations.
7. It was the size of a mammoth, its height exceeding 2.
8. Eph: 1:19: And what is the exceeding greatness of his.
9. We have suggested that effort concerns exceeding local.
10. That this work may be of exceeding value cannot be denied.
11. By exceeding both of these points, not only have we seen the.
12. In subsequent months, death tallies exceeding 500 were common.
13. While not infallible, exceeding the resistance gives some measure.
14. It was all passed over without a word, to my exceeding astonishment.
15. Jesus, 7 that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches.
16. Wade was regretting with exceeding heartiness that he had come at all.
17. He says: it's working a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.
18. Jaden can see the outside temperature on his screens exceeding 9000°F.
19. Next, they tackled the procedures for exceeding the speed of light which.
20. The crushed flowers in the Lord's garden are sometimes exceeding sweet!.
21. It had been exceeding one hundred thousand copies ever since its release.
22. Its income account showed earnings slightly exceeding the dividends paid.
23. They are swimming within their tropics and courses without exceeding them.
24. What shall succeed that lechery and that daring on exceeding God’s bounds?
25. They are an exceeding great army, a multitude which it is difficult to number.
26. All this was said with such exceeding rapidity, that there was something in the.
27. It is all over the blogosphere that the VIX futures are far exceeding the cash VIX.
28. With the percentage of negative people far exceeding that of positive people, it is.
29. But what further depreciates the whale as a civilized dish, is his exceeding richness.
30. The definition adapted was less than 5 employees and turnover not exceeding N$ 250,000.
31. His 'soul was exceeding sorrowful, even unto death,’ before He suffered on the cross.
32. But a few strokes, full of sparks, were given, when the exceeding strain effected the rest.
33. But I do not know if these commandments can be kept by man because they are exceeding hard.
34. In the same year, only 651 stocks had market capitalizations exceeding the database average.
35. When you shed their blood we kept in action with you but now you are exceeding your limits Mr.
36. When this happens, it could indicate that investor expectations are exceeding historical norms.
37. This assumes, of course, that you’ve been exceeding expectations and driving concrete results.
38. To those who denied in earlier times God became gracious on account of His exceeding tender mercy.
39. Do not they know that wantonness and exceeding God’s Bounds are always followed by destruction?
40. The strategy had 12 separate declines of 20 percent or more, with the last 2 exceeding 50 percent.
41. Do not they know that wantonness and exceeding of God’s bounds are always followed by destruction?
42. The objective function values of these solutions are not exceeding some predetermined threshold level.
43. Paul prayed that the Ephesians might have revelation of the exceeding greatness of His power (see Eph.
44. Now I was exceeding sad in regard to these appearances for I longed much to know what the visions meant.
45. A contrary result appears when senior securities are retired at a cost exceeding the face or stated value.
46. The first thing you notice is that almost all of the strategies had maximum declines exceeding 50 percent.
47. These moves are dramatic and powerful, often exceeding any reasonable limits that could have been imagined.
48. Unless of course his condition became too unstable, exceeding a predetermined threshold of neural activity.
49. All five of the best-performing factors generated returns exceeding 17 percent over the full period covered.
50. When all was done, the farmer and the electrical engineer looked at each other with exceeding satisfaction.
51. Some of them were exceeding glad, and looked upward; and some sought to hide themselves under the mountains.
52. In this case, there is the analogy with the process of disappearance of Ether exceeding the creative process.
53. Close at his heels came the colonel himself, a man rather over the middle size, but of an exceeding thinness.
54. Exceeding the movement limit of 7(3Π2)(Π2/2)(Π2/4) in relation to singularity Π0 the movement went beyond the.
55. If the diarrhea continues you can keep taking this remedy in equal intervals without exceeding four capsules a day.
56. And then the Son of God will be exceeding glad and shall rejoice over them because He has received His people pure.
57. The worthy man was hale and hearty, not exceeding three score and seven, and had never dreamt of being superannuated.
58. He moved to amend the bill so as to give authority to borrow a sum of money not exceeding four millions of dollars.
59. This dugong that Ned Land was preparing to attack was of colossal dimensions, easily exceeding seven meters in length.
60. Depending on the coupon rate, the prices of these products may range freely without upper limit, often exceeding 100.
61. Author exceeding grateful for his company, being still homesick on occasion, which is not in proper adventuring spirit.
62. In nearly every case, your LANs will run at speeds far exceeding those of your WAN connections, as shown in Table 7-1.
63. As stated, if you’re a high-income earner, your combined federal and state income taxes are nearing or exceeding 50%.
64. Cowl is piqued over the idea of lay people interacting in matters exceeding the limits of their professional expertise.
65. She proved herself to be an actress of exceeding vitality and force, and she made not only a popular but an artistic hit.
66. The muscles coiling under that gray corpse-like skin were stringy and hard as steel wires, exceeding the strength of a man.
67. In ideal conditions, explained Richard, That thruster fuel can burn at temperatures exceeding nine thousand degrees.
68. Then suddenly an inheritance is left him: and hearing of this he rises up and becoming exceeding joyful he puts on strength.
69. True, you may say that, by exceeding caution, you may possibly escape these and the multitudinous other evil chances of life.
70. So when his fellow-servants saw what was done, they were exceeding sorry, and came and told unto their lord all that was done.
71. He was satisfied with the day’s success- a success exceeding his expectations, but the old man’s strength was failing him.
72. Behind Zeus, mountains of pink granite jutted up from the forest below, exceeding in height the level of the gods’ platform.
73. Secondly, that the eggs are remarkably small, not exceeding those of the skylark—a bird about one-fourth as large as the cuckoo.
74. Too late, the warhead seemed to be attached to a new type of propulsion system; its velocity exceeding anything before encountered.
75. Herod was afraid of what his guests would think of him: so he did that which made him "exceeding sorry,"�he beheaded John the Baptist.
76. Had thanked him, and was thinking to ask him in, for we have spent these days exceeding alone, but noticed him looking strangely at Ralph.
77. A trend has been in place when, all of a sudden, the market gyrates throughout a day without exceeding the body range of the previous day.
78. Female Queen Alexandra’s birdwings (Ornithoptera alexandrae) of Papua New Guinea have been found with wing-spans exceeding 28 cm (11 in).
79. With 2009 revenues exceeding $5 billion, Peabody Energy is the largest coal company out there today; it’s the ExxonMobil of coal companies.
80. Ephesians 2:4-6 says That IN THE AGES (aions) TO COME he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.
81. Also, the stars which spread throughout the unlimited space have a heaven which encompasses them and prevents them from exceeding their places.
82. As I walked on to the hotel, I felt that a dread, much exceeding the mere apprehension of a painful or disagreeable recognition, made me tremble.
83. Eze 37:10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.
84. For portfolios consisting of combinations with criterion values exceeding 15% and strikes range wider than 18%, loss probability is about 60% to 65%.
85. In particular, the criterion threshold parameter was fixed at 1% (positions opened only for option combinations with expected profit exceeding 1%).
86. The law of Moses was the law of God, 'which entered that the offence might abound;’ that sin, by the commandment, might become exceeding sinful’ (Rom.
87. Its uptrend looks grand in retrospect, but ask yourself, honestly, would you have been able to hold though multiple drawdowns, some of them exceeding 50%.
88. Increased wages at all lower levels with the possibility of exceeding $35K a year should attract the lower 25% to struggle to participate at a higher level.
89. Such thinking is implausible; perhaps, given the rise in social costs exceeding in proportion the exploited wages many of these families oftentimes receive.
90. Yet, a recent run of the strategy reveals four stocks out of the top 50 with market-caps exceeding $10 billion, traditionally considered to be large-cap stocks.
91. He also suffered the dreadful torment of crucifixion; and then, when the woe was at its utmost, He cried with an exceeding bitter cry and 'yielded up His spirit.
92. The unerring indications of that fact were presented to us in a tonnage and number of seamen exceeding those of any other nation in the world, one only excepted.
93. Due to the possibility of option losses exceeding the total value of a trader’s account, most brokers limit the option strategies available to individual traders.
94. The look that passed between Plug Ivory and Plug Avery carried all the pith of the quotation: The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.
95. Even the best performing strategies had huge maximum declines; all with drops exceeding 60 percent and the overall sector suffering a peak-to-trough loss of 88 percent.
96. Out-of-the-money options, especially call options were typically overvalued, compared to the closer-to-the-money options, sometimes exceeding twice the volatility level.
97. O that sin may appear sin to us, may appear in its own colours, and that by the commandment we may see it to be exceeding sinful; because it is the transgression of the law.
98. Note that all top five factors had drawdowns exceeding 60 percent, so investors must keep volatility in mind when they are investing in these high-performing energy stocks.
99. The young Miccosukee‘s Grandfather had been training and schooling him for three years and the ten year old had developed at a pace far exceeding the old warrior‘s grasp.
100. At times, when closely pursued, he will disgorge what are supposed to be the detached arms of the squid; some of them thus exhibited exceeding twenty and thirty feet in length.
1. The trendline is exceeded by.
2. The supply has exceeded the demand.
3. The number of slain exceeded 50,000.
4. Its reach has vastly exceeded its grasp.
5. You’ve exceeded my expectations too.
6. His suppleness even exceeded his strength.
7. By the time that the population exceeded.
8. This performance exceeded our wildest hopes.
9. You should be proud that Ive exceeded my.
10. His assets exceeded thirty billion dollars.
11. The death toll exceeded that of the Pearl.
12. They exceeded this objective by achieving $3.
13. I have to say, Mikael, it exceeded our hopes.
14. The trendline is finally exceeded by 5%.
15. And in the past we have exceeded expectations.
16. Its number somewhat exceeded a thousand souls.
17. The net daily total calories exceeded my target.
18. The magnificence of it exceeded all expectations.
19. There were powers working that far exceeded our.
20. Even more frequently, she exceeded the maximum dose.
21. In reality it already exceeded twenty thousand rubles.
22. The whirlwind event exceeded everyone’s expectations.
23. Depreciation charges exceeded expenditures on new plant.
24. If they exceeded the targeted savings then state this too.
25. He would have stayed at one degree and never exceeded it.
26. Vinci exceeded more than his local self with this painting.
27. No advance has ever exceeded the limit of 929 to 968 days.
28. Note that the intraday low at E exceeded the low at C by 0.
29. At the time of joining one should have not exceeded 58 years.
30. Returns to the bank exceeded merely interest at the prime rate.
31. For more benign windows such as 1994–2006, the SR exceeded 1.
32. The international conduct has not yet exceeded the native level.
33. They were bloody well exceeded, which is why the after—.
34. Young Henry has exceeded our best hopes for this family's future.
35. Jean’s new position with the Bailli of Troyes exceeded all his.
36. His challenges have exceeded either of our abilities to cope with.
37. He wanted me to weed out the stories that exceeded the permitted.
38. This went on until Tammas exceeded the man’s ability to keep up.
39. The net worth never exceeded the initial deposit, or the seed money.
40. The price now exceeded the record set in the enthusiastic days of 1961.
41. The work was a masterpiece, and even exceeded Bodlevski's expectations.
42. Perhaps he exceeded his authority: General Shafter certainly thought so.
43. When action limits are exceeded the firm must investigate the cause of.
44. Crude oil continued to increase in price and soon exceeded $40 a barrel.
45. He had long ago exceeded the loan capabilities of the Ithaca area banks.
46. You have exceeded all your brothers and sisters in that one regard alone.
47. Even with the restricted distribution, demand exceeded production capacity.
48. Treasury yields exceeded 100 bp, but the consensus view was 30 bp to 50 bp.
49. This indicated that the price peak X was likely to be retested or exceeded.
50. The scene confronting him exceeded his worst fears – so terrible that for.
51. Surely, if its bole exceeded that of all others, its height must do the same.
52. Until 1900, voter turnout in the United States frequently exceeded 75 percent.
53. They were all tyrants: they exceeded the humanist bounds in their actions.
54. Boss Chatterling was quite sure that he had far exceeded her expectations as a.
55. How could Commerce One have exceeded expectations in the past? What past?
56. The system should then be disinfected if the microbiological limits are exceeded.
57. PHM’s price exceeded the upper band in early September to confirm the uptrend.
58. Buyback yield never exceeded 1% before 1985 but did so in most years thereafter.
59. Additionally, Metacafe pays video creators for original work that has exceeded a.
60. The XXV actually had a trading session in which volume exceeded a million shares.
61. Their sojourn on the Isle of Man exceeded an excited Lorna’s expectations by far.
62. It feels really good, but it was totally unexpected and exceeded my wildest hopes.
63. That may mean you have overdone it and you have reached or exceeded your threshold.
64. It was pretty incredible and far exceeded any expectations I had for my first time.
65. And to her the consciousness of having exceeded in words was peculiarly mortifying.
66. All equipment had been accounted for, and all expectations had been met or exceeded.
67. Overall, the strategy has been very profitable and has even exceeded my projections.
68. He’d assumed they’d do well to reach a hundred yards, but they far exceeded that.
69. In some places it has exceeded twenty-four inches, most of that in the Sahara Desert.
70. The lives of those aboard will be even more endangered if these numbers are exceeded.
71. It was one of those muscle guys whose horsepower exceeded its number of cubic inches.
72. And thats what theyre bitching about? Weve exceeded that amount, is that it?
73. Volume on this day has exceeded the previous day, which suggests strong short covering.
74. She had already exceeded the maximum dosage of Tylenol and began massaging her temples.
75. In the early 1980s, the yield exceeded 4 percent, and on a rare occasion topped 6 percent.
76. The company's volume in this segment of its business far exceeded those of its competitors.
77. These proceedings cannot be exceeded even by the spirit or prudence of the State of Georgia.
78. And when the burden of her disease exceeded the pleasure of that ice cream, she wanted to die.
79. The value of the things found in the temple and of the idols exceeded twenty thousand dinars.
80. Her calculation that she could land a lad of Irish descent whose muscle mass exceeded his IQ.
81. FFP means that a ceiling price was in place that was exceeded at the contractor’s sole risk.
82. The losses in 1969 and 1970 far exceeded the total profits since the formation of the company.
83. By the 15th of the same prince, this liberty was extended till the price of wheat exceeded 48s.
84. It had lasted more than 30 months and thus exceeded the historical norm in duration and extent.
85. It exceeded all his expectations, in that it housed some of the greatest works of art of all time.
86. But it is very easy to show that he has not exceeded the express provisions of the law in question.
87. Namale is where every request is met, every want is anticipated, and every expectation is exceeded.
88. There have been only two occasions in the past 100 years when it exceeded that duration materially.
89. By the autumn of 1813 the number, ever increasing and increasing, exceeded what it had been in 1812.
90. I am certain you can imagine that my reaction included amazement and astonishment, but exceeded them.
91. Because matter exceeded antimatter by one part per billion the ‘matter’ universe was able to exist.
92. The representatives at that convention surely exceeded their authority, but look what they have wrought.
93. In the options world, it does not take too many doubles before the trader has exceeded his margin limit.
94. And, on the first day of April last, the sum in the Treasury exceeded nine and a half millions of dollars.
95. Floodwall failures mainly occurred when the surge exceeded twenty-five feet and overtopped the structures.
96. Because Canada’s federal government and the Ontario provincial taxes vastly exceeded the combination of U.
97. No one in the Old Testament exceeded Moses as a God-established authority, yet he was the meekest of all men.
98. In it I asserted that the 1981 highs in long-term interest rates would not be exceeded for many years to come.
99. He took little out in salary considering the size of his company; his salary never exceeded $600,000 per year.
100. Every pickpocket who exceeded or fell short of the human average was ill at his ease in the Changer's costumes.
1. This rate far exceeds that of.
2. If the punishment exceeds the crime by.
3. The damage they have done exceeds all of.
4. This far exceeds the annual raw returns of 16.
5. Ah! That's beber! The price exceeds the.
6. The unknown, however, still far exceeds the known.
7. Its height to its shoulder hardly ever exceeds 3ft.
8. The population of San José exceeds that of Cartago.
9. Signals are generated whenever %B exceeds 100% and 0%.
10. Its powerfulness far exceeds vitamin C and E combined!.
11. Its obligation, therefore, never exceeds that of expediency.
12. However, this exercise largely exceeds the scope of the essay.
13. Watch out, if your protein output exceeds intake you would have a.
14. At extreme volatility values this ratio exceeds one in most cases.
15. The largest in the whole scale exceeds the uniform temperament of Dr.
16. Now if your message exceeds this limit, its very aggravating to have to.
17. When and if the price exceeds $325, the computer will not bid any longer.
18. Sometimes the average falls short of the high and sometimes it exceeds it.
19. Then when the car speeding exceeds 7o(ΠΠ2) = 217 km/h the line the car.
20. Their training exceeds that given to a Navy SEAL - like that guy who helped.
21. The box is limited to its understanding, our ignorance exceeds our knowledge.
22. When the number of days exceeds 100, the correlation growth completely stops.
23. In a country where the market rate of interest seldom exceeds three per cent.
24. Over time, operating margins rise when the percent change in sales exceeds the.
25. The inflow always exceeds the number rehabilitated so that the dues are never.
26. When the EITC exceeds the amount of taxes owed, it can result in a refund check.
27. In places where the loss exceeds the tolerance value boosters have to be placed.
28. It easily exceeds the average weight of the species; specimens of about 1785lbs.
29. The box is limited to its understanding, because ignorance exceeds our knowledge.
30. One locality for manganite crystals far exceeds the rest—Ilfeld, Harz, Germany.
31. It follows that the GM of a portfolio exceeds the average GM of its constituents.
32. Thus we see that the waste space in the tower actually exceeds the available.
33. Use midpoint pivots if the range between the seven daily pivots exceeds 40 points.
34. But exploring the ramifications of this model exceeds the scope of the present text.
35. Transgressor means that who exceeds the human degree in his deeds and behavior.
36. We would not want to see any other banks on Mars until the population exceeds 30,000.
37. Protein intake exceeds output, and protein is retained in tissue as new muscle is added.
38. Then from that perspective, the compensation the killed beings receive far exceeds what.
39. Combinations, for which this criterion exceeds 1% of the investment amount, are selected.
40. It was postulated that the further k exceeds 1, the higher the criterion effectiveness is.
41. Watch out, if your protein output exceeds intake you would have a negative nitrogen balance.
42. If the punishment exceeds the crime by billions of times would it be justice or injustice?
43. She may not be captivating, but she exceeds charm and confidence that magnetizes her being.
44. In addition, the pay to federal employees in Washington DC far exceeds that paid in the states.
45. The trend is bullish, but once price exceeds the highest average, it is expected to level out.
46. Buying pressure is evident when positive volume exceeds negative volume and the OBV line rises.
47. The alternative is considered to be better if it exceeds another one according to most criteria.
48. Selling pressure is present when negative volume exceeds positive volume and the OBV line falls.
49. But in the end they always find that the aggregate of small losses exceeds the few large profits.
50. But if the car exceeds the speed the earth retains to spin the car will exclude some space from.
51. Although I have always dreamt of government conspiracies, the doctor's story exceeds my fantasies.
52. Rule 1: Applying rule to the above pairs, where weight exceeds knapsack capacity discards the pair.
53. If realized volatility over the course of the month exceeds 40, you likely made money on the trade.
54. I can guarantee that her knowledge far exceeds the standard for whatever grade she should belong to.
55. The first is one in which the asset value of a company exceeds the value of its foreseeable earnings.
56. The animal remains at one degree of knowledge and never exceeds it, and therefore it remains an animal.
57. B: The high of B slightly exceeds the high of A, so realistically, the short should have been stopped out.
58. For example, sometimes receivables growth exceeds sales growth, and this may happen for several reasons:.
59. Even accidental effects or chance cannot occur in a vacuum, which exceeds the possibilities of Nothingness.
60. What will happen to us when we no longer have to study or stretch to reach that, which exceeds our grasp?
61. The minimum recommended total body fat percentage exceeds the essential fat percentage value reported above.
62. Furthermore, when the criterion threshold exceeds 15%, the percentage of short combinations decreases to zero.
63. Thus verse actually exceeds the limits of poetry, but at the same time verse always implies the poetic function.
64. Note that the duration of this 910 percent advance exceeds the duration of the 1973-1981 advance by only two years.
65. It seems his calculation of JF-31 cells formula using other compounds exceeds the tolerable state of the pig cells.
66. With this type of winning percentage, you should be able to withstand the occasional oddball who exceeds your strike.
67. If your net short-term capital gain exceeds the net long-term capital loss, that excess is counted as ordinary income.
68. Two Buddhas have little to say to one another; the beauty of reality exceeds that which can be conveyed through voice.
69. Put in economic terms, the marginal value of time spent studying a small company far exceeds that spent on a large one.
70. When the number of layers exceeds 15, the selection results of both multicriteria methods coincide approximately by 90%.
71. This verse means that if man exceeds the legal bounds and refuses to follow the humane way, certainly he will deny that day.
72. Only if the result of this calculation exceeds the specification do you have to consider the actual lengths of your cables.
73. When IV exceeds its average value, it usually creates opportunities to realize option strategies based on volatility selling.
74. If the price exceeds the higher strike, you have a call spread that maxes at $1 and you get called away on your stock $1 higher.
75. For females, the impact of the father, as a representative of men and the male perspective, in important ways exceeds that of the.
76. High criterion value (when IV exceeds HV) indicates that selling volatility strategies are more appropriate for this underlying asset.
77. Mouth and teeth! There's no better way to describe the long–skulled sperm whale, whose length sometimes exceeds twenty–five meters.
78. Where there is no property, or at least none that exceeds the value of two or three days labour, civil government is not so necessary.
79. Again the realized average return clearly exceeds the forward-looking return that was reasonable to expect in the 1980s, let alone now.
80. If the criterion value obtained for the best variant exceeds the threshold value, the opening signal for this combination is generated.
81. Sellers of Naked Calls are vulnerable to a huge rally occurring if a company reports something that exceeds the market’s expectations.
82. But eventually the piper exacts a toll from his audience, a price that far exceeds the few coins rational calculation would have offered.
83. Mostly because of my association with others whose greatness far exceeds my own, and whose love and friendship I treasure above all else.
84. The opening signal is generated if the criterion value calculated for a given option combination exceeds the predetermined threshold value.
85. Once the index exceeds 70 (overbought) or falls below 30 (oversold), the RSI acts as a leading indicator that a reversal is likely to follow.
86. In the present state of Europe, the share of the landlord seldom exceeds a third, sometimes not a fourth part of the whole produce of the land.
87. The ownership of the underlying stock covers that portion of the risk of the call spread that exceeds the premium received for selling it.
88. Normally, in a proper double-bottom base this should close below the left sides of the W, but in this case the mid-point exceeds that high.
89. If it was making an acquisition, maybe you wrote that if the price paid exceeds a certain amount, you would sell because that’s too much to pay.
90. A buying signal is generated when the price exceeds the upper (+100) line, and a selling signal occurs when the price dips under the lower (-100).
91. The goal of every contrarian trader is to beat the market—to earn an investment return that exceeds the return earned by the buy-and-hold strategy.
92. When the quantity of gold and silver imported into any country exceeds the effectual demand, no vigilance of government can prevent their exportation.
93. We must never forget that a child is a symbol of product simplicity and spontaneity which can represent imbalance at a rate where birth exceeds death.
94. She agrees that imposing the possibility to lose one’s privilege to drive if their BMI exceeds a prescribed limit may just be what the doctor ordered.
95. But if knowledge and information remain intellectual capital, then, when Techine singularly exceeds our entire whordehouses, all our capital will be lost.
96. For example, when New High-New Low is positive, it means that the number of stocks making new highs exceeds the number making new lows, a bullish signal.
97. Note on the following table that every option has a 50% or lower statistical probability of expiring with Intrinsic Value that exceeds the original premium.
98. Abdul-Kadir Al-Dayrani has checked exceeds fifty-five, and his name has become widely known as being associated with the name of the great humane scholar M.
99. This is helpful in case your bill unexpectedly exceeds the amount available in your checking account—that way you can adjust the amount you pay that month.
100. For firms that are on the wrong side of barriers to entry, outside and looking in, the cost of capital exceeds the return on capital, and growth destroys value.

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