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    1. Department of Agriculture officials and from representatives of the agriculture industry for the most effective ways to expedite equipment development

    2. We discussed trade and they appointed someone to expedite it

    3. someone at the embassy had offered to expedite their visa application in

    4. To expedite matters, I faxed the attachments immediately after hanging up and had no further contact with Mickey until I faxed him re the WDs in April

    5. “We need the help of the world leaders in order to expedite the Change Over,” said Parker

    6. "But in order to expedite our hunt for the Harbinger this repair could be done twice as fast using your resources, especially your computer scanners and calibrators

    7. Alistair told me to expedite it like the others

    8. “We will also have our friend at the medical board release and expedite Carol Freeman’s letter," Sam instructed

    9. The goal was always to draw a reasonable conclusion, advise both parties, and expedite a settlement

    10. One way to expedite this traffic process is to outsource a lot of this work

    1. Expediency is that which expedites

    2. Study of the Bible expedites the intervention of God in our life

    1. Added an additional $60 fee if I am expediting the process

    2. To this purpose many, including the State of New York, have enlisted the services of investment bankers to front settlement monies subject to repayment to the bondholders by the tobacco companies as a means of expediting proceeds from the suit

    3. “But they are sworn to you, and you wished to know who had sworn, so I was merely expediting their revealing of themselves!

    4. “But they are sworn to you, and you wished to know who had sworn, so I was merely expediting their revealing of themselves!

    5. This is what’s called (in technical terms) as expediting the opportunity

    6. Harry was used to expediting

    7. With Boran Kern leading the session, the first hour or so was spent expediting current business and follow-ups to problems presented at the previous monthly session

    8. government, and was a critical station for training, as well as expediting troops, supplies, and

    9. with risk, and less with implementation of a project (or a controlling stake) expediting the

    10. be beaming only the most serious cases immediately up to sick bay, it makes more sense that I’m planet side, rendering first aid, while expediting the more critical cases up to the ship for Doctor Chu to deal with

    1. Even with the help from the Arch-minister that had indeed expedited some processes, Tyrpledge was experiencing significant delays in most of his petitions and requisitions

    2. He expedited matters so that within a few weeks, I became a naturalised South African

    3. Expedited through you

    4. So please send the $40,000 by urgent / expedited wire transfer to the account the friend in Texas set up

    5. “That's the expedited program

    6. Of course, he also wanted to know what he wanted to know as soon as humanly possible, and after all the delays in getting here, the transporter expedited that outcome

    7. “Well, now that we have expedited our routine business, let’s get to new business, gentlemen

    8. overrides, everyone hoping to have their passage to and fro expedited

    9. “All life pods are expedited to Vulcan orbit, and may proceed at once towards the

    10. ” He looks uncertain when he says ‘should’—I’m guessing he hasn’t done much of this expedited training before

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    Synonyms for "expedite"

    expedite hasten push promote advance accelerate dispatch hurry precipitate quicken speed speed up

    "expedite" definitions

    speed up the progress of; facilitate

    process fast and efficiently