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    1. Furthermore, his reaction was bound to precipitate various biometric warnings

    2. The Cuban will not hear of forcible annexation; it will precipitate insurrection

    3. America did not precipitate the events leading up to those unprovoked attack(s) on its own Soil! So where‘s the dis-connect? The duties of citizenship are not always conditioned by choice

    4. "If you mean that he will wantonly precipitate a great war I hardly think so," said Mr

    5. 52 And Othri the first born of the king was an idiot, precipitate and hurried in his words

    6. 52 And Othri the first born of the king was an idiot precipitate and hurried in his words

    7. This in all likelihood will precipitate as a whale of a headache

    8. ‘Not if we tell them the child is conceived solely by the mother, and the only function of the male is as a catalyst to precipitate pregnancy by inserting his penis and ejaculating,’ suggested a tiny young woman with a curly mop of black hair and bright blue eyes

    9. whether near or far away, write (or precipitate) them, by impressing upon his

    10. He did not precipitate confusion by the presentation of truth too far beyond their capacity to comprehend

    11. He wondered uneasily how many chambers in that palace had underground water directly under them, and when the ancient flags or tiles might give way again and precipitate him back into the current from which he had just crawled

    12. It’s a sad movie that will inflame people against Bush and Cheney and their cronies and precipitate more than a few tears

    13. Knowing that may only precipitate further difficulty for him in the strained relationship, she concluded that silence would indeed be golden, especially since he may not appreciate learning that she had been eavesdropping upon them; furthermore, it may fuel his already-burning passion for her which could only place her in an awkward situation

    14. That would explain her sudden, overwhelming emotion and those she had had during their last meeting, but she sincerely hoped that nothing grievous were wrong to precipitate such feelings

    15. " Chance slouched, walking away sheepishly, hoping he didn't precipitate Mitchell's sudden outburst

    16. Standing in the silence of the stables with a circle of light surrounding him, he churned the possibilities over in his mind along with his recollection of the scene of the unpleasant incident in hopes of igniting some as-yet-unidentified spark that would precipitate the rest of the puzzle becoming more lucid

    17. Stating 'No senior military commander can expect his soldiers to lay down their lives for victory and then precipitate defeat by his own hand’

    18. It was destined to involve more than one million troops, and it would precipitate an unparalleled crisis for the Allied armies by demonstrating the weakness of American battlefield intelligence at that time

    19. But that balance is so precise, that a few teaspoonfuls of antibiotics can precipitate a hyperglycemic episode, or a pain reliever can contribute to a heart attack

    20. stimulus itself will precipitate in coming years

    21. Thus, high Vitamin C intakes (above 750 mg) may precipitate the formation of calcium-oxalate kidney stones, in susceptible individuals

    22. it can neither precipitate rain nor join other clouds, and within moments

    23. In a crisis environment, you need a rationing economy, for any shortage can precipitate a catastrophic cascade failure

    24. An individual, through redundancy of zombie-armification, can precipitate a systems-wide fadpeding

    25. And what you have enabled to emerge are the myndforms that will either avoid or precipitate the Immortality Wars

    26. This is their solution to the economic crisis: limit resources, promote over population, permit ecological crisis, create water shortages, and precipitate food collapse

    27. 'Oh how do you do, Everard,' said Miss Entwhistle, advancing with all the precipitate and affectionate politeness of one who is greeting not only a host but a nephew

    28. Russia has cautioned the US not to precipitate the world into a nuclear conflict

    29. Therefore, the young woman, finally, decided to take the initiative and precipitate matters, which could not possibly be allowed to drag on any further

    30. Ongoing acts of “doing less than good”, can precipitate, pre-empt and predispose Self into acts of further transgressions against Self and others as we become desensitized from the perpetuating destructiveness

    31. Baldwin Brown has himself supplied the warning against precipitate judgment on germs, which is applicable in the case before us

    32. Ah, but he would be well content to precipitate himself over the hill-side once again, as on the evening when he and I first encountered, close to the same spot!"

    33. I am about to precipitate, to sink, to plunge myself into the abyss that is here before me, only to let the world know that while thou dost favour me there is no impossibility I will not attempt and accomplish

    34. By a rapid movement, which the gendarme's practiced eye had perceived, Dantes sprang forward to precipitate himself into the sea; but four vigorous arms seized him as his feet quitted the bottom of the boat

    35. To those who create themselves wits at the cost of feminine delicacy (a habit of mind which he never did hold with) to them he would concede neither to bear the name nor to herit the tradition of a proper breeding: while for such that, having lost all forbearance, can lose no more, there remained the sharp antidote of experience to cause their insolency to beat a precipitate and inglorious retreat

    36. She remembered: “There are other beds, my dear!” Though nothing she could say that would not precipitate a scene in which he would be sure to remark upon her locked door and the probable connection Ashley had with it

    37. The luggage was put on the top, and the man drove them off, the miller and the old waiting-woman expressing some surprise at their precipitate departure, which Clare attributed to his discovery that the mill-work was not of the modern kind which he wished to investigate, a statement that was true so far as it went

    38. Remarkable, even at the dreaded Paris-Orly, to feel oneself precipitate out of ten thousand other people, merely by refusing the rush

    39. But reason returned to me, and I was persuaded that this action could only precipitate a possible catastrophe

    40. I didn’t know it as I sat in the lobby in India absorbing the news, but Ben’s arrival would precipitate a professional crisis

    41. Sell in May is starting to loom ahead, of course, but again I’m not too sure it will precipitate an exit for me this year – unlike 2010 and for that matter 2008

    42. It was obvious that the Kansas City Public Service bondholders were better off to accept temporarily the 3% which could be paid rather than to insist on 6% which could not be paid and thereby precipitate a receivership

    43. , failure to maintain working capital as agreed or to make sinking-fund payments; for the present alternatives—either to precipitate insolvency or to do nothing at all—are alike completely unsatisfactory

    44. 9 for various ROEs (forgetting the probabilities that the increased equity base might well precipitate a decline in ROE)

    45. could also explain the ability of cues to precipitate drug seeking long after extinc-

    46. toms precipitate drug-taking behavior

    47. an opioid antagonist to precipitate withdrawal and then treat the symptoms with

    48. "Well, this man is going to the galleys; it is true, but what the deuce! he has stolen! There is no use in my saying that he has not been guilty of theft, for he has! I remain here; I go on: in ten years I shall have made ten millions; I scatter them over the country; I have nothing of my own; what is that to me? It is not for myself that I am doing it; the prosperity of all goes on augmenting; industries are aroused and animated; factories and shops are multiplied; families, a hundred families, a thousand families, are happy; the district becomes populated; villages spring up where there were only farms before; farms rise where there was nothing; wretchedness disappears, and with wretchedness debauchery, prostitution, theft, murder; all vices disappear, all crimes: and this poor mother rears her child; and behold a whole country rich and honest! Ah! I was a fool! I was absurd! what was that I was saying about denouncing myself? I really must pay attention and not be precipitate about anything

    49. Do you know what is done then? One does not take the matter ferociously; one does not precipitate himself into the tragic; one does not make one's mind to marriage and M

    50. Then all is said, the tempest is loosed, stones rain down, a fusillade breaks forth, many precipitate themselves to the bottom of the bank, and pass the small arm of the Seine, now filled in, the timber-yards of the Isle Louviers, that vast citadel ready to hand, bristle with combatants, stakes are torn up, pistol-shots fired, a barricade begun, the young men who are thrust back pass the Austerlitz bridge with the hearse at a run, and the municipal guard, the carabineers rush up, the dragoons ply their swords, the crowd disperses in all directions, a rumor of war flies to all four quarters of Paris, men shout: "To arms!" they run, tumble down, flee, resist

    1. We simply precipitated an inevitable war

    2. It is a gradual process precipitated by a variety of factors including economic disruptions, natural disasters, over-population, famine and disease

    3. A car in every garage and a television in every room is the stuff that middle-class dreams are made of! It is questionable, however, in light of diminishing incomes and job displacements precipitated by the emergence of cheap(er) labor from across our borders and the outsourcing of jobs overseas, not to mention a bubbling economy, that American families will be able to sustain its frenzied lifestyles once that bubble bursts

    4. Addendum to the above: The undermining of traditional values has precipitated a socially divisive undercurrent in our nation that has further alienated lower income groups from the very values and customs that typically defined ―middle-class‖ success; principled standards that have (historically) improved (its) social and economic standing in a variety of ways over the years

    5. This by-product of social leveling has precipitated prescriptive efforts by revisionists seeking to recreate or redefine history within retro/present time frames that not only obscure our collective understanding of the events that shaped our nation‘s history, but an understanding of its people, as well

    6. Such attitudes can be traced to an ill-conceived leveling of parent/child relationships precipitated by childlike (parental) idiosyncrasies that have (predictably) produced unintended results

    7. Jury Nullification, precipitated by perceived historical injustices, rejects or makes void rules or articles of evidence and their proper application as instructed by law because of pre-conceived biases unwilling to concede the legitimacy of such statutes or official practices of the court

    8. Imagine the rippling effect on a number of industries that are tightly inter-woven, nor to mention its own impact on the nation‘s ability to adequately fund its own entitlement programs that, in turn, would subsequently trigger higher inflation resulting from higher (consumer) prices precipitated by lower productivity levels that would (likely) lead to higher taxes that would (more than likely) discourage investment that would (most likely) generate even lower revenues than before

    9. Democrats have been shamefully exploiting this unhappy event for political reasons; unyielding in their persistence that poverty and racism are (somehow) the underlying factors responsible for this (―avoidable‖) tragedy when, in fact, it was the result of ―unintended‖ consequences precipitated by decades of political cynicism, cronyism, mis-management, fiscal incompetence and (local) corruption at every conceivable level; this despite the forewarnings of field experts (Army Corps of Engineers) citing potential or probably breaches in drainage canal levees since the Johnson Administration

    10. “You have precipitated the game

    11. And if we had driven to the police station, it might have either precipitated the attack, or more likely just delayed it

    12. foolishly precipitated this litigation when negotiations over the pension

    13. This will include the discriminations, pogroms, and expulsions that precipitated the migration of the bulk of the Jewish community from Western Europe to Eastern Europe

    14. precipitated his latest arrest, that and the fact that he

    15. Thursday evening the group had precipitated into

    16. have become caught in a trap we can not get out of, and we have precipitated

    17. human beings of the abyss of death that Aegistus precipitated into, and

    18. At the airport they waited nervously wondering what had precipitated the sudden call and visit but very glad that Natalie was coming

    19. reached her boss that she precipitated the entire situation that got

    20. precipitated picture of the mouth of that ravine, and the illustration given

    21. precipitated on silk, is preserved in the shrine-room of the Headquarters of

    22. Master Kuthumi precipitated many years ago an interior view of the large

    23. As he reached this chamber, he was flashingly aware of some small squat bulk on the floor ahead of him; then before he could check his flight or swerve aside, his foot struck something yielding that squalled shrilly, and he was precipitated headlong, the torch flying from his hand and being extinguished as it struck the stone floor

    24. And as such a pretension it quickly precipitated the social-moral clash of the ages

    25. 1 Scientists have unintentionally precipitated mankind into a materialistic panic; they have started an unthinking run on the moral bank of the ages, but this bank of human experience has vast spiritual resources; it can stand the demands being made upon it

    26. His mind racing to figure out what precipitated this situation, Greg shouted, “Command Mode!

    27. “Would I be out of place to guess that the Saturn Industries move somehow precipitated their actions?” David asked

    28. precipitated his ouster, that I realized I had walked into a clas-

    29. Johnson told Bobby that there was a major Cuban connection in his brother’s assassination on the day of the assassination, and Bobby took it personally like he precipitated his brother’s death

    30. Bobby was extremely depressed and grief stricken at his brother’s loss with the thought that he may have precipitated it

    31. Helpless for the time and knowing not what she would find there that might have precipitated her desire to enter such a place, she turned the corner and proceeded into the Tower

    32. It was that, combined with the sense of duty that he owed this young woman, which had convinced him to continue with his own private inquiry to ascertain exactly what had precipitated the disappearance of the guest

    33. Although, he was more moved by Phillip's struggles; he suddenly could recall every tear shed and the pain that had precipitated it

    34. down from his adrenaline rush precipitated by the call from the Atlanta

    35. Would you kindly explain what precipitated his passing?”

    36. Truman is thus found guilty of criminal negligence towards the American armed forces and of abuse of power, for having precipitated the United States in a war without the approval of the Congress

    37. Of course, Peter and his smooth talking could have precipitated and facilitated the indiscretion by making their affair seem justified and noble in light of other developments, but he would have thought that Peter would have had a much more discriminating taste in his choice of women

    38. In the excitement of everything, he had forgotten to eat and was now facing one of the consequences—the onset of a mild headache precipitated by a deprivation of food

    39. But, his invasion of Poland precipitated World War Two and from then on, his direction of the war became increasingly military and less political

    40. The unwillingness of the garrison to make a stand precipitated coming events

    41. Unfortunately, the then Security Minister of the Imperium ‘B’, a bastard named Veck, precipitated things with a series of grave blunders

    42. They must have caught something of the brief conversation that precipitated the interruption, because the Doctor had gasped and bowed his head, while Rebecca sobbed uncontrollably

    43. A commentator at the above case, which precipitated a momentous shift in African Morality, supposed at the time that the might of Zuma's supporters had taken control of the ANC's ancestral wisdom on this particular issue

    44. Low pH cleaners are used to remove precipitated salts and metals, and alkaline or neutral

    45. This precipitated a governmental panic and the national sharing of misery brought about by power cuts arranged by the government to save precious electricity for industry

    46. Hannibal (247-182 BC) was the Carthaginian General who precipitated the second Punic War by attacking the town of Saguntum in Spain, an ally of Rome

    47. She realized that her escalating wrong choices led her to destruction as precipitated by her drug use

    48. Although the event that precipitated the prayer was not good, the

    49. When the Indo-Pakistani hunger wars began, it precipitated the collapse of local-minded farms and the eventual takeover of Vermont's agricultural infrastructure, turning the Transition State into the land of Emerald Serfdom

    50. she said, “but what precipitated it?” Sage inhaled deeply

    1. One segment of society embraces radical change, and precipitates among those defending liberty acts and ideas that cause one, then another, and another, of the anchor holds of social stability to be let go

    2. the group progressively precipitates into one and then the other

    3. stiff and this often precipitates as a headache

    4. 7 The second advent of Michael on earth is an event of tremendous sentimental value to both midwayers and humans; but otherwise it is of no immediate moment to midwayers and of no more practical importance to human beings than the common event of natural death, which so suddenly precipitates mortal man into the immediate grasp of that succession of universe events which leads directly to the presence of this same Jesus, the sovereign ruler of our universe

    5. Far from Israel coming back to the Lord at the start of the tribulation, it seems that Israel’s eventual repentance is what finally precipitates the return of the Lord

    6. Sometimes you've got to take an action of faith, that precipitates the miracle happening

    7. A flurry of electronic trade triggers a human reaction of panic – financial crisis precipitates stock market crash and financial collapse results not only in systemic heart attack, but also individual and collective cell failure

    8. Tipping Point Therapy (TPT) is a memetic cognitive rebehavioring of a culture's social psychology by fadpeding the attentive mass into a collective perception which precipitates a directable responsivity, e

    9. the cholesterol in the bile becomes too high, then it precipitates out of the bile and forms

    10. Acute re-exposure to drugs of abuse precipitates drug craving and increases the

    11. During her entire stay there, he had lived that life of ecstasy which suspends material perceptions and precipitates the whole soul on a single point

    12. "All revolt closes the shops, depresses the funds, throws the Exchange into consternation, suspends commerce, clogs business, precipitates failures; no more money, private fortunes rendered uneasy, public credit shaken, industry disconcerted, capital withdrawing, work at a discount, fear everywhere; counter-shocks in every town

    13. The bad news that typically precipitates the need for an operating turnaround, as well as the ongoing uncertainty that revolves around management's turnaround effort, can wreak the kind of havoc on stock prices that value investors are keen to capitalize upon

    14. On adding to each the same quantity of the solution of gelatine, abundant precipitates immediately appeared, as usual, apparently much the same in quantity; but to my astonishment, the size of the several congeries in each, bore a near proportion to that of the sticks from which they were obtained, not differing much from that of middling and of very small flakes of snow

    15. May it not at some future period, lead to a nomenclature of precipitates; affording, like the crystallography of Haüy, a new and accurate mode of determining the compositions of substances; and perhaps throwing light upon the obscure subject of chemical, or if you please, electro-chemical affinities

    1. Nixon had no intention of precipitating a constitutional crisis, which would surely happened had he contested the results of the election

    2. Already she’d talked about taking up a vigil by the Natural Bridge in the hope of precipitating Daniel-William’s return

    3. and madness both precipitating the moment and following it were

    4. Instantly there was a rending crash and the jutting ledge gave way, precipitating the pirate back into the court

    5. Instantly the jaws clashed convulsively together, severing the triple-pieced shaft and almost precipitating Conan from his perch

    6. founded; there had always been rumors that the family had lost their plantation to the bank, thus precipitating their move, but it was widely accepted that old man Sharpe’s (Martha’s grandfather) health had required a change of climate

    7. There was a quick knock on the door, interrupting Higgins and precipitating him to turn slightly just as the door opened, and Graisco charge into the room

    8. When Stalin didn’t get his way, he went so far as blockading West Berlin from the other Allies, precipitating the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49 that kept the people of West Berlin supplied, at great expense to the western Allies

    9. But there was little honor in the manner in which the conflict dragged on until the withdrawal of American forces in 1973, precipitating the utter defeat of the South and the fall of Saigon in 1975; with Saigon being soon thereafter renamed Ho Chi Minh City by the victorious communists

    10. I suspect that their hasty departure is meant as a payback for the pressure they had endured, by throwing us off balance and possibly precipitating an escalation in the fighting between Jews and Arabs there

    11. without some precipitating event

    12. the Chinese have fired shots, thereby precipitating a crisis?

    13. yield and played a major role in precipitating the new hard-line

    14. The Age of Ownership is at a nexus that is precipitating a cascading crisis

    15. Should social ethics, which politics – freedoms and rights – and economics – rules of transaction – are, be based upon an emotion or some rational concept of fair human exchange and rules for dealing with interferences (thwartings) of intentions (liberties)? When an ethic begins to emerge within an individual or a society that is in the process of culturally changing its beliefs, habits and customs, the precipitating cause is the corporate and/or individual feeling or belief that something other is possible, something other can and is becoming

    16. Why there are even rumours of postal services precipitating upon these parts in time

    17. He did not think it was her way of precipitating a final decision

    18. How much more complicated and sophisticated creation is then, that it has not yet been fully explained and discovered, with its complex design and order, and cause and effect, from which the world developed and continues to develop precipitating the continued evolution of nature and human life

    19. The lowest, cruelest, and worst populace of a city, never without its quantity of low, cruel, and bad, were the directing spirits of the scene: noisily commenting, applauding, disapproving, anticipating, and precipitating the result, without a check

    20. Thou dost mark well, faithful and trusty squire, the gloom of this night, its strange silence, the dull confused murmur of those trees, the awful sound of that water in quest of which we came, that seems as though it were precipitating and dashing itself down from the lofty mountains of the Moon, and that incessant hammering that wounds and pains our ears; which things all together and each of itself are enough to instil fear, dread, and dismay into the breast of Mars himself, much more into one not used to hazards and adventures of the kind

    21. The moment the curate heard this he said to himself, "God keep thee in his hand, poor Don Quixote, for it seems to me thou art precipitating thyself from the height of thy madness into the profound abyss of thy simplicity

    22. To be sure, the hall was so narrow it was fortunate that they had no piano, for one never could have been got in whole, the dining room was so small that six people were a tight fit, and the kitchen stairs seemed built for the express purpose of precipitating both servants and china pell-mell into the coalbin

    23. In my flight through the kitchen I bid Joseph speed to his master; I knocked over Hareton, who was hanging a litter of puppies from a chair-back in the doorway; and, blest as a soul escaped from purgatory, I bounded, leaped, and flew down the steep road; then, quitting its windings, shot direct across the moor, rolling over banks, and wading through marshes: precipitating myself, in fact, towards the beacon light of the Grange

    24. Attorney’s office two days ago, precipitating Keith’s panic

    25. In my flight through the kitchen I bid Joseph speed to his master; I knocked over Hareton, who was hanging a litter of puppies from a chair-back in the doorway; and, blessed as a soul escaped from purgatory, I bounded, leaped, and flew down the steep road; then, quitting its windings, shot direct across the moor, rolling over banks, and wading through marshes: precipitating myself, in fact, towards the beacon-light of the Grange

    26. upon a troubled mixture by precipitating one element and

    27. Passion had supervened and had finished the work of precipitating him into chimaeras without object or bottom

    28. Each boom starts with displacement (an exogenous shock, akin to Shiller’s precipitating factor) that triggers profit opportunities in some sector

    29. As always, the bubble would have a rational precipitating factor, but investors should remember that the link between economic growth and equity market returns is quite tenuous (see Chapter 16)

    30. The precipitating manner in which Captain Ahab had quitted the Samuel Enderby of London, had not been unattended with some small violence to his own person

    31. Sulphurets of the metal, new method of precipitating, xlvii, 193

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    Synonyms for "precipitate"

    precipitate come down fall hasty overhasty precipitant precipitous hurried sudden impetuous violent headlong rash reckless accelerate advance dispatch expedite hasten hurry quicken fall down cast down fling down plunge

    "precipitate" definitions

    a precipitated solid substance in suspension or after settling or filtering

    bring about abruptly

    separate as a fine suspension of solid particles

    fall from clouds

    fall vertically, sharply, or headlong

    hurl or throw violently

    done with very great haste and without due deliberation