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Explicate in a sentence | explicate example sentences

  1. As mentioned in the notes to other operators, don’t explicate an indicator if.
  2. He was quiet for a while before writing again as if thinking how to explicate this to me.
  3. The perceptions and knowledge from activities and outcomes in the explicate order are then fed-back.
  4. I believe I do know exactly what you mean, but it would be greatly beneficial if you could explicate that in more detail.
  5. This was a rare time that many of those that were sent forth could gather and explicate and explore what each were doing as each traveled the direction that God led them in.

  6. However, some quantum physicists have supported Sheldrake's hypothesis, and even David Bohm suggested it was in keeping with his own ideas of what he called the ‗Implicate and Explicate Order.
  7. What we have seen thus far is a progression from explicate order to simple three-dimensional implicate order, then to a multi-dimensional implicated order, then to an extension of this to the immense ‘sea’ in what is sensed as empty space.
  8. His face still maintained a deathly pallor as though his deliberations and confrontation were terrifying or sickening to him, despite his sudden desire to merely explicate the affair in order to end the relentless harassment and perhaps bring some peace and comfort to his mind.

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