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    1. visual media, explain to her that these images are not real, that they

    2. explain the importance of some of these matters to a country cal ed

    3. If you don’t believe that you would have the ability to effectively explain this to them, then I want you to share this book with them

    4. I don’t want you to explain to them the next time you are having an argument, that they are being defensive, being argumentative and being closed minded

    5. "I'm sorry, I promise I'll be back to explain when this is all over but right now I'm in a hurry, and I am under confidentiality oath

    6. He knew she would never be back to explain, he was just one of those people in the way

    7. “They started it,” Johnny tried to explain

    8. Henry tried to explain to Mr

    9. Explain what the person may or may not be able to understand, and that he or she may tire easily

    10. I will explain this point in two ways

    11. (This may also explain as to why men are reluctant to ask for directions when lost, why men are more vulnerable to the adverse health effects of stress, and why women enjoy a significantly longer life expectancy than men do)

    12. "I can't leave, not now," how much would she have to explain to him about Kulai

    13. He always had to explain everything to everyone

    14. I tried to explain it to my daughter once, she didn’t understand

    15. It’s kind of hard to explain, really

    16. oh, that sounds daft!' he said frustrated with his inability to explain what he means

    17. I will explain this later on dusting

    18. And I had thought I had got away with not having to explain

    19. Hammaker has extended this hypothesis to explain what is currently occurring on earth right now

    20. Estwig was about ten years beyond that now, but then Wootondi had been living in these trees for just about eleven years wasn't it? That would explain why Estwig was often so frank with her

    21. I have had to explain where the house is to Liz … Stephen obviously hasn’t got round to telling her where he lives yet … honestly!

    22. viable and completely restored! the doctors could not explain that

    23. Emma chuckles at the other end of the phone and I hear her explain to Adrian what she’s so amused about

    24. prayed and asked God to explain to me what was wrong

    25. If Ava was here, that would explain why the fabricators were in full operation

    26. "They still steal now and then, but when you get right down to it," Ava said, "There's no way to explain it other than admit that the wizards of the Kassikan have changed human nature

    27. "I'm more interested in that than I am in having to explain why she left

    28. Daniel could be trusted to explain why he needed one in Ireland

    29. Let me explain: After one and a half month of inaction, we finally carried out a telepathy experiment which “of course” proved to be a flop! Not even one of us managed to make a close guess of the object placed on the reception table

    30. Indeed, in any party there is always one person who acts as a leader, although nobody can actually explain the reason why: in general, these persons are egocentric, frivolous and capricious

    31. Then I had to explain to her that what had put me off her during the last five months was a negative change in her overall behaviour

    32. Smiler simply snarled in the background, making sly, suggestive winks, telling me that he would explain in his own good way when the moon was low

    33. As we have both had several glasses of wine, there are high jinks while we do this, spluttering as we try to suppress our laughter several times … not wanting to have to explain to Wally and Rose

    34. Naturally, I refused to explain in class what and how

    35. I try my best to explain, "I haven't had the chance to

    36. I passively try to explain away the image, "Well it has to be a scene from the Last War

    37. I nod, tears pricking my eyes as I explain about the pregnancy test

    38. “It was too good to be true,” my mother will admit later, when I explain to her the whole story

    39. I explain to her the situation once again, yet Helen makes clear she has no intention of paying for a trip she isn't going on – which means I will have to pay double for my share! Moreover, my good friend coerces me into assuring her I will take the money back no matter what

    40. Try to explain your feelings in the gentlest way possible

    41. This kind of terminology isn't taught in any school, you learn it while working,” I explain as calm as possible

    42. She had the patience to stop and explain a word now and then, but Klowee would often beat her to the answer, and in a way a three year old was likely to understand

    43. He got her to explain more of the economic details of food raising/gathering in this area

    44. And as I started to explain how the spirits were fighting, a strange look came over the other’s faces

    45. She had to explain that Darceen is a city and the Ttharmine is what's left of the great sea of the old lands

    46. She smiled awkwardly, wondering how to explain

    47. After an excruciatingly difficult fifteen minutes in which she tied herself in several knots, she gave up trying to explain stone technology only to get horribly bogged down virtually immediately in the various historical differences that had affected modern day cultures … comparative history had not been her strong point

    48. "Let me explain from the beginning, this is something very important about our expedition and my relationship with it that I really hope I can make you understand

    49. They could explain their problem to the captain and probably wind up slinging a hammock somewhere, or just signing up with the captain and sharing a nest for an uncomfortable journey with some other single traveler of the same sex

    50. Entire philosophies have been created to explain

    1. The physics Ava spoke of never explained the connections of what should be random odds in strange ways that favor one person over another

    2. I explained that I wore “that cap” to cover an operation scar and the loss of hair from radiotherapy – this seemed to satisfy

    3. proof technique [as I once explained to the local Vicar]

    4. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    5. He explained that, "In spite of the fact that my life seems to be crawling with Yingolians these days, I'm really not an astronomy junkie

    6. “My computer is still booting up,” Henry explained

    7. “We invented sun tan lotion as a byproduct of our fire protection technology,” Ackers explained

    8. “To my office,” Ackers explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

    9. “Vinnie is a probability expert, psychologist and battlefield strategist,” Ackers explained to Nancy

    10. “Normally this kind of procedure would take hours of time and then even more hours to make the hack harder to trace,” The Operator explained

    11. The Chip is safe and I will get it to you at the end of the day,” Johnny explained

    12. “You can’t have it now, I already told you,” Johnny explained for the millionth time

    13. ’ Stephen explained ‘Paul was at school with the daughter … and with Joanna Sadler for that matter … though her name was different then, of course

    14. "You've explained to him why you think it's not stolen?" she asked

    15. ’ Molly half explained

    16. ’ Stephen explained in response to my admiring comment

    17. ’ He explained, opening the taxi door for me to get in

    18. ’ I explained as coherently as I can

    19. ’ I explained, echoing Stephen’s words

    20. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    21. I wondered at his not knowing this word, but I explained it to him

    22. I explained to him it is the name of the real estate agent and he smiled satisfied

    23. As she explained to me this evening, when I visited her, during the three years we have been apart she has gone steady with lots of men, until she ended up in a yearlong relationship with a woman! Anyway, for the time being she is single; she doesn't have any love affair of any kind

    24. I only explained that when a book is translated into another language, it inevitably changes style

    25. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    26. “This is one of the countless Cities of the Dead; This is where souls with an affinity to the elements of air and water come, after the loss of their physical body,” he explained with a silent voice and an enigmatic smile

    27. ’ Kara explained, all too aware of how tenuous it all sounded

    28. ’ He explained, presenting the floral offering and laying it on the bed

    29. ’ she explained, feeling her face burning

    30. explained that the only way to speak to the king was to win a fighting

    31. ’ Angie explained rather vaguely, not really interested

    32. No one had ever come up with any convincing evidence, nothing that couldn't be explained as drafty chimneys or electrical storms

    33. Where the balance of God’s judgment and demonic fury comes together is explained in the Scriptures

    34. Luray looked a little surprised, but explained

    35. He expressed this story and explained that he has come to realize that what he is living is a lie

    36. Wiesse contacted us, explained the situation and asked if we could help you … I was delighted to be able to be part of this, Lintze, it has been a great sorrow for me watching the land fading … I wanted to do something positive if only to ensure that Marea grows up in a better place

    37. ’ He explained as I stiffly lead my mount towards the mounting block

    38. Alan had explained that quirk of human evolution, the week was a day there, even shorter than here by a convenient amount

    39. ’ Berndt explained as we watch the man disappear off down the path towards his house

    40. Michael, I have explained all to Lady Jennie and she is coming for you

    41. ’ Drens explained, waving a hand in the direction of the back end of the boat

    42. They willingly accepted the task that was asked of them," he explained to them, “understand this, they could all die in the process

    43. Daniel explained his thoughts to the riders concluding with the fact that he knew, ‘we can’t penetrate their hide, but if we could get a lucky shot and take out one of their eyes, then we would stand a better chance fighting them

    44. I explained what you told me about the problem in the town

    45. ‘I have behaved badly … rudely almost … and never explained why

    46. Daniel has explained how Archeologists stumbled into an egg chamber without realizing what they were doing

    47. ” Kate explained to her

    48. Daniel explained the problem to Jake and he relayed the information to Lady Beth who told Alex

    49. She explained that she loved Jackson, but she was unsure how to tell him

    50. 'My name is Ari-ste-thes,' he stressed the spaces and the difference as though he'd explained it all a thousand times before

    1. understand because I explained it to you in a step by step system? Do you think that you would have the ability to do that? If you do, then by all means go ahead and spend an hour explaining to them exactly what you just learned

    2. We should ask ourselves, "What did we do with what we were given?" A lot of people are going to have a hard time explaining to God why they chose their plan instead of His while they were here on earth

    3. ’ I said calculating slowly and waving my fingers in the air explaining

    4. Then I gradually came to realise that I wasn’t half of something at all, but a whole something which used to be something else … I’m explaining this rather badly, I’m afraid

    5. Explaining it all to Marianne, how I had screwed things up, made the wrong decisions and left our little boy with broken legs

    6. He has going to need a lot of explaining to get past that

    7. She should have used more time explaining and less time catching up on sex and breakfast

    8. After welcoming me, he began to complain about “a woman who left Janus three years ago, without even explaining the reasons for leaving; she left because she couldn't find a boyfriend, but neither away from Janus did she find a boyfriend; maybe it's her karma, maybe its her idiosyncrasy

    9. I am tempted to stick my tongue out at him, but decide it would be too difficult explaining to Rose

    10. Anyway, she assures me she has backed me up to Mr Gryparis by explaining to him the reason for my absence

    11. She was more interested in explaining the ecological relationships among the wildlife they were seeing

    12. By telling her the truth and correctly explaining what God had said, he deceived her

    13. ‘I thought of that and asked her to describe him, explaining that you had two brothers … it was the best I could come up with on the spur of the moment … the receptionist said he was in his forties, overweight, hair receding a little and wearing a posh looking suit

    14. ‘You know, this time last week I’d never heard of Errd … the concept would have been fantastical, something out of a sci-fi story … and yet as soon as Karal started explaining all seemed so … normal

    15. ‘I think I had better start by explaining a little about the Gotteshouse and how it is constructed

    16. He ordered the farmers to grow carrots, and beets, and sweet potatoes in a special area explaining that this was for the wee ones

    17. The two charlatans attended the cabinet and ran through the contents of the report with the assembled ministers of state, describing and explaining all of their arguments, summaries and conclusions in the clearest and simplest terms

    18. When he’d finished, he ran through the bare bones of how things stood, explaining it all

    19. ’ Ben replied, relating in detail how Anna’s mower had broken, explaining that he had gone to see if Jo could help - and that Jo and Alastair had gone over to Anna’s too - and that Jake, Alastair’s son had also come over

    20. Wonder how Jo dealt with explaining things to the kids - and to Anna for that matter

    21. ‘And you have coped with all that for how long?’ he asked when I finish by explaining that Alastair had moved in at the weekend

    22. My hands are tied at the moment; I think we’ll have to wait two years before I can get divorced which is very frustrating, but it would be a rubber stamp job then and we won’t have to do any explaining

    23. Master Seatac, the stable master, enjoyed answering her questions and explaining the animal’s heritage and traits to her

    24. But he won’t listen, explaining very slowly and in simple words, as though to a complete moron, that he wants it made clear to the entire world that I’m his

    25. I decide to take the bull by the horns, ‘Alastair, I was just explaining to Laura how it was Karen who suggested you moved in with me

    26. ’ He turns to Jim and Laura explaining what he is talking about, ‘She was saying the most unbelievably vicious, not to mention untrue, things about Jo

    27. An underpinning knowledge of the NLP communication model is particularly helpful for explaining this process within the mind

    28. Jim makes a great parade of escorting them from reception through to his office without explaining to anyone why they are here

    29. Mournfully, he says that he has to go back tomorrow morning explaining that he’s got a week to finish off his contract in Bournemouth before flying off to Italy on Monday to inspect apartments

    30. Duncan sent word of his own to Queen Naria explaining the situation; and also a ‘private’

    31. She sent word to Lord Tarak and informed him of the impending attack, explaining where the Intel came from

    32. With them out of the way, they would then address the young boys in their own language, explaining that they did not want to kill them, that they could offer them a sanctuary of sorts

    33. Tevid asked Lady Rayne to allow him to order for her explaining she should have a taste of the different foods available at the Inn

    34. Reaching for the earliest file, I get out the photos and show him Bunty as a child, explaining how I see her and how I came to that conclusion

    35. explaining all of their arguments, summaries and conclusions in the

    36. She urged secrecy explaining that Queen Naria would announce it at the Gathering Ball

    37. I spend the next half an hour explaining in detail who Dave is, where he lives and delicately trying to explain the situation

    38. they passed by, Tom overheard the stallholder explaining in a loud

    39. The topic of conversation is marriage and Bex is explaining to her father why she will never accept that women need to do the meringue thing

    40. George had been very thorough in explaining about the more curious aspects of the mast's construction to Belle

    41. Quickly checking the ward names on the board behind the porter's head, he asks for Bassett, explaining that his sister has just had her second little boy

    42. He and his colleague were standing in the doorway of the hospital room watching Mary Donovan standing by her daughter’s bed listening to a nurse explaining what the situation was

    43. “It will be beneficial, at this point, to expand upon this vision by explaining to you the inner expression of an octave

    44. finished explaining the reason why he had taken over the

    45. Harry spent the next half an hour explaining his motives and actions over the last twelve hours---his wanting to be more of a real contributor to the Waterhouse firm, his apprenticeship, his graduation from Malvern

    46. Alan couldn’t avoid explaining as much as he knew about how the thing actually worked

    47. Quickly Todd shifted gears, returning to the problem at hand explaining that she’d broken two ribs and bruised three more

    48. leave without explaining why

    49. While you are explaining the interpretation of the word, they are still distracted about the revelation and miss the interpretation

    50. " She looked at the upper level accounting while explaining that to him, there was nothing in there of course

    1. He explains why Simon had a problem with this

    2. “Water can flow or it can crash,” explains Bruce Lee

    3. He did it on board ship which probably explains why it was so lopsided

    4. as Andy Lopez explains, he is not the ‘Invisible Gardener” at all - nature is

    5. He dashes out into the hall and explains quickly what has happened

    6. The man without faith, Mimis explains the meaning of each

    7. Then, he explains it is necessary for all dog owners to masturbate their dogs, in case the animal hasn't got the possibility to find a mate during the mating season

    8. As we munch our way through our slices of cake, Nick explains that the Troubadours won’t be meeting again until the New Year when we’ll start looking at the Easter production

    9. “Every would-be salesman signs a contract which contains a penal clause: If the salesman doesn't sell enough within the first month of work, which is ''on trial'', they are not only fired without being paid but they also have to pay 50,000 drachmas to the company!” she explains with glowing eyes

    10. That explains it: I have heard about certain persons lately who, although they are illiterate, have become successful travelling salesmen and earn up to 700,000 drachmas per month! Taking into account that a salesman's commission is no higher than 10%, how do they manage to make sales of 7,000,000 drachmas every month? What do they really sell? Encyclopedias? Come on now! Nowadays you can find cheap and voluminous encyclopedias in bookstores or, even, on offer in newspapers! Why would anyone pay dearly a commercial traveller? Unless they sell other things, other ''services'', instead of books

    11. “They called and wished many happy returns,” explains Aphrodite, rather thoughtful

    12. It is also within this passage that Paul explains the freedom we have in Christ and the way in which the cross overcomes the power of the devil

    13. ‘At least it explains why you’ve taken the recent attack so calmly

    14. You learned about the long-‐lost Law of DeLight that explains

    15. ‘That explains why her brother was so easily persuaded to co-operate at any rate

    16. The bargemaster explains in detail to me how the sea floods this area frequently in the winter and how the wasteg has to be reinforced regularly to keep it functioning

    17. Drens cracks a joke with the man and explains who we are

    18. Before the process will begin, the surgeon explains to the patient what he can expect from

    19. ‘Phew! That explains a lot

    20. I have some news that I believe explains the reason for the two eggs at the hatching grounds

    21. I needed neither but by then he was in full flow, 'Sophia is unspoiled because the village was cut off from the whole world until about thirty years ago when a dirt road was made wider, connecting the north to the south of the island and this explains why time seems to have stopped for Sophia and all its traditions

    22. That explains why they have been searing all the land from the coast to here

    23. As I open it, she explains that it belonged to our grandmother

    24. He looks ruefully at his plate for a moment, ‘I suppose it is, which explains why it feels so very wonderful

    25. Sally explains that she saw Jo the other night and that Jo told her then

    26. Jake explains to me in an aside that Alastair tends to be the one at home after school as Karen doesn’t get home until about 6

    27. His curious eyes fixed on Alastair, he explains that Sally has gone off to North Wales to see Uncle David’s house and that they have been to church with Anna who has given them a fantastic picnic lunch in her garden, going into substantial detail before finally reaching the salient point which is that they are trying to cut Anna’s lawn, but that the lawn mower is not working properly

    28. It’s very interesting; he’s clearly fascinated by the ins and outs of the business and explains it all very clearly

    29. This one explains the

    30. Rayne continued excitedly, “this way it explains to the young ones where you came from and also eludes to Divine Intervention

    31. “I was put in a simulation that explains all of it, your signals, Yellelle, the ‘enemy ship’ that was closing with us

    32. She explains what has happened

    33. Laura is not at all sure what is going on – Jim obviously has not said anything at home – and he explains that it is in celebration of Alastair and I moving in together

    34. When he comes back he explains that Sally is tied up tonight, but that Katie has offered to come over, if I don’t mind helping with her homework

    35. Molecules of Emotion clearly explains this biochemical

    36. ‘David’s solicitor, Rhiannon Jones,’ he laughs at that and when I look surprised explains that Rhiannon is his daughter-in-law

    37. He looks rather proud and I catch a glance between him and Jo; I look enquiringly at Jo, who explains that she got it as a birthday present for him

    38. Ben explains that he and his friend, Josh, are taking their bikes up to the woods

    39. Hawkins explains it in this way:

    40. ‘What on earth is tickling you, Jo?’ I cannot resist asking, when she can speak, she explains

    41. ‘There isn’t much by the way of choice here, Sarah, but the food is always excellent,’ Chris whispered across the table … ah, that explains the lack of menu

    42. That explains the accent, then

    43. “That explains a lot

    44. “Wow! That explains a lot

    45. “Maybe that explains the reluctance to open the Portal

    46. Something that explains why you are so different? He was sure she would not help him with that

    47. When Alex looks at him oddly the porter explains that the hospital is built on the side of a hill

    48. A very high attainment of reason alone explains this conundrum

    49. It takes a while for them to find the appropriate place on the map, but as Abi pins the paper up, Katie explains the plan for Easter Monday

    50. “Back when you explained that ancient mathematical symbol which explains the structure behind everything, and we are not to that grand claim yet so far as I can see, you did not make clear to me how that symbol, which presented even sevenths and even thirds could be a true reflection of the octave we know

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