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Extravagant in a sentence | extravagant example sentences

  1. You will think me extravagant.
  2. Her beliefs were not extravagant.
  3. Wood was for the rich and extravagant.
  4. Whateverup with an extravagant gesture.
  5. No doubt, the result of extravagant tips.
  6. Aunt Dot's optimism seemed to her extravagant.
  7. And do not obey the command of the extravagant.
  8. But, the Archenon was, even to him, extravagant.
  9. Now she's extravagant - not with just her money.
  10. Extravagant findings in the spirals of the tribune.
  11. Everywhere Nature is lavish, wasteful, extravagant.
  12. But I'd been extravagant, I couldn't afford any more.
  13. While Corey was enjoying his extravagant meal, he was.
  14. They ate a meal that she considered wildly extravagant.
  15. It was as huge and extravagant as any Zoarinian temple.
  16. I don’t think it needs to be extravagant, just high.
  17. He has promised to hold another, completely extravagant.
  18. It was extravagant compared to most crew quarters though.
  19. Sweet in one of the larger, more extravagant, not to men-.
  20. The food was extravagant, eating the best of hominy by the.
  21. I’ve seen some of the most extravagant places around the world.
  22. It sounds extravagant, but even with the flight, he saved $4,000.
  23. The system is extravagant in terms of trendline length to allow a.
  24. Common sense and conscience revolt at this extravagant conclusion.
  25. The dinner provided by Caris was ample but not extravagant, he noted.
  26. In all this meant our party and wedding would be rather extravagant.
  27. Credit cards that ironically she had bought extravagant gifts for John.
  28. He was equally devoted to her, his gifts to her were extravagant, and.
  29. There was no extravagant office, no fancy doctor’s degrees on the wall.
  30. I knew he was extravagant, but I did not think that he would be so mean.
  31. How extravagant soever those earnings may appear, if they were more than.
  32. Jury awards are extravagant (in the millions) sometimes when there is no.
  33. The lounge was extravagant and obviously catered to a higher-class customer.
  34. It was covered in intricate beadwork that was as subtle as it was extravagant.
  35. People's expectations are extravagant, and that extravagance strangles millions.
  36. He's out of uniform and Eugene barely recognizes him without his extravagant hat.
  37. London this time– in the extravagant film Ivanhoe (1952), where she fell in love.
  38. Even the cost of a movie on a Saturday night now seemed unwisely extravagant to him.
  39. These are more extravagant than those, vibrant and complex, petals folded into petals.
  40. Detecting his emotion, Pearl clapped her little hands, in the most extravagant ecstasy.
  41. And they have things for all prices from the comparatively cheap to the most extravagant.
  42. Such an extravagant commitment could not be rebutted, the fine was cut in half once more.
  43. We thought that was a bit extravagant of the tight Scotsman in you, Marc, said Lauri.
  44. I live a simple life without embellishment; there are no grandiose, extravagant luxuries.
  45. I want the superfluous, the useless, the extravagant, excess, that which serves no purpose.
  46. Ninety-nine stair steps take the visitor to the pompous, extravagant and attractive temple.
  47. I thanked him for his hospitality and made the usual empty extravagant praise of his family.
  49. The reception at home can be a simple cocktail affair on your back lawn, nothing extravagant.
  50. As the son grew a young man, he turned out riotous, extravagant, undutiful,—altogether bad.
  51. The Baroque style was theatrical and extravagant; anyone who entered was sure never to forgot.
  52. The holders of them might form extravagant expectations, and, instead of two or three per cent.
  53. Once Jesus was dead: his disciples had full license to tell the most extravagant lies about him.
  54. This could be through stupidity, gambling, been extravagant, absent-minded or even through theft.
  55. There, is nothing extravagant in the supposition that a single nerve cell has many potentialities.
  56. For him, even knowing how much safer they’d be, it still seemed extravagant to be buying a house.
  57. Occasionally Chuck or Johnny shelled out a dime for a dance, but to Joe the price seemed extravagant.
  58. Somehow I think many believers lose sight of this kind of extravagant love and grace after being saved.
  59. Although it didn't appear to be much larger than the other two, the style was extravagant for the area.
  60. The Fathers used very extravagant language about both the sacraments, and are not safe guides on this point.
  61. The world had made him extravagant and vain--Extravagance and vanity had made him cold-hearted and selfish.
  62. We flew in from Egypt when we heard the news, he said casually, flipping through the extravagant menu.
  63. Although they were extravagant as council chambers, they were wholly inadequate as a facility for education.
  64. But generalised statements such as these are, by definition, overly and exorbitantly extravagant and frivolous.
  65. The inside was extravagant, exquisitely furnished, yet practical for mid-air battle; wide, open main hold and.
  66. That would have been a bit too extravagant - it was a five star hotel, and one of the best in the City, in fact.
  67. Isn't it interesting: the extravagant generosity of one person, exposed immediately how tight the other one was.
  68. It had made her feel like a passenger on the Titanic: the vessel was doomed, but the memory would be extravagant.
  69. What would become of them then though? What had his mind devised? What end did the extravagant machinations serve.
  70. Many have been claimed in marriage as virgins with extravagant offers on their first night, and many dream of it.
  71. With its cedar-wood posts and solid oak construction back in the day, the casino was quite extravagant for its time.
  72. The master bedroom had been knocked into the bedroom beside it offering an expanse of space engorged on extravagant.
  73. The business of bringing a woman to reason had always seemed to him quite the most extravagant way of wasting good time.
  74. It was a revenue, too, of a nature to excite in human avidity the most extravagant expectation of still greater riches.
  75. She was lying on the floor of an extravagant looking room that had far too much of the color red throughout its design.
  76. A house with 6,000 square feet is extravagant but doesn’t compare to some of the McMansions that the super rich build.
  77. The Baroque style was theatrical and extravagant as befitted a huge rockstar who had made it big as an overnight success.
  78. He suspected that this would be the first of several, and that all would prove to be as ruinously extravagant as this one.
  79. And the men she met—how thrilling they were! And how different extravagant compliments as though she were a young belle.
  80. It could be quite entertaining at times, and they often formulated the most extravagant stories to explain simple matters.
  81. While comfortably furnished, nothing screamed of extravagant luxury or of hidden revenues earned from illicit occupations.
  82. She’d squandered the rest on extravagant cruise vacations where she spent just about everything betting on number twelve.
  83. As Johnnie Babcock points out, extravagant praise and accolades were heaped on Pops over the years with seldom a negative word.
  84. Bulstrode's remonstrance subsided into pity for poor Rosamond, whose extravagant education she had always foreseen the fruits of.
  85. This type of extravagant salaries for the administrators and soldiers was killing the country and could not be allowed to continue.
  86. Obviously, I thought, looking around, if this where they catered to the rich and famous, then it would have to be pretty extravagant.
  87. The price of fine woollens, too, though not quite so extravagant, seems, however, to have been much above that of the present times.
  88. The prizes for the contests can be something as simple as a preferred parking place or as extravagant as an additional paid day off.
  89. Manda thought it was all a bit too expensive and extravagant, this new Manhattan lifestyle Sierra had slipped into with so much gusto.
  90. Macon on the same side of the question, and particularly reprobated the extravagant expenditure of money incident to the naval system.
  91. It was not easy to thole to be so thwarted, especially for such an extravagant problem, by one so new to our councils and deliberations.
  92. The inside of the delta craft was pretty much what Torbin would have expected: palatial, extravagant with all its decorative affectations.
  93. In these the most scrupulous fidelity and economy on the part of her officers cannot prevent the expense from being frequently extravagant.
  94. His eldest son was careless and extravagant, and had already given him much uneasiness; but his other children promised him nothing but good.
  95. Human females wear feathers, high plumes, extravagant plumage and fancy birdlike costumes on stage, in movies, in operas, in ballet, in clubs.
  96. Such indeed was my mother's extravagant partiality, that, in comparison with her affection for him, she might be said not to love the rest of.
  97. He was not going to do anything extravagant, but the requisite things must be bought, and it would be bad economy to buy them of a poor quality.
  98. As he matured, the young Adorno’s reputation for extravagant affairs with bouts of sadistic and vicious cruelty surfaced and became widespread.
  99. He told his hearers that he was there that evening for no terrifying, no extravagant purpose; but as a man of the world speaking to his fellow-men.
  100. And because these things might grow dim or be clean forgotten, did she spend all her days in the noisy, extravagant city or the lazy places abroad.

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