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  1. Barron smiled at the exuberant welcome.
  2. Either they were exuberant and out for.
  3. Zalisha had never seen him so exuberant.
  4. His heart jumped with exuberant joy as he shouted.
  5. Midgar, Wall Market was by far the most exuberant.
  6. And at the moment, she felt exuberant, never better.
  7. All of America was exuberant that their boys and girls.
  8. Even the very walls rang with their exuberant voices to.
  9. The voice at the other end sounded youthful and exuberant.
  10. And why not? It is nothing surprising that our exuberant.
  11. His light was so exuberant that it's glow outshone the moon.
  12. The exuberant female fans, one by one began rushing the stage.
  13. Suddenly a dozen loud, exuberant women descended on the table.
  14. Scott hadn’t noticed Josh hurtling towards the exuberant man.
  15. An exuberant lot, the Egyptians, generating noise at every step.
  16. Her current enthusiasm at her condition showed in the exuberant manner in.
  17. The more exuberant they became, the more frustrated and distant Diamond acted.
  18. Think of the times when you were exuberant, when every fiber of your being was.
  19. My wife was in exuberant spirits when, two hours later, I returned to the cabin.
  20. On the contrary, I can never recollect having seen him in such exuberant spirits.
  21. The good mood was infectious and I returned some equally exuberant backslaps of my own.
  22. To celebrate the arrival of Darek and the others, the local band played exuberant music.
  23. A cheer went up all around and I began to be the recipient of many exuberant backslaps.
  24. A large leaf billowed over into the trench and was licked by an exuberant yellow flame.
  25. The rest of them left him to sleep and joined the exuberant celebration in the Main Hall.
  26. It would seem that our exuberant representative from Bravil has been running a tad…late.
  27. Some of us had attended a really exuberant party at Cecile’s place the Saturday evening.
  28. He couldn't understand this exuberant friendliness in a boy he'd only had a glimpse of once.
  29. Always be prepared to sell during high, exuberant markets, and buy in low, depressed markets.
  30. Corallyn preferred her namesake coral, and was exuberant when she found apricot-colored walls.
  31. The exuberant expression of our inner nature not only leads individuals to lives of meaning and.
  32. The chill of the evening air blew on her face but she smiled and began to laugh an exuberant laugh.
  33. A statuesque artificial blonde, she was exuberant and sociable and her large breasts fascinated me.
  34. The exuberant Husky crew gingerly hoisted Walling out of the shell and sent him off to the hospital.
  35. The boat was of an exuberant theatricality, all conditioned to cause more fear and uncertainty as possible.
  36. In contrast to the boredom that often visited the assembly line, the people here were smiling and exuberant.
  37. The TreeStalker had gone silent the exuberant air that had buzzed around him, was almost nowhere to be found.
  38. We got off at Iraklio into a swirling mob of exuberant, festive, cheering people of all ages and of both sexes.
  39. He had shaken off the dim monstrous visions which had momentarily haunted him, and was his exuberant self again.
  40. They also document more exuberant gambling in Las Vegas and the greater relative richness of OTM call options vs.
  41. Prue, an exuberant Melburnian with mauve hair was at every camp and I fell deeply in love with her – platonically.
  42. Terence waited until his pursuer arrived and greeted the epitome of the good old Southern boy with exuberant cordiality.
  43. The jack mewed and jumped up to a lower and less exuberant branch so we had the chance to observe its stylized plumpness.
  44. As the sun began setting and they looked for a place where the army could camp, both siblings were singing aloud in exuberant joy.
  45. A few months after the return of Aureliano José an exuberant woman perfumed with jasmine appeared at the house with a boy of five.
  46. Kabir he took off his cap, I have had just over three hours sleep and I feel exuberant because that was the best night of my life.
  47. I walked up and up into the searing hot day, feeling exuberant to be on the trail, the last dregs of my hangover soon sweated out of me.
  48. Lynn didn’t have to be told twice and quickly knelt in front of the exuberant dog, who started licking at once her face, making her laugh.
  49. He did not know whether it was the speaker’s words themselves or the exuberant roars that met them that brought him to the limit of his patience.
  50. Exuberant with victory, the two surviving Cossacks wheeled their sweating mounts back onto the road and galloped at high speed towards the meadow.
  51. Octavio Paz once wrote, Everyone should have a Mexican childhood, and from the exuberant, healthy looks of these kids, he was undoubtedly right.
  52. Motion was a substitute for variety of objects; and, passing over immense tracks of country, I exhausted my exuberant spirits, without obtaining much.
  53. It wasn’t the hornpipe it might have been back on Old Earth, but it was just as exuberant and exhausting, and just as faithful a sign of the crew’s morale.
  54. And the Master had been very exuberant; and his vitality, delightful of course but just a little overwhelming at his age, had reminded her that she needed care.
  55. Even when the exuberant gaggle of flight suits deviated from its normal route and headed for the station’s executive suite, none of the guards thought the situation unusual.
  56. When they got to the shell house, they found hundreds of exuberant fans jockeying for space on the wobbly float and milling around in front of the building, hooting and hollering.
  57. At such times the more exuberant among them called out in an excited manner on our emergence round some corner of expectancy, "Here they come!" "Here they are!" and we were all but cheered.
  58. Kleti Spell-Mongers wandered about in the crowd, transmitting what they saw to other places and providing exuberant commentary, as did others who transmitted the experience via broadcasted Readings.
  59. Gorrie, writing for the Associated Press, wired an exuberant account back east for his national audience: The famous racing eights flashed down the sun-speckled waters as if they were hooked together.
  60. Frail, fine-boned, so white of skin that her flaming hair seemed to have drawn all the color from her face into its vital burnished mass, she was nevertheless possessed of exuberant health and untiring energy.
  61. Conan's fierce eyes glowed with approval as they devoured her thick golden hair, her clear wide eyes, her milky skin, sleek with exuberant health, the firm swell of her breasts, the contours of her splendid hips.
  62. Finally, it was not until after midnight that the four travelers were released at the entrance to Lord John Roxton's chambers in the Albany, and that the exuberant crowd, having sung 'They are Jolly Good Fellows'.
  63. He won friends, and never lost any; because all felt that he was not only so genuine and unselfish, so bright and full of happy humor, so deep and exuberant in affection, but that he was so perfectly to be trusted.
  64. Her ringlets were compared to the exuberant tendrils of the vine, her eye to the blue vault of heavens, and the most spotless cloud, with its glowing flush of the sun, was admitted to be less attractive than her bloom.
  65. In many pictures of the Madonna, when a hush and reverence are desired rather than exuberant life, the figure is put in the centre of the canvas, equality of proportion existing between the spaces on either side of her.
  66. He had practiced some great healthy crutch bounds and was apishly exuberant at his prowess, and when we reached Courtown he was out of the car ahead of us and half across the bricks when Ricki came running down the steps.
  67. The rest of the territory of goblin and gnomes was divided between the shores of the Lake Zoronix, ruled by Ducrán, and the exuberant exotic forests of the fairies, ruled by Xanatrix, sharing habitat with the winged unicorns.
  68. When the day arrived for Paul and his mother to fly back to Florida, in contrast to exuberant feeling he was expecting to feel when he could finally go home and be with his friends, he found himself feeling sorry for his nephew.
  69. While all expressions of exuberant life and energy, of charm and grace depend on curved lines for their effect, yet in their most refined and beautiful expression they err on the side of the square forms rather than the circle.
  70. The only time high PSR stocks manage to beat their benchmarks is when investors are in an irrational and exuberant frenzy, throwing caution (and smart investment decisions) to the wind and dashing headlong into stocks with the sexiest stories.
  71. I read lying down, too spiritless to sit up; and Johanna in the kitchen, who has dined on pig and beer, washes up with the clatter of exuberant energy, singing while she does so in a voice that shakes the house that once she _liebte ein Student.
  72. NEXT morn we left city-Calleva without fuss or crowds of well-wishers to line the streets and farewell us as we rode out of the gates, subdued, so different from the year before when we rode out of city-Deva as the Clan Bear, everything open and exuberant.
  73. Zverkov was talking of some exuberant lady whom he had at last led on to declaring her love (of course, he was lying like a horse), and how he had been helped in this affair by an intimate friend of his, a Prince Kolya, an officer in the hussars, who had three thousand serfs.
  74. Without waiting for an assent, or, indeed, for any reply, the sturdy hunter moved boldly into a dense thicket of young chestnuts, shoving aside the branches of the exuberant shoots which nearly covered the ground, like a man who expected, at each step, to discover some object he had formerly known.
  75. For straight lines are significant of the deeper and more permanent things of life, of the powers that govern and restrain, and of infinity; while the rich curves (that is, curves the farthest removed from the straight line) seem to be expressive of uncontrolled energy and the more exuberant joys of life.
  76. Beautiful and exuberant vegetation! Wonder of the nature! Different arboreal species assembled under the same sky under the spell of the magic of Eisenbaum; species impossible to be assembled in one biome on the well-known ground, where coexisting eternal in a harmonious brotherly dance, without disturbances.
  77. Forgetful of her objections to German crowds and smoke she sat down in the chair vacated by Andrews, made the Professor sit down again in his, and plunged into an exuberant conversation, which began by an invitation so warm that it almost seemed on fire to visit herself and the bishop before the summer was over in the episcopal glories of Babbacombe.
  78. She separated a little displeased by the penetrating aroma, the exuberant smell of the fresh grasses had always disliked her as they awoke her allergy and if that was not sufficient, they detached its unpleasant steams impregnating the ambience with a smell of mellow and rotten fat; she preferred the dehydrated ones that had a light fragrance but were also powerful.
  79. Rex's age was greatly in his favour, for among Julia's friends there was a kind of gerontophilic snobbery; young men were held to be gauche and pimply; it was thought very much more chic to be seen lunching alone at the Ritz - a thing, in any case, allowed to few girls of that day, to the tiny circle of Julia's intimates; a thing looked at askance by the elders who kept the score, chatting pleasantly against the walls of the ballrooms - at the table on the left as you came in, with a starched and wrinkled old roué whom your mother had be warned of as a girl, than than in the centre of the room with a party of exuberant young bloods.
  80. The exuberant nectar of the vine,.
  81. The laugh I fell in love with, the wild, exuberant joy,.

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