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Faerie in a sentence | faerie example sentences

  1. Think: The tooth faerie.
  2. Lords and Ladies of Faerie.
  3. He spits out the tooth faerie.
  4. Her faerie had placed itself.
  5. The faerie came to life and Anna.

  6. Her Faerie sat on his shoulder with a.
  7. What about the tooth faerie? inquired Joey.
  8. The faerie checked the house thoroughly, starting.
  9. The tooth faerie, with her wild, high hair and her.
  10. And Abigail’s a faerie, Robbie said quietly.
  11. She turned back to the faerie and started her song.
  12. The tooth faerie flinches her green little fists, she.
  13. The tooth faerie dives for the tooth, brings it to the.
  14. It's the tooth faerie! It's the tooth faerie, he wants.
  15. Nancy felt the faerie land on her shoulder and then its.

  16. About as much use as an oversized faerie, Hal said.
  17. They could not tell from their aspect whether a Faerie.
  18. The faerie squeezed her finger in commiseration and sat.
  19. Even in those days, access to the world of Faerie was variable and.
  20. You’ve all seen my faerie wings—not as spectacular as Lauren’s though.
  21. But question the Creators’ existence as I might, I know the Faerie Folk are real.
  22. The women are my faerie godmothers and they’re staying until I fix the situation that they’re in.
  23. So, Hal said, you think you’re a faerie, from this book of fantasy creatures? I once read a book that had faeries in it.
  24. After the show, she tipped into our palms a handful of glitter dust that had been sprinkled in woodland scenes by the faerie attendants of Oberon and Titania.
  25. For most of them (together with their scattered relations in the hills and mountains) were descended from the ancient tribes that never went to Faerie in the West.

  26. King Charles was my suitor and during the overthrow everyone thought me to be dead until somehow somebody stumbled into the hedge and heard the story from one of my faerie godmothers… probably Luisa.
  27. It had all sorts of strange creatures, and I found something similar to the Tooth Fairy—a faerie, spelled differently but basically the same thing—a magical person with buzzing wings, only very small, no bigger than your hand.
  28. Still, I managed to propose that the score of Il Sogno, as it was to be called, should include music of contrasting styles: orchestral pomp for the members of the Court, folk themes for the rude mechanicals, and that Puck should come on as some kind of swinging jazz faerie.
  29. It is said that some people from Faerie elected to stay in Ireland,.

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