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Fay in a sentence | fay example sentences

  1. Fay used to.
  2. Fay was amused.
  3. I did call, Fay.
  4. The Fay I know is.
  5. Not a sound from Fay.

  6. Robbie drove Fay to.
  7. Fay would be back soon.
  8. Fay found out that her.
  9. He wondered how Fay felt.
  10. Fay was a craving with long roots.
  11. Harry found Fay, a diligent worker.
  12. Robbie did not have much to tell Fay.
  13. Goodness, what was that, said Fay.
  14. So you have found him, she said to Fay.
  15. Fay and Robbie talked animatedly for a while.

  16. Always cheeky and outspoken our little Fay.
  17. I just came to deliver Fay, he told Teresa.
  18. He wondered, why the silence? First Fay, then her.
  19. A few weeks later Fay called Robbie on the telephone.
  20. Fay told Robbie of her travels since the earthquake.
  21. Fay: The revolutionary Spirit in France and America.
  22. We have come to it faster than I thought, said Fay.
  23. It was around this time that Fay decided to tell me that.
  24. With Fay, the relationship held well for a number of years.
  25. Greek girls called Fay are there in Cairo? It is not a usual name.

  26. There was something wary in her look and he connected it with Fay.
  27. Had he done something wrong? He wished he knew what happened to Fay.
  28. Not since that extraordinary encounter when she taunted him about Fay.
  29. And the laughing-stock is always the man, said Fay with a smile.
  30. Fay looked intently at his face searching for an indication of his feelings.
  31. When she opened the door of the flat and saw Fay, Teresa let out a scream and.
  32. But just now he had Fay and her tongue was assaulting his psyche and sexuality.
  33. It was probably her husband and Robbie could not brazen it out and ask for Fay.
  34. Daveda wasn’t even a month old when Fay turned the other cheek and told me that.
  35. His roots were in Cairo, like Fay, but unlike her he was permanently rooted there.
  36. Teresa a few times during that period at her foundry for work but he did not ask about Fay.
  37. They had to say hellos every few minutes and Fay had to get up to give and receive kisses and embraces.
  38. He held Fay tenderly and kissed her on the way up and asked her if she was real or whether it was all a dream.
  39. To begin with, Mamma Bradley had been rummaging about in the attic a long time, when little Fay set out to find her.
  40. David Fay from the United States Golf Association also thinks that the most pleasurable way to play golf is by walking.
  41. Fay sat down in an old basket and watched her mother fold and unfold the contents of trunks and boxes so quietly, that Mrs.
  42. The last time they met to make love, it was Fay, the stronger of the two, who told him that she would not be coming back to him again.
  43. As for fay Elizabeth, otherwise carrotty Bess, the gross virgin who inspired The Merry Wives of Windsor, let some meinherr from Almany grope his life long for deephid meanings in the depths of the buckbasket.
  44. Nat Goodwin and his wife, Hackett and Mary Mannering—when they can meet—Sir Henry Irving, De Wolf Hopper, Miss Annie Russell, bowing to Charles Richman out of a cab, Amelia Bingham, Joseph Jefferson, whose only fault is that he isn’t immortal, and funny, rollicking Fay Templeton, humming a new coon song—old favorites and new ones, you may see them going to supper at the Lambs’ Club, the Players, the Waldorf, Delmonico’s, Sherry’s, any evening they are in town.

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